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Go go go! uId=1647205
I have tried chocolate and dark brown from the anastasia dipbrow line and they are too red toned for my liking so I am looking for a dark ash brown eyeshadow preferably from makeup forever to fill in my brows. Thanks for the help   ETA: I would try a brow pencil but I find them to look unnatural.
EDIT: The original HK14 Watch Thread g-Hello-Kitty-Set-40th-anniversary-coming-to-Sepho ...   For those of you who didn't get the email: ink_brand set-P388737?skuId=1627264 tte-P388738?skuId=1627256 ?skuId=1627314
How can I get on a mailing list for my local Sephora stores?  Also, I'd like to get on a mailing and/or email list for my local SiJCP store too.  How can I do that?  Thanks!
I'm looking for a new red lipstick that's not overly cool or warm toned; I have clinique's chubby stick intense in mightiest maraschino and it's too blue based for my neutral skin tone. I'd be around an NW20 in MAC. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!
I am 60 fair skinned blonde haired blue eyed. I have great skin and I am trying a red lip by Nars. What color of liner should I use: clear, matchy red, or a woody tone?
Is there a way to get the mirror by itself? I don't really need the other items.
Shocked in a good way - of course. I ordered a few things last week, and the arrival happened to coincide with my birthday. So, my order was packed with little bonuses and gifts and such. The usual birthday ROUGE gift, my 3 samples, a couple 100pt perks,  the make-up brush and perfume I ordered, and the FRESH bonus.... And - A 6oz bottle of Sephora make-up brush cleanser.    I had to check the invoice 4 times because I thought maybe I was ordering late at night and somehow messed up and forgot that I ordered the item. But, nope - it is a present and it doesn't seem to be listed on the invoice at all.    Anyone else ever get an unexpected actual gift from Sephora?
For the women's, it's got a bunch of the "tried and true" group, but it's also got Tom Ford's Black Orchid and Mugler's Alien, so that's exciting. Id=1633031 Id=1633072    
Hi! I recently decided to check how many points I've accumulated online and my account states I have zero points. When I checked my email though, it states I have over 400 points. Is there a way that I have to link my beauty insider card to my online account in order for the points to show up?
So I'm browsing the Express website and came across this the woman on the right seems to be able to fly or walk on air lol...not to mention her feet are turned in an awkward position and of course her legs are made longer. I'm no expert in photoshop but this just don't look right.
HI SEPHORA I RECENTLY made an order of $65 from  sephora. i later signed in to beauty insider program. can i get my purchase shifted  here and also when ill be getting my order. i ordered on 3 september
Today I came home and was super excited to have 8 Sephora boxes to open up even though most were gifts for my family and friends. I had purchased a few of  the Ocos Locos 2, Feminine Palettes, Philosophy make up removers , etc from the recent sale   First of all, I noticed that instead of receiving the Sephora gift bag like I requested, all 8 orders were in big gift boxes.   Then, after opening all of my packages, I was missing 10 samples in total. All of the ones that I was supposed to get the Kate Sommerville exfloiant were missing. I know that they are allowed to substitute samples, which they did for some, but I was still missing 10 !   To make matters worse, I was missing 2 of the Clinique Smart serums that I was supposed to get for using the SMART promo code.    I'm not impressed at all with the warehouse! Can someone please tell me what is going on with the warehouses?  
I cannot be the only one that is really frustrated that there's no way to see a breakdown of our points on each transaction, right? Just having the total points earned is not enough, especially considering how often points are not applied correctly! I have had problems with points being applied improperly in-store and online too, but am continually annoyed that there's no way to verify each time I earn more. For example, I'm pretty positive that I didn't receive the proper amount of points for my purchases during the recent 4x point promo. Also, I mailed back a return that included some 100pt perks and they were never credited back. It seems like there are a lot of people that have had issues with BI Points, so why doesn't Sephora let us clearly keep track on our BI Profile???
Hi! I usually order products online but I recently purchased from my local Sephora store for the first time. Since I never owned a physical Beauty Insiders card (since it was my first time purchasing in store of course) the lady who was cashing me out happily gave me one after I gave her my e-mail address. Once I got home I decided to go online to see how many Beauty Insider points I've accumulated and saw that nothing was updated, even in my recently purchased items log. I assumed it just took a day or two to process, but it has now been a week and my accounts has still not been updated?   If someone can help me out with this I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks!
I've noticed that at my local Sephora stores (there are two around here and I went to both), the 250 point rewards are no longer available at the checkout. In fact, the staff seem to know absolutely nothing about them. I would very much like to cash in my points for a fragrance mini, but I would not very much like to have to shop online and pay shipping in order to get the reward item. I'm quite unhappy about this situation and actually left both stores without the items I was planning to buy because of it. I'm pretty much giving up on Sephora entirely at this point- a rival store is closer to me and they seem to actually let customers use their rewards perks! Just wanted to express that I'm sure customers would be much happier if they didn't have to fork out MORE money in order to get the rewards for money they already spent.
How come none of my past purchases with my beauty insider card appears on my online account? 
Has any noticed their points are changing? When I go to the section where you can see the "points added today" it says almost 600 points more than what it says in the top bar in sephora. I've noticed this changes a lot and sometimes it goes back to what it says in the top bar and other times it's a lot higher than I really have.    Anyone know what's going on or has this happened to you to?
Hi everyone!   Okay so I recently visited my Sephora store, and I asked about a Acne cleanser or spot treatment. And the lady who attended to me gave me a sample of Peter Thomas Roth sulfur masque. Then she asked if I ever used a Clarisonic. I never did, or even thought about getting one. She went on to talk about how she highly recommends it to everyone, and it made me think I should invest in one! I do have acne prone skin..mostly hormonal breakouts. She said it would really help get my skin clean and free of any dirt/makeup laying on my skin after cleansing/exfoliating.  i know you need to replace the brush after so long too.  I am on the outs on getting one, I just need some input on what you guys think?? Do you think its a good investment?     
I had a friend ask me what I would consider basics for beauty and skincare as she is just starting out in the beauty world and is looking to get a regimen going. However being the beauty junkie that I am I am trying to narrow down a list for her. So what would you consider Cosmetic and Skincare basics?
I ordered on August 25 and that was the day I wanted to become BI but failed. It was said that become BI now and get the order points. Can I still get those points?
When will Beauty Insiders be able to choose prize's that cater to deeper skin tones? The seem to cater to the lighter skin tone women.
I have BI card with points, but no way to link it to online account.
I just happened to stop by a SiJCP because I had to make a return and there was a display with 25% off clearance items. A lot of items from the online clearance sale are also there. For eg: the Sephora tropics palette is for $15 online and I got it for $9 for my little cuz. Also the bareminerals ipad case set is $30 online and it was for $20 instore!
I just recently went completely nuts over this brand. Even though I'm a skincare fanatic, I never really paid attention to Caudalie products, well, because the brand is not as prominently advertised as others I suppose..   I'd love to know your favs (or HGs)!   Here are mine:
I would like to make a beauty insider account, but every time I try it tells me "BI account failed". Any help please?
Hi guys,   Just saw this offer for Canadians that's good till Sept 2. I hope they still have some left!   LOCATIONS: TORONTO: Toronto Eaton Centre, Sherway Gardens, Yorkdale Shopping Centre ,Square One Shopping Centre ,Promenade Shopping Centre ,Bayview Village Shopping Centre, 155 Cumberland Avenu , 210 Lesmill Road OTTAWA Rideau Centre VANCOUVER Park Royal Shopping Centre VICTORIA Mayfair Mall CALGARY Market Mall EDMONTON West Edmonton Mall MONTREAL 880 Ste-Catherine St. West LAVAL Carrefour Laval