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I don't remember what email I used when I signed up for the account. Is there anyway I can get my VIB card linked to this account?
So, not sure if this is true (I'm always sceptical of what I'm told in this store), but I was told this last week:   Rouge cards are being "phased out."   I qualified for Rouge for the first time in November 2016, when and both of the  only 2 stores in my province were sold out of Rouge welcome kits. I was told by one of these stores to keep checking back for next year's gift, because my account would still say I hadn't received my kit yet and I'd get it as soon as next year's arrived.   Now, both of these stores - not sure about your locals - are well known for treating you differently based on what colour Beauty Insider card you produce, so I was SUPER excited to get my red card. I didn't even particularly care which welcome gift I got, 2016 or 2017, as long as I  finally  got my red card.   After multiple tries, the 2nd store FINALLY told me they had the new kits... But they checked my account, and "it says you're not eligible."   They made me stand there at the counter and go back through 2 months worth of emails to find the one that said "go pick up your welcome kit"... Despite having shown them an email for an "in-store" promo code - with VIB Rouge at the top of the email - that they also said they didn't have.    Eventually, I was given my kit, and when I asked if my Rouge card was in it, I was told:   "Oh, they don't have them anymore. They're phasing out the red cards, and are planning to eventually get rid if the silver and black ones too, because they want everyone to use the app instead."   At this point I was so peeved I just left... and got home to find a) it was the 2016 gift they'd been saying they'd been out of for 2 months, and b) it didn't have a Rouge card in it anyway, but said "congrats on another year at the top."   So who knows how much of this was just BS, but needless to say I am already over this Rouge thing. After years of watching people with red cards be treated like gold in my local stores, while I could barely get help, I'm wondering what why I ever thought this would be worthwhile in the first place...
I have had a beauty insider card for a while and an online account, however the purchases I have made in stores over the past few months have not been showing up on my account? I gave them my email and birthday at the store but something just isn't seeming to be connected. 
This past Tuesday, I went to a Sephora to buy a foundation that I had previously got a sample of. When I went to buy it, they were sold out in my shade, and so was everywhere else close by. The lady working ordered it for me, but didn't ask me for my beauty insider card or email. Now that the foundation has came in the mail, I figured I could scan my reciept or the barcode on the actual product, but that is not the case. I read to call costumer service but I don't have the time to sit on the phone and be put on hold. How can I redeem my points on this product? Thank you in advance.
Hi! How can I link my VIB status/Points to my online account? Thanks!  
When I got my Beauty Insider a few months ago I only gave my name and birthday. I know would like to shop online and I can't figure out how to add it in. Any advice?
Hello! Today i was in-store and received my VIB card. I was looking at my online account but it has not updated with my new point balance and status. I don't understand what the problem is or how to fix it. PLEASE HELP!!!!
I got the VIB giftcard that says "Welcome to VIB. Your Beauty  Addiction has officially paid off." However when I use the codes inside for 10% off, it doesnt work because I'm a Beauty Insider. How can i fix this?
When checking out I added a VIB welcome kit to my cart as I reached VIB status last year but all stores were sold out of the welcome kits. But when checking out it won't let me proceed to pay. It asks me to either "remove kit from basket" or "add more items to cart". My basket is at $60 right now so I don't understand why it won't let me checkout with the kit.
Hello!! I really wanted to buy a new bronzer to try something new since I already have Hoola Bronzer by Benefit. I can't decide between Nars Laguna Bronzer and Too Faced Soleil Matte Bronzer in Milk Chocolate. I have light skin during winter and medium skin in summer, despite this, I want something that I can use all year around.Also, I want the bronzer to seem natural and make my skin look sun kissed. It would be great to hear some advice!! thank you all
My parents bought me a gift certificate of $50 about a year ago, and now I cant find it. I was wondering if there is any way to track the order history?
I am currently a VIB ROUGE and I just saw that I have to spend at least $1,000 to maintain my VIB ROUGE? I dont get it, what if i dont spend $1,000 by December, 2017?
I qualified for my VIB Rouge gift but for some reason it won't allow me to checkout with the blush saying, "Add more items or remove Rouge Requalifying Gift to proceed to checkout." I want to get the blush with my purchase because no matter what Sephora shop I go to they never have it in store. Is there anyway I can complete my purchase and still get my VIB Rouge gift?
I need to  to connect my online account to my BI card? I used my BI card in store, but the points didn't show online when i created my account. Please advise!!
I have a couple receipts of purchases that were not put on my Beauty Insider card. Is there any way to add them now?
Hello, by placing an order on 12/31, I qualified for VIB but am no longer a Rouge member. I verified with Sephora DM over twitter that I indeed qualified for VIB for 2017. However, when I get an email from Sephora now, it now just says Beauty Insider. In my Sephora website profile it shows me as VIB. As far as the Beauty Boards it still shows me as a Rouge member. Will that change on it's own? Shouldn't I be receiving VIB emails? Thanks.
So I just began shopping at Sephora on the both. I've spent 300 and have a makeover booked for the both. Does anyone know if Sephora would be able to count the money I already spent toward VIB status? I'd hate to have to spend an added 300 toward VIB when I've already spent so much in a week!
Hello! I was wondering if Sephora stores have the 2017 Birthday Gift already? I'm planning to get it sometime this week, probably tomorrow. Thanks and Happy New Year!  
Okay so my sephora app is telling me that I need to make a beauty insider account when I already have one and I'm signed into my account and everything in the app. And none of my points are in my account either. Some help would be greatly appreciated! 
I can't access my rouge account and I can't see my points online anymore! Why does it keep telling me to sign up when I am clearly already a VIB rough? Please help.
I purchased online using PayPal and forgot to sign in to my beauty rewards account. Can I still get the points?   thanks!
I just combined 2 beauty accounts with a beauty expert on the phone. How do i know if it is done?. I can still sign into both accounts and our points have not been combined
 I have 354 Beauty insider points, but my app is still saying that I need to spend $101 to reach VIB status. I'm absolutely panicking, because the calendar year ends tomorrow, and I want to achieve the status. 
When the calendar year changes from 2016 to 2017, do our points expire or do the points expire one (1) year from the time that they were earned? I wanted to clarify before I made a purchase 2 days before the calendar's end. Thank you.
I was told that if I entered the same email I have registered on my BI card that the points would register but they haven't shown up on my account yet.
Tarte Blush is paaarty and lip is Birthday Suit. Which duo will you choose- Tarte or Caudalie? 
I got a Sephora inside jcpenney gift card so I can only use it in store at jcpenney or online. All of the makeup products I want aren't sold in stores near me so I have no other choice but to purchase them online. I'm a couple points away from VIB rouge so if I choose instore pick up will the points count towards VIB rouge status? Because I know shopping online at Jcpenney won't  count the points.
Hello! For Christmas, my father bought me some lovely gifts from Sephora. He didn't have my card and didn't know my email just gave them my phone number. They said that the points were applied, but I have not received the points to my account. I still have the receipt. How do I fix this?