Adult Acne on Forehead - Help!
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I think I am Combo skin. My cheeks are totally fine, my T-zone gets oily though and you can see my pores.


I recently started getting a lot of small red pimples on my forehead, what products are best? The rest of my face is fine (small breakouts here and there), so I worry about using an acne system all over my whole face . . . I don't want to dry it out. The makeup can cover the redness of the forehead acne, but the small bumps are still visible, help! Smiley Sad When I take my makeup off at night, the redness of the bumps is worse than it was in the morning.


Thanks for all of the responses I have already received. There are definitely some products in there that I want to try out. To add some detail about my issue:

I have had very minor acne on my forehead for a very long time (years), it has just gotten a lot worse. No one was able to see it before, now they can (or at least I think they can). I did recently cut bangs (bad decision, I don't like them), so I have actually been clipping them back almost everyday (so out of my face). Also, I have started changing the pillow cases every 3 days now, so maybe I will give silk cases a try. I currently use PTR Gentle Complexion Correction pads and the DDF benzoyl peroxide with tea tree oil over the area at night (not working) and cleanse withPurity every time I wash my face. I also have PTR Anti-Aging cleanser, but the combo of everything was drying my face (I have the newly relaunched Sephora moisterizer).

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Breakouts, if that's what they are, are usually a sign that something is unbalance inside, especially if they are persistant. Did something major change for you when they started getting worse? Baby? New job? (under more stress?) Hormone changes can cause breakouts and stress is a hormone! Do they seem like breakouts (do they pop) or are they hard?


if it's breakouts I really like the Caudalie Purifying concentrate. It's a natural product and you can use it as a spot treatment or over the whole area. Best thing is its an essential oil blend that kills bacteria and hydrates! you won't have to worry about breaking out, and if they're not breakkouts (say its irritation) it wil help with that too!

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