Rosacea/GIANT pores :/...any products that minimize or reduce appearance?
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I have rosacea and hence HUGE looks dreadful Smiley Sad any advice?

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I just read the abstract of a study in a derm journal that says tretinoin, azelaic acid, and sunscreen are a really good combo for rosacea. Tretinoin is prescription-only, and I just started it about a month ago. It's supposed to have all sorts of anti-aging benefits after consistent long-term use, and it can be tough to start, so make sure you get detailed instructions from your dermato. The first effect of tretinoin that I noticed was that it made me really glowy, and it made my skin literally expel a bunch of blackheads. It was kind of gross, but amazing!


Non-prescription, your best bet is to try a BHA (aka salicylic acid) product, which exfoliates the insides of the pores. It's tricky, though, because many BHA products have irritants like alcohol or menthol, which are terrible for rosacea and sensitive skin. Neutrogena makes a good (3-in-1 hydrating treatment) 2% BHA, and Paula's Choice has a bunch at both 1% and 2%.



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I also have rosacea and Proactiv has worked wonders for the size of my pores and my blemishes.  It has done nothing for the redness, however.  Still searching for a good fix for that.

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