Has anyone been sent defective items by Sephora?

I'm just curious if anyone has been sent defective items by Sephora. I received a blush without its backing glued on. The  Bobbi Brown blush was stuck to the mirror when I opened it. This has been my first time with a defective item from Sephora. I've made a lot of orders before and had never had a problem. I went to my nearby Sephora and they gave me a refund. They didnt have it in stock so oh well. I'll just order it tonight. 


Anyway, I'm just curious if f this has happened to anyone else? 


Re: Has anyone been sent defective items by Sephora?

i ordered a roll-on acne treatment and the end of the tube was split open, like it wasn't properly sealed when it was manufactured.  this was the only time, and it was clearly nothing Sephora did or anything that could have happened during shipment.  these things just happen on occassion.


Re: Has anyone been sent defective items by Sephora?

I ordered a Magnificent Metals shadow (the merlot colored one) and when I received it, it was like.. wet. Nothing busted in the package, it was just wet.. like, soiled. I returned it and got another (and in the end, they just didn't work for me anyway).


Re: Has anyone been sent defective items by Sephora?

I bought the best of bite set and one of the pencils lacked the core (the part with the color)  they exchanged it easy peasy.


I think it's kind of inevitable when you run a large business like this that there will be the occasional hiccup.


Re: Has anyone been sent defective items by Sephora?

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That happened to me too, so I returned it and decided I didn't need anymore lip products. and then I bought it again a week later, oops.

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