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I have made 3 purchases but my points aren't showing up. Why???
Hi madisonnpaige,   I'm so sorry your points are not showing up on your account! It could be that your Beauty Insider card number is not linked to your online accoun... see post
beauty insider points
  hey, so i know chats live spent well over $100 in stores, but none of my points are showing up online, and so i dont know how many i actually have. is there a way to fix this
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Hi kiraa,   I would be happy to look into this for you! I'm going to PM you now so I can further assist. Thanks! see post
In Store purchase points not showing up online
Hi, I purchase a large order in store and did not see that the points were ever added to my account.  It was several months ago and I still have the receipt.   I appreciate any help!  
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Hi Lulu22butterfly, I will send you a message to help. see post
Are there sales for non-BI, VIB, VIBR shoppers during the year?
I'm not a frequent sephora shopper, I have an account but each year it never crosses the $350 Beauty Insider threshold.     So, I was wondering if Sephora has store wide sales where people like me can take advantage of? And if so what is the percentage off?   I have my eye on a pretty expensive item, but I'm willing to wait to buy it during a sale.    Thanks!
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BEAUTY MAVEN novocainedreams / BEAUTY MAVEN BEAUTY MAVEN / replied
If you have an account that means you are a Beauty Insider(BI), and BI's usually get two discounts each year, one is the holiday$15 off $50 purchase- this is somewhat li... see post
Touch In Sol Browza Super Proof Gel Brow Pencil
Hey, does anyone know how to get more product out? Or how it's supposed to auto sharpen? I don't want to break it
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According to the Q & A's on the product page, it just twists up. see post
Price Discrepancy Sephora/Ciate
I went on the Ciate website to place a purchase on a product that has been OOS since the sale and I noticed one of the products I purchased was over $10 cheaper on the Ciate website. I purchased the Olivia Palermo x Ciate Satin Kiss Collection for $60 at Sephora but on Ciate it's only $49. I don't understand why it's $11 more at Sephora, it's not on sale at Ciate and everything else in the collection is priced correctly but I'm definitely returning it and purchasing it on the Ciate website. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up encase you were thinking of ordering it.
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Thanks :) see post
How do I add my beauty insider number to my account?
I went into a Sephora store and signed up for Beauty Insider. I now just placed an order online and created an online account. I am asked a million times to join Beauty Insider online, but I've already joined. How do I enter/add my existing BI number to my online account?
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Color match: Nars Sheer Glow and Lancome Teint Idole 24H Ultra
I'm having a bit of trouble deciding on what color to buy for the Lancome Teint Idole. I'm in the color Ceylan in Nars Sheer Glow and thought that 230 Buff W would be a good match. However, I swatched it in the store and it seems to orangey/dark on me. Any suggestions on what colors would work in Lancome and other brands as well would be much appreciated!
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BEAUTY PRO lysbainch / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
I just checked the Sephora site and Lancome direct and they both offer 35 shades and my local Sephora has all of the shades available too.  see post
Sephora employees and additudes
I love sephora, i love how you can get everything you need all in one place but what i don't like is when i try to make a return and I'm given the death stare and a snotty attitude. Just a few days ago i walked into sephora to return a boscia black mask that i had purchased after a week or two of it just sitting on my vanity un opened ( impulse buy ) i decided that i would go in and might as well exchange it for the Anastasia contour kit. So I'm looking around the store and I'm swatching products etc.. and i wasn't really sure how the exchange process worked because i had never returned anything at sephora so after like an hour of looking around i approached the cashier, she was a young lady who was so happy to see me and then i said yeah hi how are you i would like to exchange this product for something else is that possible and she quickly gave me the wtf face and told me well did you use the product? i said no, i said i didn't even open the box it just sat in my vanity. She proceeded to exchange a snotty remark saying how is it possible that this face product was " sitting " in my vanity instead of by the sink where you wash your face. Mind you i have zero chill and snapped immediately. I looked her in the face and told her that what i do when i buy a product is non of her business and that i had just asked her a simple question. A girl from the line that over heard our conversation stood up for me and said " girl don't matter if its used or not sephoras policy says you can return any item used or not for a refund or an exchange. " the lady at the cashier looked at me turning all red.. at this point she didn't know what to say. instead she snatched the item scanned it and she said would you like a different product so you can use and return or would you like your money back. I laughed and told her to please give me my money back, she later asked for my vib card and once she saw my red vib rouge card she had  this dumb look on her face. After she gave me my money and my card out of spite i told her the amount of products i buy quarterly are worth more then her pathetic paychecks. I LAUGHED SO **bleep** HARD BECAUSE THE WHOLE LINE CLAPPED FOR ME. stay humble. 
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candacebt HOSTESS / HOSTESS HOSTESS / replied
Hi all! This has been fun (and thanks for the kitty, I love that gif). But I'm closing this thread down. The holiday season is stressful for everyone, so let's remember ... see post
Shipment on my order.
I ordered four items on November 16th, and paid $16 extra dollars to have one day shipping. I look at my order on November 18th, and my order is still not even shipped. What is going on? I need this by tomorrow because I am going on vacation. Very upset that I paid this extra money and my order hasn't even been shipped.
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so i've been making purchases and using my old beauty insider card and none of the points are on my account because i got a new card but I've been using the old one in recent purchases.. so can the points on my old card be transferred to my account now? please help!
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IT GIRL NaNo0oSh / IT GIRL IT GIRL / replied
You can go in store or call customer service and they'll link the accounts together, that way you'll have your points from both accounts! see post
Redeem Birthday Gift after leveling up
Hi! I redeemed my Birthday Gift earlier this November but I've leveled myself up to VIB Rouge over this VIB sale event. I'm wondering if I can still go into stores and redeem the NARS eyelinear that's exclusively for VIB Rouge? Thanks
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The liner is packaged together with the rest of the NARS products for Rouge so I'm doubtful they could just give it to you separately since you've already redeemed.  You... see post
Need concealer help!!
I need a concealer that works well with dry skin!! I've tried a few but they always seem to crease or sink into my skin that it makes it seem like I have a ton of wrinkles!! Any suggestions? It mostly for dark eye circles and a few acne scars/dark spots.  Thanks ! =) 
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I have ridiculous dark circles, and I love Kiehls's Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Perfector.  It's a really nice texture. I haven't had any problems with it creasing or... see post
VIB Points
I recently had the issue where my points and VIB status were not linked to my online account. It was resolved over the phone and things were working perfectly for a few days, however I shopped the VIB sale yesterday and none of my recent points and purchases show up on my account. This is super frustrating. Also, I'm almost Rouge status but I can't see how much more I need to spend.. Can someone help?
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Seriously?!?! Only 6 colour left for KVD Liquid Lips on the .ca side??
What the heck is happening here? Fortunately I have all the colours I need but I wanted to give as gifts...geesh
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Really? I'm in Canada but whenever I cross over to Buffalo the JCP in Walden Galleria has them. see post
hi ! im a vib rouge in store but a vib online - I've called customer service already to get this resolved and they said they fixed it but its still not fixed !!!
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erkuh16 / RISING STAR / replied
I had this same problem. The best way to have this resolved is by calling the customer service hotline and having them manually link your accounts! They will also send y... see post
Beauty Summit 2015
Beauty Summit 2015   I signed up for the 2-5 pm time slot at Sephora’s 2015 Beauty Summit.  My day started with a 12:15 luncheon at the Palace Hotel. It was a buffet lunch, and I’m sorry I forgot to snap pictures of the food.  There were a ton of vegetarian options – a pasta salad, eggplant parmesan, and a white bean soup.  There was chicken for the rest of us.    They also had a full desert station with a bunch of different chocolate options and some fruit tarts.  It was cute!  The real star of the luncheon was the champagne though.  Oh the champagne!   Let me tell you about the champagne: it was plentiful.  I thought we were only going to get it at the luncheon so I made the most of it while I was there, but I was pleasantly surprised when we got to Sephora University and I found that there was MORE champagne!   More champagne, and more snacks, too!  There was some kind of sushi roll, a chicken and waffles hors d'oeuvres, croquette monsieur, and my personal favorite – homemade pop tarts with nutella.   The first thing I did when I got to Sephora University, after checking in, was grab more champagne!  We decided to do before and after selfies to see if we our makeup looked better when we did it or when other people did it.  In the interest of full disclosure – I wore heaps of makeup because I wanted the other makeup artists to know where my skill level was at before I let them touch my face.  I wanted them to know I wasn’t going to be satisfied with a little winged liner and some mascara.    Here’s my “before” picture: After refreshing my champagne glass we then headed to our “Picture Perfect” class.  This was the same format as last year.  4 people to a table, and maybe 6 tables in the room?  The idea behind the class was how to take your normal every day look and kick it up a notch for pictures.  It was pretty basic.  They encouraged us to use eyeliners, blushes, contour, lip pencils, and lipstick.   I already had all this stuff on so there was nowhere for me to go.  I was also feeling the champagne so I tuned out and started playing with the face chart.   I ended up adding dark brown eyeliner to my look to create a stronger gradient on my eyes, and then I swapped out my lip color for UD’s streak.  The tube of streak was brand new, never been used before, and it just looked so lonely!  I have streak at home, so I figured I should put it on so it didn’t have to feel left out.    I also added more apricot colored eye shadow to my crease to warm up the eyes since the coral lipstick looked too warm against my smokey, some what cool eyes.  Here’s the ‘after’ pic of me after the class: Our first stop was the skincare room.  There was a strategy here.  If they were going to take off our makeup we wanted to do that first then go get makeup reapplied.  Ole Henriksen was there this year.  He’s a nice guy, very charismatic.  Fresh, and Sephora Collection were also there.   Next up we hit up the hair salon which was new this year.  I had already braided my hair, so I was kind of sad of the prospect of taking out my braid, but you only live once, right?  I do this braid all the time when I’m working out because it’s really awesome for keeping hair out of the face.  In the hair room, they had people from Living Proof and Bumble and Bumble.  These are a couple of my favorite hair brands.  I love Bumble and Bumble because the best hairdresser ever is a Bumble and Bumble educator.  She’s so amazing that I just trust that brand based on her.  (Shout out to Nikki at the Parlour Salon in Wellsley, MA!  It is worth the drive out there from Boston.)  I also like Living Proof because they’re kinda based out of Boston?  At least the hair stylist who came up with the products is.  He has a salon in the financial district which I’ve been to, and so has Giselle Bunchen, apparently.  I have to say I didn’t love the salon, but whatevs.  The other reason I like them is because when I was working as a patent assistant one of the attorneys/phds was working on their patents and she vouched for them having real science behind their products.  It’s always nice to know if you’re buying something there’s some real evidence that it can back up its claims. Anyway, I got my hair done at the Living Proof table.  The girl loved my braids so she kept them in and then kind of built on to it.   After the hair room we went to the ‘Let’s Go Bold Together’ Room.  Here they had brand reps from UD, Nars, and MUFE.  I got my foundation done at MUFE. They were using their new HD foundation and cream sticks.  I liked the way it looked.  Then I hopped over to the Nars area, and I told the woman to do whatever she could because by this point it was already 4:45 pm.  She did a red lip on me, which was ok, but I didn’t love it.  The color just wasn’t anything I was madly in love with.  Here’s a few pictures from that room – Then I dashed in the “Let’s makeup together” room to snap a picture of the Marc Jacobs set up and Kat Von D.   Very nice!  Last year Bite beauty had a super cool make your own mini lipstick set up.  It was very cool!  They didn’t have that this year so their table was kind of meh.   One last trip to the selfie station with the hair by Living Proof, lips by Nars, and foundation from MUFE: And now, for the goodies!  Here’s what I got in my goodie bag: Nars audacious mascara .12 fl oz - $9.75 Sephora pearl mask 1 sheet - $6 Sephora waterproof makeup remover .84 fl oz - $1.74 - $3.48 Living Proof night cap 1 fl oz -  $7 Living Proof prime style extender 1 fl oz $2.45 - $6 Bumble and Bumble Full Potential shampoo 2 fl oz - $7.30 Bumble and Bumble Full Potential booster spray 1 fl oz - $14.29 Ole Henriksen truth serum .25 fl oz - $12 fresh seaberry moisturizing face oil .16 fl oz - $5 MUFE nourishing base .16 fl oz - $5.76 Marc Jacobs Le Marc lipstick .03 oz - $7.5 bite pomegranate high pigment pencil .05 oz $13.33 Kat Von D liquid liner in trooper .007 fl oz - $6.65 Kat Von D studded lipstick in underage red .04 oz -  $8.4 Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine .24 fl oz - $16.8 UD Naked Lipgloss in naked .04 fl oz - $6.15 UD Naked Lipgloss in naked .04 fl oz - $6.15 UD Perversion mascara .1 fl oz - $5.50 UD 24/7 liner in rockstar .03 fl oz - $15 Grand Total: $156.77 I had to check my math on this twice.  Last year’s goodie bag had over $250 worth of products.  This year’s goodie bag looks anemic in comparison.  The only added perk we got this year from last year’s was the lunch.  Which was nice… but not really nice enough to justify the 2000 point cost or the $100 worth of products we didn’t get this year.   The makeup class was super basic.  I didn’t learn anything new.  I had fun talking to the brand reps and drinking as much champagne as I possibly could. But if we’re being honest, I think I would have rather had just about any of the other 2000 point perks they offered in August over this one.     *Note, I feel bad posting something negative because I know that there are real people who work to put on these events and they're trying hard to make them great, but I honestly can't say this met my expectations.
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Yeah that's the one I think...  Paul Mitchell is that older brand.  I think the salon is called John Mitchell?  Right?  I know I always get them confused.  Do you live i... see post
Forgot my beauty insider card
I completely forgot to use my VIB card yesterday and didn't realize until now.  Can I still get the points?
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BEAUTY BOSS violacrayola / BEAUTY BOSS BEAUTY BOSS / replied
please feel free to correct me! you can call customer service and tell them your situation. they should be able to add the points according to your purchase. This happen... see post
A footprint on my gift bag in my shipment
so I got one of my orders from the Rouge sale and I'm less than impressed.. on the gift bag it had a boot print . so at some point someone stepped on the bag before placing it in my box for shipping . all of my items were scattered and a perfume had leaked . this isn't the type of service I expect to receive from Sephora . I'm VERY disappointed by this .
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I keep getting orders without samples! Not in Canada, in the US. I am getting tired of having to message Sephora to let them know and getting points here and there. Not ... see post
Attn: VIB's that are now Rouge because of the sale
I just received an email with a personalized code for 20% off from Sephora CS, it's a one time code which is kind of annoying so once it's used it's gone. If you did not receive this email I suggest you email Sephora CS asap because the code expires on the 16th.   I hope this helps anyone in the same situation as me! 🙂   I tried to attach a picture of the email but it wouldn't let me, on the bottom of the email is this message: * This code is being sent to you because VIB20 will no longer apply with your VIB ROUGE status. Offer valid for VIB Rouge members from 11/13/15 through 11/16/15 in stores and online in the US and Canada and Sephora inside JCPenney stores. Not valid on international shipments or on Beauty Insider status must be VIB Rouge prior to redeeming this offer. Discount applies to merchandise only, not value of gift cards purchased, packaging, applicable taxes or shipping & handling charges. No adjustments on previous purchases. May not be sold or transferred. Offer has no cash value and may not be altered. Merchandise quantities may be limited, see store for details. Cannot be combined with any other offers or employee discount. Sephora is not responsible for lost or stolen offers, and this offer is subject to change, alteration, or termination by Sephora at its sole discretion at any time.
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Can anyone share the 20% friend ?
Can anyone share the 20% friend coupon to me? I really want to get the discount.... My email is  Thanks a lot!!!!!
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Hi Daisy321,   Our 20% discount promotion is only for our VIB and VIB Rouge members. The code will not apply to your order if you are not a VIB/VIB Rouge. I apologiz... see post
Do regular beauty insiders get 20 off?
There was a sale this month for rouge, then VIBs, and I am wondering if it will happen to regular beauty insiders?
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CCL20 / FRESH FACE / replied
Thank you that helps! I am $81 away from VIB and thought I'd wait for 20 off and become a VIB at the same time, but I guess not :( see post
the sunday riley duo is back in stock
okay i have been waiting for this to come back and it just came back but i can't get it because Sephora decided to cut us off and not to extend out rouge sale so they wanted to restock when we can't get it with the 20% off so that we pay full price for it cos it's limited.This is not fair,you guys are closed how can i get a CS to help me with the code and trust me before you reopen it will definitely sell out...why are we even rouge here?
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BEAUTY BUFF accordingtoame / BEAUTY BUFF BEAUTY BUFF / replied
The Stores nor CS will apply that for me. That was one of the items I was trying to obtain because it was sold out last weekend and it's gone AGAIN.  see post
Anyone have a SA for the new Josie's 500 Point Perk?
SKU, Sorry.   I've seen it posted about a few times now, and it's trickling into stores. Is there a link or sku for it online yet?
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BEAUTY BUFF accordingtoame / BEAUTY BUFF BEAUTY BUFF / replied
I ended up happening upon it in a store. I tried scanning it with the barcode in the Sephora app and it does not come up.  see post
VIB Qualification
Once I became a VIB, do I need to spend $350 evry year to keep it? 
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To confirm, spending $350+ in 2015 means you will be VIB for the rest of 2015 and all of 2016. If you spend $350+ in 2016, your VIB status will extend through 2017 and s... see post
VIB account not linked online
I was upgraded to VIB a couple of weeks ago and none of my points are linked to my online account. Also, my account says that I am still a Beauty Insider. One of the experts tried to help me about a week ago, stating that she would fix the problem and link my email to my card, however NOTHING happened. I received emails saying that there were changes being made to my account and that my "new" (what?) email was being attached to my account. Ugh! It was no help at all. I know the sale is going to be happening and I would really like to be notified but I don't receive any VIB emails. Please help!! I'm desperate!!
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I'm in the same situation as you.. such a rip off :(  see post
do return policies vary by store? 12-month limit?
I tried to return a way-too sparkly lip gloss (looked fine in the store) last weekend, purchased in October 2014, not used more than a few times (it's a clear tube, you can see it's full). Yes it has been awhile but I had a rough year and I had a ton of receipts to go through, and this was not on the top of my mind. Anyway, cashier say you can't because of 30 day policy, I said this was bought under the old policy, manager approved it for that reason but when they tried to process it I was told the system said it was more than 12 months so they were not able to issue the refund. The old policy was not 12 months, it was return ANY TIME (stated right there on the back of the receipt), I was just a few weeks over 12 months which makes it all the worse. Anyway, contacted customer service and they said to contact the store because they have the right to refuse a return for any reason and it's up to their discretion. Does any of this make any sense? Has anyone else been told 12 months was the limit? Is this even legal/allowed, changing your return policy AFTER your purchase... is it store specific or is it head office? Can individual stores really tailor the policy this way? I have never heard of a company doing any of these things. I'm so confused by all of this and really upset because I feel like people keep giving me incorrect information and being rude like I'm some sort of degenerate for returning something. It's just a $25 lip gloss, really, why such a hassle?? At this point its the principle, I don't like the idea that a company took my money under the false pretense that I could return it any time only to change their mind after the fact. Sorry for the rant, I'm genuinely trying to figure out if others have had this experience or understand something I do not. All the emails back and forth with customer service have not been helpful. (double posted by accident in wrong category)
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Yes, companies can and do have the right to change their return policies. It is legal, even though it can be frustrating. Yes, individual stores can handle returns diffe... see post
Will I get my 20% off, Just turn VIB today
I just became a VIB today, will i be able to get the 20% off for the sale Nov 13-16? I keep seeing ppl talk about emails, if you dont have enail do you not get the discount? HELP, my cart is over flowing and I don't wanna buy if I can get a nice discount.
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Stephfefe is correct.  You probably won't get the email since you just qualified, but the code will work for you online. If you go in store, you should just be able to t... see post
Spread the love ~what's something good that happened today?~
There's been a whole lot of negativity around here lately. Yes, the sale was frustrating. Yes, all of the criticisms are valid. And yes, Sephora should treat it's customers with a bit more dignity.   However, these issues should not monopolize our community, and these are really only minor inconveniences in the grand scheme of things!   So, what's something good that happened today? It can be something you did, something you witnessed, a phone call you received, or something as simple as having Starbucks spell your name correctly!     Its only 10:00 am here, but already I got my coffee grounds/water ratio correctly for possibly the first time ever
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Still in Japan? I'm jelly :)  see post