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Why are beauty oils becoming so popular, and are thet good for combination skin?
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Hey, I just read something a lot like this (only it was posted in the acne section).  I have combination acne prone skin and love using face oils.  There are so many chemical treatments that I use on my face that using oil is like giving my skin a break.  A lot of face oils that are marketed today are pretty thin in viscosity and therefore apply very sheer.  It's a great addition to your regimen during the winter when the cold chaps your skin. 


I was swayed over to the oil side when I read an article in the September 2011 issue of Elle.  I'm sure they can convince you much better than I.  They also recruited the help of a Sephora expert to give good oil recommendations.  Here's a link:
Also useful:


Beauty oils seem to be more natural in general than the cream/gel/lotion. The idea is that even if you have oily/combo/acne prone skin, it can still be dehydrated, and using a beauty oil will help regulate the oil production and actually make your skin more balanced. I have combo skin, and I love using the oils after drying treatment (clay masks, peels etc). Use sparingly and you should be fine. If your face feel greasy or itchy after 30 seconds, you've applied too much.


There are a couple ones to try. Since you are a VIB, there's vibnude and vibtarte for a decent amount of Nude and Tarte oil you can try. Josie Maran Argan Oil is also good since it's just $14 and if you don't like it, it works as a moisturizer for elsewhere (lips, hair, hands, elbow etc).



I am a HUGE fan of beauty oils. I have tried most of them and I like Josie Marans Argan oil the best. I have combo skin and it has made such a huge difference- I am less oily, no dry flaky spots, and if I skip a night I notice my skin looks dull the next morning. I like to use it at night, but if my skin is feeling a bit dry I will also rub a TEENY bit in after a shower when my face is still damp, and then blow dry/flat iron my hair and apply make up once its had a while to soak in. I like the Nude oil as well but it is VERY pricey and smells like pencil lead, so I would try a sample first if you could.


I have cmono, acne prone skin and I use Josie Maran Argan oil at night.  Doesn't break me out and I love how soft my skin feels.  


Until I read about oils recently in a magazine , I always thought they'd make my face an oil slick and I'd break out worse.  Now I use it faithfully at night and it helps the lines near my eyes.  I also received a deluxe sample of the NUDE oil, in a blue bottle, and that's a nice one also.  I went through that as soon as i got it, but I haven't repurchased since I  had just bought the argan oil and want to use that one up first. The NUDE is more expensive, but I do like it a bit better.  


Some ppl use oils during the day, but I only do night.  I don't like too many products on during the day and i need my SPF, and primer for my foundation.

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Hi princesa7,


I have heard very good reviews for the beauty oils even from people who have oily skin and acne. In some cases the oils from lines like the Josie Maran actually help to improve and balance out skin. Good Luck!

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I have extreme combo skin, very dry in cheeks and pretty oily on t-zone. The two I have tried are Dr. Dennis Gross Vitamin D Oil and Josie Maran Argon Oil, the argon oil wins hands down for me. The Vit D oil left my t-zone greasy, argon oil just aborbs in. I was worried at first that it'll break me out, but it seemed to balance out my skin instead. Josie Maran has a great holiday kit out right now , you get to try out various products of hers, from skin to hair, and it's only $39 I believe. I might go back and purchase another so i can re-fill these for travel, I have all the full size of these.

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