Buggy Bugs Buggin me out!

How can I fix this???


Or is this something on your end? It's been suggested before about the bugs, but this is really annoying! :smileysad: Please...can this get resolved?


If it's my end, tell me what I can do, if it's yours then please take the steps to fix it.


I love BT, but most times I have to refresh or keep reading comments to piece together what people said! :smileysad:


An example:


Re: Buggy Bugs Buggin me out!

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I reread my original post immediately after posting and tried to edit to add about where my problems arise (About the response box being in a completely different area from where it should be---I can't even hit "Reply" from where it's placed on the screen!!). And, again, I get a problem.



It's quite annoying. This is a great company, which I believe would have the resources to help me understand what's wrong on my end or fix the problems on theirs. Please enlighten me. ?



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Re: Buggy Bugs Buggin me out!

Hi jenjendoitagain! Sorry for the trouble you're having! The pictures are a little small, but I think I've gotten the same glitch as you before.  Try opening Beauty Talk in a different browser and that should do the trick. 




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