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I went into a Sephora store and signed up for Beauty Insider. I now just placed an order online and created an online account. I am asked a million times to join Beauty Insider online, but I've already joined. How do I enter/add my existing BI number to my online account?
I ordered four items on November 16th, and paid $16 extra dollars to have one day shipping. I look at my order on November 18th, and my order is still not even shipped. What is going on? I need this by tomorrow because I am going on vacation. Very upset that I paid this extra money and my order hasn't even been shipped.
I recently had the issue where my points and VIB status were not linked to my online account. It was resolved over the phone and things were working perfectly for a few days, however I shopped the VIB sale yesterday and none of my recent points and purchases show up on my account. This is super frustrating. Also, I'm almost Rouge status but I can't see how much more I need to spend.. Can someone help?
I just received an email with a personalized code for 20% off from Sephora CS, it's a one time code which is kind of annoying so once it's used it's gone. If you did not receive this email I suggest you email Sephora CS asap because the code expires on the 16th.   I hope this helps anyone in the same situation as me! 🙂   I tried to attach a picture of the email but it wouldn't let me, on the bottom of the email is this message: * This code is being sent to you because VIB20 will no longer apply with your VIB ROUGE status. Offer valid for VIB Rouge members from 11/13/15 through 11/16/15 in stores and online in the US and Canada and Sephora inside JCPenney stores. Not valid on international shipments or on Beauty Insider status must be VIB Rouge prior to redeeming this offer. Discount applies to merchandise only, not value of gift cards purchased, packaging, applicable taxes or shipping & handling charges. No adjustments on previous purchases. May not be sold or transferred. Offer has no cash value and may not be altered. Merchandise quantities may be limited, see store for details. Cannot be combined with any other offers or employee discount. Sephora is not responsible for lost or stolen offers, and this offer is subject to change, alteration, or termination by Sephora at its sole discretion at any time.
Hi,   Could someone please help me to link my VIB card with my new created online account?    Thanks!
Hi all!   I moved to Sweden 3 years ago, but visit home in the U.S. twice a year. I make orders from the Sephora site to my home address during the summer and of course now to prepare for Christmas time. It is such a hassle for my family to get the boxes and have to store them for me- it's really not occasionally, but the multiple orders/boxes add up!   I know there was a girl living in Italy that ships to her U.S. address. Has anyone discovered a cost efficient, trust-worthy way of having these things mailed to you in another country? I know there are services that will forward your mail, but I've read horrible reviews where things disappear or take months to arrive, and they are also quite expensive. I do have Sephora in Sweden, but it's a joke. The SA's are so rude and the products are 30%+ more expensive than in the U.S., and there are very few brands that are available at this Sephora. They JUST introduced a rewards program and will not recognize my American Rouge membership.   Any advice or tips would be great if anyone else is dealing or has dealt with this.   Thanks!   /L    
My color IQ is 2y09 what bronzer, contour and highlighter do you ladies recommend?
Anyone having the same problem as I am? I can't reply to anything. It keeps saying an unexpected error occurred every time. hmmmm
not sure how i feel about it! but haven't gotten a chance to click around too much .. yet!
I have a card for my VIB account, and I also receive emails letting me know how many points I have, but when I log in, it says I have 0 points and does not have my saved makeup profiles. I need those to know what to order.
I spent over $200 in store two weeks ago, signed up for a Beauty Insider account, and was told I would get 2x the points because the 2x, 3x, and 4x event was going on. I created an account online and linked my card number to the account, but my points count is still 0. I spent a lot of money and I will be extremely disappointed if I this issue isn't fixed soon. Please help. Thanks.
Has anyone posted pictures of Marc JACOBS Epic reward?  Would love to see.
I haven't been getting emails from Sephora for a few months now. I've tried re-updating my email subscriptions and also adding the Sephora email account to my address book. Help!!!
Hey, so i keep making purchases in store at sephora but my points and purchases i have made are not showing up on my account. I also have received a VIB card i store but it does not show up online. So i want to know why my purchases are not appearing on my account. 
I got a beauty insider card in June and also made some purchases with it. I just remembered to make an account online and went to check how many more points I needed, but it says I have 0. Any help?
You lovely ladies got me into Ebates.  Today the daily double is Sephora at 8% cash back.  Thought I would help others out with knowing this information  If you are new to Ebates you can use my referral link to get started: in2yrAMCe2A%3D%3D&eeid=26471     Should we use this Ebates daily double or are the quadruple points or another promo one knows about coming up soon?  
seriously Sephora why is it that every time there's a special sale , or launch you guys have some mysterious "Glitch" that's always in the USA customers favour ?? Isn't our cash good enough for you ? I think this is now the  push I need to start spending my hard earned cash at Murale , Shoppers Drug Mart and heck maybe even  go back to MAC . Because at least I don't get treated like a second class customer with them .    
Saving your points for the ultimate splurge? Go all-in for once-in-a-lifetime experiences you’ll have to see to believe. Exclusively available for Beauty Insiders.   Just to name a few… For 1,000 Points, go ink deep with bestselling products from Kat Von D’s edgy collection in a signed, limited-edition case. For 2,000 Points, dare to express yourself with the ultimate collection of Urban Decay Naked products, signed by brand founder Wende Zomnir. For 10,000 Points, embody the feminine vision of Stella McCartney with Stella fragrances plus her Falabella Shaggy Deer Foldover Tote Bag.   The limited-edition packages get better and better, so be sure to check your email or the Beauty Insider Rewards Boutique in the next week to make sure you don’t miss these offers. They won't last long!
I have been unable to leave the house for months as I am a waiting on major hip surgery. Long story. I waiting for more skincare samples to become available but should I be worried about items in my cart selling out? I have Crease Release, Marc Jacobs lipsticks etc.  
Hi! I have had a beauty insider card for many years, and should most likely be a VIB. I just set up an online account so I can recieve information on promotions, but I don't see how I can link my card and my online account. How do I link the two so I can continue getting points? Thanks, Caly
Hiya, I've been seeing loads of personalised beauty and fashion sites recently. I signed up to this one called MyBeautyCompare which looks pretty cool. Have any of you guys used it? Or know of anything similar?    Thanks! uId=1652163 kuId=1652130 kuId=1652320 lette-P300604?skuId=1381235 8?skuId=1346667    
Mine was nt 1 but 3, Christian Louboutin Red Nail polish, Peter thomas Green mask ( i don't remember name), Too faced chocolate palette, they are so buttery and easy to blend.
Does anyone have a reward card they don't mind sparing to me? Please and thank you so much!