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BECCA & more savings on Verizon Wireless Rewards!
Hey everyone! I just thought I would share this AWESOME beauty steal! If you are a Verizon Wireless customer and you see all those "points" you rack up each month, but never do anything with- now is the time to do something!   If you log into your verizon account and find the rewards section (usually by your point balance), search in the "Beauty & Fragrance" section. There are about 450 products, half and half. I found some AWESOME stuff at a great discount using your points!    I've attached some photos for you guys to get a preview. They had a lot of brands & products, BECAA, Beauty Blenders, Kevin Aucoin, Calvin Klein, Stila, etc. 
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Nice sleuthing! see post
Sunday Riley Skincare Users, I need some advice....
So I've bought both Juno and Luna and am loving them so far. I have oily combo, sensitive skin and they haven't bothered me at all which is amazing!!! Plus they do wonders for my skin. I'm writing because I'm thinking of buying another one of her oils. I've been eyeballing Good Genes, but I was curious what you guys have to say about it (or her other oils). I'm looking for an oil or treatment to layer with Juno in the morning. Thanks!
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Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil
  I'm thinking about purchasing the Josie Maran Argan oil, but I'd like to learn more about it before deciding! Is this used alone as a moisturizer at night? Does it work for dry to combination skin? I've heard some people mix it in with their moisturizer and I was wondering if that was to be used underneath makeup, or just as a duo moisture thing? I'm also looking for a type of hydrating oil to be mixed into my foundation! I have dry skin, but my nose area gets a tad bit oily throughout the day and I am currently using the MUFE Ultra HD foundation. Please let me know what you think about the JM argan oil, and if you have time, a mini review would be great Any suggestions will be very helpful too! Thanks!  
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You're so welcome! I'm sure it will answer most of your questions:) see post
Has anyone ever had their review rejected?
I wrote a review yesterday and it seems like Sephora rejected it. It was my first first 1 star review and I spent a good amount of time on it. It wasn't a rude bashing review but an actually detailed and thorough review of the product.    All the reviews I've written were posted within a few hours of submitting it, even 2 star reviews.    Thanks for wasting my time Sephora.   Pro Tip: Always copy and paste your review in your notes before submitting your review. In the case where they reject a legit review, resubmit again.    EDIT: Thank you Candace for helping me resolve this issue! 
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Good!  I'm glad.  :)  I ran straight from the PC out the door to work.  I was hoping some of you got a bit of amusement. see post
ABH Powder Brows
I have been using the brow whiz in taupe and I am sick of it. I started using the pomade in blonde/taupe I believe and I like it much more. However, I feel the taupe is a little too warm for me and wanted to try the cooler shades in the powders. I have cool blonde hair. Has anyone used the powder? If so, how did u like it?
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BEAUTY WHIZ beauty1bliss / BEAUTY WHIZ BEAUTY WHIZ / replied
Thanks jeyrosella! I have the duo brush and clear brow gel so i dont need a set but i will definitely pick up the powder i think if u like it so much. see post
Holiday "Me" List
Sure, we make Christmas Lists for our loved ones, but what about for ourselves? I made one this year of all the holiday sets I would like, along with a few other wants from Sephora. The big problem is that it amounts to nearly $800 (sheesh, that's like a huge vacation) Naturally, I don't need that much and my friend challenged me to pick out 3 holiday sets. *biting my nails*If you can only pick three holiday sets which ones would you pick? If you have a list of the things you want, please post it!
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Thanks for linking this! There were a few sets in there that I had not seen yet...and now I want a doughnut with gold sprinkles... see post
 Hello to all beauty lovers! So I just bought my new Clarisonic yesterday and I noticed that the instructions said to charge it for a full 24 hours before using. However I noticed this morning when I got up that the blinking green light had stopped and that it is fully charged. Is it OK to go ahead and use?
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Blinking green is the charge indicater, when its full/done blinking it's fully charged. How it looks may differ by model. see post
FYI: Some Sephora Stores Now Directly Link Account to Returns
There have been quite a few posts/threads lately regarding Sephora returns without a receipt.   I posted this information today in another thread and thought it may be a good FYI to post because I know some people were getting worried about returning items.     Some Sephora stores  are now able to pull up purchases for return purposes through your BI account for returns without a receipt.    I was with my sister when she was returning something she purchased online. She misplaced her packing slip but let them know that she used her VIB 10% discount. Even without the receipt, they were able to pull up the discounted price she paid through the system and fulfill the refund directly to her credit card instead of store credit. This was the first time I have personally seen. I've always had to get store credit before so it's nice that we're able to get a refund without a receipt.   Also, they did not ask for ID for anyone that is wondering.    I am not sure if this is in test markets or if it has been rolled out systemwide.
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They did something sort of like this for me when I was exchanging a gift. My friend no longer had the receipt. They asked me if I knew her email address, I told them she... see post
Should I buy the Tatcha Enzyme Powder if I use a Clarisonic Mia daily?
I have a clarisonic and LOVE it. I don't use any other exfoliator. I want to try the Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder but don't want to damage my skin by exfoliating too much. (The enzyme powder says it exfoliates.) Is there anyone who uses both? 
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I have both I dearly hope you are NOT planning to use those together? Honestly they are both physical exfoliant so I feel it might be a bit repetitive. You can alternate... see post
VIB ROUGE not on my online account !
Hi ! I actually have a VIB rouge card but my online account doesn't show it. I'm afraid to order online because I really want the privileges associated with my account. Can somebody help me with that ? Thank you very much. 
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Hi Gabrielle - your best best is probably to call customer service or the Rouge line so they can link your accounts.  I think they are open during normal business hours ... see post
Dior skincare - Which products make me more oily and what are your must-haves?
Hello. I use a few Dior products and want to know which ones you find to be "essentials" and if there are some I could do without. I tried many of them to see what I like.   So far, I use Dior Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Serum, Multi-Perfection Emulsion, Dreamskin,and Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Makeup Base 25 SPF PA+. I adore the Diorskin Nude BB cream.   My must have is the BB cream and serum. I'm thinking of trying the One Essential serum and comparing it to the MP serum since I've read such great reviews.   Of the others, something is making me oily and I can't figure out which one. I figure it is the Emulsion, Dreamskin, or the make up base.   My skin issues are large pores, oiliness and dryness, and I am approaching mid-thirties, so I'm entering the wrinkle prevention category. I am looking for general advice from those who use Dior products and would like imput on order of application, ones that could be causing oiliness, and your must-have products of the Dior line.   Thanks.
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I'm also a big fan of the Capture Totale line! I actually stock up every summer during the Nordies sale for the one essential serum :)   What I found to be essential f... see post
Fresh Rice Dry Oil
if I am not going out in the sun (re: Shiseido 50 spf), I put on Rice Dry Oil, expensive but worth it. I massage it into the dry or red parts of my skin, until my skin feels moisturized, then, to make the oiliness go away, I take a Soft Cotton Square and put a tiny bit of water on the square , and pat very gently on the space with the oil on it, now I glow. Who else uses Rice Dry Oil? I love it. 
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I use it in the winter.  It's amazing for keeping winter dryness away, and the scent is so soothing. see post
I am now on TRE's evil list...
UPDATE:  I went to my beloved and much better SiJCP today.  I was able to return the remaining item with no issue there using the info on my packing slip.  Here's what the other store did wrong: they swiped my driver's license.  The correct procedure is to enter in the name and contact information off of the customer's driver's license but then use the store number in place of the driver's license number.  That way, the return does not count against them.  By using my license number instead of the store number, this caused me to end up on TRE's list.  They should never actually swipe a customer's license unless that customer did not bring a receipt/packing slip.     I will definitely use this information in my dealings with TRE and Sephora CS.  Just wanted everyone else to be aware of it as well.   Thanks!   Original Post:   Yes, I have my own story to add regarding the infamous TRE system.  Here we go...   I have made one return ever ($60-$70 total) without receipt.  This was at the last Rouge Event.  It consisted of all new items that were wrapped/boxed.  I was not given a gift receipt, so I returned them for store credit with my driver's license.   Fast forward to today.  I went to the SiJCP that I loathe.  I wanted to see what OCC clearance items they had since I had already gotten everything good from my SiJCP that I love and normally frequent.  I had returns.  I had receipts for all the items.  One item was from SiJCP so posed no issue.  I also had items I was returning from (3 items on 2 packing slips).     They managed to do one of the online ones; it was very slow and took a lot of effort.  Then they attempted the second one and I was denied by TRE.  I was told I could not return it in store, even with my packing slip.  Mind you, I had asked specifically ahead of time for her to be careful when doing the returns so that I would not be targeted by TRE.   The SA apologized and  promised  she had put in all my info right on the first one so it wouldn't count against me.  Needless to say, I do not believe her.  She is either incompetent or just didn't want to do the return.  I received a lot of exasperation from both SAs doing my return the whole time they were helping me.     I was given a TRE printout with the TRE website (which was improperly printed on the slip btw; I had to google it instead).  I then had to get an email address off the TRE site and send a request to see my Returns Report.  I just sent it so I am waiting on the reply.   I am just...angry.  The SAs gave me a hard time the entire visit.  SA #1 got irritated when I dared to open one of the drawers then they stood over me like I was a thief.  SA#2 was barely responsive when I tried to make conversation and was making unpleasant faces like she was smelling something terrible having to talk to me.  SAs #3 & #4 both acted exasperated to process my returns (which I was getting store credit for-I didn't even ask for a refund like I could have) and ended up getting me on the TRE list.  There was not one pleasant SA there.  This is a huge reminder to me of why I hate this particular SiJCP.   I will be complaining about these employees to Sephora and I will also dispute the return report with TRE once they contact me.  Just awful.  End rant.   If you would like to check your own Return Report, just Google "The Retail Equation" and send an email to the address provided.
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Technically, and as much as I hate to scare people, even by replacing the license number and inputting the correct address and name it is still possible to get banned IF... see post
Why does color iq not match you with more than just skin products?
When I was in the sephora store there was a chart one of the employees looked at with a list of lipsticks that match my skintone. Why is this guide not available online for reference? I'd like to be matched with eyeshadows and lipsticks to make shopping easier.
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BEAUTY BUFF kamillebeautyy / BEAUTY BUFF BEAUTY BUFF / replied
It is a brand new service that ColorIQ will offer. We haven't even integrated that technology in my SiJCP yet as we just learned about it through training this month. It... see post
Hacked Sephora Account!
I live in New York City, regular day about to hop onto my laptop and buy a naked blush from online sephora. I open the sephora website and it says WELCOME AMAL ( not you? sign out ) and i was like what the actual F*** ( my name is Elizabeth) so I'm like okay let me see who's account this is because nobody uses my laptop other then me. So i see someone from santa monica ( i knew this because i went to see what was recently bought just to double check someone just happened to change my name or whatever)  hacked my account and changed my email and password. ( yes i signed out because i said oh maybe this is a glitch and ill just sign in to mine you know) I try to sign in to mine and it does not happen. I go to my email associated with my sephora account and it tells me WELCOME AMAL, your email has been changed and you will no longer receive emails from sephora to this email. Then i started to tear a little because I've accumulated thousands of points on sephora and i wasn't sure if they used any of it or what the case was. Then i found out they were awarded and new VIB ROUGE CARD ( i currently only had VIB ) and they gave who ever it was VIB ROUGE welcome kit. Now that I'm really pissed the F*** off i call customer service and they were able to give me the account back and restore my points but i forgot to ask if i go into a sephora store and tell them what happened, will they give me my new upgrade card and my welcome kit? This scared me because i was not sure if i had credit card information saved on my account and turns out i didn't. But that just goes to show that sephora is easily hackable and i advise for anyone who is reading this to not save your credit card information and use a capital on your password to make it harder to hack into. follow me on instagram: MICKBETH
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oh, greaaaat :( thanks for the heads up! see post
hi, can I ask a order question? why I made one oder, but you have charged me twice?
This sometimes happens among all retailers. I would say wait a day or two and if the second charge doesn't disappear, you should call the CS line. They'll be able to hel... see post
Excellent service at SiJCP!!
I wanted to post about an experience I had at SiJCP at a mall in North Carolina  (The Streets at Southpoint - Durham) .  For the second time in a row, I happened to be in NC when I found out a Rouge event was happening!  This last time I couldn't attend the event, but later the day of the event I went to the mall and visited both Sephora and SiJCP.  I had fun at both stores, but...   There is an employee at SiJCP, Skye, who is truly a great SA.  She was fun, helpful, friendly and above all - professional.  I appreciated her feedback and direction, and when she asked if there was anything else she could help me find (as we continued to chat quite a bit after I checked out the first time) I made a flippant comment about a lipstick that has been OOS for months and was discontinued and kind of laughed it off, when she told me to wait, she thought she might have it, and went to check.  She had two!  She looked for more but she ended up just having two unopened, perfect lipsticks that I had been hunting high and low for!  I was very excited to get them and even more grateful that she was aware of her store inventory - it truly was my lucky day to have Skye working on the day I visited!
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Does Sephora on Market street San Francisco have Algenist and Philosophy products?
Does Sephora on Market street San Francisco have Algenist and Philosophy products?
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You are also able to check to see if I specific product is in stock in a store from the website as well.  Just find the product and enter the zipcode.  i just checked an... see post
Play! By Sephora Subscription Box Review And Discussion
Share photos and reviews on your Sephora Play Subscription Boxes here. If you're looking for reviews on any other box, look here: -box-photo-sharing/td-p/973905    The subscription program is only offered by invitation at the moment. If you have not received an invite, you can join the waiting list here:    I do not have control over who receives invitations (whether they live in test cities or not), but I will edit this once the program opens to new groups.   If you want more information on the program or have questions not related to someone's box review, please visit this thread: y-SEPHORA-Invitation-FAQs/td-p/2124432
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I'll share what I receive the second I get it assuming there's no other images posted here of a box that contained items identical to what's in my box. Because then ther... see post
Makeup website/freebies
Hey beauties, I got this entire haul free with dotfully points! If you sign up with this link you'll get 275 points just for joining, it's really awesome! Fell free to ask me if you have any questions, it's basically a makeup swap website that uses points rather than cash! 
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PLAY! by SEPHORA Invitation FAQs
Thank you so much for sharing our excitement about PLAY! by SEPHORA. Below we’ve answered some of the questions we’ve been hearing from you. To give you an overall sense of the timing of our rollout, a limited amount of PLAY! by SEPHORA subscriptions will be available in select markets beginning September 2015, with a full national launch in 2016 – we can’t wait!   Q: When will invites be sent out? A: The first wave of invitations for sign up will be sent during the week of August 17th. They will continue to be sent out in waves throughout the duration of the limited market release.   Q: Where is this being offered? A: The limited release markets for the initial months are Boston and Cincinnati / Columbus. We may be adding additional limited markets later in 2015, before the full national launch in 2016.   Q: Why Limited markets? A: As with many of our programs, we roll them out over time in order to best ensure that everything happens as we planned and that our clients have an excellent experience. Our goal is to prepare for a national launch in 2016.   Q: If I live in one of the limited release markets, will I automatically get an invitation? What about if I signed up on the waitlist? A: Because the quantity of boxes available during the initial release are limited, not all clients in the test markets will receive an invitation. However, as we grow the quantity of boxes available each month, more clients will have an opportunity to sign up.   Q: If I do get an invite, am I guaranteed a box? A: As quantities are limited, if you are invited to subscribe to the PLAY! program, please redeem your invitation and claim your spot as soon as possible, so that you don’t miss out.   Q: Will Canadians have an opportunity to subscribe? A: The box will not be available in Canada during the limited release, however we are planning to expand to Canada at some point after the national US launch.   For more PLAY! by SEPHORA FAQs please visit the following link>
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IT GIRL Spicegirl15 / IT GIRL IT GIRL / replied
I'm so pumped and surprised I got an invite!  I live in Portsmouth, NH!! see post
Will sephora accept this return..
So I'm planning on returning a perfume to sephora without the receipt. Will they accept a picture of my ID? I lost it. Also, will they refund in store credit? I don't want store credit because then next perfume I want is at another store.
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You have to have the physical ID. if you lost your ID, try your passport, it was accepted in my store too see post
Sephora Pro Brushes-Eye Shadow & Blush Disappointed :(
Ok so I just washed three of my new Sephora Pro Brushes. The brushes are #73 Blush Precision, #12 Allover Shadow, and #19 Tapered Crease. While I was washing ALL of my brushes with my brush cleanser spray I noticed that when I started washing those specific brushes there was a STRONG chemical smell. It smelled like spray paint. I am assuming this was the glue? This has NEVER happened to me while cleaning my brushes! I now have a HUGE headache from the toxic smell. Also, the tapered crease brush COMPLETELY frizzed out. NOT tapered ANYMORE. Tried using some conditioner and it didn't help much at all. I have another Sephora brush (the concealer precision) and this did not happen. Can anyone explain what is going on here? Have other customers complained about this happening?
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Yeah mine did this too, I returned it. The only crease brush I've found not to do this, after several attempts, is the one from the Sephora Airbrush set. I'm not sure if... see post
Weird experience today...
Hi everyone!  I'm a long time lurker, first time poster here.  I just got home from the MUFE event (woo!).  I saw it on the site and thought to myself it'd be awesome to try out a new look, so I looked at my local stores (I've got four near-ish to me), and all but one was booked up, so I RSVPed online for it.  I was given a 12:00 appointment (not sure if it was just giving everyone that time, or what), so I showed up at about 11:50 today because I was so excited (plus I wanted to browse, obvi!).  When I got in, I told one of the employees that that's what I was there for, and she told me they'd grab me when they were ready to start.  It took them a while to get set up, so I was sort of lurking in that part of the store after a little bit--hey, I was excited, you know?  =P  I saw the two MUFE reps setting up and they were chatting to each other, and around 12:30ish I heard the one say to the other, "Apparently someone made an appointment online for noon and so she's been hanging out since noon, isn't that weird?"  And the other one said something agreeing, and I just felt mortified.  I might just be too sensitive, but I still feel a little self conscious just going to Sephora, because I feel like a makeup novice and I feel like I'm always about to embarrass myself in there (I know, that's my own issue), so this was really embarrassing for me.  I felt like I had done something wrong and I should just leave.  I decided not to because I had actually driven a far way to get to this location and had to pay for parking and everything, so I was determined to get what I came for! Haha   Then at about 12:45 they started with some other client, so I approached a Sephora employee again about having an appointment, and they brought me over to the very rep who had called me weird, in my earshot, without realizing it.  The SA told her I had an appointment, and the MUFE rep said to me, "Oh!  Why didn't you say something?!"  I was honest, I told her it was because I heard her calling me weird for having an appointment.  She didn't apologize, but she told me she didn't know they were doing appointments for this.  She was really nice after that, I think she was trying to make up for making me feel bad, but I dunno.  I feel like the whole experience was sort of tainted after that.   She did do a great job on my makeup, though!  I had NEVER tried any blue shades on my eyes because I thought redheads couldn't pull it off, but I look awesome!  I ended up buying wayyy too much (oops!) because it's tax free weekend, so why not, right?!  And this purchase actually pushed me into VIB, so that was fun (and a little shocking, haha).  I guess I just wanted to share the experience with some folks who might understand.  =/ Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read)    
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I say 'live' too, like an inanimate object is going to live somewhere. That's so weird, I've never meet anyone else that says it. :) see post
What do I do if...
What do I do when the three free samples I chose to be sent with my order were not sent at all? I really wanted to send them to my mother in a care package
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Mine didn't either.  I'm still annoyed about it.  lol see post
lavanila deoderant change
I've been using Lavanila deodorant for awhile. But lately my last two have gotten hard edges...sort of like it's supposed to exfoliate but it's never been that way before. Usually it's smooth to apply. Anyone else have this issue? 
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Uh oh, I do that too. I have 2 back-ups right now. I haven't opened them yet, so hopefully the plastic wrap will keep them. I should remember to be careful about stockin... see post
How to view booked appointments?
I was able to find it before, but now it seems to have disappeared. What I am looking for is where you could see the appointments you booked and edit them or cancel them. Does this page still exist?
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Ordering issue.
So I tried to order something over the weekend, for the extra points. Entered in all my usual information and hit order. It told me the info was wrong and the order failed/didn't go through. However it charged my card, and my debit account STILL says the payment is pending. I have no idea if I am actually going to be charged for something I didn't even get. But what is the best way to contact Sephora and **bleep** about this? Or should I contact my debit company instead? I absolutely do not want to basically throw money away, so I need to get this fixed.
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 You should repost under the "Customer Service" board.  You're on the "Bright Ideas" board right now.  Someone should be able to respond there.  Make sure to select the ... see post
Will Sephora ever come back to the UK?
Us UK girls need Sephora! Are there any plans to open a store in London? The Westfield shopping centres would be great locations for Sephora.
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Come back? You mean there used to be Sephora stores in the UK? I agree, Westfield shopping centers would be a good location. Or Oxford Street and Covent Garden. And I su... see post
YSL Touche Eclat
I LOVE the Touche Eclat line of products from YSL! They smell AMAZING and make my skin super supple and help to give a flawless look. Together these products help to reduce pore size and give a light overall rosy healthy glow to my skin. I was worried at first about the glitter in the Blur Primer, but once applied to the skin it doesn't really show the glitter at all. You can use this product alone for brighter skin or under your makeup to have it last longer. The Blur Perfector starts out as a balm and once applied to the skin turns to a powdery like finish which leaves your skin looking even, and helps to get rid of imperfections. Another great aspect of the Blur Perfector is that it applies transparently so it can be used with any skin type or skin tone! LOVE these products!
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BEAUTY GURU twilightnicky / BEAUTY GURU BEAUTY GURU / replied
I love this line too! see post