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Q. Skincare help!
Hello, I was wondering if anyone had some skincare suggestions. I am fairly new to the world of skincare and I really want to work towards more radiant skin. I have sensitive and combination skin. I also have some acne problems, but those aren't my main priority at the moment. I was looking into some of Sephora Collection's cleansers and was wondering how those are. Also, how is the Urban Decay Hot Springs Hydrating Gel and would it work alone as a moisturizer? If you have any suggestions or tips, I would really appreciate the help! Thank you!
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A. Hi @DramaticBeauty,    Once you get into the world of skincare there's really no turning back from the addiction so welcome! hahaha :D    I personally really lik... see post
Q. Night Time Moisturizer? Help!
I am looking for a new night time moisturizer. I have noticed that my skin has become duller, and my skin texture has become more uneven. So I am looking for something to help brighten and  help with skin texture.   Hoping for some insight on night time treatments, maybe even some kind of serum.... just not sure what to look for.
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Q. I've had Oily skin my whole life. Now I'm starting to have combo of oily and dry - HELP!!
I'm 21 years old and have had oily skin - no doubt in the world that my face is an oil slick. Within the last year I have noticed my skin starting to have dry areas as well as oil patches. I have no idea if this is how my skin has developed or I'm using products that are just making me dry. I have only had a handful on instances in which a product managed to make me dry.   Any suggestions on what skin care/ makeup i can use? I'm almost hesitant to completely change into combo products because I'm worried that this is just a weird time for me
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Q. Help! Needing Advice on Skincare Recommendations for VIB Sale
My VIB wishlist is as follows:   Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask Dennis Gross Universal Daily Peel Dr. Jart Snow Time Clarins Sunscreen Clinique Take the day off Clinique Moisture that matters Origins GinZing Moisturizer Sunday riley #squad goals Drunk elephant lets b clear set   Im also looking at Tata Harper Purifying cleanser. But unsure if it will completely dry me out.    Needing opinions on these!   Im undecided between Sunday Riley Good Genes and the Drunk Elephant TLC one. So many mixed reviews for them both.  I have a slightly oily t-zone, normal/dry cheeks.    Thank you!!
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Q. Acne scarring and dark spots
I'm 19. I have deep skin and I have a lot of dark spots from acne scarring. I don't get pimples too often but when I'm stressed I find that my skin breaks out. My skin keeps marks for a while and I don't know what to use as a cleanser, treatment, or moisturizer. I'm using clearasil right now the acne cream works a little but, it dries my skin. HELP! 
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Q. I need a skincare regimen
Hi all,   So I know this is super bad - but I have never really looked after my skin at all. Like, ever.   Until now, I've only ever really washed my face whenever I shower, and if I am removing eye make-up (I don't wear make-up often). My skin isn't terrible, I've never had issues with acne, but it's not great either. I look tired a lot of the time, parts of it are very dry, and I'm at the point where I'd like to start taking care of it while I'm young and it's easier to do so.   Thing is, I don't even really know where to begin. All my mother ever taught me was to use a bar of soap to wash my face everyday. I did this in the past, and all it really did was dry out my skin, which was why I stopped. I've also tried various stuff from the aisles in Shoppers Drug Mart, but those products always seemed to cause problems for me. I also only ever used cleansers, and didn't know until recently that you were supposed to moisturize too(?). Anyways, if anyone can give me a really good idea about what products to try and what sort of regimen to use I'd super appreciate it!!   (Oh and I think I have combination skin - parts of my face are very dry, other parts kind of oily, so I guess that would be the type of skin products I'd be looking for)
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Q. starter skincare routine
I am 18 years old and love makeup but have never done much to care for my skin at all. I'm trying to turn that around and start a routine that will keep my skin healthier and delay signs of aging. What routine would you recommend for me and do you have specific product recommendations? Thanks so much!
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Q. Drunk Elephant Glycolic v. Sunday Riley Good Genes
I was wondering what people's thoughts on these two are.   I've tried the DE glycolic serum and liked it (sample), but then I tried a foil sample of it a month later and it did not do anything, and rather seemed to add to my whiteheads. I also tried the Good Genes as a sample, but it did not seem to do anything for me. I'm thinking that maybe I am not having much success with these products because I got them in a sample jar where the ingredients would have been exposed to the air for a while.   That said, has anybody really tried both and have a firm opinion on which one they prefer? I have combination/oily (in the center of my face) skin, and it is NOT that sensitive. 
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Q. Scented Body Lotion/Foot Cream
I'm looking for an affordable scented body lotion and/or foot cream to use after showering. I don't have particularly dry legs or feet, so I don't need anything heavy duty, but I really would like something that smells nice! Currently I'm using The Body Shop's Body Butter (strawberry), but it's too expensive to keep buying it, so I'm looking for alternatives. Something that absorbs fast would also be nice, but is not mandatory. Thanks!
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Q. Everyday Cleansers
Which everyday facial cleanser can someone recommend for me? My skin is normal/combo and I need something that will help keep my pores clean as well as deal with whiteheads on the side of my face from my eye to a little past my cheekbones closer to my ears than the center of my face. I already have an exfoliant but I can't use that everyday.
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Q. Skin Care.... HELP!!!
  Hello everyone! I keep having the hardest time trying to find a good skin care routine... and good skin care products. Im 19 and have never ever loved my skin.  I'd say I have norman to combo skin (more dry than oily) and I have times when I break out really bad then I don't (back and forth, back and forth), But I've always had at least 1 or more pimples on my face! Once one starts going away, another appears... It's frustrating! I also have terrible black heads on my nose and under my bottom lip area/chin.... and little pumps that aren't pimples but aren't black heads either? <- not really sure what they are exactly or what they're called?? But I always have those on my face also.   Im in need of products that will actually work for my skin!!!! Anyone have any thoughts on Dr.Brandt? Origins? Clinique? Clinical Advanced Skincare? OR any other brands that work for them??? Also, Products that work best?   ---Im a collage student at a makeup school (no, we don't learn anything about skincare..)  so I don't want to get something thats going to cost me 300 or more, I need something that is reasonable.  I know nothing about skincare and need tips!! Right now I am currently between products and trying a few things here and there for a few weeks at a time to see how my skin reacts to the products. I always wash my face before bed & in the morning.... with hot water & a cleanser, then wash it off and use cool water. Then I apply a serum & face cream. I also use a mask once every week.    TIPS PLEASE!!!  Thanks xo.
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Q. Exfoliating with clarsonic
How often should I use the clarsonic on my face, I use it every morning on my face am I over exfoliating?
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Q. Cleansing Oil & Argan Oil too much for face?
Hi guys, I currently use L'Occitane Shea Cleansing Oil and love it (completely cleared my skin up & is now super soft). After reading reveiws on the Josie Maran Argan Oil Light, and I want to try it, but am thinking maybe this is too many oil products for the face? Does anyone use both? I've got somewhat sensitive, combination skin.  Thanks for the help!  
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Q. I heard your supposed to have different set of facial products for different season. is this true?
I talked to a friend and she said she keeps different products for each season. Specifically for summer and winter. Righ now, I purchased the Shiseido Ibuki for summer. What do you guys use for winter? I have normal skin type just oily on my t-zone and i'm very sensitive as well.
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Q. Clarisonic Brush versus Proactive Brush??
Does anyone have a preference between the proactive brush versus the clarisonic brush?? I am looking at both but one is much cheaper so I am wondering why the clarisonic is so much better since it is so much more expensive. Please help . Thx!!
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beaulia / FRESH FACE / answered
A. It took me a while to finally give in and spend the money on the clarasonic and I can honestly say it was worth EVERY penny. I have tried the cheaper versions (olay..ect... see post
Q. Moisturizer wanted!!
I'm in my late teens with really oily skin. Recently my face BROKEOUT. I've always had my acne under control but these past two weeks slapped me in the face with painful cystic acne. I freaked and did the only thing I knew. Spot treated. day and night. with Harsh prescription and otc topicals. I totally dried my face out and now my aveeno moisturizer just doesn't cut it. it burns and still leaves my face dry. im looking for a moderately priced yet amazing moisturizer. but don't know where to start. thanks!
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Q. Trade in my Clarisonic classic for Mia 2?
I've had my Clarisonic classic for over a year and absolutely love it. But I'm considering buying the Mia 2 due to the fact that it's smaller and a little more travel friendly. Do you think that's a good idea, or completely ridiculous since I already have one?
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Q. Skincare products for combination skin (20 years old)
Hello, I'm 20 years old and never had a skin care regimen. And it was only recently that I found out the importance of having great skin and so now I want to start investing on products that will work for me.  Here are the concerns: I have combination skin (oily in t-zone and pretty much normal everywhere else)  I have the occasional pimples/blemishes I have large pores I have redness around my nose My eyes sting with certain face wipes So basically I need products on the following that work: moisturizer cleanser toner serum exfoliator sunscreen Thank you, any help will be very much appreciated
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Q. Caudalie's New Moisturizing Mask
I am in love with Caudalie's new Instant Detox Mask and I am really interested in trying their new Moisturizing Mask!   So far, the moisturizing mask only has 1 review. I'm wondering if any of you have tried it yet and what your thoughts are?   I, personally, am worried about it causing breakouts. I would like to use this mask when I'm feeling particularly dry like after a day in the sun or when a heavy dose of makeup has sucked the life out of my face. During the winter, I would layer Nature Republic's "Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream" over my moisturizer and never had any issues. Now that it's summer I apply it to a bare face and get loads of cool hydration.   About me: I have normal to combination skin. I'm prone to breakouts when it comes to moisturizers but I don't have any issues with Cerave PM moisturizer or the aforementioned Nature Republic. So far, my skin has been great the last three months
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Q. whats the best brand for teen skincare?
Hay! I’m 15 and I need a good skincare regimen but I have no idea what's the best brand to choose from! I get so put down by the anti-ageing properties for most of this that it is really hard to look for something that’s good for young people that don't need that kind of stuff yet. I mean I can work with anti-ageing products so long as they do what I need them to. So in other words I need some advice as to which brand would be good for a teenager that has combo skin wants as few blackheads as possible and would like it to be moisturizing.  Oh and natural brands would be preferable but other brands are welcome too! Help me out to narrow this down a little will you?  
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A. At your age, keeping your skin clean is priority.  If you wear makeup you need to remove it with a Cetaphil type cleanser first....then wash your face with your favorite... see post
Q. Skincare Routine
What is a good skincare routine for combination skin that won't dry out the skin too much, or keep the skin oily, but just keep it hydrated and glowing?   What steps should I take in order to have a hydrated and glowing skin?  Product recommendations (nothing extremely high end that is hard to afford) I wouldn't mind, but I want suggestions at the same time for the steps to reach that point.   Hope that makes sense.
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HALL OF FAMER mermadelove / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / answered
A. You should make sure that you cleanse, tone, moisturize daily, AM and PM. In addition, once or twice a week, it's a good idea to exfoliate. Since you have dry skin, I wo... see post
Q. Skin care help
Happy Monday! I need some advice concerning a new skin care regime. I have combo skin, oily t-zone but prone to dry patches during the cooler winter months. I am not usually acne prone. I am 28 and my main concerns are fine lines/wrinkles and uneven skin tone. I have been using Ole Henriksen's Three Little Wonders for a few months now, but I don't love it. It doesn't seem to absorb well into my skin and my foundation (ELDW, light or regular depending on my mood) doesn't apply correctly. I am also looking for a new eye cream to combat fine lines. I am finishing up my Origins Eye Doctor and looking for something new. Another question I have is in regards to my face primer. I'm not currently using any, as I haven't found one to combat my oiliness. If anyone has any recommendations for that, as well, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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Q. Cleansers and Clarisonic
I've been debating on whether or not to invest in getting the Clarisonic or a similar skin cleanser. I have dry skin and I am somewhat acne prone, but not to a great extent. I would just love to hear from others about what they think of the Clarisonic and other electronic skin cleansers. I would be hoping to keep the price range from $150 and under but if someone has any strong suggestions for a pricier one then I am open to that as well. Thank you!
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A. Hi IAmtheQueenB,   My sister and I both recently started using Clarisonic Mias. I have normal skin that's slightly on the oily side, and my sister has oily and acne-... see post
Q. I need help finding a Cleanser and a light Moisturizer!...
so I am a 13 years old girl, currently in 8th grade. I have breakouts very often, but I don't know what kind of cleanser I should use since I never tried any skin products before. I also would like to know a few makeups that are recommended to teenagers like me and are very natural. Thank you! 
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A. Actually, I wouldn't recommend the Clinique Acne Solutions skincare line. For some reason, a lot of companies think the solution to acne is to completely dry them out (a... see post
Q. face mask suggestions?
i really want to try a face mask (like Glam Glow or Origins mud mask), and i haven't tried any yet. any suggestions for a good one?
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Q. Looking for a primer to prolong foundation wear time
Recently I've been hunting for a new primer and I had hard time finding the one that would work good for my normal in summer and dry in winter skin. Most of the primers are targeted for oily skin, some of really hydrating ones are good for dry skin (way too hydrating for me), but there are not many primers which do something for normal skin. You probably wonder why would someone with normal skin need primer in the first place? Well, reason number one would be to prolong foundation wear time, but also even though I'm not really oily, I still do have some visible pores and fine lines I would like to hide. When I try to use primers like Porefessional or Too Faced one which are actually great in hiding pores, I can really feel how they dry out my skin (even when I use them for t-zone only). Smashbox one seem to be a little lighter, and I do use it for special occasions, but it's still too much for everyday use since my skin gets dry and flaky. Same goes for Hourglass one, though it's such a shame - it has lovely texture and SPF, and everyone seems to love it so much, but unfortunately it's not for me. Also I've tried MUFE primer, and while it didn't feel drying, it also didn't prolong my foundation wear time, and without that I don't see the point in this extra step.   I wonder if this is how my skin reacts to silicone-based primers, but it seems to be fine with silicone-based foundations, so I'm not 100% sure.   Recently I've tied NARS Pro-Prime™ Light Optimizing Primer SPF 15 and loved it - it went on like a lotion but without greasy feeling, filled in small pores, smoothed out my skin so foundation applied like a dream, and 10 hours later it still looked good. I've almost bought it but then I saw those small pink glittery particles that I didn't notice before. Now I'm a little bit concerned since I'm not sure if glitter won't cause clogged pores if used daily, and also I really don't want to be glittery during the day.    I've searched through NARS website and found another primer that Sephora doesn't carry (though I think they used to carry it) - NARS Pro-Prime Multi-Protect Primer SPF 30. Has anyone used it before?Is it the same one as SPF 15 but without glitter?   I was hoping that maybe someone has experience with both primers and could explain the difference.   Also feel free to suggest any other primer that you think might work.   Thanks in advance
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A. By chance are you ensuring skin is properly moisturized and treated prior to make up application?   Even though primers help to set the stage for your make up to prolo... see post
Hi ,i love putting makeup nothing professional but just colors really really need help with the way i do it and how to especially foundations and concealers ,I have a dark skin and full of acne scares .tried  hiding it but no use can anyone help?
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Q. Forehead pimples and blackheads on nose?
 So my t-zone has been a problem for the longest time. It's the only problem I have. I've been having these pimples on my forehead in between my eyebrows. They're starting to spread more onto my hairline. Also, I have these blackheads on the tip of my nose that spread onto the side wall. Any suggestions or advice to help me get rid of them and to completely get rid of the pimples I have on my forehead? I will accept routines too! I've lost hope. 
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Q. Skincare Advice?
Hey So I'm only 14, but I've been having lots of problems with my skin lately. I have combination skin (it can get shiny through out the day but I also get really dry patches), so it's harder to find skin care. I've also been suffering from acne recently because I think the concealer I'm using (Maybelline Fit Me Concealer) has been braking me out. On top of that, I get a lot of redness, pores around my nose and my skin has a really uneven texture/tone. I find that when I apply coverage it goes really cakey easily too. Something else I'm quite insecure about is that no matter how much sleep I get, I still naturally have very dark circles under eyes and my eyes themselves often go puffy and bloodshot. I don't want to wear loads of makeup, but I just don't know how to sort my face/eyes out. Also, being a teenager I don't have a lot of money. Can anyone recommend a suitable skincare regime? Oh and I live in the UK too, if that helps product wise. Thanks so much for your help <3!
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Q. Glam Glow treatments
Trying to decide between the Glam Glow super mud and the GG Youthmud. Any tips?
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