Chemical and/or physical exfoliation?

Is it better to use both a chemical and physical exfoliant, or just choose one form?  I am currently using a weekly enzymatic peel (which the associate said is a chemical exfoliant), but didn't know if I should be using a scrub as well.  Thanks!

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Not only does it depend on your skin type, but it depends on the exfoliant. Some "natural" exfoliating products, such as St. Ives Apricot scrub may sound great in theory, yet the uneven scrubs can do more damage than good. If you want to up a change in your skin, you could try going to a facialist to get a type of chemical peel suited for your skin type or you can try microdermabrasion. Depending on how sensitive is your skin to either treatment, a once-a-month type treatment could yield better results than a weekly at-home exfoliating product. I hope this helps and good luck!




I prefer to use both types however it depends on your skin type. Sometimes physical exfoliators can be too harsh, especially if they are used too often. A physical exfoliator only needs to be used once a week typically. I prefer to use my Clarisonic once a day at night to cleanse my skin gently. I use a chemical exfoliator a couple times a week based on how my skin looks and feels from the week. A combination of both I feel is the most effective. Its all about the routine we create for our skin. Hope this helps.



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I agree that it depends on your skin type and concerns. I personally use both chemical and physical exfoliants. You could try a finely milled scrub a couple of times a week (whatever your skin tolerates) as well as your weekly peel.


Some scrubs I like are, the Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash and DDF's Pumice Acne wash. A drugstore alternative is Neutrogena's Pink Grapefruit Scrub (the particles are a little bigger). Try a few samples of products and see what works for you.

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Hi Lo1978,


I agree, I think it all depends on your skin type. I think clients with acne should not use a manually exfoliator because, it spread it. I personal find chemical exfoliants to work just as well. I feel that that the minimize the look of the pore by getting down deep to remove dirt and oil. I suggest that you try the Kate Sommerville ExfoliKate® Intensive Exfoliating Treatment  1-2x a week to remove access dead skin cells. I hope this helps.


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