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Q. Can I return something after 60 days
I bought a two faced foundation back in December(wrong colour) and I forgot to return it. I don't have the receipt but I have my VIB acc, is there any hope?
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A. Hi alliemartin77,   I recommend contacting your local store for help with this! see post
Q. Beauty talk profile Titles: How does the Beauty Talk titles work?
Hi, I have few questions on how does the BT levels work....   how many titles/ levels are there?    What title is the top level? and what do I need to do to reach that level?   Thanks    
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A. HI @mezzotown88525,    For more information regarding Beauty Talk guidelines, please check out this thread here >   Thanks!    Best, ... see post
Q. Physical VIBR card
I'm wondering how people are getting their physical VIBR cards because I didn't get one... I was told that Sephora is no longer having any physical VIBR card. TT TT is there any way to get one? I really want to get one... 
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A. Hi Michelle1008,  We are going digital, so you can access your mobile Rouge card on the app.  The physical cards are no longer included in the Rouge welcome kit. see post
Q. How does this work?
Hi Everybody, Im new to this forum and im kinda confused? Is there different levels of beauty talk members? Where can i see the different rankings? How do you gain the best ranking?  Thanks so much
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Q. Point Perks
Hi, Anyone else find that the higher point items are alllways sold out as soon as they hit the site? Do you guys think theres even a point in collecting my points if I can never get the higher point items? I've recently started collecting my points but always seem like on Tuesdays and Thursday that as soon as a new point perk hits the site, its immediately sold out...kinda makes me feel like its pointless spending money when I can never get the point perks
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Q. Sephora Play Box
I know birchbox allows you to "gift a subscription". Is that possible with the play box? Is there any other box around the same price point that is worth a present?
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HALL OF FAMER Insomniacmuffin / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / answered
A. Hi @lilly058 that is a super interesting question! Were you able to find an answer? If so, can you share? see post
Q. Really Disappointed
Ok, so I'm not the person who rants online but Sephora gave me such a hard time I just had to. Over a WEEK ago, I ordered some Tom Ford Beard  Oil as a gift for someone. Mind you, it was IN STOCK when I bought it along with some free samples. However, the very next day it was showing me that it was out of stock. So I thought ok, maybe I can wait an extra day However, after it was in stock, something happened to my shipping. Mind you, I ordered last Monday and now it's Tuesday, still with no signs of my item arriving yet. It told me on Monday that my item has been rescheduled for the NEXT business today. As I checked online today, it still isn't showing any signs of it delivering yet. It arrived in my area yesterday and still isn't on a truck or ready for delivery. I am so frustrated as this was my first time buying ANYTHING for Sephora through a friend recommendation. But after this first impression, I can't see myself buying anything anytime soon from you guys unless something is resolved. I am very disappointed as my item is almost 8 DAYS late. I hope Sephora can make up for this as I am immensely disappointed.  P.S.( This was a Canadian order and they told me the day after that it would be delayed 1-3 days however, it's almost been 8!)
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Q. Adding points after a purchase?
This week I went to Sephora. I didn't have my Sephora card and I told the lady this. She told me that I could add the points later, but I have no idea how.   Does anyone know if this true, and if so, how?   Thanks!
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Danotte / FRESH FACE / answered
A. I was told I had to call the number.  What's messed up is that the cashier asked me if I wanted to join after she rang me up.  I'm thinking she should've offered to sign... see post
Q. VIB Rouge Welcome Kit
I reached VIB Rouge in December however the welcome kits were out of stock online. Now every time I go to my cart I still dont have the option to add a welcome kit even though I havent received one yet. Any suggestions?   Thanks!
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Q. semi formal makeup
i want to get my makeup done for my friend's semi formal because i want to look some what nice because i can't do makeup for my life. My friend got her makeup done her and she looked stunning but she doesnt remember the pricing. can i get my makeup done here? how does the pricing work, and booking the appointment?
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A. Hi @bethdemarco,   We offer a variety of makeover's at Sephora.   There is a 15 minute walk in make over for quick tips or for a touch-up. There is our most popular-... see post
Q. 2 questions
do you send free things and in which evenments /and which color of lipstic we choose in the night party
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Q. hi I have no credit card how can I pay something when I buy it ?please answer me
I have no credit card how can I pay something when I buy it  
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Q. Never Recieved $15 off $50
Hi,   I've been subscribed to emails for a while, and have received them up until mid Oct.  My problem is that I never received my $15 off $50 coupon.  Could I kindly get some help with this matter?
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Q. VIB sales
Hi! I'm a BI member now, and I am wondering if I qualified to become a VIB with a new order, will the 20%off promo code work on this order?  If it does not work, and I use my friend's VIB account to shop, can I transfer the points to my account? Thank you.
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Q. Split Shipping/Using the VIB Code More than Once?
Hi! I am wondering if it is possible to split up an order and have things shipped to different addresses. Normally I would just make separate orders, but I want to use my VIB code for it. Am I able to use it more than once?   All of the products I plan to buy are for me, but I am ordering some things as X-Mas gifts from my mom, and others I need soon.    
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Q. Samples
I just place my order, but now I see a online offer that I like. Can I change my sample in my order?
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Q. How do I add my Beauty insider card to my online account?
How do I add my Beauty Insider card to my online account. My points are not on my online account, only on my card. Thank you!
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Q. How does the VIB Sale work??
For those of you who has shopped at Sephora during these sales please help me out..   I am wondering how the VIB Sale works for the one coming in November. I know VIBs get 20% off but like does it individually apply to each product ??say i have 5 products in my basket like a primer, foundation, mascara, lipstick and a palette,  will I get 20% of on each specific product like 20% off for the primer, then another 20 off the foundation, mascara, lipstick and palette or does Sephora just takes 20% off the total amount of the order??
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Q. Merge accounts
Hi, I have 2 accounts and would like to merge the points into one single  account . Is it possible to do it online? Thanks in advance.
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Q. Giftcards Canada
I recently saw a header on the website that you can now redeem giftcards online! Has anyone tried using a giftcard in Canada online and did it work out? 
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Q. Purchase in store with my online account
Hi! I created an online account earlier and use it to purchase in store today. But there's no points showing up online after buying things. Anyone can help explain that?Thanks
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Q. Losing VIB Status Online?
Hi there! I've reached VIB and got a card for a while. However, I just find that on, my account still shows me as a Beauty Insider with no points at all. I tried several times to get my VIB on, but I don't know where it is :/.  I've never shopped online but I'm planning to do so. Losing all my points and VIB status bothers me a lot  Thank U
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sephora charged me 3 times , i checked my bank account and i got charged 3 x times. i ordered online this morning only once and i got the confirmation email. however i was over charged for the other 2x extra. i am so angry i dont know what to do please help!!!          
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Q. Hi! I was 66 dollars away from being VIB! So yesterday i went to sephora and bought two things that caught my eye, spendingg about 55 dollar
Hi! I was 66 dollars away from being VIB! So yesterday i went to sephora and bought two things that caught my eye, spendingg about 55 dollars. so i was excited thinkinr i only had tendollars left to spend to be VIB!! But now i check my beauty insider points on rhe app, and it only counted one of the purxhases ( the smallest one ) and it says i have 52 dollars to go!! Whats going on? I don't want to have to keep spending and spending. Its a little unfair
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Q. Unsuccessful authorization?
Hi, I made an order a few days ago and when I checked the order status it said "Unsuccessful authorization", can anybody help me please? 
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Q. Unsuccesful Authorization
What can I do? can somebody please help me in my order status? it  keeps saying "unsuccesful authorization" and i tried with different credit cards, but still nothing.
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Q. Unsuccesful Authorization
Could somebody please help me! I have tried 2 different credit cards, and in both orders status were "unsuccesful authorization" , can somebody please could tell me what to do
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Q. purchase points wont update
Has anyone else had trouble with points not updating? It was fixed back in July but now my points will update sometimes and not other times. 
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Q. zero point?
I got my sephora beauty insiders card about a year ago, and have made many purchases, but my account online says I have no points, why?and is there any way to fix this?  
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