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Youtube Guru's
I started becoming obsessed with makeup after staying up countless nights binge watching girls on youtube. I have my favourite girls to watch on youtube but I feel as though my list is becoming shorter.  I personally enjoy watching girls around my age or a little bit older. If anyone has any suggestions about beauty gurus I might enjoy please let me know! My current favourite girls are; KathleenLights JaclynHill DaceyHapa KayleighNoelle CaseyHolmes LauraLee ReadySetGlamour Young Wild and Polished Tati Carli Bybel SML_x0 Nicole Gurriero Teni Panosian Elanna Pecherle   Youtubers I cannot stand to watch; MakeupbyTiffanyd Shaaanxo Zoella
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I only have 4 that I consistently enjoy watching for their beautiful tutorials and lovely personalities: Teni Panosian Lisa Eldridge Chloe Morello Sona Gasparian   ... see post
Waterproof Eyeliner
Can someone recommend a 100% waterproof eyeliner that's good for the beach and pool? Before, I've tried UD, Sephora, and KVD pencil liners, and all of them smudge after swimming. Today, I just received the Makeup Forever Aqua liner, I left it on primer for about an hour and tested it by splashing my face with water, it also smudged! I'm completely out of my depth here, nothing i'm trying seem to be working. I'll be very grateful if someone here can help me find the perfect waterproof black liner. 
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Look into Marc Jacobs eye liners, they are pain the a** to remove , and rarely smudge (I guess it depends on how well you try to rub them off/wash them off). So far I am... see post
Worst Return Of My Life
Two weeks ago I made a return to a store in Colorado while I was vacationing in the States. Bought a palette and decided to return it as it just didn't seem as amazing in person. Two weeks later my money still hasn't been returned to me from Sephora. > ~< The sad thing is that no one seems to know how to handle this. When I first (on the 23) called I contacted the VIB Rouge line, who told me to call my bank to 'double check'. Once confirmed there was no transactions from Sephora for the day I made the return I called the store who transferred me to Corporate office, who transferred me back to the VIB Rouge line.  = w= JFC what a headache.  Asked to speak to a manager right off the bat and upon getting a manager she said there was nothing she could do as she was in charge of department. She did however (THANK YOU!!) call the store and spoke to the manager to explain what was going on. They then called me and said I needed to wait until the 28 before they could do anything. So low and behold, called today and they said they will call me back tomorrow and hopefully  be able to tell me what's going on. Mostly a rant. I am so angry. I have spent at least three hours on the phone just because I made a stupid return. I have never had this issue before and I am so frustrated since I have to go out of my way for a mistake that they made. > n< But it did get me thinking (since the SA at the store said she had never seen something like this before) has anyone else had issues with making returns at Sephora? I never had in the past but I wonder if it had something to do with the fact I was making a return to a store in a 'foreign' country so something happened there. Thoughts?
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You can take some time to dispute the charge, but in some agreements, you must also be sure to not pay the amount that is in dispute. You might want to call your credit ... see post
In need of a really good shaver
I am in need of a really really really good shaver ASAP. I have been using this one for a couple months now and i am breaking out around my bikini line from this shaver and on my legs. I want a really good shaver not won't irritate my skin!
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Thank you so much i looooooove the venus breeze! see post
Sunday Riley Why ?
Got a sample of Flora loved it. Ordered a bottle and it smelled like funky (rancid) salad dressing. This happened with a bottle of good genes too. Every other bottle I get seems to be a old or funky batch. Do they even put expiration dates on this stuff? Anyone else having a similar experience with Sunday Riley?  
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BEAUTY PRO beautyaddict99 / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
I have the following products from SR and these are the dominant smells for me:   Good Genes - lemongrass/ginger Flora - roses and pomegranate/berries Luna - chamomi... see post
Sensitive Combo Skin
I have combo-dry sensitive skin and I'm looking for a mask or serum to throw into my weekly rotation. I'd ideally like something with hyaluronic acid to plump up my skin. I just tried my first sheet mask last week (Boscia's Hydrogel Vitamin C- obsessed!!!) so I'm open to any suggestions. My current skincare routine is as follows:   Morning: FAB Cream Cleanser, Clarins Beauty Balm mixed with Clarins self tanning drops and La Roche Posay SPF 50 tinted mineral sunscreen.   Night: Bioderma Sensibio H2O, FAB Cream Cleanser, Clarins Energizing Cream or Peter Thomas Roth AHA Moisturizer or Korres Wild Rose Sleeping Facial, Clarins self tanning drops, and Korres Wild Rose Brightening Eye Cream. Sometimes I substitute Kosmea's Rosehip oil instead of moisturizer if my skin is breaking out or if I get a little red in the sun (which I try to avoid).   Any product suggestions would be appreciated.
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I love a good hydrating mask! My skin is on the combo/sensitive side, with an oily T and normal to severely dry cheeks. I use Glamglow Thirstymud and Origins Drink Up In... see post
Illuminating Powder Foundation for Dry Skin
Hi,  I am looking for a good powder foundation for mature skin that has medium coverage with a little glow.  This is mainly for summer during beach vacation.  Looking for something quick and flawless.  Any suggestions?
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I would suggest Smashbox's HALO powder, it offers light to medium coverage on its own but can be used sparingly as a setting powder over liquid or cream make up. While i... see post
Would like to receive email notifications of upcoming events, promos etc. Thanks. Sandy
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Hi @jadsjd! :)   I just refreshed your email subscription. Please add us to your address book or safe senders list so you don't miss an email: sephora@shop.sephora.c... see post
New Laura Mercier Candleglow Luminizing Palette
Hello, I was wondering if anybody has had the chance to play around with this palette, since I ordered it on impulse (makeup junkie problems) lol. So far I have heard from one person on Youtube that she is disappointed with the eyeshadows but the highlighters are amazing. Just want other inputs regarding this palette if anybody owns it. 
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I sure will and yes its lovely! :) see post
Warning about HUM supplements
I tried HUM Killer Nails supplement from Sephora for four days and broke out in severe hives all over my body. I had to have a shot of steroids and I can still see the scarring. The PA at urgent care told me that the dosage on the bottle (which is Biotin) was 50x the recommended dose. Guess I shouldn't buy nutritional supplements at a cosmetics store!
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I'm so sorry, that's awful! I'm glad you posted this though. I'm all for getting vitamins, but as bratknits mentioned there's pretty much no supplement regulation in the... see post
Future Customized Sephora Favorites Kits
I was going through random threads today and happened to come across the Sephora Canada Site Product Update Thread and I noticed someone asked whether or not the S ephora Favorites Customized Favorites Skincare Bag would be available in Canada and Candace said they, unfortunately, would not be because these are being tested on the U.S. site and that hopefully in the future other kits like this would be available to Canadians. Here is the link to the response from Candace about this! a-Canada-Site-Product-Update-Thread/td-p/2060604   This got me thinking!  What other types of these kits would everyone like to see?   I just ordered the Sephora Favorites Customized Favorites Skincare Bag and it got me thinking.  I was thinking it would be great if they did a Give Me Lip, and the Lash Stash like this!  How often do we end up with that one or those two samples in these boxes that we will never use!     So what Customized Sephora Favorites Kits would you like to see!   ETA this is the Customized Skincare Kit that I am talking about in case someone hasn't heard of it es-bag-P397349?keyword=SEPHORA%20FAVORITES%20Custo ...  
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So do I!  I think these kits could be a really nice way to try things you might not otherwise try, but not force you to buy things you know you don't like! see post
Kat von D Makeup at Sephora in Chestnut st, Philadelphia
Hi ! Since i was not able to buy the products online because im.from Sweden i was wondering if the Sephora in Chestnut St. in Philadelphia has the Kat Von D makeup line? What i need is some studded lipstick , everlasting lipsticks and the contpur light eye palette . Thank you 💜 and i hope thay someoen can help me with the info  
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I just checked it and yes !! They have :) thank you so so so much for your help :). I hope that they re stock the lolita and double dare at the store by the time my boyf... see post
Wrong shipping address!!
I accidentally shipped my order to my old address, as it was automatically punched in from my phone. I emailed Sephora customer service and haven't heard anything back (it's been two days.) What do I do?! 
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Hi @salenag26!   Please contact us via phone at 1-877-SEPHORA (1-877-737-4672) once you receive your shipping confirmation email and any of our representatives will ... see post
Sephora Favorites Customized Skincare Bag
Was browsing Sephora's website and came across this!  I like the idea of picking & choosing the skincare samples I want in my bag.  What do you think?   Here are the available options:
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I am excited to try it--plus I see it is in the BBB goodie bag ( I think that is it) so that will g ive me enough to use for a while! :) see post
What is your favourite Sephora paper mask?
I've tried almost all of them and if I had to choose, I think I like the pomegranate one best, but the Pearl is a close second.   Interested in hearing your opinion!
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I really liked the green tea version - great at calming down my skin! see post
Urban Decay Matte Lipsticks
Does anyone know if (or when) Sephora is getting the new Urban Decay Matte lipsticks?
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IT GIRL Miradan / IT GIRL IT GIRL / replied
They're in stock online, went up a few days ago. see post
Just a thought/suggestion...
Every time i log in on my phone or on my laptop, the "Just Arrived" section is not updated. It took me a while to find the new MUFE foundation and the new Kat Von D lipsticks. Is there anyway I can suggest that page me updated on a regular basis?     Thank you!!!
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Eh, I've given up on that section ever being fully updated. You're better off following the fabulous TSQ's thread on BT. She updates the listings every Tuesday.   Here... see post
Great News for West Houston, TX
I don't know if I'm excited or scared, but I just found out Cinco Ranch in Katy, TX is getting a Sephora! We have a SiJCP but the nearest full store is in a mall almost 30 minutes away. The store is set to open in October. Is it too early to sign up for the grand opening party?!!
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Dr Jart+ micro water vs. KGD spa water
I recently tried the Dr Jart+ micro water from the cleanse kit and I love it. I use it after I take off my makeup. It leaves my face feeling refreshed and not oily. Now I am curious to try the KGD spa water I hear everyone raving about. Are they used for the same purpose? How does the two compare?  What are your thoughts on the two? Thanks in advance! 
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I just got the Sephora collection nourishing body butter in coconut. (I LOVE coconut, okay?!?) Since it is a sale item, and I have overheard that it is going to be a discontinued product. Is that true? They also have a matching Sephora collection body wash to match the body butter even though coconut is the only option left for the body butter. I really love the coconut one and am hoping it won't be discontinued although I know it probably is!:-( if so I'll definitely stock up on them!  Thanks!;-)  XOXOXO
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I tried typing it in and nothing came up, so I went to my purchase history, since I did buy it, and it said it was outta stock!!!:-( pretty upset!!! see post
Anyone with a Shu Uemura Gilt Voucher... (free shipping, no minimum)
This is probably in the deals thread, but I am avoiding in an attempt for some semblance of self control, so it's news to me.   I don't know if anyone here grabbed a Shu Uemura 30% off voucher from Gilt when it was available a couple of weeks ago, but Shu Uemura is offering free shipping on every order (ends tonight), no minimum!    Finally used my voucher for an eye lash curler for $15 with tax and free shipping! 
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Thank you for the heads up!  I grabbed the voucher!  Perfect time to use it! see post
Anyone else been banned by Sephora's outside return monitoring service?
Apparently I'm blacklisted from returns without a receipt now. That's understandable, as Sephora's return policy is so generous and for example they let me return an open, used Clarisonic without a receipt for store credit. That to me is honestly worth being blacklisted for a year.   But I just find it ridiculous that I was banned for making returns without a receipt FOR A YEAR based on 1 return. Anyone have this happen to them, too?       When Sephora customer service tell me I might be banned, I imagined having to return $500 worth of merchandise or the same products over and over. But apparently now I am a marked shoplifter in the Sephora system for 1 return without a receipt, without considering how much money I actually spent at Sephora within say the past 5 years. I'm trying to live a minimalist lifestyle these days. If I don't use it, I'm going to try to return it. And if I can't, I will donate/trash it. I am NOT a shoplifter lol!   I'm sorry but I don't know anyone who gives gifts with a receipt for the person to return the item. My birthday is coming up, I now supposed to  warn everyone to make sure they include the receipt just in case I don't like their gift because I can't return it? That's kind of  rude. I'm just blown away.
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Ive never had sephora ask for my ID when I'm returning WITH a receipt, only without. VS asks for an ID regardless of whether you have a receipt or not.  see post
What were some of your favourite rewards?
I've been on a few threads about points and perks and a few people mentioned rewards in the past that featured full sized products. This got me thinking...   What were your favourite rewards?   One of mine is the Benefit perk that featured a full size Girl Meets Pearl, a mini Benetint and mini Bad Gal Lash.
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I'm trying to remember some of the really good ones as it's been a few years. I remember there was one with a Dior bracelet which I still have, along with a travel sized... see post
My account
I need for my beauty insiders card to link up with my online account someone please help!
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Best Hakuhodo Powder Brush?
I'm planning on using it for setting powder.     The J104 is goat, which I typically prefer since my skin is a little oily, but I'm worried it's going to be too big of a brush. I have a small face and the places where I need powder are the little crevices like around my nose.    I was also looking at the K002, but it's blue squirrel and I'm worried it wont lay down enough product to keep me from getting oily. But, it looks smaller than the J104 but still fluffy, which I like.   Both of these brushes are the same price (83USD...that's expensive) and since they're an investment I want to make sure I purchase the right one. Do any of you have experience with one (or both) of these brushes? Could you possible post pictures for me? And which one would you choose? Or would you choose a different brush all long as it's not more expensive then I'm open to your suggestions.    Please help!  
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At first I wasn't sure if I like the Passion powder brush because my skin is really sensitive and it's not as soft as the others. It's softened up quite a bit after usin... see post
Is it okay for your skin to get blotchy and red after using a product?
It wears off within minutes and usually happens after using Sephora's Lingette's express cleansing & exfoliating wipes. I really like the end results it provides, but I'm worried I'm doing more harm than good to the skin on my face.  
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Try a more gentle makeup remover, maybe even an oil based cleanser since it will easily dissolve makeup. I suspect Sonny is right and the exfoliation is too harsh. There... see post
Naked Smoky Release
I was wondering if there will be a Naked Smoky Release Party like they did with Naked 3? 
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Sephora Canada Site Product Update Thread
Hello Canadian BTers!   I'm starting this new thread to act as the official update location of new launches, LE products, and brands that are on coming to the US site but may be launching (and returning) to Sephora's Canadian site at a different time. There are a lot of changes happening in real time over here, and in the spirit of communication, this thread is to keep our BTers abreast of the information we have. This is not going to be everything, and could also be subject to change (and hopefully we won't need this thread forever), but we are working with the Canadian team to get as much information for you as we can.   That being said, we will only be using this thread to speak to dates and info about big upcoming launches, LE products, and brands that are on the US site and are coming to the site. If you have  a question about any of these things, drop it here, and we will do our best to track down the answer for you.   I realize that you guys are feeling all of the feelings right now about the new warehouse move, but this thread is not a venting loop, nor is it a thread to deal with customer service issues (as I don't have any access to our order systems). We've got quite a few of those on the community already (for totes good reason), but I'd like to keep this specific thread informational, if possible.   Okay on to the info! Here's what I know (previous releases in spoiler):   New Launches / LE products Spoiler (Highlight to read) Kat Von D 5th Anniversary Tattoo liner - July 9 (will post time when I have it) Early am PT, around 9 am. Kat Von D 5th Anniversary Tattoo liner - July 9 (will post time when I have it) Early am PT, around 9 am. Spoiler (Highlight to read) Bite Opal Lipstick & Gloss - This is coming to .ca, but has not arrived at the warehouse yet. I will update this thread when I get a date.  Bite Opal Lipstick & Gloss - This is coming to .ca, but has not arrived at the warehouse yet. I will update this thread when I get a date.  Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read) Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette - Will launch at the same time as the US site, July 12 Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette - Will launch at the same time as the US site, July 12 Bite Limited Edition Lip Lab 007 - July 15 at 9 am PT Bite Maple Collection - July 16 at 9 am PT - This is a different date then the brand gave on their Instagram, so FYI!! Too Faced Sugar Pop Palette - End of July, around 7/27 JEM (I know, I'm waiting with baited breath for this one too) - Tracking this one down after a special request from fellow Jem lover veronika23. The team is on it. KVD New Liquid Lipsticks - Potentially same date as US (July 14), but could be a day or two later. Will have more info the week of the 13th.  These will be available by this Thursday 7/16 as well as some of the new Metal Crush eyeshadows.  Restocks Becca Champagne Pop will be back! I'm hearing next week but I will update this thread with a date when I have it.  Thursday 7/16 at 9am PT Brands Spoiler (Highlight to read) Laura Mercier (all products) - July 9; I'll update with a time when I have it. Early AM PT, around 9 am. Laura Mercier (all products) - July 9; I'll update with a time when I have it. Early AM PT, around 9 am.   St. Tropez - Coming back soon!  Drybar - TBC, but don't give up hope!  Omorovicza - Coming back! Target date is Fall (Sept)   If you have a question about a new US release or LE product on the .ca site, post it below and I'll try to get you an answer!
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Candace, do you know when the Bite limited lip lab release 008 will be coming out for Canadians next month? see post
Sephora experience at Sephora,Bulgaria (The Mall location)
Dear Sephora HQ, i am starting this topic because this just needs to be said. At Sephora in Sofia abd more specificly The Mall shopping center,you cast member are beyond amazing, you just really need to give them a present. Everytime i set a foot in the particular store i feel celebrated,I literally feel as if my mom owns this place,(yeah,they are that friendly). Every single time no matter rush hour or dead hour there is always smile on their face and tip on their tongues,i can give you a million examples of personal experience with them. I usually browse often there i have never seen the cast memebers talk with friends or family members usually to conversations go like "hey , do you think i gave a good advice to that lady , or i hope she likes the product..." i once was moanig to a friend how terrible i am at doing my cat eye and as i say it a cast member grabs my hand sits me at a chair and starts explaing why i was unable to make it perfect how i can make my technique better and etc... 1:30h hour later i perfect my eyeliner technique, and the store oh lord its the cleanest store i have ever set a foot at, i could literally go and lick the floor with no hesitation, its that clean.They have never mistreated me or any of their customers, and you never get surrounded with cast members who would think that you are there to steal, not even once ! And this is amazing! I dont have anything in common with the staff or sephora there but the love for make up/perfumes its heart melting.  
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Hi katiemanson,   I'm so glad to hear you've had such good experiences at this store! I would suggest reaching out to Sephora Bulgaria directly through their Faceboo... see post
need help choosing a primer!
helloooo, so I want to try a new primer but dont even know which ones to look at. I have combination skin, very oily tzone and dry spots on my cheeks and a little on my jaw. I'm looking for a primer that mattifies without drying my skin and something that helps my pores because theyre hugee as well as my acne pits/scars. also my skin is a little sensitive so something that isn't too pore clogging. all sounds impossible lol but i will still try   
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BEAUTY WHIZ preciousdreamsx / BEAUTY WHIZ BEAUTY WHIZ / replied
I second Clarins- I used to use it and loved it, it really mattified and made my skin smooth. I'm currently using both the Becca ever-matte PPP (really good for an oily ... see post