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I have my first 45 min makeover scheduled for next week. I have a fair amount of Sephora makeup I use daily. Should I bring it with me so they know what I already have and they can concentrate on other items. I know part of the makeover is to entice us to purchase Sephora items and I already have basics like mascara, foundation, cover up etc from previous mini makeovers and have no desire to replace those.
How do I connect my VIB card to my online account?
Hi, I ordered the modern renaissance palette last Thursday, and received a confirmation email, and I still have not received an email regarding shipment, its been 6 days already, I was wondering what is happening with my orde
I signed up to be a BI and purchased a $50 giftcard before getting my make up done, when I was done and checking out I spent $51 more, but I only have 50 points help.
I have ordered two christmas edition ysl lipsticks on Oct 16th, and the order was said to be successful, but now sephora is telling me that one of the two lipstick is out of stock?? This is my gf's birthday gift and I cannot understand that.
I have recently bought the $14.00 Sephora Collection Teint Infusion Ethereal Natural Finish Foundation that was on sale, online. However, I have purchased the foundation a couple shades darker and would like to exchange it for a lighter one. Can I exchange this online purchase  in-stores? How?
I had an account under and was using it fine yesterday and asked a quetion on here and the following is what happened.   1. I posted to have my 2nd beauty insider card linked into my account which gave me 494 points. 2. I made a purchase of over 150 and should have received more points because I didn't use any on checkout but I was prompted that I was eligible for the VIB account and then when I clicked to Learn More it showed me my points and saw they went down. 3. I ended up with 447 points so I lost points I had already and never got any more points for my purchase. 4. I posted again about this and then my entire account was deleted. I had to recreate it and now I have no points, deleted account and no purchase  history.....
yesterday I went inside of a Sephora in JC penny . I spent 85$ total but only 14$ of it updated 😿😿😿😿 could a mod please help me ?
My VIB account is gone! No points, no purchase history and it keeps asking me to sign up again. It has me logged into my account online but it says I have no BI account. What happened? 
Placed an order 10/11. Super shocked when I received notice that it had shipped only 7 hours later that same day. (I know this just means a shipping tag was created. Still shocked) Checked tracking info last night and it was supposed to be here today. Well that's total B*** Sh**. Because now, my tracking says Monday at the EARLIEST. I order 95% of my Sephora purchases on line. My local store is in a JC Penny and suffers from constant "We're out of that, we get a truck Friday but we don't know what's on it." Which is a whole other bucket of crazy. But I've been Rouge since June, been shopping with Sephora since January, and every single order I've placed has taken LONGER to get to me with "Flash" shipping than it did with regular. I think I might have to start screen-shotting these first updates that read 2 day delivery times then magically change to over a week.   Sephora, seriously, get your mess together, because I can't tell if your "Flash" shipping program is just poorly implemented, or a complete joke on your consumers. I'm giving some serious consideration to just buying my stuff a-la-carte from individual retailers or maybe taking my business to Ulta. Clearly you guys aren't serious about keeping it.
Hi, I purchased a skin care product on Sunday, Oct 9th and was supposed to receive 2x bonus points, but that did not appear under my rewards.  I also purchased an item at the Sephora store in JCPenny but did not receive any points at all.  Please help! 
Hi, I made a skin care purchase today and was supposed to receive 2x points, but that did not show up on my account.  Please help!  Thanks!
My birthday was in August, is there any way I can get the beauty gift on a purchase I'm going to make today?
All of my points in my account are missing. i should be having around 500 points by now.  i would really appreciate if someone helped me. thanks.
Hi, I have this beauty insider card like for a year, but I could not remember the email. Could you please help me find it? Or is it okay to link my card to this account, since this email is the one that I use daily right now.
Hi when will the MakeupbyMario Anastasia Pallete be available for Sephora Canada?
Does Sephora offer in Store pick up? I really hated when I checked online it said it is available in  near my  store. when I  actually came  to the store they did not have it . I wish sephora offer in store pick up . that way I don't have to wast my time to the store.  Especially she they launch new products, that way I can reserve the item. Do you agree ?
Does Sephora accept empty perfume bottles for recycling? I've read online that if you have a certain amount of empty bottles from a particular perfume company, you can get a discount on your next bottle. This is a great recycle program, but I like to wear a lot of scents and have lots of different empty bottles I'm not sure what to do with. i'd hate to throw out perfectly good, pretty glass containers, but they're starting to pile up. Any suggestions? 
I submitted a review before I was done. Any way I can get it deleted so I can redo it. It was for the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD cover stick.
Oops--I just accidentally left a review for the wrong IT Cosmetics CC Cream. Any chance of deleting it? I left a review for the one with Illumination when I meant to leave it for the Original! :\
Hello,   I just received my order today and 2 of the three samples are missing. on the order sheet it lists the samples, however I did not receive them.
Recently there has been a surge in spamming on the BT forum. Links to various potentially harmful sites are posted multiple times a day on the forum.   Fortunately, the lively chatter on various threads "drowns out" these new threads/posts but it's still a nuisance. Apart from being annoying, this may present a security concern for some people since our user names are linked to our Sephora accounts.    Can a moderator please look into making BT less....spammy?    Thanks   Spoiler (Highlight to read)
  I just opened one of my orders and there seems to be spill damages in my shipment, what is there to do next as it did ruin some of my other products too!
Hi! Does anyone know how to link to a product in their beautytalk replies? Sometimes when people reply to me, under their reply it has links and pictures of the products they mentioned. How do you do that? Thanks
Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 6.51.09 PM.png
I am getting this tech error message when trying to use BeautyTalk.  I am only able to navigate through the site if I get an update email to my email address with a direct link. I can then navigate through the side columns but I cannot see the main page and/or click the BeautyTalk link at the top of the page. (get error message again) and it will not let me log out either.   Help!!! I am super addicted to visiting this page multiple times per day so I am FREAKING right now.