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Which limited edition products and collections are must have and which to skip?
We've all felt the pain of those items that we would have gotten, should have gotten but now must pay way to much to buy from re-sellers.  Maybe collective BT minds can identify (while still in stock) the limited edition must haves. My recents...the Dior Nude illuminating powder (spring 2016) is a pass.  The Chanel Ribbon blush spring 2016) is a maybe.  The YSL Gypsy Opale and Indie Jaspie (face powder and eye shadow) sold out within hours of the YSL site pre-release (it just went live on NM). Anyone have any thoughts on currently available or soon to be limited editions?
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And askenjuri enabled me by starting that thread.  Most of my prized pretties and best deals were enabled by the lovely ladies of BT. Glad to have returned the favor.  see post
What's New On The Site Today, Canada?
Ladies (and gentlemen!)   Since Canada seems to be getting different/fewer brands added to the website, and any cross-border new releases seem to be several days to weeks later than US releases, I thought we could use our own 'what's new/found in the wild' post.   Please feel free to share any new products/brands you find on the Canadian site here.
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NUDESTIX Love is Louder Lip + Cheek Pencil in Kiss or Love see post
KVD Upcoming Releases & General Love Thread
This post is for discussion regarding KVD's new releases and all other things regarding her brand.       In addition to Sephora, Kat's own online makeup store (Kat Von D Beauty) also sells her products.   RECENTLY RELEASED: Blush Duos- P405446?skuId=1769439 Spoiler (Highlight to read) KVD & Beauty Blender Collab- ble-complexion-set-P404930?skuId=1779438&icid2=kvd ... Spoiler (Highlight to read)   UPCOMING PRODUCTS: 10 shades of High Voltage Metallic Liquid Lipsticks-Delayed, now releasing in Spring Spoiler (Highlight to read) Mini Shade + Light Collection-Spring ~4 Quads in Smoke, Plum, Rust & Sage~ Color Correcting Eyeshadow Primer-TBA Spoiler (Highlight to read) Faux leather On The Go makeup pouch-TBA Spoiler (Highlight to read)   Packaging Sneak Peaks: -New Matte/Metal Palette -Word design for blush & eyeshadow palettes -A new compact designed in the form of a wax seal -Serpentina palette ("Jeweled tones.  Tarnished gold and coppers.  Peacock feathers and Cleopatra's headdress.  Crimson Nile.  The Shades will be epic.") Spoiler (Highlight to read)   Upcoming products without additional information: Kat & Kandee Collab Kat & Too Faced Collab   Updated as of 1/30/16
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hm if anything i'll get... smoke and plum but that's a big if on smoke. rust i feel like i have those shades between my palettes and sage is just not doing it for me. see post
Sephora Canada Site Product Update Thread
Hello Canadian BTers!   I'm starting this new thread to act as the official update location of new launches, LE products, and brands that are on coming to the US site but may be launching (and returning) to Sephora's Canadian site at a different time. There are a lot of changes happening in real time over here, and in the spirit of communication, this thread is to keep our BTers abreast of the information we have. This is not going to be everything, and could also be subject to change (and hopefully we won't need this thread forever), but we are working with the Canadian team to get as much information for you as we can.   That being said, we will only be using this thread to speak to dates and info about big upcoming launches, LE products, and brands that are on the US site and are coming to the site. If you have  a question about any of these things, drop it here, and we will do our best to track down the answer for you.   I realize that you guys are feeling all of the feelings right now about the new warehouse move, but this thread is not a venting loop, nor is it a thread to deal with customer service issues (as I don't have any access to our order systems). We've got quite a few of those on the community already (for totes good reason), but I'd like to keep this specific thread informational, if possible.   Okay on to the info! Here's what I know (previous releases in spoiler):   New Launches / LE products Spoiler (Highlight to read) Kat Von D 5th Anniversary Tattoo liner - July 9 (will post time when I have it) Early am PT, around 9 am. Kat Von D 5th Anniversary Tattoo liner - July 9 (will post time when I have it) Early am PT, around 9 am. Spoiler (Highlight to read) Bite Opal Lipstick & Gloss - This is coming to .ca, but has not arrived at the warehouse yet. I will update this thread when I get a date.  Bite Opal Lipstick & Gloss - This is coming to .ca, but has not arrived at the warehouse yet. I will update this thread when I get a date.  Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read) Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette - Will launch at the same time as the US site, July 12 Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette - Will launch at the same time as the US site, July 12 Spoiler (Highlight to read) Bite Limited Edition Lip Lab 007 - July 15 at 9 am PT Bite Limited Edition Lip Lab 007 - July 15 at 9 am PT Spoiler (Highlight to read) Bite Maple Collection - July 16 at 9 am PT - This is a different date then the brand gave on their Instagram, so FYI!! Too Faced Sugar Pop Palette - End of July, around 7/27 KVD New Liquid Lipsticks - Potentially same date as US (July 14), but could be a day or two later. Will have more info the week of the 13th.  These will be available by this Thursday 7/16 as well as some of the new Metal Crush eyeshadows.  Bite Maple Collection - July 16 at 9 am PT - This is a different date then the brand gave on their Instagram, so FYI!! Too Faced Sugar Pop Palette - End of July, around 7/27 KVD New Liquid Lipsticks - Potentially same date as US (July 14), but could be a day or two later. Will have more info the week of the 13th.  These will be available by this Thursday 7/16 as well as some of the new Metal Crush eyeshadows.    JEM (I know, I'm waiting with baited breath for this one too) - Tracking this one down after a special request from fellow Jem lover veronika23. The team is on it. KVD Studded Lip - 6 of the shades should go live at the same time as the US (around August 11), but 3 of the shades will go live later in August (Halo, Mercy, Solo)  Metal Crush Eyeshadows - confirming Restocks Spoiler (Highlight to read) Becca Champagne Pop will be back! I'm hearing next week but I will update this thread with a date when I have it.  Thursday 7/16 at 9am PT Becca Champagne Pop will be back! I'm hearing next week but I will update this thread with a date when I have it. Thursday 7/16 at 9am PT KVD Everlasting Lipsticks restock - I am hearing end of August, but will confirm Brands Spoiler (Highlight to read) Laura Mercier (all products) - July 9; I'll update with a time when I have it. Early AM PT, around 9 am. Laura Mercier (all products) - July 9; I'll update with a time when I have it. Early AM PT, around 9 am. St. Tropez - Coming back soon!  Drybar - TBC, but don't give up hope!  Omorovicza - Coming back! Target date is Fall (Sept) Ardency Inn - Coming Soon  Dr. Jart (except acne / SPF skus) - 8/27 PMD - Fall (Sept / Oct)  LaVanila - 8/27 (just deodorants, no fragrance or body lotion)   If you have a question about a new US release or LE product on the .ca site, post it below and I'll try to get you an answer!
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Aw the Moroccan Amber candle and diffuser are my favourite. I thought maybe since the Christmas candles were compliant the other ones would be too. Thanks !  see post
PLAY! by SEPHORA Invitation FAQs
Thank you so much for sharing our excitement about PLAY! by SEPHORA. Below we’ve answered some of the questions we’ve been hearing from you. To give you an overall sense of the timing of our rollout, a limited amount of PLAY! by SEPHORA subscriptions will be available in select markets beginning September 2015, with a full national launch in 2016 – we can’t wait!   Q: When will invites be sent out? A: The first wave of invitations for sign up will be sent during the week of August 17th. They will continue to be sent out in waves throughout the duration of the limited market release.   Q: Where is this being offered? A: The limited release markets for the initial months are Boston and Cincinnati / Columbus. We may be adding additional limited markets later in 2015, before the full national launch in 2016.   Q: Why Limited markets? A: As with many of our programs, we roll them out over time in order to best ensure that everything happens as we planned and that our clients have an excellent experience. Our goal is to prepare for a national launch in 2016.   Q: If I live in one of the limited release markets, will I automatically get an invitation? What about if I signed up on the waitlist? A: Because the quantity of boxes available during the initial release are limited, not all clients in the test markets will receive an invitation. However, as we grow the quantity of boxes available each month, more clients will have an opportunity to sign up.   Q: If I do get an invite, am I guaranteed a box? A: As quantities are limited, if you are invited to subscribe to the PLAY! program, please redeem your invitation and claim your spot as soon as possible, so that you don’t miss out.   Q: Will Canadians have an opportunity to subscribe? A: The box will not be available in Canada during the limited release, however we are planning to expand to Canada at some point after the national US launch.   For more PLAY! by SEPHORA FAQs please visit the following link>
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My mom was a redhead with freckles. She used to tell me that my dad used to like to play connect the dots (freckles) when they were younger. What I do not like are the f... see post
HORRIBLE customer service @ Stonetown SF,CA
I often go to my old local store in Burlingame, CA which i always get an awesome services ..unfortunately i moved to Daly city, CA so iI visited the stone town SF, CA store.. what a horrible experience i when in on NYE for a 10-15 mini over eye look. first they said it was pretty busy that there was a wait of 30 min i said that's ok i can wait 30 min which ended up being 1 hr 30 min i was still understandable because it was NYE and all i wanted it was a quick eye. finally they were ready for me: make up artist JENNIFER, started doing my eyes, i asked for a goldenish color, first she was very rude saying that she only had like 10 min to do my eyes because they were about to close, second thing she asked me if i was purchasing products that day(since when you need to purchases products for a 15 min mini over???) i said no she kinda gave me attitude because she said manager told her to do mini overs on customers who only was making a purchase. i was ok whatever I'm a VIB and for what i understand i don't need to make a purchase to get a mini over!! finally she finished my eyeshadow and i asked if she could do an eyeliner to finish the look cz i was already for my event she ruddily said no that the was a separate service and then i could only do one at a time.. i was like what??? right so i asked again if she could just do it and explained that i was already late for my event and i just wanted to a quick liner.. she say NO AGAIN!! so i said ok i get it thanks anyways for the "HELP" after this horrible customer service..I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THIS STORE AGAIN!!! I'll just have to drive up far to my old Burlingame Sto
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Hi C3la, I'm so sorry to hear about your experience in our Stonestown store :(  I'll send you a private message for more information. see post
Say What?! The Sephora Misrepresentation Thread
I thought it would be helpful to have a central place where we can report things that are amiss!   Sometimes, promo codes are not as advertised or products on the website have an inaccurate picture or description.  If you see or receive something that is incorrect, please let us know here!  
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So, NudeStix just contacted me to let me know that even the full-size pencils are 0.088oz. The 0.05oz labels are misprints from the manufacturer. That means the 0.088oz ... see post
Sephora Virtual Artist Is Here!
Happy Friday, BeautyTalk!   Sephora has a very exciting launch you may have gotten a sneak peek of on our Snapstory the other day: Sephora Virtual Artist!    In case you haven't heard, Sephora Virtual Artist just launched and allows you to try on, no joke, THOUSANDS of lip shades from anywhere. It's super easy to use and pretty addicting once you start swatching because you can compare multiple shades and even share your favorites. Best part is you're trying on TONS of shades without having to clean off all the pigment in between swatches     Here's how to use Sephora Virtual Artist: Step 1: Head to our app and scroll to the bottom or head to Step 2: If you're on the site you'll need to take or upload a photo (well-lit and high res is best!) and confirm where your lips are outlined. Step 3: Start playing around! You can pick from lipsticks and glosses, filter your preferences, try on according to shade family. Step 4: Compare! You can compare four shades at once.  Step 5: Share! Once you've picked 4 lip colors you can save the image, share it with friends or upload to your social media accounts (Instagram for the app and Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email from the site).    Oh and, of course, feel free to share your favorite lip shades here on BeautyTalk. You wouldn't buy a lipstick without asking your community first if it looked fierce, right? Didn't think so  
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This is a great tool. I uploaded my pic and it was fun to play with different shades. I noticed that some of my favorites didn’t look to well on me. And some I would nev... see post
Let's talk Packaging!
After all, It's the first thing you see on a product! What product packaging won you over, which do you hate? What products could become amazing with a little tweak of their packaging?
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The one I wish I could find and purchase JUST the package of is actually the Hakuho-do brush set! I could never justify the cost of the entire set, especially since I on... see post
what are the differences between beautyblenders?
I've used both the red and the original pink beauty blenders. Both functioned the same, except the red one had the dye running out. It never had any effect on my makeup,... see post
Skin Inc. Serum guidance?
I am in the process of revamping my whole skincare routine and makeup as well since it was way overdue (I'm 27 and was still using the same things I had been when I started using makeup at 17 = yikes!). None of the prior products I used were really holy grail worthy products but simply the lesser of many evils since I am SOOOO ridiculously sensitive to ingredients and fragrances that it made finding anything better always seem so impossible (that was before I ever walked into a Sephora for the first time) One of the things I have been looking into to take my current routine to the next level is finding a really good serum.   My skin has always been sensitive, acne-prone, and often see-sawed between overly dry when trying to treat the acne and end up with total overkill, to oily when my skin would try to compensate by increasing oil production, causing more breakouts, requiring more treatments, and the whole thing was just this nasty, vicious cycle. I am finally getting the breakouts under control but have quite a bit of the pit-type of scarring causing me to look older and also discoloration-type scars as well from fighting this for years. I also have dark circles under my eyes that are genetic so while nothing will likely completely eliminate them, I have been told at some points that where various eye creams have all failed to improve them, maybe a serum might help.   I have been really intrigued by the idea of mixing your own custom serum to address your skin's specific needs since in the past I have at times mixed or made my own skincare products to get the best fit for my skin. However, when I took the quiz on the Skin Inc. site, it gave me two different results two different times I took the quiz and now is sold out of the one that was the same both times. I am pretty sure I answered it all the same way both times so I am hoping someone can help point me in the right direction.   Thank you in advance for any help you can give me! I really appreciate it!
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The serums won't (and shouldn't) spoil relatively quickly; however, if you decided to make designed pre-packaged mixes and bottles of each for travel that may come at va... see post
New Minnie Collection
Does anyone if VIB or VIB Rouge will get to pre-buy the new minnie collection before it comes out??? I feel like my VIB rouge status really doesn't offer that many perks for the amount I spend.     
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Hi Lilitalia822, We don't have that information yet, but stay tuned for updates!   see post
Will the Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Nude Lip be restocked?
It was released only 5 days ago, so I'm hoping it's not completely sold out already ;-; I've seen it pop in and out a bunch today, so that leads me to believe it should be restocked. I'd love to know, thanks!   (I reaaaaaaaaally want to purchase it)
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HALL OF FAMER sierrafallon / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
it's out again :( see post
The sample challenge
ive found myself swimming in samples from the "haul-idays".  so in an effort to weed through them and maybe find some new loves for 2016 I think it's time for a new challenge!   The challenge is simple: try 5 samples a week, then give a simple review. Love it, hate it, etc     who's in? 
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Samples from the past week:   Miss Jessie's Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo about $11 for 8 oz         Wasn't a bad shampoo but nothing remarkable. It did the job but I di... see post
Battle of the Beauty Boxes
I've seen a few things floating around about subscription services, but I haven't seen one place to talk about the pros/cons and good/bad of the nice monthly boxes.   I'm currently not subscribed to any, but I'm thinking of taking the plunge, so I'm basically trying to use you guys to figure out which would be the best and most beneficial.   So, what's your favorite beauty box / subscription service? Why? Which boxes do you get the most use out of? Bang for your buck?
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Thanks! I'll definitely check out mysubscriptionaddiction. see post
Kat Von D Compact Mirror
Ok. So I searched, randomly, on a bunch of KVD products that led me to this. Polyvore clearly has (had) a link to this product - and you need to clip products directly from the site you find it on? Has this mirror been out or what? This made me curious. I haven't seen any updates about it on the KVD beauty Instagram page either. Weird. 
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IT GIRL xmoneo / IT GIRL IT GIRL / replied
It didn't even cross my mind that this could be old! I just have the new compact in sight.  Yeah, thanks. But no thanks, hah! Think I'd rather wait for the re-release... see post
Autumn/Winter 2015 Found in the Wild "New"
Ok BT, what did you find today?   Canada users , please post here: w-On-The-Site-Today-Canada/td-p/2164948 Sticky plug to a FABULOUS thread. Found a  Deal ? Post it here o-Good-to-Pass-Up-Take-3/td-p/2324448 Feel free to post if you find something from your favorite brand. Link to the item, and let us know the price, and brief description so that folks can at a glance decide if they want to clickie to <3 Love or $$ Buy. ^-^ Here is the retired thread in case you wanted to reference: -Summer-2015-Found-in-the-Wild-quot-New-quot/td-p/ ...   Most new items get listed on Tuesday evenings through Wednesday. Your help in spotting anything new is appreciated! It's a tad more difficult with very established and broad brands like Estee Lauder, Clinique, and Bobbi Brown that have deep selections for colors.    
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Just posted a new one. Noticed you are right...and the old one says 2015...last year... Hope that's okay!!! see post
What's back in stock, Canada?
Since the VIBR sale is only a 4-day event this time, I think it might be a good idea to keep track of what's OOS and what's back in stock     OOS Items: Burberry Gold palette All Herbivore products May Coop raw sauce KVD eyeshadow in thunderstruck, raw powder and synergy 23?skuId=1711050 Shiseido cotton pad =101220 Farmacy rise n shine -lock-P399971?skuId=1755032 Sephora SOKO to Tokyo Nude double dose of genius skuId=1738095    
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Give Me Some Nude lip set is back..   Edit: I don't know if this would be the right thread for this post but I got excited :P see post
We dont get make-up products from NARs, Bobby Brown, Laura Mercier, Smash box, Makeup Forever, Chanel, etc in Sephora India stores..
Hello Sephora team,   Why Sephora India is not keeping the brands like NARs, Bobby Brown, Laura Mercier, Smash box, Makeup Forever, Chanel, etc. Sephora has already opened stores in 3 cities in India but we see the same stuffs avaialble in Sephora which we used to see in other malls and shopping outlets.. We want the above mentioned brand products and we are unable to get them in India. Thats why we stick to MAC products currently. If you understand this issue, please stock you store with brands like  NARs, Bobby Brown, Laura Mercier, Smash box, Makeup Forever, Chanel, YSL, etc. Otherwise, keep these stuffs available in ONLINE atleast. We see a different standard of Sephora abroad altogether and when we look at the brands available in Sephora India, we get disappointed as we want to buy the above mentioned make products. And Amazon is the only way to get them here. But we love sephora abroad but in india we dont see the same standard over here. Very disappointed.   Thanks, Kavita
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Hi Kavita,   Sephora India is considered a different branch than Sephora USA/Canada (this is true for all other international Sephora locations like Sephora France, ... see post
I e-mailed Dior an inquiry I had pertaining to Dior Diva and this was also included their reply:   " As of recently it has been announced that the Dior Diva Reward Program will reach it's final cycle for both United States and Canadian customers & retailers by of the end of this calendar year. All final entries must be submitted towards the program no later than December 22, 2015. Your current Dior Diva account balance, banked points and/or any additional receipts with purchases made prior to October 2015 would still be valid towards the program and redeeming rewards. However, all points must be claimed by December 22nd, 2015- as points will not carry over into the new year. You may redeem from or add to your points as you wish. When you are ready to l send in your receipts, please fill out the form (included with this email) and mail it and your accompanying receipts to our office "   It's incredibly unfortunate to see it end having only known about the loyalty program for only a few months.
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Thanks, got your PM :) I had accumulated too much dior last year so I cant wait to get the gift soon :) see post
New brand Farmacy - feedback and discussion
So I noticed this new line of skincare products that both Sephora and QVC is carrying. Has anyone here used any of their products or personally heard good/bad things about the brand? I thought about purchasing the lip balm they have just to try the brand out. It appears to be an all natural line (which I can appreciate). Thanks in advance!
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HALL OF FAMER tehprincessjenn / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
I agree too! I do end up having to wipe it on my makeup bag or car seat. (ew.)  see post
How have your return experiences been?... mine was awful today
It's very rare for me to do a return. Because I don't experiment with new products. I've been using the same products for years.  I believe I have the best. (I'll experiment with samples here and there and thats it)   Anyways, I'm hitting that age right now where I need to start using anti-aging products and I literally thought I found the 'one' when my shipment came in.  A sephora associate suggested that I get it because it's the best, I told her I'd think about it.   Long story short I ended up ordering it online a nd after a week of using it - It made me break out so badly. At first when I started seeing the breakouts they were minor, but gradually increased as I continued using the product. This product was the only new regimene added to my nightly routine so I knew it was the culprit. The next day I went to return it.   The first thing the girl does is see if I have any items in my hands. No hello's or hi's, how are you. Which was odd. I proceed to let her know that I'm here to return this item. She opens it up and inspects it really carefully and rudely tells me that one of the 'creams is practically empty'. When really there was barely a quarter of it used.  I let her know I only had it for a week. I'm here because it made me break out - and I was pointing to the areas it messed up my skin. She starts to whisper to the girl next to her, and they're just staring at me up and down while talking to each other. (It was in a way where it pretty much looked like they were trying to figure out if I was abusing their return policy based on my appearance) Then she tells me that she's going to ask her manager whether or not it could be returned.    I waited for her, for 5 minutes just to see her walking around trying to track down her manager.     She then comes back after walking around in circles, because I guess she couldn't find the manager and tells me  'You can't use pretty much the entire cream and then expect us to accept it. I'll let you do the return today but next time it won't happen.'    I don't normally vent about these things. I understand the policy and I know I did nothing wrong. The products were gently used, I had my receipt on me as well.  Her customer service skills were horrible, her approach to this situation was very juvenile.    
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I just sent back my first return via mail, and I totally agree. I figured it would be easier to mail it than drive the hour to my closest Sephora, but I ended up spendin... see post
Play! By Sephora Subscription Box Review And Discussion
Share photos and reviews on your Sephora Play Subscription Boxes here. If you're looking for reviews on any other box, look here: -box-photo-sharing/td-p/973905    The subscription program is only offered by invitation at the moment. If you have not received an invite, you can join the waiting list here:    I do not have control over who receives invitations (whether they live in test cities or not), but I will edit this once the program opens to new groups.   If you want more information on the program or have questions not related to someone's box review, please visit this thread: y-SEPHORA-Invitation-FAQs/td-p/2124432
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Maybe. That makes more sense than thinking I keep erasing my original placeholder. see post
What was your most used/repurchased product in 2015?
In 2015, I gave up on regular mascaras and exclusively bought tubing mascaras. Most were disappointments that clumped or flaked and were tossed out after a few uses. Blinc mascara remains the only mascara I'll travel with and after scrolling through my receipts, I realized I purchased 8 tubes in 2015! I currently have one in my gym bag, bathroom, travel bag, and a spare. Essentially, I can't go a day without it     What product did you find yourself using or purchasing the most in 2015? 
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Love Pink Ivory! see post
Has anyone ever had their review rejected?
I wrote a review yesterday and it seems like Sephora rejected it. It was my first first 1 star review and I spent a good amount of time on it. It wasn't a rude bashing review but an actually detailed and thorough review of the product.    All the reviews I've written were posted within a few hours of submitting it, even 2 star reviews.    Thanks for wasting my time Sephora.   Pro Tip: Always copy and paste your review in your notes before submitting your review. In the case where they reject a legit review, resubmit again.    EDIT: Thank you Candace for helping me resolve this issue! 
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The sugar free gummy bear reviews, the poor souls who wrote them, had me in tears.  see post
Is it bad to return a lot of stuff?
Hi, Zebulavious!   As this is an older thread (2013), if you're inquiring specifically over whether it may be "bad" to return products from an online order and are see... see post
Writing reviews about Sephora employees
often when i go into sephora, they give me a website to go to in order to write a review of my experience. does anyone have a link to that website? i keep forgetting to write reviews and then when i'm ready, i can't find the website.
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I most often frequent my Sephora in JCP at the local mall, the Florence mall in Florence KY and I've never had anything other than  GREAT experiences there! I've also be... see post
Inquiry about reviews
Hello, I noticed that my all reviews are not showing rouge status beside my name! Not a big deal but how do change that? Sorry if I did not post on right section! Take care.
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Hi quetzalina,   You are correct!    Arvilish, moving forward, please select your status in the 'About You' section under your review.    Thank you both and ... see post
Any Sunday Riley fans? How do you like Blue Moon?
So far I've been trying to resist the really expensive skincare brands like Omorovicza, Tata Harper or Sunday Riley....... but after trying the Flora oil I'm enamoured by Sunday Riley. The two new products are particularly tempting (I admit, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name and packaging). The cleansing balm that just came out, Blue Moon, has anyone tried it? I have the Clinique balm, so I was wondering how it compares to that or Erborian or PTR 24K? And how well does it do as a one step cleanser or mask?   And now there's Tidal (from SR instagram:  Launching on 2/15, in store at Sephora nationwide 3/4!)
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I find Blue Moon really effective at removing make up.    I feel exactly like TriestoBeClassy about SR--started with Ceramic Slip and then added the others.  My  night... see post
Item cannot be shipped to the United States
Was purchasing some items online from my "loves list" and this is what I noticed; What? Why? Does this means it’s OOS definitively or it really cannot be shipped to USA?   I also notice the Marc Jacobs Skyliner eyeliner set disappeared from my “loves list” and I don’t see it online at Sephora. What does that mean? I see it on MJ site but not available now?   Is anyone else experiencing this?
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I just came across this, not sure if there are other posts but I saw this today when I was gonna get to purchase something from my loves list. The item is available in t... see post