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The Question Thread: Because not all questions need their own thread.
I'm making this thread because I simply don't want to create a new thread for every little question that pops into my head, nor do I think that most questions need a separate topic.    I had previously just dropped whatever random question that came to mind into the Random Thread (thanks jemly!), but I had been thinking about starting this for a while and figured I'd give it a shot to see if it could be of any use.    I'm well aware that the people who could best utilize this thread will likely remain completely oblivious to it, but if it can consolidate even a small fraction of questions -- and maybe even generate some interesting conversations both beauty and non-beauty related -- that seems worthwhile.    Official thread mascots: The Curious Puppies.   Official thread anti-mascot: Lucille Bluth.   It probably would've been wise of me to have a relatively inane question to use as an example and kick this thread off...    Well, since I apparently don't have any pressing questions, I'll start with this two-parter:   What's your favorite drug store nail polish shade AND which official mascot puppy is your favorite? Bonus/Extra Credit: What's it's name?
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Ooh yes mine had the disc, I completely forgot about that. see post
What's New On The Site Today, Canada?
Ladies (and gentlemen!)   Since Canada seems to be getting different/fewer brands added to the website, and any cross-border new releases seem to be several days to weeks later than US releases, I thought we could use our own 'what's new/found in the wild' post.   Please feel free to share any new products/brands you find on the Canadian site here.
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Another new TF scent see post
T3 Blower Dry Blew Up Twice
Posting this with disbelief that I bought a T3 blower dry 2 years ago and it blew up after about 1 1/2 years.  Literally popped and blew up.  Brought the first T3 blow dryer back to Sephora and they replaced it as they should when you pay $250 for a blow dryer!!  New blow dry owned about 1 1/2 years again and I can't believe it the same thing blew up to the point that my dog in the adjacent room starting barking.  This is crazy and totally unsafe!!!  What's even more frustrating is that Sephora wouldn't return it and instead rejected the return and had me talking to TRE Customer Service who does nothing for you other than tell you to send a written problem statement that needs to be sent in writing via US Postal Mail.  So disappointing and really mail in this day and age??? I'm on  a website buying products but instead I need to dispute a $250 blow dryer blowing up by calling a customer support line and then getting an email that tells me to send a written response.  Shame on you Sephora!!!! You should support your products and not make it tough on the consumer especially when T3 clearly is a faulty product.
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Wow I didn't know Amex doubled the warranty, that's an awesome perk! Do you know if this would apply to apple products as well? For example standard 1 year warranty + pu... see post
Their popularity seems to be growing and with all the their brands why not have a thread dedicated to them!   Brands: NIOD Hylamide The Chemistry Brand The Ordinary Stemm The Fountain HIF White Rx Ab Crew   Coming Spoiler (Highlight to read) INHIBITIF Grow Gorgeous Loopha HalfTone WoodPekker Esho Stencil INHIBITIFGrow GorgeousLoophaHalfToneWoodPekkerEshoStencil COMING SOON/NEWS: The Ordinary - Foundation March 27th   Where to Buy Sephora - NIOD/Hylamide/Fountain Beautylish - The Ordinary - Hylamide/HIF/The Ordinary The Bay - Hylamide/HIF/Fountain   ~ Updated: March 16th 2017 ~
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I received my first the ordinary products last week. I bought the hyaluranic serum, niacinamide serum, azelaic acid, alpha Arbutin serum. I am trying to reduce some hype... see post
Sephora Canada Site Product Update Thread
Hello Canadian BTers!   I'm starting this new thread to act as the official update location of new launches, LE products, and brands that are on coming to the US site but may be launching (and returning) to Sephora's Canadian site at a different time. There are a lot of changes happening in real time over here, and in the spirit of communication, this thread is to keep our BTers abreast of the information we have. This is not going to be everything, and could also be subject to change (and hopefully we won't need this thread forever), but we are working with the Canadian team to get as much information for you as we can.   That being said, we will only be using this thread to speak to dates and info about big upcoming launches, LE products, and brands that are on the US site and are coming to the site. If you have  a question about any of these things, drop it here, and we will do our best to track down the answer for you.   I realize that you guys are feeling all of the feelings right now about the new warehouse move, but this thread is not a venting loop, nor is it a thread to deal with customer service issues (as I don't have any access to our order systems). We've got quite a few of those on the community already (for totes good reason), but I'd like to keep this specific thread informational, if possible.   Okay on to the info! Here's what I know (previous releases in spoiler):   New Launches / LE products Spoiler (Highlight to read) Kat Von D 5th Anniversary Tattoo liner - July 9 (will post time when I have it) Early am PT, around 9 am. Kat Von D 5th Anniversary Tattoo liner - July 9 (will post time when I have it) Early am PT, around 9 am. Spoiler (Highlight to read) Bite Opal Lipstick & Gloss - This is coming to .ca, but has not arrived at the warehouse yet. I will update this thread when I get a date.  Bite Opal Lipstick & Gloss - This is coming to .ca, but has not arrived at the warehouse yet. I will update this thread when I get a date.  Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read) Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette - Will launch at the same time as the US site, July 12 Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette - Will launch at the same time as the US site, July 12 Spoiler (Highlight to read) Bite Limited Edition Lip Lab 007 - July 15 at 9 am PT Bite Limited Edition Lip Lab 007 - July 15 at 9 am PT Spoiler (Highlight to read) Bite Maple Collection - July 16 at 9 am PT - This is a different date then the brand gave on their Instagram, so FYI!! Too Faced Sugar Pop Palette - End of July, around 7/27 KVD New Liquid Lipsticks - Potentially same date as US (July 14), but could be a day or two later. Will have more info the week of the 13th.  These will be available by this Thursday 7/16 as well as some of the new Metal Crush eyeshadows.  Bite Maple Collection - July 16 at 9 am PT - This is a different date then the brand gave on their Instagram, so FYI!! Too Faced Sugar Pop Palette - End of July, around 7/27 KVD New Liquid Lipsticks - Potentially same date as US (July 14), but could be a day or two later. Will have more info the week of the 13th.  These will be available by this Thursday 7/16 as well as some of the new Metal Crush eyeshadows.    JEM (I know, I'm waiting with baited breath for this one too) - Tracking this one down after a special request from fellow Jem lover veronika23. The team is on it. KVD Studded Lip - 6 of the shades should go live at the same time as the US (around August 11), but 3 of the shades will go live later in August (Halo, Mercy, Solo)  Metal Crush Eyeshadows - confirming Restocks Spoiler (Highlight to read) Becca Champagne Pop will be back! I'm hearing next week but I will update this thread with a date when I have it.  Thursday 7/16 at 9am PT Becca Champagne Pop will be back! I'm hearing next week but I will update this thread with a date when I have it. Thursday 7/16 at 9am PT KVD Everlasting Lipsticks restock - I am hearing end of August, but will confirm Brands Spoiler (Highlight to read) Laura Mercier (all products) - July 9; I'll update with a time when I have it. Early AM PT, around 9 am. Laura Mercier (all products) - July 9; I'll update with a time when I have it. Early AM PT, around 9 am. St. Tropez - Coming back soon!  Drybar - TBC, but don't give up hope!  Omorovicza - Coming back! Target date is Fall (Sept) Ardency Inn - Coming Soon  Dr. Jart (except acne / SPF skus) - 8/27 PMD - Fall (Sept / Oct)  LaVanila - 8/27 (just deodorants, no fragrance or body lotion)   If you have a question about a new US release or LE product on the .ca site, post it below and I'll try to get you an answer!
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KatieBT HOST / HOST HOST / replied
@jeannie11 I hear this is coming back sometime next week :)  see post
When is the Tarte Make believe line going to be on Sephora Canada?
Hello. I see that the Tarte Make Believe brush sets have been available on Sephora Canada for a few days now, but the rest of the collection isn't available  (like the eye & cheek palette). It's been out for the USA site for a while now. When is it going to be available online for Canada?    Thanks.    
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Thanks for the suggestion! I posted over on the thread you told me about so hopefully someone will know something over there. see post
Unicorns: Wanted and Sightings 2.0
Hello Beauties! I got permission to start a new Unicorns Wanted Thread. If you aren't familiar with the term, Unicorns are items that are hard to find, sold out, LE (Limited Edition), Country Exclusive, things like that.    This is the current updated list of Unicorns Wanted. If you have anything you want, please feel free to post to this thread or you can PM as well. If you have a photo of the item, that could be helpful as well. If I missed anyone from the previous thread, I'm so sorry, please let me know.    If you see something that someone is looking for, please let them know. You can tag them, tag me, or PM them as well.    Also, if you get something and no longer need it, please let me know.   ABH- Mario Palette- Anewxa Spoiler (Highlight to read) Armani Eyes to Kill Intense in Rose Popillia #30- Libellules Spoiler (Highlight to read) Bath and Body Works Candle in Paris Daydream-StephaniLynn Spoiler (Highlight to read) Becca Rose Quartz Highlighter- Anewxa Spoiler (Highlight to read)   Chanel  Blushes: The new Cherry Blossom and Coralinne tweed blushes.- mrsbaine Spoiler (Highlight to read) Chanel Notorious-veronika23 Spoiler (Highlight to read)   CT Legendary Muse eye shadow palette-Imi82 Spoiler (Highlight to read)   Dior My Lady 005- Zpsid91 Spoiler (Highlight to read) Dior Miss Dior Blushes Especially 010-Zpsid91   Dior Nail Polish in 505 Early and 800 Now-Imi82 Spoiler (Highlight to read) Guerlain Poudre de Soie- StephaniLynn Spoiler (Highlight to read) Guerlain Rouge G in Gems- NarNarNars Spoiler (Highlight to read) Illamasque Melange-buggirl Spoiler (Highlight to read) Jo Malone Bitter Orange and Chocolate-LCResz Spoiler (Highlight to read) KVD Metal Matte Palette- bea0t, Samtian Spoiler (Highlight to read) Laura Mercier Rose Redezvous- StephaniLynn Spoiler (Highlight to read) Lipstick Queen Monarch-  Gwenhwyfar, jenpred, veronika23, Imi82 Spoiler (Highlight to read) MAC Pressed Pigment Summer Honey- StephaniLynn Spoiler (Highlight to read) Perfume from 1960's or before- meganlisa Spoiler (Highlight to read) Sephora COTY Marsala Eye Palette- liv545 Spoiler (Highlight to read) Sephora Formula X Alchemy III Nail Polish- Anewxa Spoiler (Highlight to read) Sephora Serpentine Collection Bags- Samtian Spoiler (Highlight to read)  Sephora Cinderella Mirror from 2013- Panda168 Spoiler (Highlight to read) Tom Ford Pink Glow Palette-sravanthi Spoiler (Highlight to read) Tom Ford Unabashed Palette- jenpred Spoiler (Highlight to read) UD Alice In Wonderland Palette- sangova Spoiler (Highlight to read) UNII Palette- melde Spoiler (Highlight to read)   YSL Star Clash Edition Lipstick in 09 Rose Stiletto- Anewxa Spoiler (Highlight to read)    
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Yay! Happy to hear! see post
Majorly Miffed About Samples
I know many have noticed lately that Sephora has fallen off the wagon in regards to samples. In a major way. Today I received yet another order without the samples I requested. So I wondered, exactly how bad has it gotten? Since Nov. 6th I have placed 12 orders. That's 36 requested samples. Of that 36 I have received 11. Sometimes the samples were substitutions. Other times there have been no samples at all.   Now, Sephora can claim that they disclose that "substitutions will be made for out of stock samples". All very well and good, but I have been a customer for over a decade. This recent sample fiasco has caught my attention because up until now I have received the requested samples nearly 100% of the time. I am also not stupid enough to think Sephora didn't see/anticpate a problem with the samples and thus removed requested sample listings from the invoices. (This is fairly recent.)   So Sephora, why are you still letting us think we get to pick our samples when in fact we do not? Why is a sample I requested not being delivered with my order but still showing up days later as an available sample? (* cough* Sephora Collection Express Eye Makeup Remover Wipes *cough* Maison Margiela Lipstick On *cough) I realize a free sample isn't something to get my undies in a bundle about... Generally speaking anyway, which is why I haven't said much over the past few months. Some of us though, live in smaller areas where brands like Maison Margiela aren't in store and we place an order specifically for that sample. When we don't receive it, it's a disappointment. When it happens over and over and over again over a period of months... well one starts to think you're either lying or you really need to get your #%$@ together.
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I have found that if I am planning a purchase, I watch the samples page for a couple days (or I kinda just look at it every day when I'm on beauty talk tbh) and if a sam... see post
please add more options to the ingredient preferences search list!
so I've been on the hunt for moisturizers without silicone(anything ending with -cone or -oxane) in it and there's no option to be able to search that specific. I have to go through hundreds of items and look through ingredients tab (if provided) to know if one does/doesn't contain certain ingredients. It's really time consuming! not to mention quite a lot doesn't have ingredients list, and nowhere to find on the internet, like some dior products (don't know what the deal is). I like to know what I put on my face and it could prevent people from buying products with ingredients that they might be sensitive/allergic to.   same for hair products and makeup.   so please add silicone-free option to the 'ingredient preferences' list. I think it is really important. As well as pretrolatum/petrochemical/mineral oil-free.   Also please add more breakdown into moisturizers consistency/formulation/type. I saw oils, gel, lotion, cream, balm, etc all in 1 but there's no way to narrow it down to a specific consistency I want to find.   I hope someone who deals with the site read this and will be able to implement it soon enough.      
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sweet. I might have to check shoppers for korres then. Sephora Canada doesn't seem to have the brand anymore on the website. :/   I would love to be able to use oil. I... see post
Too Faced Cosmetics Customer Service
My apologies in advance for my rant.    I want to make y'all aware of the awful experience I've had dealing with Too Faced (direct), which is especially disappointing given the amount of money I've spent on their products.   On Cyber Monday, I placed my second order ever with TF direct to take advantage of their half off sale items promo and their Cyber Monday mystery bag.   When my order arrived on 12/08, one of the palettes I ordered was missing, although I was charged.   3 phone calls and 1 email later, I still have not received my refund from them, although a supervisor swears the refund was issued yesterday (after she hung up on me a few minutes ago and then called me back).  I am not holding my breath.   The worst part is that no one apologized or even acknowledged the inconvenience of having to call 3 times and email when they messed up in the first place.   I would like to spare anyone else from going through something similar.     Has anyone else had a bad experience dealing with Too Faced Cosmetics' (lack of) Customer Service reps?
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Oh my goodness! I have never had an experience like that, but I have heard that Too Faced has terrible customer service. They should be treating their customers better! see post
2017 Spring Summer Found in the Wild
Posting all products that you see new on Sephora (though sometimes elsewhere as well).  I will heart all posts of something new.  Since the Spring collections are what is showing up, I started a new thread.  I might duplicate a few items from the past thread, sorry if I don't tag those who posted, but I don't want to cross tag just to note that you posted (and thanks for posting!!!).
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HALL OF FAMER shirleylin88 / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
from IG: theskinstudy looks like Drunk Elephant is creating a jelly cleanser!   see post
Play! By Sephora Subscription Box Review And Discussion
Share photos and reviews on your Sephora Play Subscription Boxes here. If you're looking for reviews on any other box, look here: -box-photo-sharing/td-p/973905    The subscription program is only offered by invitation at the moment. If you have not received an invite, you can join the waiting list here:    I do not have control over who receives invitations (whether they live in test cities or not), but I will edit this once the program opens to new groups.   If you want more information on the program or have questions not related to someone's box review, please visit this thread: y-SEPHORA-Invitation-FAQs/td-p/2124432
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This sounds very nice :D see post
Writing reviews about Sephora employees
often when i go into sephora, they give me a website to go to in order to write a review of my experience. does anyone have a link to that website? i keep forgetting to write reviews and then when i'm ready, i can't find the website.
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Yeah, I had this happen at Union Square here in NYC.  I walked in asking about a NARS product and the SA (I thought) told me the colors were wrong and led me back to the... see post
Natural Love Palette
When will sephora receive the Natural Love eyeshadow palette from Too Faced? It comes out tomorrow, I'm too excited!!!
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diaaannee / RISING STAR / replied
that would suck really bad if it was only online.. imagine how many people would get it if it was in store too.  see post Site Issues
Hey BeautyTalkers,   We want to make sure you know that we are working to fix the site issues affecting for the past couple of weeks. Some of the fixes we are working to restore include 404 error messages and "All Brands" page access. While we work on these fixes, please try clearing your cache/cookies and updating your browsers for a better experience.    We're starting to see improvements and are hoping everything will be working properly in a timely manner. If you see any issues please report them below.    Thanks! Katie  
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Thank God, I thought I was the only one experiencing this... At first I thought maybe Chrome was the problem, so I went to Safari and it was fine. Then Safari started go... see post
Website Down
The website isnt working for mac users. Any Link that i click on redirects to a bad server page. 
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 Even private/incognito doesn't work on my mac.  Sephora website unavailable to me for a few weeks now.  I can post this but can't access loves list or search or purchas... see post
need help matching color!
Which of the new "lip liners to go" would be comparable (most similar) in color to the nano lip liner 13 belle beige?    
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Hi NessaVL, I recommend trying  16 Nude Beige.    see post error
Hi there, i would like to know what is going on with and safari? there's away an error
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Hi @mbadia + @Euradyce,    Sorry for the trouble! As @fatimamummy, we are currently working on this. Please visit the link provided or send me a pm if you need furth... see post
Sephora nano lip liners?
Are they being discontinued?  I see none of the ones on my loves list even exist any longer and I can nt even search for them?  I only find Sephora  lip liners to go. 
see post
NessaVL / FRESH FACE / replied
Do you know which of the new "lip liners to go" would be comparable (most similar) in color to the nano lip liner 13 belle beige?  see post
I would love to be able to organize my loves list
I would love if we would be able to create folders on our loves list to further organize. We could create multiple folders and name them whatever we wanted, that would be so useful and I'm completely sure others would agree!
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I was just thinking that today as I browsed my list. I'd love a frequently purchased, lusting after, and a only if it goes on sale section on my list. If Sephora were cl... see post
Newbie here
I just signed up to be a part of this community after 10 yrs of being a Sephora customer, & my very first post is a complaint about how AWFUL the new Sephora website is!!! When are they gonna get this squared away?!?!! It's been at least a week already! Grrrrrrrrr
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We are a fun bunch!  There is a pretty active Pet Paradise thread.    (momto3poodles ) (lol) see post
Terrible Experience At Sephora Halifax
I spent 155$ at sephora in Halifax,  ns. I've never been to an actual sephora store before as I usually just order online. I walked into the store looking for a specific thing, could not find it and it took me about 15 minutes before I could get someone to help me find it. Everything's disorganized in the store, most workers did not look like workers aND we're basically standing around doing nothing. . I didn't even get one single sample or even talked to for that matter. Such a disappointment at least when you order online you get 4 free samples! Wanted a makeover but didn't see a single worker even around the makeup station
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BEAUTY WHIZ Nickelliebear1 / BEAUTY WHIZ BEAUTY WHIZ / replied
I still remember my first experiences inside of an actual Sephora store so I know how upsetting it is that you had a bad experience @Garaxo.  If you look on your receipt... see post
Rant: Stop Being So Stingy With Samples Sephora Stores!
Can someone explain to me why Sephora stores are so stingy with samples? I have gotten so turned off from shopping at any Sephora location this past year. I can't be the only one who now only buys online because the SAs lie, refuse to give out samples and act as if you are personally inconveniencing them and taking money out their pocket by asking if there are any samples for the day or if you can get one for a specific product. I have been to numerous stores only to be told "We don't have any" when I can clearly see boxes full behind the counter. I have also been told that the only samples I could get are the ones redeemed for points and "They will make you any sample you want", but my apologies if I don't want to put something on my face that a million people have stuck their dirty fingers in or used (particularly the case with jars/tubs and most makeup). All the testers are breeding grounds for nasty bacteria. Despite their claims that they clean everything regularly, I have seen tons of people apply lipstick/lipgloss/mascara using the brush it comes with, then putting it back and contaminating the entire product. I don't share mascara with my friends, so I definitely don't want to with 100 strangers.    I am always tempted to just cancel my purchase and go home and buy it online when I am told there are no samples. There is no reason to waste my money there and get no samples when I can order from home and get at least 3 foils and a deluxe sample (often more) for free, along with free shipping. Does Sephora still not realize that samples encourage us to buy more products? I cant tell you how many products I have bought full sizes of only because I got a free sample, tried it and loved it. There have also been many products I thought I would love, but tried a sample of and hated, therefore not wasting Sephoras time or money by buying it, hating it and returning it. They should be throwing samples at us left and right and offering samples of products when we ask for recommendations. Especially to us Rouge members who have spent thousands. We shouldn't have to ask and receive weird looks and attitude, they should just put them in your bag at checkout. During one of the only pleasant experiences I have had at Sephora, a trainer for the company who helped me told me that anytime you go to the counter and ask for samples and they say "we have none" that they are lying. He showed me that almost all the drawers under the displays are filled with samples and back stocked product and that they have foil or deluxe samples for most products (despite them always trying to make you one from the tester). He also told me that most of these samples are given to Sephora by the companies for free, so there is no reason they should be stingy with the samples because they cost them nothing and encourage you to buy more products. You would think that Sephora would want to encourage us to shop in store where they can convince us into buying more and not lose out on money they pay for the free shipping that rouges get. I would go to my local Sephora all the time and probably buy more if they actually gave out samples. Who do we need to talk to in order to get a change?   Have any of you all had these issues with Sephora stores? Do you prefer buying in store or online and why? Interested to hear everyones experiences!      
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BEAUTY WHIZ Nickelliebear1 / BEAUTY WHIZ BEAUTY WHIZ / replied
I really wish that there were more hygiene stations scattered throughout the store.  I'm an ex-cast member and a beauty junkie myself, I'll very rarely get a sample in s... see post
When will Sephora restock the black and orange GlamGlow masks?
I tried a sample of the black one and loved it! But I wanted to try the orange also to see if it would help fade my freckles.
see post
Hi Autumnash, They both should be available again soon. :) Please make sure you are signed up for email notification! see post
f all the brands they carriedI cant shop by Brand now?!?! WHY?!?!
I loved that Sephora had a drop down menu of all the brands they carry. I used to be able to select a brand and see all the products available. Why was that feature taken off the website?!?! Sometimes I end up finding (and buying) new products based on those searches because I like a particular brand so I want to see what else they offer and find great new products that I fall in love with. BRING THE BRAND SEARCH FEATURE BACK!!!!!!! Seriously!
see post
It's still there. You just click on the Sephora logo to bring you to the main page, scroll down, and use the menu on that page. see post
All things K-Beauty!!
For those who don't know what this is, it stands for Korean Beauty!   Honestly, I'm surprised I don't see even more stuff posted about K-Beauty as it seems to be taking over right now.  I hear nothing but good things about their skincare, makeup, etc!   I recently got the Amorepacific cream as a 100 point perk and am really liking it for daytime moisture (although I think it may be better in the summer as I still feel a tad dry), and I hear good things about the Chosungah22 products which Sephora carries!   I also recently made a giant order through a Korean retailer called Jolse, can't wait to get my stuff!   Do you guys love K-Beauty? Do you have any reviews of stuff you've tried? I'm hoping to get this moving and that people will post in here regularly about skincare and cosmetics from Korea!
see post
I love Korean skincare products! Some are my holy grail e.g. Son&Park Beauty Water, Belif moisturizers, Missha FTE and night repair ampoule 💕   I recently started pay... see post
Discontinued Laura Mercier Oil-Free Supreme Foundation
Hey everyone, I have been exclusively using the Laura Mercier Oil-Free Supreme Foundation for the past 5 years. It was discontinued last month and I have been searching for a similar full coverage foundation. I have gotten some good recommendations for full-coverage foundations from Sephora employees but nothing has really been comprable. So I am seeking out anyone who was also devastated by the discontinuation of the Oil-Free Supreme to give me suggestions for what is the MOST similar. My color was vanilla beige for reference. Thanks! Nikki
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lokikoko / FRESH FACE / replied
I'm also very upset about that foundation being discontinued. The new oil-free stuff in the brown plastic bottle is just not the same. Does not cover my acne nearly as w... see post
Lighted vanity mirror-simplehuman or iHome?
I hope that this is the right place to post this question. I have decided that I want/need a lighted vanity mirror. I have narrowed it down to the simplehuman 5X sensor mirror and the iHome 1X/7X dual sided Bluetooth mirror. It seems like the simplehuman mirror is most popular and best rated (not by too much depending where you look) and the lighting is brighter. The iHome one has a regular mirror and a magnified side, which I like that I can switch back and forth. The Bluetooth feature is nice, but not a big deal to me. The one downside of this mirror is the lighting isn't as bright. Or maybe it isn't such a big deal. I don't live near a store that carries either, so I don't know how bright the lights are or not. I'm just going by the Brightness specifications online. Can you help me choose? Which one do you like better?
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@myumew   thank you you so much for the reply. I appreciate your response! I have terrible lighting in my house and will be moving so who knows what it will be like in... see post
New to BeautyTalk - What can I expect here?
Hi, fellow Beauty Talk-ers!   I'm new to this community and was wondering what type of discussions I would find here. Any feedback would be great, thanks!
see post
Hi @vvny and welcome to BT!    @lylysa did a great job explaining what to expect from this fun and friendly community!  see post
Sephora vs. Ulta - The Verdict
I've been a VIB for a few years now, and my local Sephora is within walking distance of that "other" brand. I've heard rave reviews about their rewards program, most especially about their generous giving of free product with each new level reached and not samplers.   Today, I headed to my Sephora store for the VIB event, got my bag loaded up, and then...went to Ulta. I was actually there to get a tube of NYX lip gloss since I've heard so much about it, but I went through the whole store out of pure curiosity.   The verdict? While Ulta does carry drugstore brands and their rewards are pretty lofty in comparison...Sephora has my heart. Ulta felt too "superstore-ish". No offense, but a little...below...the standard and prestige of Sephora. So, Sephora, heed our call! Amp up our VIB rewards. Tidy up the shelves and demos in your stores (our store is a tad lacking in that dept.). And, keep up the great work! = )
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I love Sephora because they made me feel welcome and are so nice. Not pushy either. This goes for every store I have visited, from different states too. Anyway they hav... see post