Cleanser and moisturizer to use with retinol?
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My dermatologist changed my retinol prescription from Differin (synthetic retinoid) to a low dose retinoid. Even though my skin had adjusted to the Differin it is now reacting to the retinoid. My skin is now dehydrated, irritated and dry/flaky. I'm currently using First Aid Beauty cleanser and Bare Escentuals moisturizer for combination skin. After washing my skin feels tight and irritated and since I have to wait 20 minutes to apply the retinoid it feels even more dehydrated. Am I using the right products with the retinoid or should I try something else until my skin adjusts?

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Since you're on a prescription treatment, I would recommend you either ask your doctor or a pharmacist. They can recommend something based on your treatment and how you are reacting to your medication. Next time you stop by Target, Walmart, Walgreens, etc, etc, stop by the pharmacy and ask. You don't have to be a patient of theirs to talk to the pharmacist, and they will see what can be done. I work in a pharmacy and we get lots of questions like this, although I am not qualified to answer a question like this, the medical professionals there will be able to.

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