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What is a good skincare routine for combination skin that won't dry out the skin too much, or keep the skin oily, but just keep it hydrated and glowing?


What steps should I take in order to have a hydrated and glowing skin?  Product recommendations (nothing extremely high end that is hard to afford) I wouldn't mind, but I want suggestions at the same time for the steps to reach that point.


Hope that makes sense.

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I second the Korres Wild Rose regimen, I was actually going to suggest that one or the Korres Yoghurt regimen.  I also have combo skin and I think they are both fantastic. 


Yoghurt Regimen


I currently use Clinique's 7 Day Scrub Cream in my shower a few mornings a week and I highly recommend it.  It's inexpensive, gentle, and effective at removing dead and flaky skin.

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