I am confused about my skin :(
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What skin type is this? Overall it has an oily feel but when I put on any makeup it looks really cracked and scaly, and that is using a liquid foundation. I also have an issue with my pores looking too large. I don't know what to fix it with or what makeup to wear. I am so frustrated trying to figure it out. Smiley Sad Please help. (if it makes a difference, I am very fair with neutral undertone.) Thank you

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Maybe the problem is not with your skin, maybe is the foundation, you should try another foundation and see what happens.

But you may need a regular exfoliation also, if your skin is just oily and not acne-prone, you may do a regular exfoliation two or three times a week. Exfoliation is very important to keep away oil excess and remove dead cells that may be causing that your skin is scaly and cracked, you should also try this.

Also your skin may be dehydrated, you need to do something, like drink many many water daily, and I also heard that for combination/oily skin types that are dehydrated is good using an hydrating mask once a week.

But obviously, your skin is oily, especially if your pores are large and if you also have oily feeling on your cheeks, not only in your t-zone.


Try all this, I hope i've helped a bit.

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