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I'm wondering when the 2015 Sephora Sun Safety Kit will be released??
ITEM 1688225 - IS this the actual original formula, or that dry overpriced nonsense that Bare minerals has replaced it with? I really loved the first Bare minerals I purchased, back in the day, but it has definitely changed. Thanks!!!
THANK YOU SEPHORA!!!!!! I'm so grateful for receiving and email with the extraordinary redemption's date and time a few days before the event that way everyone has an equal opportunity and you can't hide behind your "computer glitch" excuse! I called at 9am because i have yet to receive an email and the nice lady on the other end of the "VIB concierge" line ( fancy word right? makes you feel special for spending thousands of dollars yearly) informs me that they will be sending them out shortly however the UD vault was all gone....... i don't comprehend?!?!?!?!? Why are you going to send me an email that advertises something you do not have? Last time i checked consumers are protected by laws and regulations against false advertisement! I am so disappointed and upset with this company and now i can see why they have such bad ratings. I don't want any of your points that you are offering to sweep this under the rug whats the point of them anyways? Not like i can get anything other then a deluxe sample! I have pro discounts to a few companies but i chose to stay with Sephore because of the point system and for moments like this when i will be able to redeem extraordinary gifts. I can not believe the store that i once loved and obsessed over could do such a thing! Sephora has the best customer service in store and on the phone but after hearing how they pick and chose how they reward has left me furious! It is unethical and unprofessional! I requested to speak to a manager and i hope my issue gets resolved because if it does not i will go as far as i have to, to get justice and to be heard!
if i wear matte ivory in clinique double powder...what color would i need in makeup forever pro finish?
I would like to have all my past purchases to reflect Canadian prices for points please.   Also I returned a 100 point perk and still have yet to see those points added back to my points bank
Okay- this is going to sound really, really stupid- and some people might really think that I'm dumb for not knowing this... But, you know those little hearts next to someone's username when you click their username and it takes you to their own profile page?? Well, how do you "heart" that person? Like, if you liked that person(Not crush like- let's be real here) or liked something about them(kindness, happiness) how do you heart that person? I have 11 hearts right now- and hopefully that means someone likes me-- right?? Or not? Can someone please explain how to heart someone and everything? Thanks, it'd be greatly appreciated! <3
So I just turned 15 and my aunt is taking me shopping. I currently have $340 and want to spend at most $230 at sephora (I already planned out my purchase lol) I'm kinda uncomfortable with the thought of handing them cash, since it's and actual sephora store and not a small one in JC Pennys. I'm just afraid of them looking at me weird or thinking it's fake because I'm only 15.
I created a Beauty Talk profile a few days ago with the the same email address I have on record for my Sephora account. I was having an unrelated customer support issue for which I had received and sent private messages for that profile. However, when I tried retrieving a new private message by logging in, my old profile wasn't showing up and so I inadvertently set up this new one. But they are both registered to the same email address. I am getting notices of new private messages to my email address but when I use the email address to log in, I am logging into new profile. Please help if you can- I would like to retrieve my old Beauty Talk profile) where I have unread private messages, and do away with this new one. Thanks in advance!
I am a VIB and haven't used any of my points yet (I have always shopped in-store until today) and online it says I have 0 points. Where are my points and how can I get them to show up so I can get my rewards??
I've been trying for a few days to update my avatar here on BT. But every time I try, no matter which browser I use, or what photo I try to use, it just says an "Unexpected Error Has Occurred".    Am I missing something?? Thanks in advance for your help. 
Is there any way to update our product reviews? I usually wait to review a product to make sure it's thorough, but sometimes a product's efficacy changes or something new comes up with continued use of the product or another factor effects the product.   It doesn't look like there's a way to do it (and you can't add more than one review to an item), but maybe we can have the feature added?   I'm thinking specifically of a self tanner I bought that was ok, but then after spending a lot of time in the gym lately, I've noticed the smell becomes overwhelming and atrocious--really really horrible, like rancid fried chicken or something. People should be warned! lol   Thanks!
I bought something at Seattle downtown store today but the staff didn't add my points even they asked my email account for VIB Can you still add it? 
Hi, I was wondering when the VIB Rouge 15% off sale ends because I know its going on now. Thanks, Rachel
To be honest, I'm pretty bad with technology so that's probably why I'm doing something wrong. As the link, I put the link from the Sephora website about the product, but it was said that an image couldn't be found. What should I do?
I started this sale as a BI and made a large purchase with my 10% BILOVE coupon and now am eligible as a VIB, does that mean that I am able to use the VIBLOVE code for 15% for the last 2 days of the sale (until 04/21/15)???
I signed up for Beauty Insider in store and I don't think I provided an email. I'm now at VIB status and would like to use my points online. Could I get assistance with linking my accounts? Thanks!
I recently made a purchase in-store and even though the cashier scanned my card, the purchase was not logged in my account nor were the points added. Can someone help me add my points to my online account?
I have dry,oily, and a lot of blackheads on my face. And I have to go to a wedding next month, I need fast results. What would you recommend. I need answers, quick.
Ive been using my beauty insider card on my iphone and now rec'd myVIB card in the store, how do I link them or do I need to.
Have all the Rouge members received their emails or are they being sent in waves? My friend who is also Rouge member said she got her 15% email a couple days ago but I still haven't received mine! I seem to be having trouble receiving Rouge emails despite an accurate email address and emailing CS asking them to make sure I'm on the correct mailing lists! 
My birthday is quickly coming up and I still haven't received the Nars birthday present email. I am also not given the option to add the item into my online cart. 
Just wanted to know if there is any way to change a letter in my nickname its spelled sertenity20 but should be serrenity20
sephora wow.jpg
Like reading Sephora Customer Service Nightmare stories? Here we go...   About a month ago I ordered roughly $100 of products through I selected the Algenist promo (I'm VIB Rouge). When my order arrived after seven days (not two), the sample was simply not in the package.   I called Sephora and Customer Service was initially pretty nice about it. They said they would send me the Algenist promo separately, no problem. I checked and the order appeared in my order history. After a week -- and still no Algenist promo replacement -- I checked online. The FREE replacement order status oddly read: "unsuccessful transaction".   Once again I called Sephora and was told by Customer Service that they had run out of the Algenist promo. Yet a second time, I was without the sample. After much discussion with the Customer Service rep, she processed an alternative replacement for the RougeAmore/Amore Pacific skin care kit. She put me on hold for a l-o-n-g time and finally verified that the replacement order had been approved by a manager due to the ongoing customer service problems and that I would be receiving the kit in two days.   Another week passed. No RougeAmore/Amore Pacific skin care kit. No related order even in my order history. A third time now, I called Sephora's Customer Service team. The (completely unapologetic) Customer Service rep sighed and told me the previous rep had noted my account but never verified the replacement approval with a manager and never even processed the replacement order. She refused to let me speak to a manager. She refused to give me her Customer Service rep ID. She expressed zero regret for what was a THIRD broken promise to a multi-year VIB Rouge customer (I have one of the original RED Sephora cards, in addition to my Rouge card). WHY? I asked this rep. What gives? The RougeAmore/Amore Pacific code is still working. How difficult can resolving a customer service issue be for Sephora's Customer Service team?   FINALLY, the Customer Service rep agreed to have a manager call me back before 5 PM Pacific time that day. I waited, but a manager never called. Finally at 6:30 PM Pacific time (after I had headed out for the evening), the manager called. Somehow the call went straight to voice mail. The manager left a message. He suggested I call back to the 800 hotline again if I "have a problem that still needs to be resolved." Clearly the manager has been given zero details about the Customer Service issues. So I have to go through this whole process again?????   I'm flabbergasted. All I can say is: aaaarrrrrrrrrggggghhhhh!   Any advice from VIB or Rouge members?   Oh -- by the way -- after multiple calls to Customer Service over the past year, I still don't receive Rouge email promos, snail mail promos, or event invites. The only way I learn about Rouge events in through this Forum and other external message boards.
I am trying to get to the makeover survey. I cannot find the link anywhere. Thanks! 
There's one person who's comments, while may not be bad enough to report, are still rude and snippy. Can you block other users on here so you can't see their posts?
When will the YSL Effet Faux Creme D 'Eyeliner be back in stock again? I feel as though I've been on the email list forever ):  
I have a sephora beauty insider card that I've been using for a few years now, and I just signed up on the website. Is there anyway I can transfer the points to my account?