Pregnancy-safe skincare & makeup

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My best friend is pregnant and is having some breakouts. She is too busy and exhausted to figure out an alternate skincare regime that will be safe for her baby since so many ingredients that are common to beauty products are on a no-no list. Can someone please help me?


I would like to determine safe products for the following (all for the face):


* Wash

* Exfoliator

* Moisturizer + broad spectrum SPF

* Powder or very light foundation (is Smashbox safe? I think she would like that if it's okay)

* Mascara

* Lip gloss


Thanks in advance to all for your help!


(FYI, there is no specific price point, whatever works best)

Re: Pregnancy-safe skincare & makeup

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Hi Poesiasagrada,


We suggest having your friend speak with her physician to determine the best products to use during her pregnancy.  Thanks!


xo, Mia

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