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If using a setting powder, do u use a white/clear one or a colored one? & If u use a setting powder, is there any need to use a setting spray?
Does anyone know if Sephora might make BT an app and allow us mobile people more freedom? I would love to sit on here all day, but my phone can go anywhere and quickly.   Who else would love a Beauty Talk app?
I posted a question. Need help. With extremely oily skin, use primer, Dolce and Gabana Foundation, and UD Naked HD powder foundation. This works great. Need help with eyeliner. Thank you.
Hi BT'ers! Because it is Valentine's Day and I LUVVVE you, I wanted to give you a little gift.   This thread is for you to post LINKS (yes links!) to your personal Beauty Blog. Not anyone else's, just yours.   We are a community after all, and we want to support each other. So show a little love and visit your fellow BTer's beauty blog.   And if you are thinking of starting a blog, do it! Then come back and post the link.*   <3, Candace Your friendly Community Manager   *1 link and 1 blog per member*
I always keep at least 1000 points in my bank and I recently got an email saying there would be a 2000 point reward available (the naked vault) and I had 1707 points so I did my shopping and hit over 2000 just to be ready. (These are items I had already planned to purchase) and I must have checked 10 times a day everyday before I finally emailed in and got a "We are so sorry you missed out, here's 500 points". I mean, UGH! I didn't even get my questioned answered as to why I have never seen these high point rewards when I have been a rouge for 2 years (and I'm already a rouge through Dec 2016)  My heart is broken
Hi I noticed that when I put makeup on after I clean my face with glam glow super cleanse and put on some lait creme by embryolisse....then I apply my sephora cc cream and I noticed that you can see like dry patches/ peeling...any ideas for anything to use after applying foundation/cc cream to give it a matte flawless glossy look.? would really appreciate the suggestions thank you.
What brushes work best for Make Up Forever shadows? They are ao creamy I feel like the brushes I have are not doing them justice.  Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
I'm on the Sephora Facebook page and notice they have a Bumble and Bumble promo for FB Fan Friday.  Two mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner plus a little pouch to hold it.  Cute, right?   Then I read some of the comments:     ::record stops::   You're telling me you're "sorry that the image looks larger than what is included"?  I think what Sephora meant to say was, "Sorry the image is completely different from what you're getting."  This isn't a case of you getting a 1.0 oz bottle instead of a 2.0 oz bottle.  This is a case of you getting two foil packets over a 2.0 oz bottle. HUGE discrepancy, highly unprofessional, unethical, and super illegal.   That's like seeing a picture of a real car on craigslist and getting a Hot Wheels car instead!   Just to reiterate, what Sephora is advertising is this:   And what you're getting is this:   Sephora is really sorry that the image seems bigger in the picture though!
I need help linking my beauty insider card that I just got today in-store at Sephora. The lady who gave me the card only asked for my name and last name. I made a sephora account today, since I thought I could link my card to my sephora account online but am having trouble doing so. Any help would be nice! 
When I think of Loves I think of products I've already tried and know I love. A listing of products I would want to re-order over and over. And Purchase list needs no explanation but while window shopping online I realized I would love to have a Wants list. This would be a list of products I Want to buy or try. Just a convenient spot to  look at the products I want while I'm shopping in store or maybe want to go ahead and finally order after lusting for so long. Wouldn't a Want list be helpful to anyone else? Is there a way we could make that happen? Thoughts?
I realllly want to love the Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation but I think I might have to take it back I have worn it twice with 2 different primers and setting powder and each time within a few hours it is really broken up and moving around.  It is not a horrible foundation but I don't feel like I should keep it if I don't really like it... I'm debating with myself though because I still really want to love it :/ don't know if that makes any sense lol.. What are your thoughts and opinions about this Nars Lumi Foundation? Do you guys think I should take it back? ..  As you can probably tell I'm fighting with myself over this.
I have been seeing mixed reviews about this product.. Some people are saying it transfers onto clothing others say it dries up in the bottle fast... But it looks like such a fun product I want it to be great haha.. Was wondering if anyone has some experience with the product that can talk me out or preferably in to buying it.
Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 7.18.16 PM.png
I hate ontrac.  Hate them.  Worst customer service ever and they take forever to deliver.  Just FYI, they said a package would be here today and it isn't.  This isn't the first time either.  Please stop using Ontrac, or at least let customers know something will be sent via OnTrac.  If I had to choose between Ontrac with "2 day delivery" or any other carrier with 5 day delivery, I would choose any other carrier any day of the week.  Most importantly, I'd like to have the option to choose.  
I'm 57 yrs old looking for the magical lipstick/stains that stay on beautifully thru drinks & kissing.....
I think it would cool if the more we review and talk on here than the better chances of us getting free samples, testers or even full sized products. Don't get me wrong I love the VIB program but I think this would be a neat way to improve it. They could even give you points for reviewing like 1 review = 10 points. If you do 10 reviews than you get a free 100 point perk. What do you think??? 
Ah! I want! I neeeed! But I wanted to run it by my trusty make up enthusiasts.  What do you guys think? Has anyone used this and have any reviews for the product? 
I recently bought some colour pop eyeshadow and I needs ideas on how to put good looks together I bought la la sequin cheeky animal and tea party help me plz ppl  I put in a picture of my face too show what I look like
Hey I'm not sure if this question is answered anywhere but I've tried looking for it with no luck. What determines those titles that everyone has like "SCENE QUEEN" or "BEAUTY BUFF" or "SPECIAL GUEST"... what makes anyone any of those? I was something like 'SCENE QUEEN" once and now I'm a "BEAUTY RESIDENT"... There are so many titles that I don't know which is better or worse per se. Is it simply the number of questions you answer? Or what? Why isn't there some kind of page which lists all of the titles and what they mean because they seem kind of random to me.
I'm going to be purchasing a new foundation over spring break and was wondering opinions on each of these? They are at the top of my want list but am only going to be purchasing one! I have combination skin but tend to lean towards a matte finish. I'm looking for a foundation specifically to be full coverage.    Thanks in advance! 
I have fair skin should I purchase the light or medium in the bronze goddess?
I didn't know where to post this but with Chic Week coming up - or if you have a Wells Fargo Rewards Credit Card... but the Earn More Mall Rewards Program will earn you 5% back on your WF CC on Sephora purchases.   I am not sure how long they will be offering 5% but I have gotten the 5% rewards on my last two purchases and pray it stays that way until after Chic week.   You have to log into your WF account and access Sephora through the Earn More Mall website if you are ordering online. You can also "Activate" Sephora as one of your retailers so when you shop in store - and use your WF Rewards credit card, you'll still get the 5% points.   I apologize if this is not appropriate for this Board but I hope there are a few others that can take advantage of the Earn More Mall points while they are being offered.  
has anyone tried the LaSplash Lippies?  Such gorgeous colours!!
Hi! This is my first post... I don't know how it works, I'm an entirely newbie. But I'm searching for some support here, maybe I could find someone that lived my current situation. My english is poor too but I try hard to express myself in the correct way... I'm so upset. I will really appreciate that Anastasia Beverly Hills bring to Sephora her new products (Contour Cream Kit and Liquid Lipsticks) If it happens I will be glad. These items are available exclusively at Macy's and Anastasia's website. Macy's doesn't ship to P.O. Boxes address (that sucks) and the customer service at Anastasia's website is poor. I paid for 2 days shipping and placed my order the past thursday and I still don't have a tracking number. I love how fast and efficient is the Sephora's customer service team and the shipment method. I always buy at Sephora all I can for that reason. I order from here my dipbrow and contour powder kit and another things of the brand. Do you, guys, placed orders at Anastasia Websites? Can you explain me how it works? because I call them, write them and nothing happens. I hope the brand have in mind bring to Sephora its new products...
ok, I know Sephora does not sell these. And, I hope everyone is staying FAR AWAY from LimeCrime. But, does anyone know how the Lunaticks lip products fare?  Are they dry, long lasting , moisturizing, good customer service, etc.?
you're a Beauty Insider + VIB..... some samples would be bigger?!  Like the Philosophy moisturizer?  I got the free sample in a tablespoon size container.... so not fair!
I am looking to treat myself to a luxury lipstick and can't decide between Tom Ford or Audacious? I have yet to try either brand. Any advice? 
I am substituting the Sigma F30 powder brush and the Sigma F55 small duo fibre for highlighting. The powder brush is not blending out or setting as well as it should (like putting on a light coat of finishing powder) Favorites for large powder brushes? And there has a be a better highlight brush then the one I'm using!?
So, I am looking to add to my brush collection and I have been eyeing the IT Brushes from Ulta a lot, but then I was thinking about how obviously Sephora carries brushes too (Sephora Brand) LOL Anyways, I was looking for some opinions on which brushes you like better? Do you think the brushes are a hit or a miss depending on which brush you get? Do you think either brand is a rip off and you don't get what you pay for? Or do you think they are fairly priced and great quality for the price? Do you think I should snag up some Ulta brushes since I have a coupon or should I wait and get some Spehora brushes during Chic week at Sephora? Any opinions/comments would be greatly appreciated!!