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what are the names of the eyeshadows that come in a MUFE artist shadow sample,  Item # 1635531? I´m in love with them and really want to purchase them
I bought a few items today at Sephora and the items/points are not showing on my account. Is there a way to add them to my account with a receipt?
Today at the store i was told i had 150 beauty insider points. I didnt redeem anything .,when i login to my account it says i have o points. whats going on
hi, i was told my online account and store account were linked but i am unable to view my most recent online order on my account. My points from this purchase have not shown up on my BI account eaither. How do I resolve this? I am also unable to acess previous private messages from my online BI account! PLease help!
Hi,I registered the number of sephora more than 1 year,but i still can not be the beauty insider,system give me the announce that 'Create BI Account failed'.Could you please help me registering that?And another question is that I bought a product of Fresh in the insider shop,but I forgot to tell the cashier I am a member of sephora,so I missed earning the points.The receipt photo is in the attachment.thank u
Hi,   I got this message every time tried to sign up for beauty insider. Can somebody please help me with the problem? Thanks.
I once was a BI then I made more purchases and I became a VIB and my account on Sephora has not updated. When I received VIB Rouge my account still says I'm a BI and I have 86 points but in reality I actually have around 1243 points. Since my account isn't updating I feel like I am missing out on the notifications on the VIB sales and other perks.
I have the mobile sephora app and I'd love for the beauty talk to be available. The beauty board is prominent however you have to go to the full site to access BT. I would the full site on mobile is a bit clunky and I'd love to access BT from the app. I like the discussions here and I'd like to keep up with it when I'm only on my phone. I would rather have BT than the glossy or even the beauty board.
If i want to get my makeup done in a week, should i call to make an appointment? and is the appointment free or do i need to make a purchase, if so, how much?
I regularly get emails letting me know about in store events in Toronto (a 6 hour drive away) when I have a Sephora a 5 minute walk away from my home in Montréal.    My local store has events all the time which I never receive emails about and are never posted on their online calendar (I don't think they use it at all). The only way that I happen to hear about my local events is if I chat up a cast member in store.    Am I on the wrong mailing list? Is this normal? How do you lovelies find out about your local store events? 
I just visit Sephora store to to a makeover. ( not book  appointment ) I have 2 hours free while I were waiting my brother. So, I were browsing and asking to do a makeover.  I thought a makeover will be free for a VIB Rouge anyway. But to make sure, I ask some lady about the price of makeover for confirmation and mention that I am a VIB Rouge. The lady told me that I still need to purchase a $50.00 in make up stuffs. I am willing to do so because I really like the contour kit which the MUA recommended.    I came home and read some information on BeautyTalk.  And , mot others VIBs and Rouges said it was  free. I wonder it is free because they book beforehand via phone and online. I need to purchase a $50.00 worth make up in order to get the makeover free because I walk in ? because when they see the card, they will know me as a VIB Rouge anyway. By the way, the makeover is also CM ? I remember that they call CM for my service when I made payment.    I just want to confirm though. 
Is there any way to update our product reviews? I usually wait to review a product to make sure it's thorough, but sometimes a product's efficacy changes or something new comes up with continued use of the product or another factor effects the product.   It doesn't look like there's a way to do it (and you can't add more than one review to an item), but maybe we can have the feature added?   I'm thinking specifically of a self tanner I bought that was ok, but then after spending a lot of time in the gym lately, I've noticed the smell becomes overwhelming and atrocious--really really horrible, like rancid fried chicken or something. People should be warned! lol   Thanks!
Okay I have searched and searched and searched for an answer but I can't find one!! How on earth do you combine two beauty insider cards? I found an old one from a few years back (no idea how many points I have on it) and I'd like to add it to this account.   Thanks for any help!  
For some reason, I never get notifications when someone replies to my thread, hearts my post or comment, comments to me, etc. Am I missing something? I have to manually scroll around to find posts I've contributed to to see if anyone has replied to me, and it is getting annoying!
I love the Tarte Amazonian clay blush but was wondering how the Kat Von D blush compares  in staying power?
Hey. I was just wondering if there was an ETA on when this color would be restocked? Also, I went to the three stores near me that the website said it was stocked, and when I went there they said they couldn't find any.   All of these stores have their drawers incredibly unorganized, and it's no wonder they can't find anything.    It's sad, cause I really want this lipstick.  
Placed and order on 8/10/14 during the 2X event, but have not received the extra points for my order?     
I usually shop in Sephora stores as opposed to online, and I have VIB Rouge, but I'm not sure how to connect my status with my online account.
Sorry to bother with administrative stuff today. But when I (and I note, others) try to reply to what someone has said on a post, this message appears:   Sorry, unable to complete the action you requested.   This happens whether the comment being replied to has a photo or is just text.   I'm on Firefox.
I need to return a foundation to a sephora store but I don't have the original packaging or a receipt. Am I still able to return it?
Why my order status is "unsuccessful authorization" when my debit card was charged fully? This is the first time i change my address and i don't know why i have this problem? im a foreigner so i want your help very much. Thank you!
I recently made VIB status and i picked up my card in the store but i didnt get any welcome Kit. Do i still get one?
I currently use Dior Forever No 30, I would like to use YSL FUSION INK.  What would be a comparable shade?
i need to find a good foundation for my skin that last throughout  the day, but also is okay on oily
Hi, i recently made a purchase at sephora and I did not have my beauty insider card with me so I gave them my information instead but they just couldnt find me, is there any way I can add/transfer the items I bought to my beauty insider card online?
Why can't I find Anastasia illumin8 youthful synergy eye pallete no. 2 anywhere? Is it discontinued?
I made a purchase today at a Sephora inside JCP. Normally, my points from my purchase populate right away when I log into my account. However, I don't see my points or my purchase showing up at all. If it so happens that an employee didn't scan my VIB card is there a way to get the points? Thank you. 
I recently bookmarked a couple if looks from the "What are you Wearing?" thread, but I can't find where they went. 
I have purchased a lot from Nordstrom and they are so cutting edge, with amazing formulations.  They leave a lot of the other brands that you carry in the dust. 
Hello, I am trying to figure out which color Becca skin tint souffle I should get for my nc42-nc44 cheeks?