Question about my Skin Care Regimen.

First time posting! I have a question about my skin care regimen.


I just got "Glow" by Dr. Brandt and I am not sure how to incorporate it into my regimen.


Here is what I do both day and night:

Before washing I use Ole Henriksen "Truth to go wipes", then I wash with PTR "Anit-Aging Cleansing Gel", then I use PTR "AHA/BHA Acne Clearing Gel", after that I use Ole Henriksen "Truth Serum", and then I use Fresh "Soy Face Cream."


From what I understand I should  use the day "Glow" before the "Truth Serum" in the morning and then use the night "Glow" instead of the "Truth Serum" at night. Or should I use the night "Glow" before the "Truth Serum" like I with the dat "Glow" in the morning.


I hope I am making sense, lol. Any help would be great! Thank you!

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Hi elusiveangel99, 


It's amazing what a process skincare can be right? Smiley Wink As long as you follow a good order that works for you, you will get great results! I think the process you have is fine, make sure you use the overnight Dr. Brandt "Glow" at night only, and you don't even need to apply the "Truth Serum" after if you prefer, but for best results use your Glow serums BEFORE the truth serums. You can even rotate your morning routine every other day, so use the Ole Henriksen one morning,and then the Dr. Brandt the next day and so on. Find what works best for you but the process and regimen you have now sounds great. Smiley Happy Enjoy your new skincare products!


Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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