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Hello! Recently I posted a review On the Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray and I forgot to disclose that I received the product complimentary for testing purposes from influenster and I was wondering if there was any way to modify the post or have it deleted so I could repost the review. Thank you for your time! 
Hi there,   Today I made an order amount $226 through Paypal, but until now I havent received any confirmation order from Sephora regarding my order. Yet, my credit card that I linked to Paypal been charged already.    The status on my Paypal as follow " This is a temporary authorization to make sure your payment method will cover the payment. Your payment method will be charged when Sephora USA Inc completes your order".    I thought when I choose Paypal as method payment, Sephora send me confirmation order right away. Please help, TIA
i would like to link my VIB card with my online account. thanks!!
I got my beauty insider card in the store, but I remembered that I only told the cashier my full name. Now, I want to link my card to my account, could you help me to do it?
I received everything payed for EXCEPT the free samples I ordered, how can I get them???
I missed my Bday month in Sept. with the bday gift and went to my local sephora and asked if it was too late, and they said yes it was too late in Oct. My friend missed hers by two months and was given her gift recently and just told me about it. Do you have different rules at different locations? I shop there often and was disappointed to hear that the answer isn't the same for everyone. 
I like to browse products by brand, not category. It's very frustrating to not be able to see the list, because I can't always recall a brand name and need the memory jog of seeing it in front of me.
Hello, I just received the Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge To Go Gift Set as a gift but I would like to return it. I have not used any of the products and they remain in the packaging that I received them in. I do not have a receipt and I do not know when the item was purchased. The Sephora site says that it is an online exclusive and limited edition but it is still available for purchase. Would I be able to return this item in-store for cash or store credit? Thank You!  
I signed in store for the beauty insider card.. and I guess the salesperson miss spelled my email. I need to link my right email to my insider card.. please advise. Thanks.
hola a todas.... hoy subi de nivel a vip ROUGE yeiiii!  alguien habla espanol?  quiero reserar mis clases pero quiero saber si hay profesoras en espanoll!
I have around 490 points and already qualified for VIB in stores (I even recieved the welcome basket after giving the cashier my email and telling her that I never received it after I passed 350 points last time I shopped there), but online it still says I'm a beauty insider. I tried using my free shipping card but it says it wont qualify because I'm not a VIB but I'm supposed to be.
hello! I made an order today and used the promo code EYEPICK2 but I only got one sample when must be two (including the eye cream) please, can somebody help me? sorry I speak spanish, my english is not good. Thanks!  Spoiler (Highlight to read)    
My beauty insider card online says i have 0 points but in store it says i have 400 or more points by now so i need help getting my points to show up 
i forgot i had this one and made another one, and now i don't need this account. can someone help me delete this account?
I'm trying to add my birthday gift to my cart but it's not letting me check out and says it can't be shipped to my location but I've brought tarte things from Sephora before and they have shipped perfectly fine to my location please can someone help ? I'm a customer from the uk ?
EXCHANGE AN ITEM TWICE?    So I got an Anastasia Beverly Hills cream palette for Christmas this year. The color ended up being too dark (i could tell before even touching it) and looked dried out so I never even used it, just went in and exchanged it in January for a lighter shade. The original date my mom bought it was Nov. 27th. After exchanging it I have not tried the new one until now, and this color doesn't work either its not for my skin color and it made my cheeks break out. They are just so much i'd hate to lose out, I don't want money back or anything to that nature, i'd just like a piece of makeup that isn't going to go to waste. My question is if Sephora would allow me to make another exchange? i never make returns/exchanges this was my first ever. I also have both original receipts from the OG purchase and from the first exchange as well. Anyone who can help i'd really appreciate it! CommunityUsersPrivate Messages
I purchased the Sunday Riley power duo from a Sephora store. I used it a couple of days ago and woke up with an pretty bad allergic reaction. I won't ever be using these two products on my skin again, and would like to return them asap.   However, I don't have the physical receipt, and I can't find this product in my online purchase history anymore. Can I still return this product at a Sephora store, or get a store credit?   Thank you in advance.
I received a survey email from Sephora -- I'm just wondering if it's a legitimate survey or spam? I haven't seen the email address posted anywhere as one that comes from Sephora -- Thanks!! 💖
my birthday in my profile is wrong it says it's january first but its actually feb. 25 idk how to change it so that i can get my birthday gift
I went in today to redeem my 50 bonus point card from my play box. The associate at the register told me she would go ahead and give it to me anyway as the company hasn't been very open in letting people know but that in the future you now have o buy a full size item from the play box to redeem the card. She was very nice about it and gave me a small sample as apology which was nice. Is what she is saying true? The 50 bonus points has been a reason to go in and buy something each month. Like today a metallist liquid foil lipstick. However if this is indeed the case, there are months where the bonus points are going to go to waste as there isn't always something I want in full size. I get why they would like to do it his way but it seems this policy change if indeed it is true would hurt sales instead of help. I'm sure I'm far from being the only one who won't go in monthly now to unit something to use the card. 
Does Sephora offer in Store pick up? I really hated when I checked online it said it is available in  near my  store. when I  actually came  to the store they did not have it . I wish sephora offer in store pick up . that way I don't have to wast my time to the store.  Especially she they launch new products, that way I can reserve the item. Do you agree ?
Has anyone tried returning products (via mail) and had customer service tell them their product center received an empty box with only a packing slip inside? This just happened to me today... I returned around $130 of face products (they broke me out/allergic reaction) in January, got the confirmation from the warehouse they received my return and were processing it over two weeks ago. I recently inquired about the status of my return, and they wanted me to call customer service, which seemed silly to do just to check the status. I emailed them all the info (order number, the items in the package, and the tracking number) and still called my cell. Left a message saying they got an empty box and to call them back, but then continued to email me. I asked what I was supposed to do next in this process and they just stopped communicating with me...   So, has anyone else had issues with mailed returns? I had previous issues (around two or three years ago) mailing returns, but it seemed like they updated their system, giving you tracking info, etc. I guess not.
I am trying to link my VIB card but it won't let please help
Hi! On my profile i have the wrong birthday. I wanted to know how can I change this to February 7. Thank you. 
I purchased 6 gift cards, each in the amount of $25 at the beginning of January. When my friends went to use their cards, they are showing a balance of $0. Please help! I have spent $150 for nothing!  
I ordered something almost 2 weeks ago order number: where is my order?????? I tried calling Canada post and there not picking up can someone from Sephora call this is ridiculous!!
I am beyond fuming! Like is my order lost or something it almost been two weeks!! And there STILL not showing any signs of delivery oh my god like seriously? Someone needs to do something cause I'm done.