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Hi everyone! I can't find a thread about Ciate so thought I'll make one since I'm so so excited for their new eye-shadow palettes. The teasers on Instagram are killing me with suspense! I think they look gorgeous already and plan to get all of them! What does everyone think about their recent launches? I have both the Olivia Palermo eye-shadow palettes and they are definitely my go to for everyday and special occasion makeup.   PS: I've never made a thread before so please let me know if this is OK!!
Hi all!   I was curious if anyone else here uses the Ordinary by Deciem for their skin?? I would love to hear feedback on what is working, not working, or suggestions for better products.   I am currently using the Hyaluronic acid serum, the Niacinamide serum, Caffeine eye solution, and the Advanced Retinoid 2%.  Personally, I think they are very effective, especially for the price!
I am using Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, I used a primer, concealer under eye set it with Kat Von D shade and light, quickly bronzed, but I didn't set my face with powder which defeats the purpose of tinted moisturizer!  It has been a couple hours at work and my under eye is perf but around my mouth and cheeks have broken up  
What should I get my mom for mothers day? cheep please!
$300 budget. What makeup should I get????? comment your holy grails
Hi, fellow Beauty Talk-ers!   I'm new to this community and was wondering what type of discussions I would find here. Any feedback would be great, thanks!
So basically my friend's birthday party is on the 4th and I bought my item on the 28th of February and I was expecting it to come by Saturday on the latest because that gives about five days. BUT. I get the email that it was shipped today, which is the second, which means that my order took two days to process? and that the commitment time for ontrac says that my package will come on the 6th of Monday. which also is four days to ship. what's the point of spending extra when my package isn't going to ship in time? I was a loyal customer but this just really takes the cake, especially because I cashed in extra money and I've never had this problem before.
The blendSMART Top 4 designs have been chosen!✨ Let us know what you think of the designs & which you would like to see at Sephora! Vote on our Instagram-   ✨Design details✨ 1) Elegant and feminine pattern based on geometrical shapes and modern metal reflections  2) Feminine "space" graphic.  3) Geometrical and modern look.  4) Mini makeup pattern with a pink gradient effect.    Thank you to all the artists who entered!💕
Hey all! I am travelling to Germany (Berlin) and Italy(Venice Verona Florence Rome and maybe Bologna) in a couple of weeks and was wondering what beauty items some of you might have snagged there that are not available in Canada! I know sometime ago (in the summer) someone had mentioned she will post her beauty hauls from Europe but I cannot seem to find anything. If anyone has ideas or can direct me to the right thread that would be great! Thanks a lot!   Correction, I meant Italy and Germany. I understand Germany is part of Europe!
Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 9.55.08 PM.png
Weird. A few days ago I tried to get on BT but got an error message. Something like 'Authentication Error, please contact your service administrator and supply reference number 12345'. So I couldn't get here. 😦 It's been days and I have been so irked about this, but I keep trying to get on day and night. No friends knew what the problem was. Then after getting that stupid message 1,369 times today (okay,  slight  exaggeration - #FakeNews 😜) I noticed that it did say 'beauty talk' in the upper left side of that window, so I hit it and Voila! I'm here!! So that's good news. BUT , I now fear that little trick may stop working at some point and you all know what it's like being without BT! 😯 😟 😐. Has anybody else had this issue? Does anyone have any thoughts about this problem? (Totally computer/tablet unfriendly here)   **Outing Myself......Confession - funny paranoid nanosecond of a thought - D id someone in my house mess with my tablet so I can't get promo access, talk to friends etc.?  They flip out if they see a package that I was not able to intercept and hide. If they could block my access, they would! 😒 Bumbles with a never ending toothache and no Elf dentist in sight. Thanks for any input. This makes you realize how much our BT Family matters, for sure. Thanks again my friends. ❤    
I've been to multiple sephoras, they all don't seem to carry the semi-sweet chocolate bar palette by too faced anymore. I was wondering if they still sold it in stores? I live in Dallas Texas and can't seem to find it in any sephoras. I have yet to try looking at Ulta stores.
I didn't return anything, and I have negative points on my beauty insider?
Hi BT'ers! Because it is Valentine's Day and I LUVVVE you, I wanted to give you a little gift.   This thread is for you to post LINKS (yes links!) to your personal Beauty Blog. Not anyone else's, just yours.   We are a community after all, and we want to support each other. So show a little love and visit your fellow BTer's beauty blog.   And if you are thinking of starting a blog, do it! Then come back and post the link.*   <3, Candace Your friendly Community Manager   *1 link and 1 blog per member*
I am moving soon and have been looking at my makeup collection.   I have many powder-type makeup palettes that I am thinking of selling on ebay.  The majority of them have only been swatched and then put in my vanity, where they have sat unused since I bought them.  I also have many swatched colourpop eyeshadows that I don't use.   Is it ok to sell lightly used eyeshadow, blush, highlighter and bronzer on ebay?  Is that a no-no?  I hate to just throw them away, and there really isn't anywhere to donate them locally or anyone I know who would like to have them.    What do you all think?
hi there i saw another girl post on here that she get free products sent to her from sephora and sol janiero!!!!!! I like to know how this work?? is there sign up somewhere? lol i never got free stuff but it it look amaze!! what do i have to do, i am excite to be here and excite to get products lol i appreciate what help. ty!!   (hi this my first post lol so plz excuse if i did it wrong lol 😘) 
My mom and I were at the Beachwood Mall Sephora today and Jessica was so incredibly helpful. She really took her time in explaining everything to us. We will go back to see her soon!
I'm a writer who has lurked around the Sephora forums for years and am always struck by how positive and engaging the community is, especially compared to so many other places on the web. I'm interested in speaking to people who have found community and connection here for a story that will be on Racked, the fashion and beauty site of Vox Media. If you'd like to learn more, send me a message or reply here! I'm friendly, I promise! I
Hey I'm not sure if this question is answered anywhere but I've tried looking for it with no luck. What determines those titles that everyone has like "SCENE QUEEN" or "BEAUTY BUFF" or "SPECIAL GUEST"... what makes anyone any of those? I was something like 'SCENE QUEEN" once and now I'm a "BEAUTY RESIDENT"... There are so many titles that I don't know which is better or worse per se. Is it simply the number of questions you answer? Or what? Why isn't there some kind of page which lists all of the titles and what they mean because they seem kind of random to me.
I placed an order 5 mistunes ago and can I cancel it now?
I need help linking my beauty insider card that I just got today in-store at Sephora. The lady who gave me the card only asked for my name and last name. I made a sephora account today, since I thought I could link my card to my sephora account online but am having trouble doing so. Any help would be nice! 
Make Up For Ever Ultra - Y405 It's my the best foundation, it has nice  medium coverage, I feel lightweight on the skin and fluid formula that can blend easily, it's appropriate with every day look or natural look. but i not sure it okay for very oily skin or not? If u have any idea please tell me.because my skin is oily skin so i don't have any idea for very oily skin
Hi all, I just received my Give me lips 2016 summer set..(ordered 4,3 for friends) Opened mine and the one which i am most excited about( kat Von D in witchcraft deluxe size)the inner lipstick was broken and it just bascially dropped onto my desktop when i opened the tube. Just wondering if anyone else got the same problem? I really like this set dont wish to return it though..but am scared that the rest of the 3 boxes got the same problem!!?? Is a gift and i dont wanna open the seals..zzz
Hi! I started a thread about new VIB ROUGE ONLY Products on New Years Eve, but the title made it hard to find. (Even   I  couldn't find it for this update, had to scroll through my old posts.) So, What's New? This is:   6/17/16 - **NEW VIB ROUGE EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT** Item # ~1819382 ~ beauty blender VIB ROUGE ~ TWO Red Carpet Beauty Blenders (0.1 oz each) $28.00 ($40.00 Value) ~  Ltd. Edit,   ~ Exclusive ~ and pretty!❤ *Does not say Online Only, so if you see it in store will you update us?   (The other thread was 2016 NEW ROUGE EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT - HAPPY NEW YEARS TO US!) Hopefully this new one will be easier to find.  I'll come back and put the others from that list here and do a little searching to see if there is anything else hiding anywhere. *Please feel free to post something if you find a new VIB ROUGE product. Have a great weekend everybody. 🍀
this is me I have makeup on but I'm a strawberry blonde and I have blonde eyelashes and eybrows and idk what kind of eyeliner I should use or what mascara or what kinda eyebrow color I need I am pretty white with a couple fecklaces on my face and I need help I'm 15 btw and idk what product I should use any suggestiouns?