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Please suggest a fantastic face serum with Vitamin C. I am using Murad right now. I was thinking to try Boscia antioxidant recovery Treatment C serum. Has anyone tried it yet? Please review.

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You should try Ole Henriksen TRuth Serum- It is one of those products on the market that has the most % of Vit. C in it- It is a bit costly but it really is the real deal- You face will look so glowing that people might be tempted to lick your face- LOL. But seriously- give it a try and it doesn't work for your skin you can just take it back to the store- No love lost.


Buy I highly recommend it-

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I have had great success with SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF...but it is very pricey!

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Love Philosopy's When Hope is Not Enough. Absorbs flawlessly... not as sticky as Ole Henrickson's Truth Serum... has vitamin C and does wonders for your skin. Also, just started using Clinique's Repairwear which is fantastic but not sure about the vitamin C content.  

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I use a lot of Boscia products but I don't really care for the antioxidant recovery Treatment C Serum. Matter of fact I went from that to Murad. If you go to it will give you ratings on any types of skincare and cosmetics and if I remember correctly the Boscia did not rate highly at all. I always go to Beutypedia before I buy anything because the research is done for you. It's like a mythbuster site for cosmetics and skincare. It takes the claims of all of the cosmetics companies and puts it through a scientific validation. You would be surprised how some of the VERY expensive products do not do what it claims. Hope it helps.

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