Any Canadians out there?

If so how do you feel about this duty we are being charged? Anyone still buying? Do we have any options?


Re: Any Canadians out there?

I have avoided shopping at Sephora all together and have been looking into other options like Shopper's Drug Mart, the Bay and local boutiques. I get treated way better, get lots of samples and GWP, and the rewards programs/ discounts are much better. 


Re: Any Canadians out there?

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Me too! After looking around at the Canadian options, I can't believe I've been chasing one stupid delux sample per order with 35$ purchase, or 100 pt perk. We have seen what $100 gets us, now I'm spoiled. No little promo from sephora will satisfy me now.


Re: Any Canadians out there?

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I get a bit annoyed about the whole "oh, you should just buy in store" thing for two reasons:
1) My local Sephora isn't very big, so they don't have a huge variety of brands. I can't get FAB, YSL, Bobbi Brown, and others. The next store is an hour's drive, or twice that plus some on the bus (and the bus costs me nearly $30 return). My only way to access many of these brands is shopping online.

2) Sephora doesn't have an order in-store option/store transfer system like many brands do. If I could just get what I wanted sent from a different location, I'd be happy to do that.


It hardly seems worth it to pay duties, have to contact a mod to adjust my points, and wait for things to arrive, although the online promos etc. are pretty tempting sometimes! I still shop in-store faithfully. I've rarely had a bad experience at any store, and I love being able to wander in, wander around, test stuff out and get a (fairly) unbiased opinion on a variety of brands unlike at department store counters.


Re: Any Canadians out there?

I just PMed a mod about this situation (overcharged tax and additional duty), the mod recommends me to purchase products in store. I also notice some products are cheaper in store too, Givenchy le rouge retails at $36 at my local store and $38 online. A perfume ( I don't recall the brand) is $100 in store and $115 online.


Have to say it is a "clever"way to draw all Canadian customers to the store or not shop at Sephora at all.

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