Skin type?
How do I know what my skin type is and my skin tone? Please help and some recommendations? Thanks
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To check skin type, go without makeup for a day. Wash your face in the AM, then wait to see how long it takes for your skin to look shiny or oily. If it gets that way after a couple of hours, you have oily skin. Typically you will have some blemishes, blackheads and enlarged pores. If it takes until lunchtime, you have normal skin. You can also have combo skin where some areas (the T zone) are oily and some are normal, you would see oily patches only in some areas with this type of skin. If it takes until the afternoon or later to see shine, then you have dry skin. Typically, this skin has dry looking patches and feels tight after you wash.

Another way to tell your skin tone is to see which jewelry you look better in, gold is flattering to warmer tones and silver to cooler tones. Of course, if someone wanted to give me gold jewelry, I'd take it no matter what my skin tone!


Hope this helps!

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