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Am I using the wrong skincare?
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Normal, after I clean with philosophy purity cleanser and wipe off excess water when I wash. 

Sometimes tightness but not dryness when I use Lancome Tonique Doucheur. Usually it's fine and I don't feel tightness. 

Also sometimes I follow up with Clinique Dramatically Moisturizing Gel. The same tightness but not dryness occurs sometimes.


I would consider myself to be normal/combo skin. Oily in T-zone but normal at the cheeks. 


What am I doing wrong??


edit: So I lied.. I'm feeling dryness at the highest points of my cheeks right now. (After cleanser and just toner.)

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I found Philosophy Purity a tad drying, but that was long ago and my memory may be a bit fuzzy. A friend said she thought it was drying but it just turned out she didn't rinse thoroughly enough.


If it's mild dryness, I recommend using a more hydrating moisturizer. I have combo skin and only use the yellow gel in the summer or else I still get dry skin. Try switching to Clinique Moisture Surge gel cream, or Philosophy Take a Deep Breath, or Boscia.

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I'll keep this in mind! It's getting warmer so I'll first try my luck with the Clinique Mosturizing Gel & if anything, I'll check out the Clinique Moisture Surge Gel Cream.
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