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What's better: Philosophy Purity Made Simple or Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser?

Hi Smiley Happy So I am starting to get low on my sample size Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser that came with my Clarisonic Mia2. I really like it but it would be a bit expensive to purchase it because you only get 5oz. for $28. So I was thinking of maybe getting Philosophy Purity Made Simple when I run out because it is less expensive and you get more for your money too. How long did the 5oz. of Boscia last you? How long did the 8oz. of Philosophy last you? Which one is better for combination skin? Thank you Smiley Happy

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I second the idea of getting a sample to try it first.


As the Boscia cleanser you have is gel based, the Purity is going to feel different as it's a cream based cleanser, which for oily/combo skin might not always work the best as it would take longer for the formula to break down and break through oil.


Don't get me wrong, I've seen tons of folks use Purity with all different skin types, but it is thicker, and does take a bit more work to lather, but as you have your Clarisonic, that should be much of an issue.


I use my travel sized Purity when I'm out of my Exuciance Gel cleaser to remove make up, and though it leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated, it doesn't do that great of a job removing my long wear make up (eye liner/mascara).


If you want to go the Purity route, maybe consider the foam, which will suit a combo/oily skin type a bit better.

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Definitely ask for a sample of Purity from your skincare expert.  I like them both, Purity does a better job disolving my eye make-up (when I'm out of eye makeup remover), but sometimes it can leave me a little dry.  Boscia Black Gel Cleanser leaves me feeling fresher and makes my pores feel tighter but not drying.  A little cleanser goes a long way with your Clairisonic so if you love the Boscia, it may be worth the price.  But definitely do sample some purity.  Good Luck!

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I'd recommend getting a sample of Purity Made Simple first and try it to see if you like it. The cast members will be happy to make you a sample in store.

I hated the Philosophy Purity cleanser, it left my skin feeling greasy and caused it to break out, so proceed with caution. Sometimes paying a bit more for something that your skin likes, as in the case of the Boscia product, is an ok indulgence.

Hope this helps!
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