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I have dry,oily, and a lot of blackheads on my face. And I have to go to a wedding next month, I need fast results. What would you recommend. I need answers, quick.
I am trying to get to the makeover survey. I cannot find the link anywhere. Thanks! 
Like reading Sephora Customer Service Nightmare stories? Here we go...   About a month ago I ordered roughly $100 of products through I selected the Algenist promo (I'm VIB Rouge). When my order arrived after seven days (not two), the sample was simply not in the package.   I called Sephora and Customer Service was initially pretty nice about it. They said they would send me the Algenist promo separately, no problem. I checked and the order appeared in my order history. After a week -- and still no Algenist promo replacement -- I checked online. The FREE replacement order status oddly read: "unsuccessful transaction".   Once again I called Sephora and was told by Customer Service that they had run out of the Algenist promo. Yet a second time, I was without the sample. After much discussion with the Customer Service rep, she processed an alternative replacement for the RougeAmore/Amore Pacific skin care kit. She put me on hold for a l-o-n-g time and finally verified that the replacement order had been approved by a manager due to the ongoing customer service problems and that I would be receiving the kit in two days.   Another week passed. No RougeAmore/Amore Pacific skin care kit. No related order even in my order history. A third time now, I called Sephora's Customer Service team. The (completely unapologetic) Customer Service rep sighed and told me the previous rep had noted my account but never verified the replacement approval with a manager and never even processed the replacement order. She refused to let me speak to a manager. She refused to give me her Customer Service rep ID. She expressed zero regret for what was a THIRD broken promise to a multi-year VIB Rouge customer (I have one of the original RED Sephora cards, in addition to my Rouge card). WHY? I asked this rep. What gives? The RougeAmore/Amore Pacific code is still working. How difficult can resolving a customer service issue be for Sephora's Customer Service team?   FINALLY, the Customer Service rep agreed to have a manager call me back before 5 PM Pacific time that day. I waited, but a manager never called. Finally at 6:30 PM Pacific time (after I had headed out for the evening), the manager called. Somehow the call went straight to voice mail. The manager left a message. He suggested I call back to the 800 hotline again if I "have a problem that still needs to be resolved." Clearly the manager has been given zero details about the Customer Service issues. So I have to go through this whole process again?????   I'm flabbergasted. All I can say is: aaaarrrrrrrrrggggghhhhh!   Any advice from VIB or Rouge members?   Oh -- by the way -- after multiple calls to Customer Service over the past year, I still don't receive Rouge email promos, snail mail promos, or event invites. The only way I learn about Rouge events in through this Forum and other external message boards.
There's one person who's comments, while may not be bad enough to report, are still rude and snippy. Can you block other users on here so you can't see their posts?
When will the YSL Effet Faux Creme D 'Eyeliner be back in stock again? I feel as though I've been on the email list forever ):  
I have a sephora beauty insider card that I've been using for a few years now, and I just signed up on the website. Is there anyway I can transfer the points to my account?
Hello to the BT Staffers,   There are quite a number of duplicate posts (in Asian characters) by a newcomer to BT.  They are on numerous boards and  look like spam as far as I can tell.  Would a staff member please delete these?    Thank you!
i have the order summary in my package with everything i ordered and PURCHASED listed and checked off. only thing is one item is missing from the package! this was supposed to be a gift. what do i have to do to make sure i get this item?
Hi there,      I recently made a purchase at a sephora store and forgot to present my beauty insider card. How do I add those points from my receipt? 
I always purchase at store using my insider card, but when I check my points and purchases online, it doesnt appear. How do i make them appear?
I use products that are paraben and phthalate free and not tested on animals and so far I have found that your brand you carry Tarte meets the three criterias I look for. Is there other brands that offer the above?  
I purchased a moisturizer and a clarisonic. The moisturizer is in the purchase history but not the clearsonic. I purchased a foundation yesterday and a Peter Thomas Roth set and the foundation and all the free gifts are on the purchase history but not the set. Please help
Hi, i bought 300 dollars worth of make up and the lady said that she'd put these points in my new sephora beauty insider card and i am trying to register it online and it says i have zero points?? help !!
I am a VIB member, but when I registered with my email address there is no place to add my member card number, so my account does not show my points or correct membership status, and I cannot use my coupons. How do I connect it?
Hello I made a purchase today in the store, but forgot to give my beauty insider information. I would like to have the stuff I bought today on my history! How can I add? Thanks!
Hi!   I bought the Smash Box Try It Kit a few months ago, and used it maybe twice maximum, before realizing it wasn't the right shade for me. I still have the receipt and everything, I was just wondering if it was still possible to return it? The only reason I haven't done so yet is because I don't have a Sephora anywhere near me.    Thanks!
I have recently purchase something but was not able to it to my beauty insider account. How can I add it? I have my receipt 
I made a purchase at a Sephora store and despite giving my telephone number to the associate to lookup my VIB account, the sale was not recorded as a Beauty Insider sale. How do I add this purchase to my account and relieve the appropriate points?
I've been trying to place an order, but every time I click the "place order" button it says that I need to check my billing adress, but everything it's ok with my adress. And you discount the money from my credit card but I don't place the order. I'm using a prepaid walmart  credit card MasterCard. It's my first time buying Sephora online. I'm frustrated. I need help.
Why didn't I get beauty points for the clarisonic items i purchased in store?
Hey guys i just bought tis hair cream a couple days a go and i just absolutely hate it. Does anyone know if i can still return it iv only used it once and bought it literally yesterday
hi im looking for  sephora collection eyeshadow by the name of espresso shot it still available?
hi i think my sephora accounts are being messed up this one used to be connected to one of my other emails and now its hooke dup to this one i think i have two accounts because my most recent purchases aren't coming up and imnot getting points even though i used my card please help i bought an expensive perfume and was suppose to get tripe the points
Hi, did your exchange policies change?   I sent my husband to exchange something for me and he said the SA said policies have changed. The product was not used but he lost the receipt.
Hi ladies,   I am 35 years old and I have had really oily skin since age 12.  I'm so tired of it.  And I don't know if it's my age or what, but foundations that I've used in the past just don't work anymore.  For the last 10 years I had been using Bare Minerals original, then I switches to matte.  But I find that it just doesn't work for me anymore.  For the last year I have been on the hunt for one that will.  I've used Hourglass Immaculate, which I originally thought was my holy grail...but I find that I can't get a really good shade match and it can look too matte.  I have tested so many...Tarte powder foundation and the 12 hour one, Estee Lauder Double Wear Light, Laura Mercier for oily skin, Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24h, Arbonne liquid and powder foundation Clinique Stay Matte, Almay TLC.  There are probably others that I just can't remember.  Then I went back to Bare Minerals matte.  Then back to Hourglass.  I know there is no "perfect" foundation and that an oily skinned girl will have to deal with some shine.  But here's my issue:  every foundation starts off looking great, within an hour or two I'm already greasy, another hour or two and I look like a hot mess.  A lot of foundations oxidise on me as well.  And if a foundation starts off looking light/natural, within a few hours it looks heavy and fake.  I would love any suggestions that you might have to offer!!!   Also, I have acne prone skin.  I like a natural finish...not too matte (that's my issue with Hourglass Immaculate).   Thank you!!!
I was told I could just go online and add my points because she forgot to ask for my beauty insider card. But I don't see that do I do it then?
Hi there, I have been a VIB for months in store, but my online doesn't show the same status. Can someone help? -D.