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I recently became a VIB Rouge and received an e-mail about the Beauty After Hours event. I opened the e-mail as soon as I got it and tried to register right away, but every time I try to register it gives me the following message:   "Your entry doesn’t match any of our VIB Rouge members. Please try again."   I have 1134 points. I've been trying the past few days but the message keeps popping up.   Is there a reason for this message or is anyone else getting this message?
I have a reciept from a purchase I made at Sephora where I did not recieve points. Can someone contact me to add those points to my account? It is a decent number and I would appreciate being able to use them.
Does Sephora offer in Store pick up? I really hated when I checked online it said it is available in  near my  store. when I  actually came  to the store they did not have it . I wish sephora offer in store pick up . that way I don't have to wast my time to the store.  Especially she they launch new products, that way I can reserve the item. Do you agree ?
Hi! I have my VIB card for a while now but I don't see the option to connect my VIB card to my account online. I just created my online account not long ago. Please help!!!
Here's my deal and I'm pretty upset about it and just looking for help as I have received very limited information from customer support via both phone and e-mail. After being a Sephora customer for many years, and spending $15,000+ over said years, I recently had orders getting canceled on me. The reason was stated on my orders page as "unsuccessful authorization", however the money was removed from my bank account via my debit card so that did not make sense to me. I called and was told it "might be a billing address issue" but no, it's not. Today I finally got a e-mail response that say's there are multiple people associated with my shipping address (yep, myself and my husband) and they have made a "business decision" to not ship to me anymore. I am astounded and extremely confused. Am I banned for spending too much money Sephora? Anyone else go through this or have any ideas what is happening or why? It may sound crazy but Sephora is part of my happy place and if I cannot order on-line I am going to be beyond upset. Please can anyone help me understand what is going on and how to fix it?
Alright, I'm hoping to hear from a mod because my e-mails are going unanswered (yes I checked my spam folder) and the phone call I made to Sephora resulted in a beauty advisor being utterly stumped as to why this issue was happening. So I have been getting orders canceled the past few days on both my account and my husband's account. It states the cause as a "unsuccessful authorization", BUT Sephora is still removing the money from my account, to the tune of almost $400 now in orders I guess I should not expect to receive. I am using the same debit card I always do. My billing address is correct and has not changed. I live in the US. It is not a corporate or business card. This is a pretty big deal as I paid the money for items I will not be receiving and who knows how long it will take to get the money refunded to me. Also, how am I going to order from from now on? I need a specific gift for my Mom in a week and if I cannot get it on-line I will have to make a three hour round trip drive to a Sephora to get it. Help please!
Hello, I lived in the US before but now I live in Japan. I know Sephora ships to Japan (barring some products) but when I try to check out, the box where I select country is greyed out and will only let me choose the US. However, it doesn't tell me if some of the products are unable to ship or anything.   Also, when I was in the US I had a VIB Rouge card. Is it possible to link that to my online account now?
So since everything Sephora sells in price, ranges from $25-$100+ I like to experiment with the makeup that I buy; and the majority of my makeup that I get I make sure I WANT it 100% because I buy it, try it, see if its the thing I want most and then when I finally have come to a conclusion I return it and I do it ALOT. Im starting to feel guilty about all these returns.    So I ask, is there a return limit at Sephora?
Hi!  I recently purchased some items in-store and did not give my account email. Is there any way to add those points into my account? 
I have placed an order on June 25th and was provided with a tracking number, it shows on the Canada post website and Sephora that my package has been successfully delivered on July 2nd (10 days ago). Yet, on the Canada post website it does not show that anyone has signed the delivery (noting that i live in a condo, so the concierge is obliged to sign the package delivery), and I have checked with the concierge a billion times and there's always proof that I did not receive anything since I have to sign that I've picked up the package from the concierge.    Where is my package?!
Hi,   I recently went shopping at Sephora and forgot to give my email to collect the points from my purchase. I was wondering if I can still redeem the points?    Thanks, Nishu
Does anyone know how I can link my online account to my VIB Rouge account. I'd like to keep track of my points, and purchases if possible.    Any help would be great -- thanks
Hi Is there any way for me to change my username? The new username I'd like to request is artvee
Somebody has my previous VIB card that is linked to my account and they are redeeming my gifts with my points! What do I do? I already got a new card but this person is still able to use my card to redeem gifts. Please help!
I forgot to use my Beauty Insider Card on a purchase I made - can I reclaim the points?
Is there any way to change the nickname we chose for beauty talk? In my account it says there is no edit option.
So about a few days ago, I purchased the Kat Von D lock it foundation in medium 53. It turns out the color I bought was too dark or orange on my skin color is their any way I can exchange it for a lighter color or return it? I used it once bit it did not turn out to match my skin color?
I placed an order but didn't get confirmation or points and since it didn't show up in my order history and it went back to the cart, I thought it didn't go I placed the order again! But I think it was a duplicate!! Please help asap 
Hi,    Somehow I have ended up with two beauty insider accounts and I want to merge them into one account because it would be easier for me. I have one card for one account but not the second card. Please help! I have been trying to resolve this issue for a while now and it's been bugging me a lot. Thank you. 
Hi,    Somehow I have ended up with two beauty insider accounts and I want to merge them into one account because it would be easier for me. I have one card for one account but not the second card. Please help! I have been trying to resolve this issue for a while now. Thank you. 
could you help direct me please. Thanks a bunch 
Hi. I was wondering if it was possible to add points to my card after my purchase? Thank you!
I wanted to know if it is possible to get a sample of a foundation at the stire because I have really sensitive skin, is it possible to get a sample.
Hello. I am a guy and my girlfriend is Latina. She is very womanly, so she has a lot of beauty stuff. Furthermore, she works in a beauty salon in Colombia, but she carries all her "stuff" in different plastic bags. I want to buy her one of those bags that folds out to store things when she goes somewhere. Also, do you have a preferred bag that she would use in the home, rather than her using bags? Do I need two bags? One for travel and one for the home?? Help!!   Thank you!   Michael    
Hi, I just used beauty IQ to match foundation, but it didn't bring up the brand I'm interested in color matching. What would be the Becca match for their ever-matte foundation for a 3R12?