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Sunday Riley, is it really skin care products?
i heard this product during sale event when it ran out online people was so disappointed.  I heard they have good reviews too.  Does Sunday Riley worth it?
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Seemingly many people are repelled by the smell! I thought it's soft and natural! see post
BI 500 point perk Josie Maran Josie's Best
Have NEVER had this happen to me, but I feel like I wasted 500points. Got my order and open this box.  The actual argon oil is basically empty. I can't even get any in the dropper!!! And the Argon Milk, same way! There's not enough in the bottle for the dropper to even reach! While I understand these are not full sized products but deluxe sample size, I would think the bottles SHOULD contain some product!! Big time disappointment and waste of 500 Points!!! Literally when you hold the bottles up to a light, there's not hardly any product in either bottle. Maybe if put upside down I might have enough for ONE use! That's how little product is in these bottles!  Not a happy camper here Sephora   and I'm a VIB Rouge.  
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I think all of their perks are over priced, but especially the 500 point ones. Sorry this happened. Definitely contact customer service, and they should help you out! see post
Any suggestions for inexpensive stucking-stuffers for females?
Any suggestions for inexpensive stocking-stuffers for females?
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 I'd recommend checking out Lush! They have lots of ADOOORABLE Christmas bath goodies that would be great for stockings :3 Their bath bombs,and bubble bars are between $... see post
Thoughts on Tatcha?
I've been really enamored by this brand lately because of their incredible marketing and customer services. That being said I haven't tried wide enough a range of their products to conclusively integrate them into my routine. The Indigo recovery cream has made my skin feel positively renewed; though the formula is much less rich than say Shiseido or Origins, I actually like that it doesn't sit on my face forever.    However I'd seen mixed reviews of their products being pretty stingy in terms of including enough active ingredients for such a hefty price tag.   I'm very determined to try the dewy mist, beauty paper, sunscreen and masks. What products of Tatcha have you tried and love/hate/hesitate about?
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THank you! Migrating there :) see post
Marc Jacobs Highliner Set UPDATE
Product Update From Marc Jacobs Beauty Hi Beauty Insiders, Thank you for your review. The Sky-Liner Petite Highliner Gel Eye Crayon collection that is now available at Sephora is completely new and updated. Recently, Highliner experienced a temporary production issue with the cap—it wasn’t airtight, and was causing the formula to dry out. This issue is now fixed. Marc Jacobs Beauty pulled all Highliners from stores, reproduced them, tested them, and replaced them, including The Sky-Liner Set. We are so sorry if you have had a bad experience. We are confident that we have addressed the issue and we hope that you continue to love Highliner. The Marc Jacobs Beauty Team     This is posted under the product reviews (page 2)   I really wanted this set and I was hoping they would fix it! Reviews were AWFUL and I usually hear such amazing things from the highliner line.    Will anyone be puchasing the "fixed" set? 
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I heard that you can do an exchange even if its passed the return date. Similar to how the BITE rewind situation see post
What are your current holy grail products after getting to try so many new things from the November sale?
Hello, all!   I am a first-time poster here on BT! I, like many of you I'm sure, am constantly struggling and searching for those perfect products. And sure, they're different for all of us, but after getting to play around with things last month, what are your current holy grail status products? Feel free to include skincare, makeup, fragrance, or hair care!   I know that many of these threads exist, but I couldn't find one that's been active in over a year!!   My current holy grail products include: Olivia Palermo nail colab with Ciate colors. STUNNING.  MAC eye shadows in Saddle, Texture, and Brownscript belif Aqua Bomb Pixi Glow Tonic Dermablend Liquid Cameo foundation Real Techniques brushes HG Mood Exposure blush Tarte Matte Lipsurgance in Envy
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I don't have many. I love trying new products and I never seem to be satisfied with what I have, even if I LOVE something. There are a couple things though that I will n... see post
Beauty Points Not Adding Up on In store purchase
Hi, I made a purchase in store today, and I used my beauty insider card. I already have 267 points originally, and I purchased $120 worth of products today. But when I checked my account, I only received 18 points. Why is that? It also happened to me before where I purchased an item during the 2x points Sephora Event, I got twice the points originally, but then a few days later, half of the point was substracted to my account. I dont know why that should happen when I kept the product and didnt return my purchase. 
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Sephora Black Friday 2015
I check on the app
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Just a thought for all the philosophy purity comments- it seems many are interested in this. I know in the past couple of years it's been in pretty much every SiJCP clea... see post
Hello... has anyone tried Nectifirm? Is it good? Heard mixed reviews not sure if I should invest in one. 
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Unable to cancel and get refund on duplicate order
I placed an order online, realized it was addressed incorrectly and immediately called Sephora's rep to cancel.  She said she was able to cancel and placed a new order with the same items.  After checking my account, I realize she did not cancel the initial order, so I had two orders with the same items going to different addresses.  I called again, and a new rep said to call back when I receive the tracking number for the original order so that they can cancel it.  I called the following day with the tracking number as told.  Another new rep told me to call back again the following day as UPS has not started to ship.  I called back again the following morning and spoke to another rep.  This time she told me it was too late and that the package will be delivered but she can update the address so at least I can receive it and return it.  However, she was unable to update the address just yet, but would be able to later in the day - she said she would call me to confirm the address change.  No call from her that day and the following day I get confirmation from UPS that the package is being delivered to the wrong address and I check my credit card, I am charged for that order.  I call yet again to speak to someone and that this new person told me the only thing they can do is send a cancel order form to resolution.  I asked them to please send me some kind of confirmation so I don't have to keep calling back (I literally spent hours waiting and talking to these reps on the phone).  She said no.  I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said she would not be able to get me to one.  So I'm left with no confirmation that she did her job.  She said I would receive an email from the resolutions department. I have heard nothing.  I'm looking at the tracking for the package to the wrong address and it's getting there tomorrow.  My credit has two charges on it.  I have sent multiple emails to on the website and I have not heard from anyone.  I am shocked and disappointed by this lack of efficiency and unprofessionalism.  I a VIB member and have been a loyal customer.  This is appalling and I expect someone to PLEASE RESPOND!!
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I'll do that, thanks for the tip!  I'm really hoping they'll up their game in terms of customer service.   see post
Flash shipping request
  Dear Sephora, I love the idea of the flash shipping offer.  I would LOVE to sign up for it but PO Boxes are excluded.  Please please please consider adding a non-2 day shipping option for those of us that can only have packages delivered to PO Boxes.  I would GLADLY pay to join flash shipping if you'd ship my packages whatever slow way you want so long as I don't have to keep saving up my purchases for the $50 free shipping threshold.  I don't need things in two days; I need to be able to order things when I'm ready to buy them (like I do with a certain other dot com out there...)  I can shop at the local store but then I miss out on all those cool free-with-purchase samples and other goodies that I can only get with the online purchase.   Thanks for considering!
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Also would love flash shipping in Canada!!! see post
Samples Sets w/ Full Size Voucher
Every time this year Sephora does the perfume and cologne sample sets where you get a bunch of samples and a voucher to redeem for a full size of your favorite.   My question they offer this for any other types of products? I think it would be awesome to have one for skincare - either cleansers or moisturizers.
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BEAUTY BOSS blondesluv2shop / BEAUTY BOSS BEAUTY BOSS / replied
Really? How long ago do you think? I have a SiJCP so I could check it out, but don't want to make a wasted trip if it's no longer available. see post
Just a heads up: I noticed many of y'all wanted the Sunday Riley Duo during the sale but it was OOS. As of right now (11-19-15, 4:51 a.m. EST), it's available. There are only a few left though, so if you want one go now and grab it before it's gone again! 
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NARS foundation stick to sides of bottle?
Hi guys! So this is my NARS sheer glow bottle. I've had it for a couple years (I went a while without using liquid foundation during school + exmas) and its 75% empty probably. I used a stick and dipped it in to see how much was left.    However. It looks full? I know the stuff it stuck to the sides but my sisters Smashbox foundation decreases gradually and shows how much is left. How can I fix this? Do all the bottles do this? I hate wasting!   
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i agree ˇ The most ive kept any foundation is 2years as its hard to know if the consistency has changed after that. My UD bottle is the easiest to see as it goes down, t... see post
Need help with finding my shade of foundation!
Hi! I use 1N3 Creamy Vanilla from Estee Lauder double wear maximum cover. I want to try something else because of the spf 15 that is in it and in some lights it makes your skin looks overlighted and like a ghost. I would LOVE to try the Kat von D lock it Foundation. The problem is that I live in Holland, and they don't sell it here, so I will have to order it without testing Does anyone know wich shade wil look the most like the estee lauder 1N3? Hope someone can help me. (I have a yellow undertone and a light skintone, but afraid that light is going to be to light)
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Does order of skincare matter?
I read an article recently that you should apply your skincare items in a certain order - can't remember which article it was now but the order was really long and complex. Does the order of your skincare products really matter? As of now, I use my cleanser first then toner. Then I apply eye cream, serum, and moisturizer. Is this the right order? Can you use more than one serum?   Also, when is best to apply a facial oil? Before of after moisturizer? I'm thinking maybe if you put oil first it would create a barrier that the moisturizer can't penetrate, but maybe I'm wrong. 
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BEAUTY BOSS blondesluv2shop / BEAUTY BOSS BEAUTY BOSS / replied
I always assumed moisturize went last, but then when I started thinking about it I figured that wasn't right. LOL. From now on, I'll be doing oil last - gently patting i... see post
What's wrong with my order?
Could you help me check the status of order No.4046734890. It still has been sent to warehouse until now. This order charged me two times, and I used a debit card at that time. Then I called the bank, and the bank cancelled one of the charges. So is this reason caused this late delivery, or caused by stuffs out of stock? Thank you very much!!!
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Hi, Olivia95! I saw you posted regarding this inquiry in another user's thread: see post
If an item that is on sale is out of stock can you get the sale price once it is back in stock? If so, how do I do that
No. You'll have to pay full price once it comes back in stock. see post
Out Of Stock
I placed two orders on 11/15. I already got the shipping confirmation for one, but not the other. I went to look at the order status & noticed that the too faced melted lipsticks are now out of stock. Could this have something to do with my shipping being a little more behind? Will this cause my order to be cancelled or delayed until it is back in stock? Thanks in advance for any answers  Spoiler (Highlight to read)    
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It will depend on whether or not they pulled those products for your order before they went OOS or not. As far as being cancelled vs. delayed, I'm not super sure what wo... see post
Will the Hakuhodo brush set come back in stock or no?
Theres no "email me when its back in stock" feature   Canadian site
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Hi I had make an order on sephora website on the 11/11/2015 an my account was debited with the amount of money required but the order indicate UNSUCCESSFUL AUTHORIZATION what would that suppose to mean since the money was taken and no refund was done
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recent transaction
Hello,  Ive made a purchase a few days ago, but i didn't scan my sephora card, can i still add that transaction to my account? i still have the receipt for that purchase.    Thank you
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What is the difference between setting sprays and facial mists?
Currently, I am using Urban Decay's16 hour setting spray. I recently saw facial mists being available in the market. Are setting sprays and facial mists the same? Should I consider getting facial mists? What are the differences and the pros and cons of each type of prodct? 
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Setting sprays and facial mists are different, although some products claim to do both.   Facial mists usually focus on skincare with hydrating ingredients, and someti... see post
Translucent vs invisible loose setting powder laura mercier?
Is there a big difference between the two? I need a setting powder for my entire face. Which do you prefer and what exactly is the difference?
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What is your holy grail/life changing beauty product from sephora?
I'm curious to see which products are your holy grails and what they did for you!    I love exploring new products and would love to know some of your favorites! 
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I bought diorshow a while ago and the smell was so bad I did not want to put it anywhere near my eyes. Maybe I had a bad tube but it smelled like roses which to me just ... see post
I am VIB ROUGE but was not able to shop last week while rouge could get 20% off. I assumed I could also take advantage of the sale this week when VIB's can. However the VIB20 code wont work!! I don't remember sephora ever being this strict. I want to make my purchases online, help?
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I would call your local store if CS is no help. My store was wonderful and honored my code without so much as a blink of an eye.  see post
Help! Just processed my order, but everything is still showing up in my basket?
And when I went to print my receipt, it was confirmation email, either. Is this normal? Do I send it through again, or wait?
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You're welcome - glad you got it figured out! I thought I was going crazy last week when I saw the stuff still in my basket after I was positive I placed my order :) see post
3 free samples???
I recently ordered and was so excited because I snagged some of the good samples upon ordering. Too bad, when I got my order not only was my samples substituted for another, but I'm short 1 sample does this really happen? why Sephora, why? didn't you know that samples encourages your customers to buy more stuff the next time? i'm soo dissapointed.
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It sucks about substitutions (although I understand that happens). However, I would complain and at least get the 25 points to make up for being shortchanged. I literall... see post
Is there going to be a sale in December 2015?
I heard there is going to be $10 off $50 for BI and $20 off $50 for VIB and Rouge?
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Looking forward to this event - thanks for starting a conversation about this! see post
Returns Without a Receipt
I went to my local Sephora store yesterday (Boca Raton, FL) and was disgusted to find out that Sephora has a somewhat new return policy for returns without a receipt. (It's new to me since I usually keep my receipts, unless the item was a gift)  I was told by the rude store associate that because I made a return without a receipt within the past 365 days that I would be unable to return the items.  I received a number of gifts for my birthday, which was two months ago, that I never used and decided that I would be better off with a store credit to purchase something that I would use.  However, I did not have the packing slips or receipts for the items.  I usually keep my receipts and packing slips and this and the other return without a receipt were isolated instances.  One of the items happened to be a perfume body lotion that is only sold online, but I did not want since I did not get the matching perfume.  The store associate initially argued with me that it was not from Sephora until I informed her that it was an online only item.    I do not appreciate being treated like a criminal for wanting to make a return!  This is not the proper way to handle a VIB customer.  I understand that customers were abusing the return policy and that Sephora had to do something about it, but these items were unopened and in the original packaging.  The body lotion even had the plastic around it!  There should be a different policy for unused and unopened items.  I do not have a long history of returning items and have spent a significant amount of money at Sephora over the years.  However, I now plan to curtail my spending at Sephora due to this new return policy.  One allowance every 365 days is a bit extreme!    I recently made a purchase online that was a birthday gift for a friend and I did not give her a gift receipt because the packing slip had multiple items on it and I did not have a gift receipt for the item. That was for a Sephora brand item that obviously could not be mistaken as being bought elsewhere.  However, I now regret making that purchase for fear that my friend will not be able to exchange it if she wants something else instead.  I was just about to make a purchase of a birthday gift for another friend and opted to purchase it somewhere else due to this situation.  Additionally, I was planning to buy many holiday gifts at Sephora and due to this instance, have changed my mind.  You are punishing good, honest customers for the mistakes of others and I hope that other customers, like myself, think prior to spending exorbitant amounts of money at Sephora this holiday season until you start treating us better than the criminals you are trying to protect yourselves from!  This is not the first complaint I have had about Sephora in the past 365 days, as I was very disappointed by the way the Epic (Fail) Rewards situation was handled.  Just as Sephora is not giving me the benefit of the doubt with more than one return without a receipt within 365 days, perhaps since this is the second strike for Sephora within that timeframe, I should not be any more lenient and should take my business elsewhere.      
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