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Wouldn't it be nice if we actually got something free instead of having to purchase something to get something free? Dear Sephora, please consider contests where the winners just get free stuff. Thank you.
OK....So here the eyes are. As you can see they need major help. Please do not remind me that I would look so much younger "If you would only lose weight" I do realize that but it took awhile to get this way, so...well you know the rest!.   now, on to my problematic eyes. Basically they look 47. I'm supposed to have good genes!! At my age my mom looked 30 and her eyes were beautiful!! Not mine. Bottom lids are puffy with dark circles. No concealer has helped much. Top lids are horrible! Can't even see my shadow on the lid cuz the skin above my eyes is very saggy. My mom had this happen when she was 62 and she almost couldn't see. She had them lifted and her eyes look 25!! I am hoping to find something that will firm this area and lift it up some, and at the same time get rid of the circles and hopefully get rid of the puffiness. Ok, I can live with a bit of the circles but NOT the puffy or the saggy!!   thanks and sorry so long!!
Hi sephora, I seem to remember make up stations stocked with disposable tissue and facial cotton, lip, eye and brow brushes, makeup removers, a jar of makeup brushes, water spritz, hand sanitizer and etc. All complimentary and meant for it to draw in people to try makeup so as to make it easier for people to try new thing and remove makeup which eventually will become a sale and a repeat customer if they like what sephora has to offer.  Sadly this hygiene and hospitality standard has fallen today at Sephora flagship store in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Starhill gallery (18 oct 2014). Dirty tissues all over the makeup stations, no hand sanitizer,  no disposable brushes to try on eye shadows and blushes, no bins to dispose used tissues. The standard has gone from 10 to 1. It is unhygienic, disgusting and I fled to MAC that day. I've been a loyal sephora fan since it's 1st store in Singapore, I never  think i would go back to MAC but today it happened because Sephora is very unsanitary! With the price point and the glamorous locations that you have positioned yourself, it has not meet the expected standard. Truly disappointed. Yours truly black card no. 6501000246756
Hi BT'ers! Because it is Valentine's Day and I LUVVVE you, I wanted to give you a little gift.   This thread is for you to post LINKS (yes links!) to your personal Beauty Blog. Not anyone else's, just yours.   We are a community after all, and we want to support each other. So show a little love and visit your fellow BTer's beauty blog.   And if you are thinking of starting a blog, do it! Then come back and post the link.*   <3, Candace Your friendly Community Manager   *1 link and 1 blog per member*
Hi BT So I recently ordered this because I am on a mission to find some amazing brushes that DON'T shed all over my face or itch! This set was a good price so I decided to pick one up. I haven't used them yet -- still need to wash them, but they seem nice, VERY dense.   The con tourist one is this kit also sold me because I would like to compare it to my Nars ITA. Although I do love my real techniques, I was wondering what you all thought about the tarte brushes? -brush-set-P388934?skuId=1633999 <3 
Hi,   I thought it would be cool to give BTer's and/or Insiders the ability to curate their monthly favorites lists. We can share them with others or just have them sitting on our profiles so people can see what we like that month if they are interested in learning more about us. We could also have a link which shows everyone's list and it would give both buyers and vendors, the ability to see what people are currently loving, and whether those recommendations have spurred others to try those items.   Just a thought. I like to see what my fellow makeup lovers and what beauty guru's are currently loving so i can see if thats something I want to try.  
Well, it's that time of the year again - the time when we get to buy special products for ourselves (and others) and possibly feel a little less guilty about spending, knowing that a portion of the money we spend goes to a worthy cause.    Breast Cancer is not just something for women to worry about, it is a disease that men can be diagnosed with too.   * I was hoping we could all post products that we find that support legitimate charities to raise money, Please feel free to post whatever you find.*  If you search "Beauty That Gives Back" here at Sephora you'll find a few cute items, I"m hoping there are more to come. I Just bought a pink Tweezerman tweezer - looks like it may need a BCA mate. Clinique and Sephora both offer "BCA Pink With a Purpose" Lipstick in a cute little case.   A Huge fave of mine is by Bobbi Brown - it's "Pretty Pink Ribbon Lip Gloss Collection" It's 4 glosses and they're gorgeous! (I'm hoping they're minty flavored - sometimes they do offer mint gloss - waiting on that info.) This one is really screaming my name! Estee Lauder usually does something as does Ford (they usually have special T-shirts.)   So many decisions to make, but it's so worth it. For a pinkaholic like me, this is a dream & a nightmare! But hopefully our purchases will help make other peoples true nightmares - past, present and future - turn into a dream come true.   So please feel free to add any other offers you may find.  Oh, just one other thing, please feel free to leave one of everything pink for me!   btw - As usual, sorry so long. I also hope the wording of this was okay, didn't want to use certain words that might upset someone or make light of this situation at all - I hope that came through.
I found an older thread I actually wanted to "bump" to the first page, but it has now been marked as read only, so I decided to start my own thread. I genuinely hope no one takes any offence to this, because I mean only to help others. It was not  that  long ago that I was new to BT myself!   I have noticed there have been a lot of questions asked lately that have been asked hundreds of times before (ok that might be a  slight  exaggeration but not much of one!).   So to all the new users, welcome to BT! There is a ton of useful information and threads to be found on BT. I hope that before posting you will all take the time to do a quick search and see if your question has been asked before! Even if the thread is older, commenting on it will bump it back to the main page so others will be able to see it and comment on it. Also, there is a "Follow This Thread" button to the right side of the thread. Clicking that button will ensure you get an e-mail when someone responds to the thread. This is a good way to be notified when someone responds to your question. For fast moving threads, you may find you are receiving too many messages, but you can easily unfollow the thread by clicking the button again, which will change to "Stop Following This Thread."    We seem to be seeing so many repetitive questions such as "I have oily skin, what <insert product type here> should I use." Or "I have thinning hair, what products should I use." There are some incredibly educated and intelligent contributors with what seems like an endless amount of knowledge, so I encourage you (and I'm sure I'm not the only who does) to search before posting a thread if it's been asked a lot. I hope you understand my intent of this comment is not to discourage anyone from posting. By all means, that is not the case at all! Just keep in mind your question may already have been asked and answered! And if you don't find the answer to your question, then of course ask so we all can help. Just because a thread is older doesn't mean it's still not full of useful, legitimate information!   When I first started using BT, several helpful people pointed out that I could search and find answers to questions that had already been asked. When I was a noob, I also found it very useful to read the posts on the Welcome/Getting Started pages. There is very helpful information here, such as community standards and how-to type posts. Please read up on these; they will be very helpful for you! If you're like me, you don't want to violate community standards or not know to do work the boards. arted/bd-p/Welcome   Here is the read-only thread I was referring to: o-the-search-feature/m-p/1210177#M85303   Here is something very useful for all of us to remember from the BT Guidelines:   Best and worst practices   WE LOVE WE DON’T LOVE Using a descriptive title for your posts. Using vague subject titles like “HELP!” Reading other responses before posting. Repeating information already provided. Asking for clarification when necessary. Making assumptions. Contributing to the discussion. Excessively quoting previous messages. Focusing on your areas of beauty expertise. Offering advice on unfamiliar topics. Being as concise as possible. Overwhelming readers with information. Trying to use correct spelling and grammar. Worrying if your spelling isn’t perfect. Staying on topic. Getting off topic. Remaining positive. Disparaging (insult) products or people. Trying to understand opposing viewpoints. Arguing with other posters. Being friendly! Using foul language or off-color humor. I'll climb down from my soapbox now. Enjoy your day and, again, welcome to BT! We're excited to have you!!   Mods, if this is not posted in the right area, please move it to the appropriate place. I just hope it can be somewhere that it shows up on the main page, so many can see it! 
Hi - I just posted something but it went to 'Acne' But it's not about acne. Can you move it to the main board for me? Also, let me know if you have any thoughts about my issue. Thanks.
were can I find a list of all the promos out now? I should know this by now . Please help if you can. 
Hi ladies!     So I got the job! It's seasonal but she really liked me and told me if a full time position was opened after the holidays she would keep me if i did a great job. I'm excited! I have orientation next thursday Woohoo! Quick question, do seasonal cast members get gratis? It be a bonus if seasonal girls do get some. This Sephora is located inside JcPenney.
Thank you everyone for fueling my makeup addiction. I know my wallet isn't thrilled but I am! Since I joined BT I've found out about so many things I never would have discovered otherwise (deals and things as well as information about products). So thanks to everyone on here who keeps the info flowing.   I really appreciate how helpful everyone is on here by helping answer my questions. =)
Hi! Prom is next year but I'm already getting started! I've decided to let sephora make up artists do my make up for prom! The dress I want is black & turquoise! I'm having trouble finding colors that'll match my dress and my skin tone. What shades of make up could compliment my dress? My color IQ is 2Y12 thank you! 
I've seen several different video's, here on Sephora and other places and, well, I'm confused!  They all seem to be applying face primer differently!  Some show it applied allover the face, some just in "trouble" spots....Can anyone help a gal out? Also, I'm new to face primers and just trying them out...I wear Nars sheer glow (?) foundation and really don't know which primer to go with. Any ideas are welcomed! Ideally, I'd like it to even out my skin's a tad red in areas.  I have blonde hair, blue eyes, medium skin tone that is combination, but is prone an occasional break out....I do have to touch up my face with powder as it will become shiny in my t-zone by the end of the day..but I wouldn't call my skin oily. Tx so much!
Hi - don't know if anyone else feels this way, but I have a major problem with fragrance samples - P.U.   This part is especially to the mods/whoever else reads all of this  - Is there any way you could put perfume samples in a separate baggie? Preferably a sealed one. Do you think this is doable??   ** I just started opening one of many Sephora packages and got to one where I didn't even get the box opened, but could smell the very strongly scented, perfume inside. I had to put it in another room,, in hopes of the smell wearing off. (I've already heard complaints on how it's stinking up that room too **sigh**) I don't know if it leaked or what happened, but it smells so strong and so overpowering and just plain Nasty!! Sometimes I find that if something like a lip product is packed with a smelly something or other, they can take on the scent of whatever the smelly offender might be,  which isn't necessarily a good thing.   Do you think there's anything that can be done about this? (Other then the obvious, 'don't order perfume samples stupid') I only get perfumes if there are no other samples that work for me. Then I pass them along to my friends, family etc. They're usually thrilled!   Any thoughts on what could be done in the future? Hope others agree and that it's not just me. I will admit, I do have very heightened senses, but sometimes you know it's not just you (i.e. all the moaning/groaning I'm hearing about smelling up another whole room) Maybe you can send this to the 'higher ups' too.    ***Hope others will mention if they agree with this stinky issue, strength in numbers and all. You don't have to heart this - maybe just put a 'me too' or 'same' - then it would be known it's not just one crazy woman. Thanks all, I appreciate it.     ps - I'll let y'all know how I like what's in the box in about a week or so, my special-ordered Pink HazMat suit should be here by then and hoping it will be safe to go near by then.   btw - Help Mods.....Please and Thank You.   UPDATE - Well, the 'offending package' was moved to a 3rd room this morning before I woke up - I fear the next step will be out on the deck! Unfortunately it's not a mini order, but one with several items. **Ginormous Sigh**
Since the new category on the Sephora homepage is clearly a page that is hand updated (in the era of populating off a tag to aggregate, I have no idea why), what is your strategy to keep up with what is really new in Sephora?   I've taken to once a week popping open the brand page for my favorites (makes Firefox really mad) and pull all products, look for price drops and the new tag to show up there.   Just today found some stuff in BareMinerals (deluxe foundation pot), Urban Decay (setting sprays), and Lavanilla (deorderant trio and scent trio) that had not posted yet in the forums. It is unbelievable the lengths we're having to go to find items (sometimes limited edition stuff). Posting this in the feedback forum, even though it is website feedback instead of forum software.
Hi - I was wondering if anyone has tried this yet. I did see a few reviews but didn't get enough info from them, plus it's always nice to chat 'personally' with bt girlfriends about things like this.   It says there's "fragrance' listed in the ingredients, but it didn't list anything that gave me a good idea of what the 'fragrance' is - didn't list menthol or peppermint oil or anything like that. Can anyone tell me more about the flavor/fragrance of this? Some of you know fragrance can be a real deal breaker for me (just a whiff can cause major headaches) Anyone have some inside info?   The colors look beautiful and I'm always on the look out for a new & better plumper - so any info you could share about any facet of this pretty plumper would be most appreciated. Thanks all.
Am I the only one who never has questions answered when they participate in a BT chat with experts? I realize that that there many many questions asked and they can't get to everyone, but today I had the third question posted and it was completely skipped over. Pretty bummed about today since I asked a specific question about production application (which isn't listed on the product packaging, website, etc.). I suppose I could email customer service but it would have been nice to hear it from the expert. With only an hour to answer questions, it's certainly not enough time. Perhaps we could submit our questions ahead of time and answers could be posted the day of and the expert could spend the hour going into more detail about questions they want to specifically address. Seems like there must be a better way to do this!
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I feel bad because I know that I miss responses to my comments or questions.  And I forget about threads I've joined. Is there a way to track things on Beautytalk? Thanks!
I know a lot of you beauties out there have those little pearl powder.  Im thinking of getting some but which is best for fair and freckled skin? And which shade? TIA
Just like comparing cars or computers, I wish there was a side by side comparison tool for products on Sephora.  I want to line up and compare, rating, size, price and ingredients.  So often, I find myself bouncing around between products when trying to filter through choices and I get my options tangled.  At the moment, I've decided I need a toner in my life (a first).  So many options! 
I tend to lean toward lighter more neutral shades but sometimes have fun with an eyeliner, like in grayish purple or mossy green ( thank you Urban Decay!) and I always go big on mascara. Any advice or new  ideas? Thank you!
I just ordered a product and the first time I entered my expiration date incorrectly, so I then corrected this and placed my order. But on my bank account it shows that I was charged twice for the order?
I am 17 years old and i have a baby face. I'm just starting to get into makeup. Ive been looking for a lip gloss or lip stick color that fits me. I want it to look natural. I have big lips and a caramel skin tone. Thank You!
ulta smoothing primer.jpg
Hi! I'm a newbee... Has anyone bought the becca sculpting compact? It's fairly new.... I like the color it produces however, it looks blotchy over time and fades. Has anyone had the same issues or can give me any suggestions? Thanks a bunch
Are there any really great value sets that contaion both makeup, and skin products?
Does anyone know if the ABH contour refills will fit the z pallet?  I totally missed the bus on that one