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I have combination skin. Every time I apply foundation by midday it looks like a grease ball and I breakout! I apply foundation after moisturizing with Clinique dramatically different moisturizer (or something like that) before applying my guerlain primer. After, I use one of my many foundations and I vary them from day to day. I dont know why but after about 3-4 hours my skin gets really oily in my T zone (in between my eyebrows, my nose, my chin and cheeks). I have around 1-2 pimples in my chin,4-5 in my cheeks and a good 10-15 pimples between my eyebrows. When I apply foundation in my face, I completely breakout and at night when I remove the days makeup I have twice what I had before and also I forgot to mention that I tend to PEEL where I have pimples and the makeup comes off in those areas. This used to never happen to me and now it has for a couple of months now, any help? Thanks!


P.S: blotting papers just remove my makeup.. they take the grease out but still had the breakouts at night


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Your skin sounds like mine. If it is anything  like mine, you have dehydrated skin. Not DRY skin, but DEHYDRATED. Dry skin is low in oil production, dehydrated skin has a low water content.


When the water level of your skin is low, your oil glands over produce oil to try and protect your skin (hence the oiliness). DON'T use harsh cleansers, toners with alcohol or moisturizers that are oil based. It will do nothing for your skin.


I use:


* rose water as a toner (take a quarter-sized amount in your plams and pat it into your skin rather than use it with cotton. Repeat about 5 times until your skin feels plump),and


* Juju cosmetics' hyaluronic acid gel cream as moisturizer (you can get this from ebay. Cheaper and more effective than Clinique's Moisture surge)


Also, I tend to 'peel' much less when I use tinted moisturizer. Might be worth a shot! Smiley Happy


Good luck!

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