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whats the best brand for teen skincare?

Hay! I’m 15 and I need a good skincare regimen but I have no idea what's the best brand to choose from! I get so put down by the anti-ageing properties for most of this that it is really hard to look for something that’s good for young people that don't need that kind of stuff yet. I mean I can work with anti-ageing products so long as they do what I need them to.

So in other words I need some advice as to which brand would be good for a teenager that has combo skin wants as few blackheads as possible and would like it to be moisturizing.  Oh and natural brands would be preferable but other brands are welcome too!

Help me out to narrow this down a little will you?

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At your age, keeping your skin clean is priority.  If you wear makeup you need to remove it with a Cetaphil type cleanser first....then wash your face with your favorite cleanser.   Otherwise you are just kind of pushing the dirt into your skin....  I started doing this and I noticed a big difference.  After you thourougly wash your face...then take a nice thick washcloth lathered up and gently go over your face again.

Treat acne flares with a product that contains a small % of salycilic acid. 


Be wary of harsh scrubs, and if you do use them, make sure it is after skin is really clean.  Then make sure you remove all traces of the scrub or any residual could block your pores and cause a breakout.


Drug stores brands are good,  Clinique is geared towards younger skin.  At your age, no need to spend the big bucks....that comes later.


The Clarisonic is a wonderful tool.....use only after taking makeup and the days dirt off your face first.  Then use the Clarisonic...every pore will be clean, clean, clean.  The Claisionic Mia is about $150.  Well worth the price if you can afford it, otherwise stick to the washcloth.

And limit your SUN...wear an SPF!!!!

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I am 15 too, and I use a skincare reegime from LUSH. It has made my skin SOOO beautiful and i LOVE the concept and smell! It keeps me breakout-free and gives me gorgeous skin! LUSH is great for everybody. I think you will love LUSHs angels on bare skin cleanser! Smiley Happy

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Avoid using any products that have anti-aging properties... at 15, your skin is doing what those skincare products are trying to mimic. Check out Murad's Clean Scene products. They are gentle, help balance your skin and have tons of antioxidants that help protect your skin.

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Caudalie has a wonderful, natural line of products that are great for your skin.  I love their foaming cleanser, moisturizers, etc., and you can browse through their products at:

I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

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Monsia, Monsia, Monsia! ^_^

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When you're 15 anti-aging products really aren't necessary and they are not cheap. If you want to protect your skin wear sunscreen everyday. A high end brand i recommend is Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer. It has buildable coverage and it is one of my favorites. At night you must wash your face before going to bed. I use Philosophy's Purity cleanser. It gets rid of all of the make up residue and it hydrates skin. Clinique is a very good brand for skincare. Their clarifying lotion is an amazing toner for combination skin and if you have dry rough skin, their liquid facial soap is amazing depending on the cleanser you use. As for moisturizer, i would higly reccomend the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. It is amazing for combination and oily skin. I've been using it for years. If it is winter, maybe their lotion is a good idea but i highly recommend the gel.

Here are the links to the products above, these products do not work for everyone but they work for me and i have acne prone skin and combination skin.



Laura Mercier


Good luck! hope this helps!

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