Is clarisonic good for teen skin?
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I have skin that is sensitive to breaking out, i was wondering if the clarisonic would be a good option?

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I am 56 years old, have had problems with blackheads, acne and oily skin since I was maybe 11 years old.  I am not an imaginary "online presence" who is pitching for the company that makes Clarisonic.   I actually resent that someone posted that possibility and think it's really ridiculous, that isn't the purpose of this forum.   I have had an awesome experience and results with this product, and the Sonicare toothbrush made by the same company and I am sharing this opinion with other people.  My results are real and substantial.  I don't have really sensitive skin, so I can't speak to that.  I use the normal brushhead and have been using the product for over a year.  I have reversed gum disease by using the toothbrush for about the last 6 years.  Good luck!!

Anaa-I also am a 50 year old with problems with acne and oily skin. I have tried every topical treatment known and the best (only) results that has truly made a difference is when I introduced Clarsonic brush to my daily routine. Ditto on the toothbrush as well!
I know! The toothbrush has saved me a ton of money and my periodontist praises me for diligently flossing (I don't). It's good to hear from someone who has actually used the product before making a recommendation. I bought both products for my daughter and she has had great results as well!
Yup....Clarsonic and Perricone! LOL. Gods gift to acne prone, gum receeding Goddesses! (OK...I dont brush with Perricone, but if he made it, I just might!
Madison...the Clarsonic is very gentle and it deep cleans, which I think is the true solution to acne prone skin. It should help, not hurt....
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