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Daily Face Mask?
I am looking for a daily face mask. I have heard and read that daily face masks should be the never-miss morning beauty routine. I'm in my mid-twenties, and I would like to start this now. I currently use Laura Mercier for cleanser, moisturizer, and tinted moisturizer, but as far as I know that brand does not produce masks. I'm looking for a mask that I can use daily (not just once or twice a week). Any advice?
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Soap & Glory - Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump XXL -So close to hitting 'place order'.
Hi - I was wondering if anyone has tried this yet. I did see a few reviews but didn't get enough info from them, plus it's always nice to chat 'personally' with bt girlfriends about things like this.   It says there's "fragrance' listed in the ingredients, but it didn't list anything that gave me a good idea of what the 'fragrance' is - didn't list menthol or peppermint oil or anything like that. Can anyone tell me more about the flavor/fragrance of this? Some of you know fragrance can be a real deal breaker for me (just a whiff can cause major headaches) Anyone have some inside info?   The colors look beautiful and I'm always on the look out for a new & better plumper - so any info you could share about any facet of this pretty plumper would be most appreciated. Thanks all.
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Elite Serum Rx (Extra Strength) Eye Serum
Elite Serum Rx (Extra Strength) Eye Serum.    Has anyone heard of this eye serum? The only reviews are posted on YouTube by the company of 'people who submitted their own reviews'...hmmm.   Lot's to read about the magic potion online Elite Serum.
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Just thot id share what works best for me.  I use the mia in the morning in the shower with my sheshido cleanser, thus avoiding getting makeup in the brush head.  Then I use the luna at night with my estee lauder cream cleanser.  The silicone bristles are a cinch to clean make up off.  I j u st lather some bath/body works antibacterial soap on it and it cleans right up.  I would love to hear other suggestions on this.  I will say my skin is glowing because im getting the best of both worlds!
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Moisturizer for acne prone/oily/dry patches
I need a recommendation for a moisturizer or moisturizer regimen for someone that is acne prone. I have oily skin but with pretty dry patches.
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Did you know that your Clarisonic can be engraved??
Yup! Apparently all models, except the Pro model, have a free engraving offer if you purchase through Clarisonic! Just saw it on their website.    It made me wonder what people have asked to have engraved on their   What name would you have engraved on your Clarisonic? I think this could be a lot of fun.   I'm undecided, but "U Can't Touch This" and "Please **kssweetheart** Don't Hurt Em!' are both contenders (both MC Hammer references)   How about you guys and gals?    
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What is your favorite sample?
Throughout the years, what is your favorite online sample Sephora has offered you?   Mine would definitely be the Glamglow SuperMud!
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Philosophy Friends & Family Sale - I Searched but didn't see it, so I'm posting it now.
Philosophy is having their F&F sale, I just got an email about it and it's 33% off!! The promo code is "ff33" and it expires on 6/6.    I thought it was a nice way to start the month of June and generate some great hauls. I'll see you all in the new "Joyous June Hauls" thread.   EDIT - Anyone else have any June Promos to share?
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Maekup of the Day
Makeup of today
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Beauty Bar
Has anyone tried one of those gold beauty bar facial massagers? 
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I'll be back....
I have to go for a little, tell you the truth, I'd rather stay and hang out with you guys. Hope that's not too terrible of me. I'll probably be back a little after midnight.   Been enjoying hanging out and partying with all of you. Be back soon.   Don't pop the bubbly without me!
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buxom lip plumper isabella color,where is it
looking for buxom lip plumper in Isabella color for my mother in law
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Tarte Discovery Sale!
There are some great things on sale on right now!   Here's some of it:  
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How about ABC serum?
How about ABC serum? really she(Sienna Miller) loves this product? It's difficult to select   Help me or recommend another one, plz
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Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara
This is a great mascara...probably one of my all time favorites. When it comes to mascara, one of the important aspects is the brush. If it's a rubber brush, the mascara works best if the brush has short stubby bristles. The other major type of brush are the spindly type of bristles. This mascara has the spindly (for lack of a better word) bristles.  Each type has it's own benefits. This mascara manages to pull in all of the best qualities of each type of brush. A great feature of this brush is the rounded shape of the brush. It curls, lifts and separates each lash without clumping!! It gives your lashes that fluttery look and I love it! I will always repurchase this's that good! Go get yourself a tube will not be disappointed!!!  
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★Dr.Jart+ Pore Medic Recover Primer
Hi, has anyone ever tried  Dr.Jart+ Pore Medic Recover Primer??  I'm just wondering if it is a good primer and what it's like.  Thanks, and hope to hear from y'all soon!
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I am very impressed with Pantone Color IQ :)
 Hi everyone!   I just wanted to let you all know that I visited the Sephora store at the Toronto Eaton Centre today and was colour matched to foundations using Pantone Color IQ. (Which they had for a special limited time this weekend.) I tested one of the matches on myself (Urban Decay's Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid foundation in 3.5) and was very impressed to see that it literally disappeared into my skin and was completely undetectable! I also compared it with the one I'm already using (the same  foundation in 2.0) and I noticed that, although I CAN wear 2.0 as well, it actually "sits on top" of my skin a little more, whereas 3.5 (my color IQ match) completely disappeared!  (I picked out 2.0 by myself BTW LOL) I emailed the matches to myself and read over the whole list too, and, although I haven't tried most of them yet I think they all sound pretty good!   So, yes, I am very impressed with this new technology, and very happy to see that it helped me to find my best foundation matches! I definitely think that Color IQ is a very helpful tool that you should permanently have in Sephora stores.
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Picture finally changed
I FINALLY changed my user picture!   I've been on here for months and I FINALLY figured out out how to change it. Don't get me wrong, I love my red lipgloss heart, but really, I've had this picture since I started and I could Not figure it out. Today, I found a really specific post that actually helped me. TRIUMPH!   ~~We are all beautiful~~
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Feel great for an old lady!
If you want a feature story, feature story, feature me. I'm 47 without a crow's foot around my eyes and was just cast in a TV show. I really look terrific and I feel like I'm living the 2nd half of my life thanks to Sephora, among other things.    
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Video look cheat sheets
Love the cheat sheets for the videos (great range of products listed!)   3 requests/suggestions: * could you add the prices? * can you hyperlink out of the cheat sheet to purchase the products * can you include details about the brushes used to create each look  
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Product thumbnails in answers & search for products 'tagged' in answers
I find it really helpful when people copy and paste the page link when they are suggesting a product. I think it would be great if there were a way that when they copied and pasted a link, it would turn into the product name and a thumbnail photo you could click on that would take you to the page. It would just look cleaner than the copy/pasted link (for those of us that don't know the HTML to add a link!).   Or, even better, there could be some sort of  'add a product to this answer' button. You would click on it, search for and select the product you are talking about and the product (and its thumbnail pictures) would be added to the bottom of your answer! You would be able to add all the products you talk about in your post. This way, it would be like a product is 'tagged' in an answer. You could even search the other way around: start with a product, and then find all the answers where the product has been 'tagged' in in this way.    Sorry about the barrage of thoughts there -- don't know if they're doable, but it would be great if they were!
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