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I submitted a review before I was done. Any way I can get it deleted so I can redo it. It was for the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD cover stick.
Oops--I just accidentally left a review for the wrong IT Cosmetics CC Cream. Any chance of deleting it? I left a review for the one with Illumination when I meant to leave it for the Original! :\
Does Sephora accept empty perfume bottles for recycling? I've read online that if you have a certain amount of empty bottles from a particular perfume company, you can get a discount on your next bottle. This is a great recycle program, but I like to wear a lot of scents and have lots of different empty bottles I'm not sure what to do with. i'd hate to throw out perfectly good, pretty glass containers, but they're starting to pile up. Any suggestions? 
Hello,   I just received my order today and 2 of the three samples are missing. on the order sheet it lists the samples, however I did not receive them.
Recently there has been a surge in spamming on the BT forum. Links to various potentially harmful sites are posted multiple times a day on the forum.   Fortunately, the lively chatter on various threads "drowns out" these new threads/posts but it's still a nuisance. Apart from being annoying, this may present a security concern for some people since our user names are linked to our Sephora accounts.    Can a moderator please look into making BT less....spammy?    Thanks   Spoiler (Highlight to read)
  I just opened one of my orders and there seems to be spill damages in my shipment, what is there to do next as it did ruin some of my other products too!
Hi! Does anyone know how to link to a product in their beautytalk replies? Sometimes when people reply to me, under their reply it has links and pictures of the products they mentioned. How do you do that? Thanks
Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 6.51.09 PM.png
I am getting this tech error message when trying to use BeautyTalk.  I am only able to navigate through the site if I get an update email to my email address with a direct link. I can then navigate through the side columns but I cannot see the main page and/or click the BeautyTalk link at the top of the page. (get error message again) and it will not let me log out either.   Help!!! I am super addicted to visiting this page multiple times per day so I am FREAKING right now.
When I created my beauty insider account, I forgot to enter my birthday but would still ike to receive my birthday gift. Is there any way I can edit that?
Hello! I placed an order yesterday worth 299 points but I am getting the error  Create BI Account failed when I try to make the account. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Is Sephora Metamorphosis Exfoliating Powder discontinued?
Hi there,   I made a couple of purchases in July and just noticed that my points were not added to my account.    Thanks!
My Beauty points that I earned at Sephora store is not showing up online account
Need help deleting a review I wrote on the mufe artist rouge lipsticks so I can submit another review and check off the box saying I received the product to review.
I recently bought the Urban Decay "freelove" eyeshadow. But the lady didnt scan my VIB card so i didnt get points for it. Is there any way i can have it added to my account now? Unfortunately I lost the receipt... so I dont know
Hi! I was posting a review for my Make Up Forever Artist Rouge Lipsticks and I didn't write a title for the review and I never clicked the box to say I received my products as a free sample since I was doing it on my phone and I didn't see the option. Would someone be able to remove my review so I can post it correctly this time? Thank you!
I'm not sure how to add friends in this community? Is there how-to information posted somewhere that I can read? 
Hi, I'm keen to buy the GHD Electric Pink Deluxe Set ITEM 1864958 - I live in both New Zealand and USA.  Will this still work (and not break) if I plug it into an AU/NZ adapter plug when I am in NZ? Thanks
So I was wondering if anyone could tell me what its like to get your makeup done at Sephora? I am trying to find a good place to go to for homecoming, last year I went to mac but I just want to explore and see if there are any better places such as Sephora. And also how much does it cost and does it work better to call or come in to make your appointment.
Hi!   I need to change my address on my Elle subscription that I received through Sephora. How do I do this?   Thanks!
Hi! I didn't get an option to tick the 'received as a sample' when I posted my review, can you help me edit or delete the old one please? Thanks
Hi guys, I just purchased this favourites set online and then read that it says redeem the voucher at a US store. Has anyone tried to redeem this in Canada? 
I have three beauty insider cards, as the first two broke and were replaced by sales associates, however the first card is the one linked to my account and I have points and purchase information associated with the other two cards. I've tried to get sales associates to link the cards, as well as someone on the phone support but it has been unsuccessful so far. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?
My order status says Unsuccessful Authorization however money has been charged from my account. What do i do?