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Spring is on the horizon! What are your favorite warm weather products?
I'm thinking maybe if we all talk about warm weather we can use our minds to will it here!  So, what are your favorite warm weather products, favorite colors to wear, etc.       I'm a huge fan if origins ginzing moisturizer for the humid days.  Its perfectly moisturizing without being too heavy for the hot humid florida days.   supergroup city serum is a favorite too SPF moisturizer too.    I use use my naked 3 palette a lot more in warmer months. I love the bronze and gold natural looks.  With a pretty pink pout. 
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When warm weather comes I tend to go simpler and softer with my makeup.  I love using my tinted moisturizer (Laura Mercier is my favorite)  for a dewier, more natural lo... see post
Custom Makeover
Despite being a guy, I've always been in love wiht makeup, but haven't really gone too deep due to the social stigma behind it. Now that I'm older, I'm feeling braver and wanted to start investing in makeup, while also getting my first makeover. However, due to embarrassment, I was wondering if the makeover could be done in private, or at least in a covered area of the store. 
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None of my Sephora's seem to have an area like this.  Even when I've gone for the classes they generally just do it in the normal sales areas and move some displays asid... see post
Estee Lauder Deep Blue Foundation
I have never envisioned a "deep blue" double wear foundation by Estee Lauder. "Rich Chestnut 5C1 - deep blue shade" Pretty gnar. 
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Hi jessieviscious, Thanks for pointing out that error!  I have reported it to the appropriate contact, so it should be fixed soon! :) -Laura   see post
Prices more expensive in store?!
I just purchased an Anastasia brow pencil from Sephora in stores for $30 this morning. And than i checked online this afternoon, and noticed that it's priced at $27. Is it always more expensive to buy in store compared to online? Never noticed this since I always buy online...(also the smashbox contour kit was same price online and in store)   I just think it's kind of unfair since I could have got more samples and used a code online, guess I will be returning the pencil tomorrow and repurchasing online even though it's $3, just does not sit right with me. 
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It's toll free for US and Canada :) see post
Wrong product!
Hi, I bought the wrong Chanel perfume by mistake in Paris. I still have the packaging and receipt, but I am now back in London. How can I return or exchange the item? Thanks.
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Hi dawnbunny,   I am so sorry to hear that! For details or questions about how you can return or exchange the product you will have to get in touch with Sephora Fran... see post
Sponge Beauty
I love this company's avocado oil moisturizer.  Had hoped Sephora was going to carry more of their products, but now even the Ladi Avokanto has been OOS for awhile.  Is Sephora dropping them?  Please, please don't!  
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Felt bullied and hurt by sephora SA today.. A New return procedure?
Sorry for the long rant but I need to get this out, it's eating me up inside..maybe I'm wrong maybe I'm not. But I feel upset nonetheless.    I went to sephora to return a couple of items today..I brought up to cash 1 item to price check on and took out my returns. She told me the price and I said no thanks since it was $4 less online at sephora's site so she put it away. I took out my items and told her only 1 didn't have a reciept (I mention its in my purchase history I'm sure) and rest I do have receipts and yes products have been tried. She proceeded to scan then inspect while asking reason for return which I know is fine and normal..So the first non receipt item I say I bought it in dec I think and the liquid lipstick set seems separated as with initial use it squirted oil out instead of actual color and she gives me a smug look and proceeds to squeeze each tube in the set and show me like I'm wrong..then the second item she scans I had the receipt but realised it was the wrong one (brought the survey portion in bad I was in a hurry) so I say I'll bring the item back with proper receipt so she says its scanned already so she will just process with that other item, I say fine and think to myself I'll use the store credit anyway then  she scans the final item that was an online purchase that thankfully I had the invoice for and reason was that the item arrived defective and she looks at me like I damaged it. I say I got it yesterday and that's how it was..another smug look with a very sarcastic "ahuh". Then when all is done, she refunds just my online purchase to my cc then she says ok so what are you buying and suddenly in a high pitched voice, where's the other item you just had it was just here ( price check item that she put away)..she acted like I slipped it in my purse, so I mention I didn't want it remember you put it away and that I'm ok with merchandise credit today coz I don't have time to look around, my kids crying but she says "no you can't and go get something for exchange only" . I feel so humiliated and speechless and in my panic I grab whatever coz I need to tend to my kid at that point it had already taken so long. I felt like she bullied me into buying and I would have appreciated if she mentioned a new policy change or whatever when I told her i didn't have a she then hands over the new receipt with my new products and it has red stamps all across with "exchange only".    Thank you sephora for making me feel like a criminal today. I know I dont matter to you. 
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If that is a Sephora policy, it's a terrible one.  When I worked in retail I do remember that returns were deducted from our day's sales so they did affect the bottom li... see post
Another one bites the dust... Lost makeup that may or may not ever be found.
A couple of days ago I was using one of my Tarte Matte Lipsurgence's and set it down for a minute in my vehicle. Suddenly it was nowhere in sight. I checked everywhere and it's gone. Adding to my frustration it was a limited edition color that I've grown quite fond of. I wonder if it will magically pop up years later, like when the same thing happened with my Lancome juicy tube that was my favorite. Anyone else have this happen to them? It's very frustrating because I'm ocd when it comes to losing makeup products. I will basically tip over the whole house/ car until I find them. And if I don't it haunts me for a long time. lol
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Any time my brother and his family come visit I always lose all my lip balms.  My 3 year old niece loves to play with them and when they leave it takes me so long to fin... see post
Belif: new skincare brand launching at sephora!
today, i received some products from Sephora, by a brand called Belif.   its a Korean skincare brand that will be launching at Sephora in March.   i was so excited to receive these products because it's the first time i've been sent something from Sephora.   i'm going to try one of the moisturizers tonight and i'll be back to update ~~   have any of you tried products from this brand? or received them from Sephora?
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I checked the retail price (recommended) in Korea and it's about the same, sometimes a dollar or two more at sephora but that isn't bad given shipping. So much better th... see post
want to re-creat a look/ Nars The Multiple
Copacabana - glistening pearl          SO: -I was wondering if you guys thought this would be the best choice (color) for my light-medium neutral (leans cool) skin tone. I have dry/sensitive skin too (just an FYI). -I was also wondering if this indeed works great for eyes, cheekbones, lips, & wherever u want to illuminate. -Also, do you really need to just use your clean fingers, OR is there a better way to apply? -Also, do u suggest this product in general & is it pretty & EASY to work with?   Thanks in Advance !  
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I feel like I'm always rantin but......really?
I was shopping in store today and decided to pick up the new Anastasia Brow Bar to Go kit. This kit has 2 color choices, chocolate and dark brown (yay!). The older set had the pencil in a lighter shade that didn't look good on me, but it was a pencil (keyword). This set is a mini brow wiz, how mini do you ask? This is all the product you get, that's it. For $16 you get a mini brow gel.tweezers and a 1 time use brow wiz.....
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HALL OF FAMER Blackwhiskey / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied see post
Exercise Log
I know we have a thread where we' talk about being healthier and such, and much like the challenges for makeup, this will be a challenge for exercise. Today I finally decided "Enough of this slugging around."        I just finished one mile  at a 3 mile speed and switching to 2.5 once in a while.    If you're starting this journey with me, please check out (I hope Malday doesn't mind me calling the thread this) - the sister thread. Here you will find healthy recipes, AND delicious as well. I'll be including some vegan/vegetarian recipes mainly. pe-Thread/m-p/1845978/highlight/true#M101081   So I won't title this 30 day challenge, but I will aim for 30 days and keep going from there, hopefully.   Here's an image of some stretches provided by the lovely ShannonAlexis:    
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I was meaning to message you before bed but I fell asleep with the message page still open lol >.<   Pre-pregnancy I was running/jogging anywhere from 2 - 6 miles a da... see post
My "loves" list doesn't include the product shade, nor "out of stock" any more - what happened?
Agreed. The old version was so much better. I at east want my love list to show the shades.. see post
I wish Sehora carried the 2 pack beautyblender................
but they don't    I know they have the 2 pack with the liquid cleanser but I use the solid cleanser.   Since I usually only shop online at Sephora or Ulta, does anyone have any recommendations on where to buy them? I googled it and found beauty dot com and camera ready cosmetics but I never shopped either one of those sites.
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yes i know!! i saw they had a sale last week or 2. and when i checked they no longer sold them I was so sad. Now Im just going to catch the next 20% sale that someone do... see post
Sephora pet peeves
I don't know why this annoys me, but some of the few times I actually write reviews people select "no" that my review wasn't helpful. I stay on topic, give my honest opinion and even how I personally use the product and still you review readers are not satisfied. Lol. Anyone else have a silly pet peeve about Sephora or
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BEAUTY PRO krtty1125 / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
It kind of annoys me too, but as someone in this thread mentioned, it seems that people who disagree with your review will vote NO.  In fact, I've found that most of my ... see post
Out of stock but not really....
A few days ago the tartelette lipstick was listed as out of stock. Being as it was limited edition and ordering through the manufacturer would charge shipping for the one item, I had one placed on hold at the Sarasota store. I can't drive because of my disability so I made special arrangements to get it as they verified on the Rouge line that they were out of stock of the item. Now, today the item is back IN STOCK online and I could of used my 10% off coupon. Now, there are much bigger problems in this world sometimes I just wish there was better communication.
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Hi AmyC,   I am very sorry about this :(. I think we spoke about it via Twitter but please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.  see post
Sunday Riley VS. REN?
I am contemplating Sunday Riley's Good Genes or REN's Resurfacing AHA concentrate. The ingredients seem similar, but there is a huge difference in the price. Any suggestions? I want something for fine lines, sun spots, and radiance. Thanks
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I rarely make purchases just from a sample, but Good Genes had me hooked in a heartbeat. I haven't tried the Ren, but can wholeheartedly recommend Good Genes. Pricey? Ye... see post
Fresh Lotus Preserve Eye Cream
  I am very grateful to have received the Fresh Lotus Preserve Eye Cream as a gift from Sephora. This is the first gift I have received from them. This is a new item launching at Sephora and will be available in stores the end of March. I am excited to try this product. I have Rosacea and am sensitive to a lot of things. I have hope because the Fresh Cleanser has worked very well for me in the past.  I will try this product for a few weeks and post before and after pictures. Wish me luck ladies!   From the Sephora site it states: What it is: A lightweight formula that illuminates while delivering 24-hour moisture for a radiant, youthful-looking glow around the eye area. What it is formulated to do: Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream illuminates while delivering 24-hour moisture for a lustrous look around the delicate eye area. The lightweight formula revitalizes the eye contour while combating dullness for a radiant, rested appearance. It includes Fresh’s super 7 complex, specifically designed to minimize and prevent early visible signs of aging, enhance radiance, and provide antioxidant protection, and is further boosted with protective star fruit extract. What it is formulated WITHOUT: - Parabens - Sulfates - Phthalates
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I have been using this for a little over a week now and omg,, I'm loving this eye cream a lot!lol. First it smells so good but it's a very lite scent no strong at all. T... see post
Idea- In Store Pickup
I was just thinking of my situation of sephora packaging- boxes, labels and even the filler paper and how it piles up in my home, let alone guilt in placing so many orders and the waste. Also can't forget the unwanted (substitution) samples.    I was thinking of this and my shopping situation (I know this is not the same for everyone)- I have a small child at home and it is very hard for me to get out to sephora, even though there are over 5 within 10 miles from me. So I mainly order online. However, with online shopping, it happens often that I made a purchase, but later think about a LE item I saw or something in the sale section. Of course, I think it's likely this item will get sold out, so I go back and make another purchase. Or even something complementary to my first purchase. Either way, this results in many boxes being sent to my home.   If Sephora offered an in-store pickup option, I think it would benefit Sephora as much as a customer like me. Sephora could ship mass packages to stores instead of individual packages to customers. Then we could go pickup our orders once they are in.    Another store that does this usually allows the customer one week from the date the item arrived to pick it up. Sephora could still send items out with 2 day flash or offer the customer a window of when they'd like to pick it up in the store (if it's in stock it could even be the next day).    Regarding the samples- when we go to pick up our items, if we decide we don't want the substitution sample we simply hand it back to the SA and now he/she will have more samples for other customers.    I'd be happy because I could still shop in the convenience of my pajamas home, still get the perk of my promo code, but eliminate waste (boxes, filler paper, multiple ups truck trips...)   Sorry this is so long, but I really think this could be a win win situation if implemented properly    
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BEAUTY PRO e4stofthesun / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
Actualy, an SA told me this summer that there is a new program- for brands that aren't carried in store, or something that is online-only, you can get the SA to order it... see post
Product page Q&A rant
I have a rant. It's not about BT, but about the product pages' Q&A section.   For some inexplicable reason, I keep opening the Q&As looking for answers to my questions, then getting sucked in by all the other questions. Then I get irrationally irritated by the answers, but keep reading instead of closing them. Then I get sucked into answering questions too. There are many things I see over and over again that irritate me to no end, and I needed to blow off some steam… So, knowing full well I'll probably get blowback, here goes nothing:   1. Does no one read the other answers before asking a question? You see page after page of people asking the same question, including the ones highlighted when you first open the section for having the most helpful answers. I understand the same questions being repeated in BT because there are so many pages and posts to sift through - but the Q&A minimizes answers and even the products with the most questions don't really have that many pages, and even fewer unique questions. There is also a search function. I also understand that questions aren’t posted instantly, so a few people could theoretically ask the same question without the answer already being there, but I’ve never had a question take more than a few hours to post (not the 72 it says), and I don’t believe for 1 second you can get 7 pages of literally the same question from different people (true story!) in that amount of time. Or that a question with 0 answers is one posted while the same question with 8 answers, each with multiple votes, was in limbo. 2. Don't ask for the ingredients when they are already listed on the product page. They aren't always, so then it makes sense to ask for them. But when the full list is right there at the top of the page, under the tab named "ingredients," it just proves you didn't bother to read the page first. This is most irritating for new products, when you know the ingredients were listed on the page right from the start. This also goes along the same lines as asking the same question over and over again, because it's usually the most commonly overasked & answered question. I understand that you didn't know about the tabs, but you can't say you didn't see the already answered question, first on the page, with multiple answers of full ingredients lists.   3. Asking "Is this x-free?" when it's in bullet point form, under the bolded heading “What it is formulated WITHOUT,” in the default description. You really didn't read this page before asking the question. Again, not all pages have this, or didn’t back when the questions section was introduced, so it's understandable that you have/had to ask... but, seriously, don't ask a new question when the answer is already there! It’s not as blatantly stupid, but asking “Is this x-free?” when there is already a complete list of very simple ingredients, and “x” is not one of them, is marginally irritating (such as asking if there is oil, parabens, bismuth or soy in a product explicitly described as 100% silica). It’s not irritating when there is a long list of fancy words, or the scientific names of ingredients are not their common names, or when “x” is actually a category so multiple ingredients apply. What is blatantly stupid is asking “I know this says it’s 100% “x,” but can anyone tell me what else is in it?” (again, true story)   4. My biggest pet peeves, really, come in the answers. The absolute single worst one is the response, "I have no idea." IF YOU HAVE NO IDEA, JUST DON'T ANSWER THE QUESTION!!!   5. In response to the question, "Is [this] better than [that]?": (actual quote) "100% YES it is better. I haven’t personally tried [that] but..." FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, REALLY??? Don't give answers to comparison questions when you haven't tried both products! Your opinion may matter elsewhere, but it is not relevant here.   6. The most irritating to me personally, are the ones that give wrong scientific information based on what they've "heard" or read posted online by scaremongers and not fact-checked (or even read the comments on their post where the real facts are often posted by someone calling them out). Or, worse, people who post a relevant job title to lend credence, but then post misinformation in their post. I actually have a background in Life Sciences, concentration in Pharmacology & Toxicology, so I not only have some scientific knowledge, I spent a lot of time in school learning how to find correct information that I don't know, and how to fact-check studies and advertising, which I also learned you absolutely must do. When someone says, "I'm an RN and yes, X is harmful," but X isn't actually the ingredient in the product, that's even worse than, "Yes, I've heard it's harmful so you should be worried." It's super easy to fact-check, but barely anyone does it because it's easier and less time consuming to just believe and repeat what you read. Especially if someone is posting irrelevant scientific information to back up their claim - seems legit, unless you know the MSDS they are referencing is for a different compound with a similar common name, or that the compound is perfectly safe and FDA approved, except in massive doses, and they are posting the info relating to the massive doses.   Ok, rant concluded. If you actually made it through that monster post, commence onslaught.      
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I feel ya! I see the exact same things you do, but I never bothered to take the time to rant about it.  Thanks for saying what's on my mind when I read the Q&A.   "Wh... see post
Please help me!!
I. NEED. HELP. Skincare isn't something that I have ever been good with, I have never really learnt what I need to work with my skin. I keep spending money on skincare and then returning products when they don't work out for me and I really need some advice!! I have light/medium skin with combo skin and an oily t-zone. I break out often, mostly on my forehead. I have acne scares and minor skin discolouration. I also have fairly large pores. I need a skincare regimen that works. I just bought products from AmorePacific - the cleanser, exfoliator and the gel moisturizer. I like them but it has only been a few days and I am skeptical. It was also a TON of money and I am a student. If any one has any suggestions for some new skincare products for me that hopefully won't tear apart my bank account, I would be so grateful!!!!! Also, if you have any foundation recommendations? If there is something that works well with TV, that is preferable for me! Thank you so much!! XO
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The beauty advisors at the store are generally helpful. If she convinced you to try them, I don't see the harm in giving them a shot. However, if you feel other products... see post
Need a great brown eyeliner.
I've used Kat Von De's Tattoo Liner but it's no longer available in brown. What is the next best thing?  I wish it was still available
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It's a Stila party and we're all invited!   Seriously, this is my go-to brown liner. I do love the Marc Jacobs highliners, but they are a totally different beast (and ... see post
Sephora Rx... Recommended For Your Medical Needs... An Idea
Let me start by saying I do not work for Sephora.. this is just an idea I came up with for Sephora. Let me know your opinions... especially mods!   I came up with this concept for faster search results for diagnosed skincare/medical issues. What if there was a tab specifically for searching recommend products for your medical needs.   For example: Acne Brittle Nails Calluses Cellulite Chapped Lips Dandruff Dermatitis Eczema Hair Loss Madarosis Psoriasis Rashes Rosacea Scars Stretch Marks Sun Damage      
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Sephora has a few links just for acne and what products are recommended. see post
whats the difference between these DDG peels?
Question was EDITED:  I really want to try the DDG peels after reading about so many loving them on here, but what is the difference in the two?   DR. DENNIS GROSS SKINCARE Alpha Beta® Peel Extra Strength or the same in regular strength?  If I have fairly normal skin, not overly sensitive and used to skin care if this nature...can I go right to the extra strength or is that not needed?     Anyone know of which happenes to be a better deal, there is so many options to choose from, like the 14 Day Challenge etc.  Ill also be stalking the Deals thread, but I may wait until Chic week.  Also, are these a good value in 100 points perk?  I went for one recently and thought Id include one with every order if I can but I dont want to waste points of its not a good deal.  Any help is appreciated, thanks gals!  I know lots of you rave about these.
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HALL OF FAMER makeupobesessed / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
I was actually looking at the serum also, they have a 14 day kit that comes with it.  I may try the 100 pt perk I got, even though they are extra strength and see if my ... see post
Upcoming Sales in 2015?
Does anyone know of any sales that are coming up or that are planned for the year?? I thought last year there was one in April for 15% off. I know in November there was the VIB sale for 20% off. And then in December was the 10 off $50 for BI and 20 off $50 for VIBs.   Has anyone heard when and what the sales for 2015 will be? Thanks
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The sales are usually the same every year.    Late March/Early April is Chic Week - 15% off May - Triple points on Fragrance August - 2x points for BI, 3x points for... see post
out of stock online
If an item is out of stock online, do your stores ship for free to anywhere in the U.S?
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Hi GreeneyedDame,   Masaya is correct - you cannot request to have an item sent to you from a store, or request for item to be sent to a store for pickup. The find i... see post
Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Brush
Hey guys! I've been eyeing this brush ever since it came out and I was curious to see what you guys think of it! I'm not planning to get her contour kit, (At least I don't think I am) but this brush seems like something I can't pass up! Let me know your thoughts!
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Thank you! I was worried I wouldn't be able to contour with this brush because it's so soft! see post
What is your new HG products?
As the cosmetic market ( skincare, makeup, hair and nail care.....) is growing, we are discovering new and better products. It would be interesting to know people recent discoveries ( holly grail product). So what is your new HG? Why do you like it?   My new HG is the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil. Since I started using it, my skin feels smoother, younger and my breakouts are gone.   
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i tried angels on bare skin many years ago and it did nothing for me! everyone always raves about it...i'm always debating on whether i want to try it again or not. i us... see post
Tata Harper?
I recently used a foil I had of the Regenerating Cleanser and I have to say that I really really like it!  So I was wondering if you all have experience with this brand and what products you like? 
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Thanks TSQ!  That's awesome!  I'm glad it worked out well for you.  I'm definitely going to check it out.  I think I may get that mask and the regenerating cleanser duri... see post