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I have combination skin. Every time I apply foundation by midday it looks like a grease ball and I breakout! I apply foundation after moisturizing with Clinique dramatically different moisturizer (or something like that) before applying my guerlain primer. After, I use one of my many foundations and I vary them from day to day. I dont know why but after about 3-4 hours my skin gets really oily in my T zone (in between my eyebrows, my nose, my chin and cheeks). I have around 1-2 pimples in my chin,4-5 in my cheeks and a good 10-15 pimples between my eyebrows. When I apply foundation in my face, I completely breakout and at night when I remove the days makeup I have twice what I had before and also I forgot to mention that I tend to PEEL where I have pimples and the makeup comes off in those areas. This used to never happen to me and now it has for a couple of months now, any help? Thanks!


P.S: blotting papers just remove my makeup.. they take the grease out but still had the breakouts at night


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