Clarisonic Brush versus Proactive Brush??
Does anyone have a preference between the proactive brush versus the clarisonic brush?? I am looking at both but one is much cheaper so I am wondering why the clarisonic is so much better since it is so much more expensive. Please help :smileyhappy:. Thx!!
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It took me a while to finally give in and spend the money on the clarasonic and I can honestly say it was worth EVERY penny. I have tried the cheaper versions (olay..ect...) and I did notice a huuuuge difference. I use the clarasonic twice a day and it practically eliminated my hormonal breakouts, i do recommend purchasing the "normal" brush head ( it came w/sensitive) is pricey but you'll save money on anti acne creams and gels.


I wholeheartedly agree that the Clarisonic is well worth the price.  I've also tried the cheaper brushes like Olay and there simply is no comparison.  I use my Clarisonic Mia every night to cleanse my face of makeup.  My skin is cleaner, smoother and allows my serum and moisturizer to do their work.  Plus, I don't need to give myself a facial mask as frequently as I used to because with my Clarisonic Mia my pores are smaller and hormonal breakouts are fewer.


It's an excellent investment!


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Instead of thinking of it in terms of simply being more expensive, these brushes are just different -- and one is not a less expensive alternative for the other.  First, the mechanism is different -- the Proactiv brush appears to spin (but I'm not sure -- it says it pulses at 5,000 vibrations per minute), and the Clarisonic pulses / vibrates at 300 movements per second, or 18,000 per minute (i.e. "sonic" cleansing). The brush heads are also different -- the Proactiv seems to have much longer bristles, whereas the Clarisonic brush heads have short bristles.


From personal experience, I can honestly say that the Clarisonic brush is worth the investment -- I have a one-speed Mia, and it changed my skin. It is one of the best investments (if not the best) I have ever made in a skincare item. It's understandable to try the different brushes if you cannot or do not want to spend the money on a Clarisonic, but just know that they are not the same.

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I too have been toying around with spending the money on the it really worth it when others are cheaper? I hear so many good things about the Clarasonic, if it helps my breakouts, it'll be worth it but I'm just not sure.
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