Expired skincare product

I bought MD skincare alpha beta peel off eBay.  I just got it and noticed it expired almost 4 years ago but was never opened.  The seller has positive reviews, but unfortunately a no return policy.  Since the product was never opened is it even safe to try and use it?

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This product is super duper amazing!! And this is why I don't shop on Ebay. I hope you only paid like $5 for it! Lol, regardless, a little lesson in expired products... I've been working in the industry for over 10 years and my experience has led me to draw this conclusion -


while certain products do expire and go through a chemical change and so on, a chemical change will almost always result in a scent change as well. As long as your products SMELL the same, they are still ok to use. Will it be as potent? No. Might it be more irritating? Yes. Now, you have to be familiar with a product to use that method. Generally, a product with active ingredients has a SHELF LIFE of 2 years, open or not.


So I agree, DO NOT use this one. But definitely get your hands on one thats not expired cuz it ROCKS!!


I have also heard that eBay is really good at complaints, just fyi Smiley Happy

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