what is best lotion for my face?
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 I am 19 years old girl. my skin is sensitive and it's oil on forehead and nose but dry in rest of the part. so i guess my skin type is combination. There are also some pinple marks on my face.

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I use DDF moisturizing dew. It's light, oil free and has spf. It's a bit pricey. i use clinique moisture surge when my skin gets dry. If you have a budget, go with garnier products. they have a moisture rescue moisturizer and gel that work very well. i try sticking with gel products because there's pretty much no oil. Creams may have oil even if they say oil free. definitely experiment. sephora has a large selection and i tried a lot of stuff before sticking with ddf.

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I have combo skin and I use Dr. Wexler oil-free moisturiser and it's from Bath and Body Works only. I have the same thing with dry cheeks and I break out on my chin when it's almost that time,but I've had worst acne when I was your age.I have adult acne,and this moisturizer doesn't make me break out and it's also Spf 30 and has anti-aging ingredients. It is a little pricey,but it lasts a long time.One pump and it's good for the whole face. Hope this helps.

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I love Oil of Olay for sensative skin and it works wonders for me. I also have combination/dry skin. Clinique dramatically different moisturizing GEL is great for combination skin.

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