New Avatar Gallery!

BeautyTalkers, we're very excited to announce a new avatar gallery with over 50 new icons to choose from. Personalize your profile with cameo silhouettes, new male avatars, color splashes, and Sephora-inspired logos.
To view the new avatar gallery, follow these easy steps:
1. Sign into BeautyTalk.
2. Click "My Settings" (directly below "My Profile" in the black welcome box on the right)
3. Select the "Avatars" tab.

4. Choose your avatar.



Examples of the new avatars you can choose from:

avatar gallery example.jpg


And there are many more! Go check them out!

Re: New Avatar Gallery!

Many more coming? Exciting! I know we have all had our growing pains with the new site but we seem to be moving in the right direction!

Re: New Avatar Gallery!

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The avatars are fun, but we need more to chose from!

Re: New Avatar Gallery!

Love the new avatars and the ease with which we can choose, add and change!

Re: New Avatar Gallery!

I love the bright colors. I especially like the lipstick tops. Smiley Happy

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