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Mods, any info on when links will be fixed? I've had this issue for around a week now.  Example:  link to a product, but no image is showing up al-spa-grade-kit-P375421?skuId=1431964 Thanks! 
I bought a clarisonic about 3 weeks ago and I feel like its too harsh on my face and it made me get these red bumps all over my forehead there not even pimples just bumps. 
Hi! My sister recently purchased a bunch of items from sephora online during VIB sale and she gave me some of the products including an Illamasqua blush. The blush does not suit me and I want to return it to my local store in Canada. Will I be able to return the blush without receipt to my local store even when they do not carry Illamasqua?
I'll be a Debbie Downer and say that they're filling up my newsfeed. If I can't block threads, can I block users from appearing in my newsfeed? Just a question. 
Anyone else having problems posting pictures?  BT will not let me add photos - I've tried both the "drag photos here" and the "choose file option."  Have tried it both in Explorer and Chrome and neither works.   I have also noticed over the last few days that the feature that is supposed to add the image when you paste a link to an item on the Sephora site is not working.     Anybody know if there is something I need to do to fix this (have already tried deleting browsing history & cookies and restarting computer) or whether there is an issue with the BT site?   Thank you!
I messaged a MOD about this 5 days ago and still have not received a reply, so I am just going to put this out there.   Something really strange happened when I placed an order recently. I have noticed that Canadian costumers have been talking about price swaps after their orders go through so I thought that I would screenshot my order as soon as I placed it, just incase of a price change. My order number is 2826651644 and when I placed the order the overall total (after the 15% off, taxes, and duties) was $176.00 and then I checked my conformation email and I was charged $194.43.   I have pictures of my screen showing the two varying prices, but am not going to post them publically for obvious reasons. I have made 2 orders since this incident and I have been charged correctly for both of them.
had this done at store and bought one of the suggestions foundations.  how do i get the number?
I have dry,oily, and a lot of blackheads on my face. And I have to go to a wedding next month, I need fast results. What would you recommend. I need answers, quick.
I had an account under and was using it fine yesterday and asked a quetion on here and the following is what happened.   1. I posted to have my 2nd beauty insider card linked into my account which gave me 494 points. 2. I made a purchase of over 150 and should have received more points because I didn't use any on checkout but I was prompted that I was eligible for the VIB account and then when I clicked to Learn More it showed me my points and saw they went down. 3. I ended up with 447 points so I lost points I had already and never got any more points for my purchase. 4. I posted again about this and then my entire account was deleted. I had to recreate it and now I have no points, deleted account and no purchase  history.....
Hi there, I had a old BI card transfered to my new account and when I check it out it said 313 points and 181 added today. I made a purchase which should have got me a lot of new points but now my account says I only have 447 when I had 494 before I made a purchase and didn't use any of my points in checkout. I also had a note come up after purchase that I'm elligible for the VIB but when I clicked to learn more it didn't take me anywhere and didn't let me upgrade? Help!
Hi,   I bought a Clarisonic about a month ago along with a Philosophy Purity Cleanser, but only the cleanser showed up on my recent purchase list, so I was wondering why it isn't in my recent purchase list, and I'm also wondering if I got the points for the Clarisonic?   Thanks
Does anyone know how to change your birthday on your profile? My birthday is today actually and so I came on to get my birthday gift, but it won't let me because it has that my birthday is October 1st instead of April 1st.
I have a question that's been  bothering me for so long. I went on Google and typed in project 10 pan. And I was reading  someone's blog and what she had used and thrown out and what not for project 10 pan. And I am assuming  its her follower I don't know. And the girl said there is a competition for it and once she completed it she was sent free samples. I would like to know is there really one and if so where is it at, So I could enter it I guess.
I was looking at my purchase history and I noticed my most recent purchase from January did not show up. I purchased a $60 NARS Blush palette and I didn't get the points for it. Is it possible to add points from a previous purchase?
Okay, so I had just made my profile and I need some help adding photos. I have no clue what to do.
I feel like an idiot even asking, but lately I've seen replies to topics, but they're nowhere to be found when I click on the topic.   I've tried clicking on the poster's screen name and clicking on the post through their profile and it still comes up empty.    What's going on? Something in my settings?
I seen some people said the promo also available for beauty insider, Its that ture?
I have two beauty insider cards, can i combine the points to just one? Like a transfer or something?
why would you delete my post about the glamglow that I received today?   thanks
Hi there, I'm looking to diminish the appearance of cellulite specifically on my thighs/legs. I was browsing through products and was considering try the Fat Girl Slim night time cream. Has anyone tried this? Any other suggestions for creams/cleansers to use? Thank you!
I live in Boston, MA and am looking for this foundation in shade #6.
Will you guys be getting anymore Clarisonic ARIA sets in for spring? I saw the coral one around winter/December-January time but it's gone now that I have enough money to buy it! ):
How can I fix this???   Or is this something on your end? It's been suggested before about the bugs, but this is really annoying! Please...can this get resolved?   If it's my end, tell me what I can do, if it's yours then please take the steps to fix it.   I love BT, but most times I have to refresh or keep reading comments to piece together what people said!   An example:
I used to be verisimilitude2 but I logged in today and I had to create a new nickname. All my old posts are still there.
When we choose to follow a conversation, is there a place where all of these followed conversations are listed/stored? I have looked all over my account here, Googled, etc and can't find any info!   Thanks!
I ordered the Sephora Gimme Some Lip sample pack last fall and LOVED the Buxom lip enhancer/gloss. problem is I don't know the name of the color to reorder as it is not sold anymore, anyone know what it is? it was just the perfect shade for me!!!
Im trying to change my avatar and i get a message saying "file type not valid". Ive changed the pic from jpg to jpeg to gif etc with no luck
Posting this on a different board so maybe someone will answer me, pleeaasseee   Okay so I just made an order friday, it's been processed already but I just found something I really want that's only available online and I don't feel like paying another $8 for shipping when I just did the other day. So my question is, if call customer service first thing Monday morning would I be able to add it to the order?