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For us Canadians, as you all know, we have our long weekend this week!    Do you all ever go into Sephora during this time? Are there any deals going on ever?   I don't go on a regular basis, wondering if any had any thoughts?
I was so excited when first got the email about the new Canadian warehouse, package will be delivered so much faster! But in reality, although my friend got her package super fast (second-day delivery to Toronto), my orders has been cancelled 5 times because things are out of stock (I was not even ordering the same things)! I am just wondering it is just me or others also experienced such situation...   So fellow Canadians, do you love or hate the new warehouse? why?
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  Ok I know we have a lot of September birthdays on here so I was wondering what my options are....... I am new to BT. Which one should i choose? I know the NARS rouge is better, what are your thoughts on the Peter Thomas Roth birthday gift? Can I get both? Like online or in-store? What are your experiences with this?   Thanks!    
Dear Sephora. I would like to thank you for for the following:   -Thank you for offering $50 credits to all of us who qualified. Even though some got sent much later than others (I got mine today by calling).  - Thanks for restocking the Canadian samples section lol after having only 4-6 the last little while -Thanks for restocking the entire Canadian site so quickly after that weird glitch where 75% of products were OOS. - I'm noticing better point perks already !! -Your customer service reps (the ones I talked to) certainly did not sound like they had been talking to angry customers all day. Nor as if they were having the same conversations over and over. So thank you to them.   Thank you for listening to us  
not sure how i feel about it! but haven't gotten a chance to click around too much .. yet!
I just became a VIB Rouge in store and I would love to connect the card to my online account , if anyone know how to do that can you help me? Thank you!
I have very normal to combination skin , I do own all of the Glam glow masks also. I do want to have some opinions and try new things ! what are some great Face oils and Masks does sephora carry that you guys think I should give a go ? 
I'm so excited because this is my birth-month aaaaannnddd...I had some goodies waiting for me at my mom's house (who I'm visiting this week)!   I got a couple of the sale Kat Von D Palettes and the Rouge bday gift from SIJCP with an eye liner too  
Went into my local sephora this afternoon and happened to see the September BITE BEAUTY 250 perk ! as we know the previous one was pink this month is RED Colour is MIMOSA loving the colour red I wonder what other beauties september will bring us ????
So like many of you, I am frustrated with Sephora for a variety of reasons. Little to no VIB Rouge rewards/priority, the two  Epic Fiascos I have participated in & managed to miss the rewards, and a number of neutral to negative in-store experiences (no samples even when asking, cast members not being aware of VIB Rouge makeovers, etc...) I have began taking my money to Nordstrom/Ulta, but I lurk here because it is so nice to know there are others who share my makeup addiction . However,  yesterday I stopped into a Santa Monica Sephora on a whim, and had the  best  experience I have ever had with a cast member, who did not even know I was VIB Rouge. My partner has been wanting to find a new fragrance, so we approached the cast member working fragrances. She took no less than 20-25 minutes to playfully, happily, and cheerfully "play a game" with us to determine her fragrance suggestions. She asked us a number of serious and goofy questions, and came up with several great fragrance suggestions that showed that she had listened carefully and paid attention. She teased me about answering for my partner, made playful fun of how cute we were together and how well we knew each other, and just put a huge smile on both of our faces, not to mention suggested the fragrance I'll be buying for SO's birthday coming up. This was far & away the best customer service I've ever had at Sephora. (Also of note - My partner is an androgynous presenting female. Usually when I go into Sephora with her we are ignored (far more than when I go in alone). I don't like to credit it to homophobia, rather my theory is that cast members see my partner & assume she is not shopping for makeup (a fair assumption). But just to mention - us being a non-heterosexual couple did not phase this cast member at all .)   That experience and the recent $50 credit is slowly warming me back up to Sephora. Sephora, if all of your cast members to treated customers this way, you wouldn't have the problems you have. Best retail experience I've had in ages.    
Hi there, I was wondering if anyone else had their orders from this weekend missing it's samples?  I've never had this happen before and since I never get samples from our store I like to order online.  It was a gift for someone, I had an order for myself from a few days earlier so I can toss it in the cute gift wrap bag we added to the order.   
I have a card for my VIB account, and I also receive emails letting me know how many points I have, but when I log in, it says I have 0 points and does not have my saved makeup profiles. I need those to know what to order.
I am extremely satisfied with how Sephora handled the situation with the Epic Rewards. This is just a post about how Sephora really stepped up and gave away the certificates (in my mind, this was above and beyond expectation). I know that they will truly take our feedback to heart regarding the Epic Rewards, and I just want to show appreciation. I know that I was one who spent all day refreshing and missed everything (I live in Canada) and I am satisfied. I know we may not deserve it and some of you may believe we are greedy, but we can all just say a thank you and appreciate what Sephora did.   So thank you! I will continue to be a loyal customer and promote you for everything awesome that you are!  
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Are there a lot of us? I had 1,200 points roughly and I haven't gotten a response. Pretty sure I emailed within the first few hours of the announcement.  Granted, I'm not a rouge member (yet!). I wonder if that makes a difference. Shall we wallow and wait together?   *Offers to holds hands*   Edit: Here is a screenship from the Sephora Canada website page:    ITS GOING TO BE OK PEOPLE <3 Hopefully. 
Hi,   I posted this already but no one has responded to my question.   I haven't been getting any emails from Sephora for a few months now. I've tried re-updating my email subscriptions and also adding the Sephora email account to my address book. Please help!!!
You didn't have to but you did. Thank you for making the Epic Rewards disaster right with your customers.    Happy shopping I go!
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Now that Sephora has sent out the email offering those who were affected by the Epic Rewards a $50 promo code, what are you going to use it to buy?   I am really hoping that the Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Palette really is released on September 15 because I think I may try to hold off and use my code towards that!  If I can't hold off there are a few things in my basket that I may finally pull the trigger on.  I have the UD Afterglow Blush in Score and the Burberry Kit in there!   I can't wait to see what you all have your eyes on.   Here's a copy of the email in case you haven't seen it yet!  
I noticed this morning that my points were significantly higher than they were last night and when I checked, I discovered I had been given 250 by CS yesterday... anyone else have this happen?   I'm wondering if this might be related to ER...
I hear Sephora is offering a monthly beauty box for 10$. I heard about the sample box on some random tweet. Is it true.? Why didn't I hear about it first I am a rouge member 2015 and 2016?
I just received an email about the up to 75% sale stating we have Rouge First Access, but I can only see the same items that have been available for several days, and that I could access without being logged in previously. Was my email just delayed, or did anyone else experience the same?
Is there a way of tracking BI points? I had 459 pre-3x event and now I am at 85. After redeeming the 250 bite perk I was at 209. I then made two purchases, one at 50ish to sephora online --150 points at 3x -- and then $44 to sephora inside jcp--132 points. Putting me at 491 points. I then cashed out 300 points and made a dollar purchase-- which means I should be at 192 points instead of the 85 my account currently displays.    following a response to the above message from CS, I am now at NEGATIVE 215 points. I have not cashed out any points but continue to lose them and am not given a proper reply from customer service, this is beyond frustrating. Is there a way for me to see exactly how I lost these points? 
I emailed the day the notices was posted for us to contact them ... so I did It said I would recieve an email back within 10 days and I have yet to get one yet.   I'm not honestly expecting much from it and I'm not angry either , but i'm curious what they're doing and whatnot.
When I signed up for the beauty insider program, I think I entered my birthday incorrectly because my birthday is actually August 18 but when I check my profile, it comes up as January 18 ( ! Is there any way I can change this? Help!!
I spent over $200 in store two weeks ago, signed up for a Beauty Insider account, and was told I would get 2x the points because the 2x, 3x, and 4x event was going on. I created an account online and linked my card number to the account, but my points count is still 0. I spent a lot of money and I will be extremely disappointed if I this issue isn't fixed soon. Please help. Thanks.
Last year I signed up for beauty insider online but I don't have a physical card. I rarely go to the sephora store since the nearest one is hours away so I was wondering if I can get it mailed? Also I heard some people have their online points separate from their card but I'm not sure if this is true. When I make my card can I transfer my online points to the physical card or will I have to restart? Cause I'm close to vip so I hope I don't have to restart on my card     Thanks for your help      
Hello, I've just recently signed up to be a Beauty Insider online. I went to a Sephora store today and purchased several products, but upon purchasing I was asked if I had a Beauty Insider card. I did not have one physically, so I said no. I just found out upon arriving home that I need to get a card at the store. I wanted to know if there's any way to turn my purchases into points, even after I have paid without a card? Sorry I'm still new to all this.   Thank you very much in advance!
  I've been trying for the past hour to link the two but can't seem to do so!! I usually gave the store my number in order to get into my VIB account but I can't seem to do it on here and it says I have 0 Points when I've already reached VIB in stores 
How long does it take for out of stock items to be restocked, in particular the Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Palette AND Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita?   Thanks!!