makeover free? CM?

I just visit Sephora store to to a makeover. ( not book  appointment ) I have 2 hours free while I were waiting my brother. So, I were browsing and asking to do a makeover.  I thought a makeover will be free for a VIB Rouge anyway. But to make sure, I ask some lady about the price of makeover for confirmation and mention that I am a VIB Rouge. The lady told me that I still need to purchase a $50.00 in make up stuffs. I am willing to do so because I really like the contour kit which the MUA recommended. 


I came home and read some information on BeautyTalk.  And , mot others VIBs and Rouges said it was  free. I wonder it is free because they book beforehand via phone and online. I need to purchase a $50.00 worth make up in order to get the makeover free because I walk in ? because when they see the card, they will know me as a VIB Rouge anyway. By the way, the makeover is also CM ? I remember that they call CM for my service when I made payment. 


I just want to confirm though. 

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Hi Yen89,


If you are a VIB Rouge member, a 45-minute makeover at our Beauty Studio should be complimentary. I am sorry that the store informed you that you needed to make an additional purchase to take advantage of this service. Please let me know if you would like me to forward your feedback regarding your experience to our retail division and I would be happy to assist you further with this. 

<3, Randee
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