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Hi i accidentally put my birthday a wrong date and it needs to be may 28th could you please fix it so i can get the birthday gift? Thank you!
Hi, i just reviewed the KAT VON D Blotting powder and realized that i reviewed the wrong shade in my review... wanted to edit the post to put the correct color... can someone help me out? Thank you!
It did not crash, but my Apple Wallet did say a transaction went through but it seems to me that my order did not process through? Because the items I wanted to purchase are still in my cart and I did not receive an order confirmation from Sephora... Is this happening to anyone else? *First time ordering through the app, so not sure if it's the app or Apple Pay, or both*
Whatever samples I select with my online purchase, I never receive the same. But i can still view them available in the samples section. Does that happen to anyone? They even show up in my purchase history which is incorrect.
What's the difference between a Beauty Guru and a Hall of Famer?
I must've created two accounts at some point because I have a Sephora VIB card but when I log onto my account it says that I am only a "Beauty Insider" and when I search my purchase history, none of the products that I bought that boosted me to the VIB status, show up. How do I connect the two accounts then? I have tried using all of my old passwords and I have even checked my spam mail to maybe find the old account. 
In need of the appropriate person who runs BEAUTYTALK regarding an unpleasant experience on this board. The moderator has not responded and the issue is worth escalating, Regarding Sephora's guidelines, they are perfectly acceptable and understandable, however left feeling it was not acknowledged. At the moment, the fun of shopping @Sephora and trying to participate on BEAUTYTALK  has certainly taken the enjoyment away.
I have an account and I am a VIP member but every time I enter my birthday to be a BI member is says "account fail."
I recently bought some items at a Sephora store and forgot to show them my Beauty Insider card. Can I still get points from it? Thanks
I received my order today, and none of the samples, including the deluxe sample (Sunday Riley Luna Oil), came with the order. The only thing I received with my order is the post card-sized one-time use sample of the Tom Ford Noir fragrance, but nothing else.    To give a bit of a background, I have received numerous orders in the past that came with no samples (not substitutions, just plain old nothing!), so I had to take my time to complain a few times so that they can be rectified. I was told at the time that a "special team" was assigned to pack my order, and a good number of orders since then have come in perfectly.. until today. I called the rouge concierge line a few minutes ago, and while Travis was certainly sympathetic, he wasn't able to offer anything. He added that he couldn't offer any points either, because I wasn't allowed to have points added in manually.. which he said has to do with the previous complaints about the same issue and the compensatory 50-100 points that were added a few times. Seriously?    So... what I'm told is that for the mistakes that Sephora has made and for my time and effort to make sure that I receive my items as I ordered I'm supposed to just sit back and get gypped? I'd very much like to have a mod reach out to me to correct this matter. Thank you.
Hello,   I ordered all of the Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadows during the Spring Sale event, save for Smoldering Satin since it was out of stock. Unfortunately, 2 of my items didn't arrive from my order (Sea Siren and Sunset Cove). My credit card was charged for the full amount of my order. Can someone help me? I got them with the 15% off and would rather wait and get them sent to me when they come back in stock, if necessary, so that I don't have to pay extra for them. Thank you for taking the time to read this!   Warmly, Michelle
I recently bought products at a Sephora store and the cashier said she couldn't find my beauty insider account. Is there any way I could add the points right now? I have the receipt
I have the same question. I REACHED VIB on line. BUT they don't send me new promotion code. I don't have any discount...So what should I do.....
I just paid using Apple Pay on the Sephora app. The charge went through but the app still says I still have items in my basket, prompting me to checkout and pay again... what happened to the first time I paid? Why didn't I get an order confirmation?
i just joined play by sephora when will i get my april sephora box??? or when will i get a tracking e-mail???
I need help linking my VIB card that I just got in-store at Sephora. I made a sephora account few months, I thought I could link my card to my sephora account online but  I'm having trouble doing so. Any help would be nice!
I need to change my birthday to the 16th of April because I accidentally put in 16th May and I dont know how to do that? xxx
This is the second time I've had 'Unsuccessful Authorization', first time was understandable as my shipping warehouse in the US is not allowed according to Sephora's terms and conditions, but this time round I've tired sending it to my friends address and it came up with the same 'Unsuccessful Authorization'. Is someone able to message me personally as to why this has occurred?
I was just wondering if you could tell me when the Marc Jacobs coconut tan bronzer would be released
I purchased the INVISIBOBBLE Time To Shine clear hair ties and the Marc Jacobs Daisy. Unfortunately I did not get my points. What can I do to get them?
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Would you be bringing the products of the Tarte Make Believe In Yourself collection to stores? I really love the collection and I would like it to be sold at Sephora stores.
I've been wanting to try the Drunk Elephant line for quite some time, and have noticed it starting to pop up in some retail locations. Is Sephora/ Drunk Elephant planning on putting together some sets that will be available in Canada?
This is probably a stupid question but I just joined Beauty Talk and in my profile i see that I have earned (?) red hearts.  What are they about?
Hello! Recently I posted a review On the Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray and I forgot to disclose that I received the product complimentary for testing purposes from influenster and I was wondering if there was any way to modify the post or have it deleted so I could repost the review. Thank you for your time!