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What moisturizer works best for combination skin that also has anti-aging properties?
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I recently tried a new moisturizer by L'Oreal that made my face break-out.
My face was read and burning the next day and a half!

My skin is a bit oily around my nose, chin, and forehead yet my cheeks are very dry.

I'm not sure what moisturizer would work best that would not clog the oily parts but will help the dry parts as well.

Hopefully this makes sense. Smiley Happy


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have you tried neutrogena moisturizer for combination skin? i like neutrogena because it's mass merchandised and yet still gentle. i have really oily skin so i haven't tried it, but i have used many of their other products and i've been pleased with everything. also, korres makes a combination skin line, the pomegranate products and korres is another brand that i love. of course, clinique makes great products for combination skin.

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I have very dry,oily and acne prone skin and the Clinique Dramatically Different works absolutely AMAZING for me Smiley Very Happy

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Sorry Sephora, but the best things for skincare that I've found are OTC Smiley Happy Makeup wise, I'll buy expensive stuff, but all my makeup works WAY better with these two products - 


1. Cerave Moisturizer!!!  My dermatologist recommended it for my combination skin (oily everywhere but where I have blemishes - the worst!) It really does improve how well your skin moisturizes itself, so my skin actually produces less oil and my problem areas was way less flaky. Smiley Happy  I even switched to the Aveeno evening skin tone moisturizer after thinking Cerave had "cured" me, but my skin went back to oily blotchy ick.  


One caution - - Cerave has an AM and PM version, and the AM one felt a bit greasy at first (compared to the Olay lotion for combo skin I use to love) but I just started limiting application to 1-2 pumps and really massaging it in. Seriously, best product I've ever bought.  


2. Toner!!!! I like Boscia Skin Balancing Mist, but at 24$ it is totally skippable. I regularly use either Proactive toner (bought off Ebay, so I dont need the kit) or Wal-mart's (Equate brand) generic version of it!!  Which has the EXACT same ingredients and is BY FAR the best over the counter toner, ever.  (Its  4$ if you can find it individually.  Only one wal-mart near me carries it, the others only sell the whole kit.)   


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I use Josie Marans argan oil or plain old 100% coconut oil. I used to have the WORST skin- dry and scaly but would get SUPER oily halfway throughout the day. Using an oil based moisturizer has really helped my skin regulate the amount of oil it produces and best of all these are all natural so I haven't had any reactions from harsh chemicals. Argan oil has made such a huge difference in my skin, I can't recommend it enough!

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