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I recently bookmarked several posts and it said it was saved. My question is how do I access my bookmarks?
I need to delete a review I mad raving about the Wen Cleansing conditioner after realizing that my hair was shedding more than usual, I thought it was just me but when I heard about the lawsuit being filled it made sense to me and I am super upset now.
Hi, I placed an order yesterday and it didn't go through, but my status has changed to vib rouge. Now, I cannot use the vib discount code. I called the customer service this morning and they said that they would send me an email with a code for the vib discount. I haven't recieved it yet. Can you check to see when they going to send the email? thank you
In store I was told I was a VIB Rouge and got my new card and everything. However, online it still says I'm a VIB.
Hi, I plan on purchasing 3 MUFE artist shadows + a case during the VIB sale and I was wondering how the $20 discount will work with the 20% VIB code. I heard somewhere that the $20 doesn't apply when you use the 20% off code to make an online purchase, is this true?   Thanks for your help.
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Hi, anyone knows if they are going back in stock or not? I have waited for a while thanks
I know it's part of the new holiday collection and I was looking forward to get it. Is it going to be restocked or is it permanently gone now? 
I am wondering if the new Brow Raising Brow Wardrobe in Medium/Dark going to come back in stock or is it gone permanently online?
I placed an order with my credit card last night, aug.12/2015 and I went through fine but this morning I checked the status and it came up as unsuccessful authorization. It's gone through on my credit card as well. What happened with my order? And will I be refunded my money?
Is my VIB Rouge 20% coupon (with barcode) already linked to my VIB Rouge account, or do I still need to present my VIB card along with my coupon at the Sephora counter?
Is it still gonna come back to stock? Why I couldn't add it in my email notification? 
Been having this issue for awhile now, would love to have this fixed for the 20% off this weekend!! Tysm.  
Hi, the 20% off event for Nov 6 for VIB rouge is it need to apply the code GIFTROUGE ? or as a vib rouge it autocratically apply that  20% discount on my purchase?
So i ordered some stuff on October 31st and i believe i selected the free shipping which i think takes up to three days? Well it's been 5 and it still hasn't shipped or had a tracking number. I have also check my email and my account here and still nothing :/
Hi, I am a VIB Rouge Member but it doesn't show on my online account, and I wonder the 20% OFF event is it only in store this Friday?
Hi, I'm a VIB Rouge member but I didn't receive any email regarding the November sale. I heard from my friend that I have to RSVP in order to attend the in-store sale. Can anyone help resend an invitation to me? or any other way to help resolve the issue?   Many Thanks!!!   Daisy
Hello, I recieved my order today but I am missing 2 items I am extremely annoyed and upset about this can someone please help? Katie  
I need to merge my accounts because I am VIB in store but not VIB online.    Please help!
A cashier recently told me that the email that is connected to my VIB rouge card is incorrect, but she can't change it in store. How can I change this? I am apparently missing out on all VIB rouge offers and invites.
How long does it take for you to email back? I have been waiting a couple days. Also, my package hasn't even shipped yet. And I was suppose to get it today. Never have. 
hi sephora ! im a vib rouge almost a year now but i didnt receipt any promotion or disscount from mail or email . I know sephora have 20% off next week but how can i get that ?
hi sephora ! im a vib rouge almost a year now but i didnt receipt any promotion or disscount from mail or email . I know sephora have 20% off next week but how can i get that ?
Hi, I just recently made an order and received my package today. Sadly, one of the products I ordered was missing. How do I go about receiving that product or getting a refund?
Is there any way to see what shade of lipstick goes with skintone?
Hi, I placed an order yesterday and the status is Unsuccessful Authorization. Can somebody tell me what this means? I've sent two emails to Constumer Support and I still don't have a reply. I would appreciate your help on this. If some stuff is cancelled, wo when could it be refunded?