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Hey so I recently created an account online, but Ive been making purchases using a card which uses a separate email, so I cant even see the points that Im getting. Could anyone help merge the two accounts? Thanks
I received my order today and none of the three samples I'd chosen at check out were in it. I've had a sample missing before or one of them replaced, but this is the first time all of them were missing. What could be the reason?
I currently use Make Up For Forever. If given the color shade i use with my current foundation, are you able to color match that to tge Kat Von D foundation?
I just wanted to reach out to other Beauty Insiders and staff regarding an issue I've had with trying to return a gift. Are we all in the same boat here? Let me start by saying, Sephora has a great return policy when I am the purchaser myself. But the gift refund system is obviously unfair. I do not have a Sephora store within reasonable distance of me, and I do not feel like I should be punished because I received a gift from Sephora. I have the online order receipt from the purchase, and the back CLEARLY states "FOR GIFT RETURNS: If you are returning a gift and do not want the refund to go to the purchaser, before mailing the return, please call 1-877-SEPHORA to set up the gift return under your account. Your refund will be in the form of an online credit...." However, I have called and spoken to two different staff members who have told me this is incorrect information, and the refund is REQUIRED to go back to the purchaser's original form of payment. WHY IS THIS PRINTED ON THE BACK OF RECEIPTS IF IT IS FALSE INFORMATION? And more importantly, if Sephora just wants the money for the purchase, why am I unable to simply receive store credit (which would then require to make another purchase within the store)? The rep then went ahead to tell me that I can try to get a gift card in replacement in the store, but it is up to the discretion of the store manager. So no, i'm not getting in my car to drive an hour to likely be told I can't receive store credit for an unused gift purchase. I am SO done with Sephora.
hi i have a vib card that i got in store and i was wondering if there was any way that i could get it linked to my account?? 
Hey I posted a review for YSL The Shock mascara before I had a chance to review & edit there any way to delete or edit the review??? Please and thanks!!!
Hello,   Can I have an admin mod that is online now pm me please. I don't know who is online and who I should message. Thanks
Does Sephora offer in Store pick up? I really hated when I checked online it said it is available in  near my  store. when I  actually came  to the store they did not have it . I wish sephora offer in store pick up . that way I don't have to wast my time to the store.  Especially she they launch new products, that way I can reserve the item. Do you agree ?
I just signed up for the rewards card again about 2 weeks ago when i purchased a bunch of stuff and i racked up a bunch of points, i even remember last time i went in the cashier telling me i had over 100 points and asked if i wanted to use them. i just linked my card to my online account and it tells me i dont have any, and im confused 
Qualified for VIB Rouge 2017 last year.. do not see option to get 2017 welcome gift.. please help. Thanks.
My points and VIB rouge status aren't showing up on my account... the mobile app also says I should "create account" even though I'm signed in? What is going on? I can't even add anything to the cart when I'm online.
I bought $250 worth of things at a sephora location to maintain my VIB rouge status, however, the employee did not correctly put in my email so the amount spent was not added to my account so I have lost my rouge status. What can I do?
Hi, I want to merge my 2 accounts for the points so I called customer service but I don't think it's done. Also, I don't know the email address with my beauty insider card because I don't think they spelled it correctly and I want to know the number of points i have on that card. Could someone help me!
My mom purchased a bunch of stuff from sephora for me for Christmas but she didn't know about using my beauty insider card. I have the receipt so I was wondering if there was any way to add the points after the fact? 
Hi, my mum got me the Urban Decay Naked palette for Christmas and the cashier said they gave her points to go to my account but I have not received any points I have the receipt. Thank you!
      I purchased yesterday some items in the sephora app. I was checking out and payed with apple pay. when i payed i went to my wallet and it didn't show i had a transaction. Then i went back to the sephora app and it showed my items in the basket(like if i didn't purchased), when i proceeded to check out again (paying with apple pay) it claimed i had only one transaction and it didn't showed my items in the order history(items showed again in the basket). Apple pay claims i had an transaction but my wells fargo account shows i didn't. I also didn't get a EMAIL CONFIRMATION about my orders. So now i don't know if i ordered twice or once. I need help I've ordered online before and this has never happened to me while ordering in ultra. WAS MY ORDER CANCELLED???   PLEASE HELP!! 
Hi,   I am thinking this is a browse issue... I am using IE and Chrome on Windows 7 and cannot see the hearts on a post and therefore cannot give hearts. Can someone suggest as resolution to this?   Thanks so much!
I placed an online order on November 10 and included my choices of three samples. I just received the order today, but there were no samples in the package. One of the reasons why I ordered from Sephora online is because of the provided samples.  I even purchased the flash shipping subscription thinking that I would use Sephora often.  I'm not sure why that part of my order was ignored. Does anyone else have this issue recently?  
Hi. I found that I typed a wrong email address, so I cannot get any email.... I tried to fix it in store, but I couldn't. What should I do?? Please help me....
I got the error below when I was trying to pay my order. " Payment error - your payment could not be processed. Please verify that your card number, expiration date and cvn are correct and that your billing address matches what the bank has on file. We have reversed any pending charges to your account. " But my credit card was charged. Will I receive my order?
ok so I've already had this happen before, on the order before this one actually! which makes it sound super bizarre. anyways I just placed a order with the 20$ off coupon and my box came today. I ordered the loccitane hand crème set and the clean reserve rollerball set. I got the loccitane and one sample but I didn't get the clean perfumes and the other samples where all opposite of what I chose! now on the order slip inside my package it only list the loccitane hand crème, which is odd because the order slips always have all the items listed. the perfumes went out of stock really soon after I bought them though? so did you guys just leave them off the order or is there another package coming?I really thought this wouldn't ever happen again and its actually hard to believe. any help is much appreciated
VIB reward code is not working?? Help pls!
I am having the same issue, been trying to redeem my reward for over an hour and feeling pretty smart right about now!
Same problem as the people below. Trying to redeem my $15 off $50 reward card but it keeps saying it has a $0.00  balance even though I haven't used it and it's not 11:59 PM PST yet (currently 9:39 PM PST).
Hi I am also one who's codes are not working like everyone else is saying. Please help us out Sephora!
It did not crash, but my Apple Wallet did say a transaction went through but it seems to me that my order did not process through? Because the items I wanted to purchase are still in my cart and I did not receive an order confirmation from Sephora... Is this happening to anyone else? *First time ordering through the app, so not sure if it's the app or Apple Pay, or both*
hi there,   do you mind deleting my review post i had posted for the versace eros pour femme (eau de toilette) perfume please ?   thanks
Somebody has my previous VIB card that is linked to my account and they are redeeming my gifts with my points! What do I do? I already got a new card but this person is still able to use my card to redeem gifts. Please help!