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Hey guys so I upgraded from the regular Beauty Insider card to VIB and its showing that im still a beauty insider and wont let me use my coupons I have from VIB now plus it doesnt show any of my purchases please help
  Hey all! so my best friend just traveled to Alberta and visited the Sephora in the West Edmonton Mall, she said that the prices were higher there them they were at my local Sephora. I forgot to ask her if she could tell me how much the LUNA Mini 2 was there since i would be visiting that store and buying it there. Does anyone work there or have bought one from there? i would really like to know!    Thanks,Everyone!   xoxo Maddie 
Made a purchase at a jcpenney sephora and the lady put in my number, but after I checked my recent I noticed I didn't get my points. Also my account doesn't reflect it either. What should I do?
Helloi recently became a vib and was unable to get free gifts as the new gifts dont come in until may is this correct?   Also i got a free shipping code to use but im from the UK and that is not possible for me to use, could i get another 10% instead?   Chloe X
My order number is () and I have orders on April the 20th. I just checked the status of my order and it says "Unsuccessful Authorization" I don't know what's wrong with my order since it had already charged me for the items and I didn't get any cancellation emails from Sephora!!! What should I do??
For some reason, all my in store purchases have not been reflected on my online account. I'm worried that the money I've spent since the beginning of the year won't reflect on my account and I won't be able to renew my VIB Rouge status. I would appreciate it if anyone knows what to do I messaged customer service but have not received a reply yet. 
I have some receipts from when i purchased something in store and didn't give my beauty insider info. I wanted to get my points added
I was calling Sephora about adding points to my Beauty Insider Card as I was never asked about being about being a Beauty Insider while at checkout. I called the number and was put on hold for  1 HOUR!!!!!! Has this happened to anybody else? 
Two of my orders shows unsuccessful authorization. Could you please help me to resolve this problem? Just for the latest order please.
This isn't even my normal account on here. I've been trying to sign up for Sephora play for a while on my regular email and I tried my old one a few times. It still won't let me sign up on my email I use everyday that is connecting to my account here with all my points etc. Anyway I tried putting in my old email I don't really use for anything anymore and it's letting me subscribe, which I don't even understand why one email would work over the other. Especially when my regular email I put in first and obviously I live in the same place. So it's not a location thing. I guess my question is should I subscribe anyway? I just want my points (the ones you get every month when you make a purchase) to go to the right account not this one. Is there a way to change accounts once you're subscribed or when you use the card in store can you give them any email to put your points on or what? Or should I just wait? I think it's supposed to roll out officially in May anyway. I just got super exited when it let me, but I don't want to jump then gun, especially when April is halfway over. 
Hello!    I ordered a Sephora eGift Card on Amazon today, and when I went to type in the code (16 digits and a PIN), it said that the code was invalid. Someone help? Thank you! 
I placed an order about 4 days ago (12/April) and the status is currently showing unsuccessful authorization although I provided full and correct information regarding the shipping address and the credit card. Please tell me what went wrong and how I can fix this as I really need the items that I ordered as soon as possible.  Thank you and please reply as soon as possible. 
  I have a VIB rouge but it's not connected to my email. How can I link it?
I made a purchase inside of JCPenny, however the beauty insider points aren't showing up. Why is this? Do JCP stores not count?
Does anyone know what happened to Givenchy's Eclat Matissime Foundation?  Is Sephora just not carrying it or did Givenchy stop making it?
I seen some people said the promo also available for beauty insider, Its that ture?
Trying to use my 15% off code too purchase ABH eyeshadows when I put 4 into my cart and the palette it shows the discount but once I apply the rougenote 15% code it takes off the special pricing for the bundle of shadows and I only get the 15% off?!
Hi, Sephora. I know online SEPHORA Favorites  " give me some nude lip" in sold out. Its possible to find this product in stores or is going to be soon again. Thanks. 
Hello, Sephora. I’m Vanessa from Ecuador. This month My husband is traveling to USA and he is gong to buy some products I need from your stores. He have my Beauty Insider Card and a copy of My passport.. My question is if he can pick up the present you give to your clients for their birthdays instead of me (My Birthday is on April 14)? Thank you very much.
hi, Sephora. My question is if I can find in your stores the Nars Audacious lipstick named Vanessa, online does not appear. Exactly the store in Ventura Mall, Miami. thanks you! 
It usually between this time with skin care for extra points. I am not sure about that
I was the most excited to receive this sample...I think the first most excited of all the samples I have chosen.  I have received ones that were in a bag twice with mixed samples and one chose the bag of choice....nice I liked a lot!!! The ones I am making ready as a VIB Rouge also. As well as the VIB gets the other sample like Josies, or the lip gloss, as folks do who spend 25 plus do.  I thank you for the perks. Yet it's not cheap to shop here. So I guess I expect higher standards, yet also will make room for first error.  I must tell you what occurred so it can be is long.  Well, figuring it out with runny nose and high temps did not help either.   Yet something is wrong with the numbering system via warehouse/sephora/computer as I chose the sample at the time I felt closest matched me which was G35 (light-med tone with golden undertones).   That is on my purchases and it reads also the name "ELECTRIC". Now I am a pale girl not overly I have more golden and am not the fairest of the fair, and a long ways from being dark.  Yet I received this shade RG65 called "FEARLESS".  Well I reckon I would have to be to put that on my face.     Honest, it was the first thing I ran and swatched on my hand and I suppose if a cam had caught the look on my face it would have been utter confuston. I thought, geez Josie really thinks folks are darker then the images shown. She's so smart though, can't I had to investigate for you all.  Hope it helps.   No, not so, warehouse mix up, computer even as on my order it reads The fearless upc number.  I would not have chosen that and by my order history online I did not.  Sephora has my skin, eye color, me not a the between fair and med. I am (for golden undertone), but nigh so dark I was gasping.  Then I came and checked it out.  I find it's all messed up and I am asking Sephora to make it right.  I am making ready to put in another order and taking off the lip color I wanted to get as on the list now for free and adding in shade RG20 called "Euphoric"...which is probably closer to my skin tone than the other was, but I could have made it work.  This sample "Fearless" I have I wasted my sample choice on and was not my error.  So send me two of the one I am making ready to place my order...   What say you?  Was not on me, on your whatever eye-crossing bumbles.    I been kind and I still am. Thanks for getting it here on time. Reason I mainly ordered now was I wanted that foundation.  How can I trust you to pick the full size when ya can't get the deluxe sample right?  I will give you another chance, but I aught not have to go to drive sick to Sephora and hack on your employees for a sample and explain this mess.   Fair?  I be looking for your answer in a few hours....and when I do it better be to my benefit.  As I have to give up one sample choice to try to get another Vibrancy sample and it's a toss whether the warehouse will get it right.     Thank you...It's confusing I know and my head hurts bad and so hard to explain. So in the spirit of understanding I send this.... Cindy 
I got my first access in the mail, but can it be used more than once?  
does anyone know when the vib spring 2016 sale is? rouge starts april 7th but wondering about vib
I had an account under and was using it fine yesterday and asked a quetion on here and the following is what happened.   1. I posted to have my 2nd beauty insider card linked into my account which gave me 494 points. 2. I made a purchase of over 150 and should have received more points because I didn't use any on checkout but I was prompted that I was eligible for the VIB account and then when I clicked to Learn More it showed me my points and saw they went down. 3. I ended up with 447 points so I lost points I had already and never got any more points for my purchase. 4. I posted again about this and then my entire account was deleted. I had to recreate it and now I have no points, deleted account and no purchase  history.....
Hi, I haven't been receiving emails for a few months now.  I've tried updating my email online, changing subscriptions and added the sephora email to my address book,  But still nothing, they aren't even going to my spam account.