I need a new face washing regiment
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I have been using the Clinique 3 step system for Normal/ combo skin for years and am happy with it but I want to try something new. I have pretty normal skin, no acne. Anti aging is a plus although its not mandatory (me being 24) I like a multi step regiment (wash, toner, lotion) is there anything you would suggest?



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I'm going to suggest Dior.

 - Velvet Peony Wash, or Gentle Purifying Cleanser. 

 - Velvet Peony Toner

 - Hydralife protective day fluid. 


That gives you a nice balanced cleanser, toner, moisturizer and SPF that is great for normal skin and nice anti-aging properties.

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Hi, dqladyface!


I have normal/combo skin and I'd used Clinique's system in my 20s, too-- but found that over time, it was becoming a little bit "too much" product for me. As I get older, I find that the less product I use, the better.


Especially since it seems you have beautiful skin (normal, no acne-- it's a girl's dream!), may I recommend trying to cut out the toner portion and only wash, then moisturize?  How I've managed to cut the toner out is by washing my face with cold water, then allow my skin to air dry. If you're in a hurry, you can lightly blot/swipe your face using your hands, but the key is to use cold water to tighten pores and avoid towel-drying your face to prevent overdrying the skin. Then, while your face is dewy and not yet dry, apply moisturizer.


I really like Fresh Soy Face Cleanser because it's gentle, cleans well, and smells wonderful. As a summertime moisturizer, I use Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating Cream by a brand called Avene because it's weightless and so comfortable on the skin.


Hope this helps!  Smiley Happy



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I've been using Clinique 3 step for 4ish years and is now also switching to other lines. If your combo skin is on the slightly oily side, Bliss Fabulous and Bliss Oxygen line are lightweight and refreshing. If your combo skin is a bit on the dry side, Ole Henriksen (sheer transformation, and truth line, which is anti-aging) and Korres Wild Rose are great.


If you are normal-combo, I suggest Origin Perfect World line, which is what I'm using. I love Caudalie's skincare but it's a bit expensive so I might transition to it in a couple of years after finishing up my current stash of moisturizers.

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Even though these products are not from Sephora, I love them. I use Ocean Salt Scrub from LUSH and mix it with a pinch of Herbalism from LUSH. Then I rub it on my face and rinse it off well. These products are all natural which is the best for you and the environment! The Ocean Salt Scrub will exfoliate and clean your pores, while Herbalism will even your skintone and prevent acne.

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