Why doesn't Sephora have a reviewer incentive program?

:smileyhappy::smileyhappy:I think it would cool if the more we review and talk on here than the better chances of us getting free samples, testers or even full sized products. Don't get me wrong I love the VIB program but I think this would be a neat way to improve it. They could even give you points for reviewing like 1 review = 10 points. If you do 10 reviews than you get a free 100 point perk. What do you think??? :smileyhappy:


Re: Why doesn't Sephora have a reviewer incentive program?

I think the points per review is good idea if they can find a way to standardize reviews.  As it is right now, you'd get a bunch of really short blurbs, "Didn't like it.  Took it back." or "This is my favorite!"  Reviews like those just aren't helpful and don't even deserve to be posted much less earn points.  I'd be so loaded with points if they did come up with a way to do that though! 

Good idea - if you come up with a way to build on that definitely post it!


Re: Why doesn't Sephora have a reviewer incentive program?

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They could make it so that only top rated or most helpful reviews would give its author points. The issue here would be people befriending each other just to help each other rate their own reviews up. This is an issue with other rating systems in other online communities - surely Sephora could research how other communities manage this.


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Re: Why doesn't Sephora have a reviewer incentive program?

Good idea! The points should be one per review that is ranked by readers as helpful a certain number of times. Incentive for the reviewer, great for the consumer, and a great tool for Sephora whch basically makes the site user a point-paid extention of the company. :smileytongue:

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