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I received my order today (which was great!) and almost everything was in it, except for one of my samples.. which was a philosophy perfume I was excited to try..  
I have some receipts from when i purchased something in store and didn't give my beauty insider info. I wanted to get my points added
Hi, I've ordered products since the 17/01/2016 and the order status says "UNSUCCESSFUL AUTHORIZATION". Can you please clear this up and explain what has happened because my credit card details are correct. Also i received no email informing me that my order was cancelled. Extremely disappointed since I'm a new member. 
I don't know if somebody can help me with this, but my BI card isn't link to my online profile. How can I link it? Thank you
When I try to create a BI account after ordering things online it doesn't work? Can anyone help with this? Don't want to lose my points
What are the different 'levels' of this? I see people with different titles next to their names, like 'Beauty Guru', 'Special Guest', etc. I have 'newcomer' next to mine. How can this change and can you explain what each differenent name means? Thanks
is it just me or is everyone having trouble editing posts/replying to posts? basically all i can do for a personal post is heart it.
I need to delete a review I mad raving about the Wen Cleansing conditioner after realizing that my hair was shedding more than usual, I thought it was just me but when I heard about the lawsuit being filled it made sense to me and I am super upset now.
Hi i didnt register my points in store is there a way of doing it threw my receipt? thank you 
I just got a beauty insiders card in sephora and got 60 points added to it. How do I create an online account with my card that has 60 point on it?
I went for a makeover last weekend, I bought a lot of stuff, I had the cashier remove the Murad moisturizer cream and eye treatment, she removed just the eye treatment. But still billed me for the moisturizer, which I was unaware was still on my bill, and I do not have the moisturizer. I get home and check my receipt, and sure enough.. She didn't remove it. What can I do? This was a 72.00 charge, which I didn't want, especially since I do not have the product. I visited the store last Saturday.
I've recently submitted two very thorough reviews that I thought would be very helpful for others and neither has been posted.  It's very frustrating.  Other threads on this issue always have Sephora associates PMing people with answers so I can't glean any info from them.  Appreciate some help.
So I have emailed Sephora twice now in regards to this package. I would like to say my "main" item was not damaged how ever I used a promo code to be able to get Clinique's smart repair serum deluxe sample, which was missing, I would assume it fell out of this huge hole. I know that they will not replace the 3 free samples but I really was looking forward to the deluxe sample and was wondering if they would do anything about this. I was very shocked and disappointed in the shipping of this since it was cologne and was fragile. I know this was more than likely UPS's issue but if Sephora is going to use them they need to make sure they make their customers happy if something like this happens. They chose to use UPS and they chose to cover the "fragile" word on top of the box with the shipping label. Any help??
I received my order today, and none of the samples, including the deluxe sample (Sunday Riley Luna Oil), came with the order. The only thing I received with my order is the post card-sized one-time use sample of the Tom Ford Noir fragrance, but nothing else.    To give a bit of a background, I have received numerous orders in the past that came with no samples (not substitutions, just plain old nothing!), so I had to take my time to complain a few times so that they can be rectified. I was told at the time that a "special team" was assigned to pack my order, and a good number of orders since then have come in perfectly.. until today. I called the rouge concierge line a few minutes ago, and while Travis was certainly sympathetic, he wasn't able to offer anything. He added that he couldn't offer any points either, because I wasn't allowed to have points added in manually.. which he said has to do with the previous complaints about the same issue and the compensatory 50-100 points that were added a few times. Seriously?    So... what I'm told is that for the mistakes that Sephora has made and for my time and effort to make sure that I receive my items as I ordered I'm supposed to just sit back and get gypped? I'd very much like to have a mod reach out to me to correct this matter. Thank you.
I received an email for my birthday bonus, but when I go to check out, that option to redeem my gift is not there. My points will expire soon so I would really like to ordrer today. Please and thank you, and have a wonderful New Year!!
Hello - I was upgraded to VIB status in my local Sephora store.  I have been a VIB member for a few months now.  However it is not reflected online.  Could someone please assist?  Thank you!
I believe last year Sephora sold plastic brush protectors. Will you guys be selling them again???
Hello! I just received my VIB Rouge membership and I was given the special red card in stores and have gotten an email telling me my new perks. The problem is online it says that I have just now reached VIB status. I don't know how to fix this problem. Someone please help!
I purchased a bottle of Caudalie serum and Glamglow gift set, and didn't get my points in store today. The cashier did not put in my email like she said she did. I still have the receipt, is there any way I can still get the points without going back in store?
I use NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in New Guinea. I'd like to use the NARS concealer. Which one would match with my foundation the best?
So lady said i had 100 points ( i did not waste) when i checked online after i made another purchase it said i had 0 points! I have no idea whats wrong? 
So, a couple weeks ago I visited Sephora for the first time and opened a Beauty Insider account. I spent quite a bit of money and the woman helping me said that it would go towards points on my account. But they never showed up. I have made purchases since then, and those points have been added. But not the ones from my first purchase. Is there any way to get those points added to my account?
 I gave my card to the cashier but don't know it got scanned or not because the products i bought that day are not appearing in my account & points also didn't get updated. I have the receipt with me. please someone guide me how to add points.   Thank you in advance 
How can I delete my profile? 
Hello, I went to Sephora last Saturday but I forgot to put my purchase on my beauty insider, what can I do?
i just placed an order from Sephora online by "accident" and called to cancel it, but  Sephora staff said she cannot cancel it. She told me that I can either return it in store or by mail. This order I would like to return by mail, however when I looked on my recent orders 2-3 days ago with the package slips, it did not include the tracking number like they use to have. That way I can keep track on my order too.  Since they don't have tracking number included with the order . How can I do the return by mail and also tracking my return.