Skin type?
How do I know what my skin type is and my skin tone? Please help and some recommendations? Thanks
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skin type: if your skin is usually tight when you don't apply moisturizer, it had to be dry. if your skin gets shiny all over your face and you don't need a thick, heavy moisturizer but rather a light moisturizer, you have oily skin. if it's a little of both(so a shiny t-zone-forehead,nose,chin, sides of nose- dry cheeks), you have combination skin.


skin tone: if you look at your veins, if you have greenish veins you have a warm undertone, if you have purplish veins you have a cool undertone. for a specific shade, go to a makeup store and ask someone to color match you to something and ask them.


hope this helps! but, for most efficient information, there are many techniques and ways to find out these things if you searh them up on youtube and google. Smiley Happy

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