Skin regimen for combination skin?

Hi everybody, I've been looking at various posts but I want mine to be tailored specifically to me? (Call me selfish haha )


Alright, I am an 18 year old male and I have combination skin. After putting slight moisturizer, my nose will become slightly more oily after a while, and my cheeks and lip area will become dry and even a bit flaky (moreso my cheeks, which to tell you the truth can become a problem since it bothers me a bit). My forehead and under my cheek will be fine unless I touch my face throughout the day.


I have virtually no acne (like no pimples or anything). Just some ingrown hairs from shaving a couple months ago and the casual white head popping up near my brow. If this helps, I'm also asian and my skin is very soft. IF you want, I can post a picture of my face if need be.


What I'm currently on:

Cleanser: Tersaseptic

Day Cream: Nivea Visage light day cream SPF 15

Night Cream: Nivea Visage Regenerating night cream

Exfoliater: Neutrogenia deep clean gentle scrub


Budget: Not a problem... But please try and keep it under $60 for each product IF you can.  


Goal: Looking for that radiant smooth skin and even skin tone.


I've used a sulfur mask I've gotten on a cruise on costa rica. That stuff's legit and makes my skin so smooth.

And I just ran out of a toner from 'Nivea Visage refreshing toner'. I noticed after not using this for two days that my skin actually looked better.


I've been researching for a few hours and honestly, there are just WAY TOO MANY products to choose from. And this is where you experts come in!


I'm looking for a day+night cream, exfoliater, and toner. I'm currently content with my cleanser unless you folks can sway my opinion. If there are other products that I should look into (recently just heard of a night serum?) feel free to tell me about them and what specific product you would recommend.


I sincerely hope you people can lend me a guiding hand in this. Thanks Sephora!


Edit: Posted this yesterday in experts section but got no responses.

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