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Looking for a product to get me to my free shipping   what are the best low priced items?
Hello Beauties. Looks like there are 4 new Sephora Favorites skincare sets. Cleanse, Oils, Masks, and a variety one. Im sure most of us have these products but they look like nice gifts    
I was tossing a few samples into my sample stash bag, and realized a) I have a sample hoarding problem and b) I have no clue what I've got in there.  So Going along with blackwhiskey's makeup challenge, I'm proposing the September Sample Challenge.  For the last 10 days of September, use at least 5 samples from your stash, then give us your mini review. Did you like it? Would you purchase it? Etc.      so.....who's up for another challenge? 
They are now available for purchase for rouge members.  I didn't know they would come up with 2 different palettes and it took me completely by surprise. my wallet was not prepared for this! I am so weak to my Vices.   If you could get only one vice palette this year, which one would you choose?
Do I need these.....NO...will I get them.....Probably
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My love for Sephora continues. I was sent a comped, brand new, full sized Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Medi-Spa Peel (launching 08-26-14) to review. I will use it for the first time tonight, so check back to this post if the product interests you.    
I want a really good powder to contour with, does anyone have any suggestions? I have light skin with pink undertones.
I am fortunate enough to live next to several Sephora locations so I can stop by to test out a product in person or ask for samples in stores.  However, for people who shop online because they don't live near a Sephora or for homebodies like myself, wouldn't it be great if we could receive samples of almost anything on the website instead of the small selection of samples we are confined to?  I think sometimes people who don't have access to a store or for items that are only sold online, offering samples or foundations and skin care online could help reduce the amount of returns.  Even if it's for a small fee I think that would be reasonable.  CRC lets you purchase small samples of various foundations online to test the color/finish.  I highly doubt Sephora will start doing this -_- but does anyone else think this would be more convenient?  Also, this might help avoid incidences when your samples or point perks are substituted with something you really don't want.
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With my last few shipments I noticed that Sephora started using OnTrac for rouge free three day shipping. I don't like the OnTrac online tracking system because it doesn't list an estimated delivery date. So how am I supposed to know if my package is.... on track?   If anyone has any advice on how to fix this, I would love to hear it.
Hi all! Question on order of product application - should I be using the PTR Retional Fusion PM before or after Clinique Acne Gel? Can I also use the Clinique Dark Spot corrector somewhere in this routine? All of it should go before moisturizer, right?   I am trying to both treat current acne breakouts and prevent more in the future, as well as try to lighten dark spots caused by previous acne. I've always been a little confused regarding the order of things and figured I should ask.   Thanks!
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Didn't see this posted, so I'm sorry if this was already made known! But there are some KVD palettes and lipsticks in the sale section! Go grab them!
I am 30 years old and have pretty dark under eye circles. What is the best eye cream/serum/treatment?
Not that anyone probably cares…with the new holiday stuff up…but Sephora restocked the sale page and KVD Saint is back along with the other sale stuff that sold out.  Yes, I'm more drawn to the new holiday stuff too…but figured I'd point it out. tte-saint-P292313?skuId=1325083
Just saw this, and it's adorable!  I haven't tried the Thirstymud Mask yet, but I love that it comes with two of the mini jars.      
Mine definitely has to be Philosophy's Fresh Cream. It smells like you're covering yourself with the tastiest piece of cake you've ever eaten. It makes my showers that much more fun       What's yours?
So right now I am using the bareminerals power multitasking power (not sure the exact name). But I am looking for something a little stronger. I have somewhat noticeable circles under my eyes. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
BeautyTalk Feedback
Hi - I was wondering if anyone has tried this yet. I did see a few reviews but didn't get enough info from them, plus it's always nice to chat 'personally' with bt girlfriends about things like this.   It says there's "fragrance' listed in the ingredients, but it didn't list anything that gave me a good idea of what the 'fragrance' is - didn't list menthol or peppermint oil or anything like that. Can anyone tell me more about the flavor/fragrance of this? Some of you know fragrance can be a real deal breaker for me (just a whiff can cause major headaches) Anyone have some inside info?   The colors look beautiful and I'm always on the look out for a new & better plumper - so any info you could share about any facet of this pretty plumper would be most appreciated. Thanks all.
Do you still carry Mercier "Mineral" foundation primer?  I can not find it with the search option.  If not, is there anyhthing else close I can use?
I am living in the South Korea and I want to know how to place my order. Because I have to select the state code in the U.S. but I don't have it
  I was waiting till this Friday to order it but I cannot find it anymore on please tell me it's coming back!     
Hello lovely people! I currently live overseas and I need help with a foundation colour match before I purchase an item online. I've super curious about Too Face's Cocoa powder foundation. I have never bought foundation from any brand that Sephora carries so I cant use their foundation database but I'm an NC20 for MAC's studio fix foundation. Can anyone make a suggestion? Or if you are also an NC20 and have the cocoa foundation what colour do you have? Thanks!! Happy shopping!
I wasn't able to post these questions on the product page so I'll ask here:   Can this be used with a retinol? Also, could it be used near the eye as a preventative treatment?I'm 24 so am just looking for preventative rather than repair.
I am currently looking for a cc cream that has anti-aging properties. One with light to medium coverage and for combination skin type. Any recommendations?
2014 Sephora Superstars
I've been waiting for these for months--I love the Sephora favorites sets! They were just posted and when I initially saw them, I was thrilled. However, they are SO similar to last year--almost the same exact products. I was hoping to see some newer items as a lot has been released over the last year. A lot of money saved, I guess. I'm still holding out for a larger lip's to hoping that'll be great!
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I bought Laura Mercier foundation about a month ago and I finally tried it, but it breaks me out.    I didn't keep the packaging and receipt because Laura Mercier products never broke me out, but this one did.    So can I still return this even if I don't have packaging and receipt? 
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I love reading reviews on products, and find myself sorting by least favorable and starting there.  I use Amazon like crack, and love the ability to see if someone is a verified buyer of a particular product.  Now Ulta has the same thing (or maybe I just didn't notice it before)!  I was reading a review for shampoo and noticed a 'verified buyer' symbol and I tend to find those reviews a little more credible.  Especially with the explosion of shills for Tarte, I'd love to see that same thing implemented here.   Sephora should take advantage of the BI program.  They track what we buy online and in stores so they have the means to do it!   So, come on, Sephora!  Please find a way to identify a reviewer as a verified buyer of the product.  I think all of us BIers will thank you.
I'm really looking forward to completing my vice collection. I would like to know the exact day so that I'm not left without one =)
BeautyTalk Feedback
Am I the only one who never has questions answered when they participate in a BT chat with experts? I realize that that there many many questions asked and they can't get to everyone, but today I had the third question posted and it was completely skipped over. Pretty bummed about today since I asked a specific question about production application (which isn't listed on the product packaging, website, etc.). I suppose I could email customer service but it would have been nice to hear it from the expert. With only an hour to answer questions, it's certainly not enough time. Perhaps we could submit our questions ahead of time and answers could be posted the day of and the expert could spend the hour going into more detail about questions they want to specifically address. Seems like there must be a better way to do this!