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What is your favorite Korean Skincare?
I don't mean expensive ones like AmorePacific but more like from the inexpensive brands Etude House, Skin Food, Face Shop, Innisfree, Leneige, Nature Republic etc.   I've tried and likes: - Etude House wonderpore toner - Skin Food peach sake pore serum - erm, currently working my way through 70+ sheet masks from brands above (plus My Beauty Diary and Tony Moly)   So aside from those, any favorite scrubs, masks, treatment, moisturizer etc?
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I have the mask from etude house is more like a cloth mask, but nature republic and innisfree's masks are paper mask, I feel like I can't put them on as long as the ones... see post
Do you have a beauty blender color preference?
Do you find that there is a difference between the different colors of beauty blenders? Which do you recommend? Also do you prefer the solid or liquid cleanser, or another cleanser all together? 
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I've only used the hot pink average sized BB and the little green micro minis and I definitely prefer the solid cleanser.   The pink BBs bleed a little the first few t... see post
Brand Talk: Ardency Inn
Some others and I were talking about Ardency Inn the other day on the WAYWT thread, so I thought I'd start a thread for the brand where you can add swatches, ask questions, and give opinions.
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Wow, those are amazing colours! Love that green. see post
Lower your expectation with Flash 2 Day Shipping... not what they advertise
I was excited to place an order with using the new "Flash-2-Day" service I've purchased, since I needed a new foundation for an event for this weekend.   But to my unpleasant surprise, the so called "promised" delivery date got changed after I placed the order for no reason! That was not what I was expecting and I could have just planned something else if I knew it would arrive late. I followed all the rules, the order was definitely placed before 3 pm (EST) , so I'm not sure why this happened and was very disappointed. Weather was great, so definitely not due to that reason. This beats out the purpose of getting the new Flash 2 Day service and feels like it's not guaranteed even if you follow all the rules.   The worst thing is customer service only replied back with scripted response and said I should have placed the order before 12pm if I wanted it shipped on time. WHAT?! The site clearly said order by 3pm on the advertisement when you click on "Flash 2 Day Shipping" (example: have it arrive on a Friday when you place an order on Wednesday by 3pm)   Even though Flash 2 Day Shipping is only $10 for a year, just lower your expectation. Low price for low commitment on Sephora's end it looks like. Better off buying from the store or else where if you need it fast and on time.
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Hi Kevin, I received mine in three days. It was picked up by post on Monday last week and I did not receive until Thursday last week. see post
Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation reviews needed.
I realllly want to love the Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation but I think I might have to take it back I have worn it twice with 2 different primers and setting powder and each time within a few hours it is really broken up and moving around.  It is not a horrible foundation but I don't feel like I should keep it if I don't really like it... I'm debating with myself though because I still really want to love it :/ don't know if that makes any sense lol.. What are your thoughts and opinions about this Nars Lumi Foundation? Do you guys think I should take it back? ..  As you can probably tell I'm fighting with myself over this.
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Hmm, I have some samples I got made for me in store and I haven't noticed this problem.  I wore the sample in Miami, where it's a little more humid, although the conditi... see post
How long do you keep your Beauty Blender?
So I know that you are only supposed to keep your BB for 2-3 months before replacing it, but I find it kind of ridiculous to spend close to $100 a year on a sponge. Do you keep your Beauty Blender for longer ? If so, what do you do to extend its life?
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I'm trying to be more diligent with the new one so hopefully I can make it last longer this time!        see post
need good exfoliator and make up recommendations
Hi,   I'm 25 years old and have occasional acne breakouts but I also have a lot of blemishes and redness. I'm looking for a good exfoliator and good make up (foundation, press powder, concealer, bb or cc ..etc..) for maximum coverage. I cannot leave the house without putting make up on due to the redness and blemishes. I have combination skin. Too dry after I wash my face and put make up on but gets oily throughout the day. I'm also looking for maximum coverage make up that won't sweat off when I'm in the sun all day (going to Florida in a month and don't want my face "melting" off LOL. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. There are so many different brands out there I can't ever choose.    Thank you,   AZ
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switch to a more gentle cleanser, your cleanser can be really mild it doesn't have to like 'suds up'!! - especially if your really getting a good routine down so like yo... see post
make up forever foundation
Hello my name is sana am from the UK, manchester and unfortunately we dont have make up forever i wish we did, however i wanted to purchase the foundation but i  dont know which colour is right for me i want it to match my natural skin tone. i have asian skin it not too light and not too brown and i use mac matchmasters in shade 4 if it helps and i think am nc35 in mac studio fix fluid. please could u help me get the right shade? 
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I'm an NC30 and I'm a MUFE 120 or 125 depending on time of year so I would assume for an NC35 it should be either 127 or 128? That is assuming you're referring to the HD... see post
What are some of the BEST microdermabrasion exfoliating treatments (read)
I just used up what was left of my philosophy microdelivery peel , which, btw, sephora no longer sells. They now only sell the Resurface microdelivery peel which is 30 dollars more! Now, I know its the same thing, and I could drop the 30 extra bills on it, but I want to try and find something equally as awesome.   I want something with less liquid or cream, and more grit, like the philosophy peels. It's very sand like.   I like my exfoliating to feel like my face is going to be ripped off if I make the wrong move lol. I REALLY want to find something like the product I've mentioned above. preferably one not on Sephora, but anywhere else for less than 50 bucks, and more gritty than anything.   I found some 120 grit microdermabrasion crystals for about 12 bucks on amazon, but I want to try and find and actual product first. Thanks, guys! 
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Are you asking myself or the OP? see post
 THIS new and AMAZING info I found out abut yesterday,all happened when I called the customer service on the VIB ROUGE concierge phone # to inquire about placing an order. I ended up asking her ( the kind customer service woman named Remy (I believe)  about the KEVYN AUCOIN Sensual skin Foundation and the shades I didn't know I would need..but I then told Remy there are several other KEVYN AUCOIN FOUNDATIONS THAT ARE VERY POPULAR ( one being the liquid airbrush foundation) (the other is the sensual skin foundation)   and the KEVYN AUCOIN PRIMERS that KEVYN AUCOIN sells this,  just not on Sephora) **quit yet **fingers crossed.. Then that I would have rather purchased. She said she would write a formal comment and submit it to the designated department. The 2nd concept or idea I  had spoken to her about  is a product form TATA HARPER called the "HYDRATING FLORAL ESSENCE" right when I was about to order from Sephora and was confused because I could not buy the regular size(the 4.1 ounce size bottle) of it...they only would let me buy bottle (1.7 ounces)  which is twice as small as the regular bottle (4.1 ounces)  <333MY LOVE AND ADMIRATION FOR SEPHORA HAS COME BACK AND I HOPE IT ONTINUNES!!     Now if only Sephora started selling TOM FORD'S BEUATY LINE. Now THAT would be REAL  LOVE haha Now  this picture in the link (if it works lol) makes me want to go to barneys right now ahh I <3 TOM y+traceless+foundation+stick&qpvt=tom+ford+beauty+ ...
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BEAUTY PRO brittybaby88 / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
@Greenchill- all I am going to say is NEVER  say never my friend :) see post
MUFE Matt Velvet Plus Versus the New Nars Foundation?
I'm going to be purchasing a new foundation over spring break and was wondering opinions on each of these? They are at the top of my want list but am only going to be purchasing one! I have combination skin but tend to lean towards a matte finish. I'm looking for a foundation specifically to be full coverage.    Thanks in advance! 
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I hadn't seen hers yet!    Thanks for the input black whiskey! I'm pretty sure I want this one but will have to drop a thing off of my list to get it ;)   see post
Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess
I have fair skin should I purchase the light or medium in the bronze goddess?
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Happy to help! :D see post
will sephora be carrying more of besame cosmetics' products?
I know sephora carries the vanilla powders and the violet powders but I've seen some products on the besame website that look great but shipping to canada is expense.
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I will definitely keep checking!  :-D see post
Marc Jacobs Lust for. Lacquer Lip Vinyl - Discontinued?
Went to update my loves list with some new MJ items and found that not only is the one gloss I already had on my list gone, but the entire item has disappeared off the site? I can access a link to the colors directly on MJ's beauty website but trying to select any to add to the cart results in a broken link. I Googled around and couldn't find any information on them being pulled -- anyone know anything? The formula wasn't my favorite but there were at least 2 more colors I was itching to try.   Orr should I be holding up hope that this means a new formulation and shade range is on its way since that's what they did for the lipsticks?   (Side note, if they were discontinued no one tell me if they were put on clearance and I missed it, that'll just kill me.)
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I would be down with a packaging change, they were kind of wide for my taste but then all of their products are like that (wider than necessary). I'm hoping it or someth... see post
LaSplash Lippies!!
has anyone tried the LaSplash Lippies?  Such gorgeous colours!!
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OMG they are amazing !!! The smitten ones wear for hours and hours, plus Harry potter inspired names <3 I just received the Lip Lusters, cant wait to try them out    see post
WELLS FARGO Rewards Credit Card and 5% using the Earn More Mall Savings Program
I didn't know where to post this but with Chic Week coming up - or if you have a Wells Fargo Rewards Credit Card... but the Earn More Mall Rewards Program will earn you 5% back on your WF CC on Sephora purchases.   I am not sure how long they will be offering 5% but I have gotten the 5% rewards on my last two purchases and pray it stays that way until after Chic week.   You have to log into your WF account and access Sephora through the Earn More Mall website if you are ordering online. You can also "Activate" Sephora as one of your retailers so when you shop in store - and use your WF Rewards credit card, you'll still get the 5% points.   I apologize if this is not appropriate for this Board but I hope there are a few others that can take advantage of the Earn More Mall points while they are being offered.  
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Last week the website was doing updates or something.  Then a few days later it worked again.  I checked in this morning because I am completely out of Tata Harper (whic... see post
Anastasia Beverly Hills new products
Hi! This is my first post... I don't know how it works, I'm an entirely newbie. But I'm searching for some support here, maybe I could find someone that lived my current situation. My english is poor too but I try hard to express myself in the correct way... I'm so upset. I will really appreciate that Anastasia Beverly Hills bring to Sephora her new products (Contour Cream Kit and Liquid Lipsticks) If it happens I will be glad. These items are available exclusively at Macy's and Anastasia's website. Macy's doesn't ship to P.O. Boxes address (that sucks) and the customer service at Anastasia's website is poor. I paid for 2 days shipping and placed my order the past thursday and I still don't have a tracking number. I love how fast and efficient is the Sephora's customer service team and the shipment method. I always buy at Sephora all I can for that reason. I order from here my dipbrow and contour powder kit and another things of the brand. Do you, guys, placed orders at Anastasia Websites? Can you explain me how it works? because I call them, write them and nothing happens. I hope the brand have in mind bring to Sephora its new products...
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You're welcome!   Yes it was a bad experience.  I hope you get what you ordered soon.  I bet it will just arrive unexpectedly like mine did since I didn't get an email... see post
Lunaticks lipsticks
ok, I know Sephora does not sell these. And, I hope everyone is staying FAR AWAY from LimeCrime. But, does anyone know how the Lunaticks lip products fare?  Are they dry, long lasting , moisturizing, good customer service, etc.?
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They do!  And I am curious. Rose Shock uses them but she never tells how they feel. Hugs! see post
Nude sample-which is it?
It says 'Omega Cleansing Jelly' but when it's in my bag it says 'Perfect Cleansing Nourishing Oil', so I'm wondering what I'll get.  Has anyone gotten this sample yet?  I'm not interested in the oil, thought I'd try the jelly, which sounds kinda weird, just because it was there.  But now I'm 'invested' in it-I HATE it when I don't get what ordered!  That happened with my last order, when I didn't get the Origins Gin-Zing or the Tatcha oil, but instead got 2 very random samples.  And it's not like Sephora throws in anything extra to make up for it, or even just for good customer service!  I mean, so much for being VIB or Rouge!   Sorry, Sorry.  Didn't mean to go into a rant, but it's 2 in the morning, and it got me annoyed.  Thanks for letting me vent.
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Good to know.  Thanks! see post
Would it make sense that if .......
you're a Beauty Insider + VIB..... some samples would be bigger?!  Like the Philosophy moisturizer?  I got the free sample in a tablespoon size container.... so not fair!
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It's better than Ulta where you go in store and say no samples. Wha? see post
I Have been wanting to purchase one or two things from The Tata Harper line for a while now but because there is no counter or sephora or department store where they sell it, I have no idea what her products would actually be like in real life BUT from the ingredients and descriptions they seems like my holy grail skimcare. Also the reviews I've seen Realy help pump up the interest. Specifically, I am more intrested in moisturizers such as the reparative and rebuilding moisturizer she sells and also the if you have tried her stuff (especially the moisturizers/serums) and still continue to do PLS let me know your feedback/ review also if you ended-up purchasing it and used it once and then never used it again ..those are good reasons I'd like to know and def  worth sharing as well!!! Thank you - Britt 😃
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BEAUTY PRO brittybaby88 / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
Thanks so much!! I am looking more for reveiws/Info on the tata Harper moisturizers and the serum as well. I know a lot of people use her cleansers which will be part of... see post
Issa toothbrush has anyone tried it ?
I just bought the mini Issa toothbrush and I'm super excited for it but super nervous it's a waste of money.. Has anyone tried it ??
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African Red Tea Cleanser - expired?
I purchased the Ole Henriksen "Unwrap Your Radiance" kit during the December sale which had the African Red Tea cleanser, and only started trying the cleanser a few days ago. I noticed at the bottom there's this strange orangy-yellow buildup? I haven't used it since but I'm unsure if this just needs to be shaken up or could signal something wrong with the cleanser itself? Is anyone familiar with this cleanser? While I had been using it and had not yet noticed this I didn't experience any issues with it but still thought I'd make sure!
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It is one of my favorite cleansers too! :)  see post
Sunday Riley Soft Focus pressed finishing powder
I used to buy the Sunday Riley soft focus pressed finishing powder from alll the time then sadly Sephora stopped selling Sunday Riley's makeup THEN I realized which was even worse that Sunday Riley discontinued the soft focus finishing pressed powder all together and now the brand only carries the loose powder but it's  so different from what the pressed powder formula was like...the pressed powder version just worked on my skin perfectly and I tried the loose powder but it's not close to what the pressed powder version was like. Before the company discontinued the product I tries to stock up and get as many as I could. Now that it's discontinued I have tried to find this product everywhere possible even eBay but I haven't had any luck.. Does anyone know where I can still buy this product?! I can't even find anything that is similar..Is there any websites that sell discontinued products that I don't know about? PLEASE HELP :/ any info or suggestions would be greatlyyyy appreciated!!!!
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HALL OF FAMER ballerinagrl / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Dear Brittybaby, It is currently available on cult beauty dot com, which has free worldwide shipping :) see post
Anyone know any good products to get rid of blackheads?
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Hi meowers, Check out the GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD™ CLEARING TREATMENT mask. The mud draws out dirt and congestion diminishing blackheads and smoothing skin texture! :) -La... see post
Tom ford lipstick or nars audacious?
I am looking to treat myself to a luxury lipstick and can't decide between Tom Ford or Audacious? I have yet to try either brand. Any advice? 
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IT GIRL nikki00003 / IT GIRL IT GIRL / replied
They are all just so pretty! It's definitely hard to choose just one!! I'm mainly using MAC right now so I'm looking forward to having a bunch of new brands/formulas to ... see post
Your Sephora Dollars at Work: Renovations thread
If anyone hasn't noticed, at least here in the Bay Area, some Sephoras are going through renovations. Predominately these locations are in outdoor malls.  Let's put a list of renovating Sephoras here to have others know if there are any product limitations or smaller stores. It hasn't affected my shopping experience though.  Jenn's observations:  Walnut Creek, CA Broadway Plaza  San Francisco, CA Powell St- temporarily moved to SF Westfield Mall  
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IT GIRL HannahLorick / IT GIRL IT GIRL / replied
The Sephora in the Prudential Center in Boston is also undergoing renovations. It's just moved a little ways down in the mall. see post
ISO/Want to Buy: Bite Beauty Luminous Creme lipstick duo in Poppy/Scarlet OR Limited #001
Hello and thanks for looking!   I'm in search of the Bite Beauty luminous creme lipstick duo of Poppy/Scarlet. If any of you have this little baby for sale, please PM me! I want to buy it so badly!!!   It came in 2 different sets:   1. Bite's "Mix n' Mingle lip mini" ornaments (Holiday 2014, Sephora)   2. Bite's "Mix N' Mingle" set (2014 Holiday set at Sephora)       I could be patient and it'll probably be available in a set or individually next holiday.... but if any of you have one that you haven't used and want to sell or trade, please PM me! Thanks!   Alternatively, if you bought Bite's Limited Release #001 from January 2015, and received a reformulated version, you probably don't know what to do with your (possibly swatched or used) original version. If you want to offload it, I'd be happy to buy it! If it's been used, I will still be willing to pay $20 for it, as I'll just sanitize it myself when I receive it.   Thanks!   P.S. I have things for trade as well: (All brand new and unused)   OCC Lip Tar Primary Pack MAC fluidline in 'rich ground' MAC paintpot in 'tailor grey' MAC eyeshadow in 'quarry'      
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BEAUTY PRO e4stofthesun / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
Heheh, thanks Rhiannon! I'm hoping that if I don't get any offers, Bite will at least bring back Poppy/Scarlet for the holidays. see post
Looking for the YSL lucky rose lip set
Hi I'm looking for the lucky rose lip set by YSL I've been trying to find it in stores for a while now and no luck I was wondering if anyone knew any store that had it available? Thank you.
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I finally was able to purchase a set, the box is a lot smaller than expected thought, about the size of a coaster, the lip gloss and lipstick are really cute though, the... see post
A Review: Belif True Cream Aqua and Moisturizing Bomb comparison etc
With the harsh wind and negative degree weather, I've been fighting to make sure my face doesn't shrivel up and flake off. Sephora, or rather, BeautyTalk seems to have read my mind and sent me two moisturizers from the new line Belif that Sephora now carries for me to dissect, play with and use. Spoiler (Highlight to read) While I'm familiar with most popular Korean skincare brands like Amore Pacific, Innisfree, Etude House, Nature Republic...... I have never heard of Belif until now. A google/youtube/random Korean forum search turned up mostly press-release/promotional articles with only a handful of reviews. Some poking at their brand website/social media told me their online presence started in 2010 and they started becoming popular/getting award ~2012, so it's a relatively new brand (eventho the herbal practice and fancy blah blah are based on 150yr old practice from Europe). But anyways, onto the product review!   The moisturizers come in a thick and sturdy plastic jar. The packaging have a clean and natural feel to it. I think it's cute how the cap looks like dandy black hats, but more relevantly, THANKYOU for printing the expiration date on the bottom of the jar instead of me having to go hunt for it. NOTE: Dates for most Asian products are printed as day/month/year, or in this case May 20th, 2017.   Belif The True Cream - Moisturizing Bomb Description in image above, ingredients list in image below. Upon opening up the inner lid, a pretty strong spicy scent hit my nose......ginger with a hint of radish? However, the scent lessens as you apply it onto your face and mostly goes away after 10-20 minutes. It is a white medium/heavy weight cream that feels pretty luxe on the skin. It spreads easily, but takes a while to sink in and for the greasy feeling to disappear. I applied what I thought was a normal amount but it took an hour to sink in completely, so I guess you don't need a lot. Comparison : The thickness reminds me of Ole Henriksen Truth creme but this feels creamier, slightly greasy, while OH feels a bit more silicone-y. This is lighter than Murad Hydrodynamic moisturizer and L'occitane Shea. Skin type : great for dry skin, also appropriate for combination/normal skin but apply sparingly. It didn't irritate even near lashline or on sensitive/just healed skin (due to scar/pimple) so I'd say it should be safe for sensitive skin, unless you are sensitive to alcohol, dimethicone or plant extracts.   Belif The True Cream - Aqua Bomb Description in back of packaging image above, ingredients list in image below. Upon opening the inner lid, there is a strong fresh, juicy scent with a hint of spicy. The scent is milder, and fresher/cleaner, than Moisturizing Bomb and goes away quite easily. It is a medium weight gel cream that spreads easily and sinks in well. There's no sensation but that of water and the skin drinking it in. It feels weightless on the skin with no residue after a few minutes but the skin stay hydrated. Comparison : It is a bit thicker than other gel moisturizers I like to use in the summer (Bliss Oxygen+C, Clinique yellow gel, Clinique Moisture surge gel cream), takes a bit longer to sink in, and feels a bit more hydrating. It reminds me of Philosophy Take a Deep Breathe, but I think this feels nicer on the skin (and Philosophy TDB's got micro shimmer in it, what?) Skin Type: best for combination/normal skin. It probably also works for dry skin in the summer or oily skin in the winter. If your skin is truly very oily, I recommend try something lighter than this.   Overall impression . I like them! Sometimes I have the problem where the moisturizer end up flaking/peeling off or rolling into little balls on my skin due to silicone or peach fuzz, but even when I applied these two moisturizers generously, there is no flaking. The only thing I can nitpick about these two moisturizers is that they take awhile to sink in, but they leave the skin soft and hydrated. I like them and would recommend them to everyone for winter, but I would not recommend them for summer unless you've got dry skin, or at least remember to apply sparingly.   UPDATE (3/20/2015): So my cheeks have been irritated and dry lately due to weather, to the point where when I apply serum or moisturizer, half the time it burns or doesn't sink in. I was scared to try this since the fragrance is quite strong and sharp, but my skin didn't burn or hurt at all and my skin stay hydrated instead of getting dry again after a few hours. My current favorite winter moisturizer is Algenist Overnight Restorative cream, but since I don't need the anti-aging aspect and this is cheaper, Belif True Cream Moisturizing Bomb is going to be my winter stable from now on. As for whether Aqua Bomb will be able to replace my current summer favorite, Clinique Moisture Surge, I'll have to wait until the summer to find out.
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Yeah, I didn't notice it anywhere else eithe, they definitely should mention it on the website if it can be used as a mask.I will probably end up using it as a nighttime... see post