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Beauty profile "titles"

Hey I'm not sure if this question is answered anywhere but I've tried looking for it with no luck. What determines those titles that everyone has like "SCENE QUEEN" or "BEAUTY BUFF" or "SPECIAL GUEST"... what makes anyone any of those? I was something like 'SCENE QUEEN" once and now I'm a "BEAUTY RESIDENT"... There are so many titles that I don't know which is better or worse per se. Is it simply the number of questions you answer? Or what? Why isn't there some kind of page which lists all of the titles and what they mean because they seem kind of random to me.

Re: Beauty profile "titles"

Yeah I kind of figured that much, and I didnt mean actually bad haha I just meant which is a higher rank than another, so I can never tell if someone who is responding to me is very experienced answering questions or not because what is a guru vs. a scene queen! Its kind of a ridiculous system, I mean I like seeing the names, i just wish they had a fun page with all of them listed and stuff =)

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