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 i initially got my beauty insider card at the store and made an online account a few months after. i went to the store today and i got upgraded to VIB but i want to know if its possible to link it to my existing account
i purchase some stuff in-store and my points haven't been added to my account... What can i do?
how do u link ur vib to ur email
Gave the wrong email by mistake now I don't receive any points for what I buy
I requalified for VIB but didn't receive a 10% off code, I've placed probably about two orders after that too and still haven't received any code like usual. Help? 
I have logged into my Sephora account on my phone but it comes up as I'm a beauty insider and have 51 points when I'm a vib and I had 400-500 points
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Q: What is the Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar? A: The BI Rewards Bazaar is replacing the current BI Rewards Boutique as the one-stop destination for redeeming Beauty Insider rewards online and on your mobile phone.   The new Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar offers access to limited edition beauty rewards across a variety of point values more frequently, with new updates every Tuesday and Thursday. Plus, rewards valued at 750 points and above do not require a purchase and shipping is included so you have instant access to your desired rewards.   We will continue to add new types of high value rewards so check back for updates!   Q: How do I access the Rewards Bazaar? A: It’s easy! You can access the Rewards Bazaar on the Sephora app, mobile web, and on   Q: Can I still redeem my points for rewards instore? A: Yes, 100, 250, and 500 point rewards are still available instore. Please note that rewards worth 750 points or more can only be redeemed online from the Rewards Bazaar.   Q: When are new rewards added to the Rewards Bazaar? A: New rewards are released during business hours every Tuesday and Thursday, so be sure to check in between 9AM and 5PM PT.   Q: Do I need to make a purchase to redeem a reward? A: There is no purchase required for rewards valued 750 points and above. To redeem a reward valued below 750 points, you must make a merchandise purchase. Multiple reward redemptions cannot be combined to reach the 750-point minimum (i.e. a 500-point reward + a 250-point reward).   Q: Do I need to pay for shipping? A: All rewards worth 750 points or more ship free, regardless of whether you’ve purchased merchandise. Multiple reward redemptions cannot be combined to reach the 750-point minimum (i.e. a 500-point reward + a 250-point reward). Rewards valued below 750 points ship free with a merchandise order of $50 or above. Additionally, some rewards will ship separately from merchandise items.   Q: I’m a Sephora FLASH member. Can I opt for expedited shipping on my reward? A: Your order is only eligible for FLASH 2-Day Shipping with a merchandise purchase. If you redeem a reward valued at 750 points or higher without a merchandise purchase, your order will be shipped via Standard 3-Day Shipping.    Q: Can I add samples or a promotion to my order? A: If you purchase merchandise, your order will be eligible for 3 free samples and a promotion code. The redemption of a 750-point or higher reward without a merchandise purchase does not qualify for additional samples or promotions.   Q: If I place a reward in my cart is it guaranteed to stay in by basket until I checkout? A: Rewards are offered on a first come, first served basis.  Rewards will be confirmed with your order at checkout so if the reward is limited in availability and sells out before you finalize your transaction, the item will be removed from your basket.   Q: Can I return my reward? A: Rewards cannot be returned or exchanged for points, cash, another product, gift card, or eGift certificate.   Q: My Beauty Bank doesn’t have enough points for this reward. Can I make a purchase and redeem this reward at the same time? A: You can earn points and spend them in the same transaction. If you currently have 70 points, add $30 worth of merchandise to your basket in order to redeem a 100-point reward. Please note that adding a reward to your basket does not reserve it for you. If many clients are trying to order the same reward at once, it is possible that it will be removed from your basket if you have not yet confirmed your order.
A thread for updates on the new Rewards Bazaar - to see a list of current point perks: Spoiler (Highlight to read) which chsu2016 kindly updates for us, please go here: ive-Point-Perks-Rewards-9-The-Bigger-and-Better-Ed ... which chsu2016 kindly updates for us, please go here: r/Active-Point-Perks-Rewards-9-The-Bigger-and-Bett er-Edition/td-p/2346042   For the official Sephora FAQ thread on the Rewards Bazaar: Spoiler (Highlight to read) go here: -Beauty-Insider-Rewards-Bazaar-FAQs/td-p/2539566 go here: r/The-Beauty-Insider-Rewards-Bazaar-FAQs/td-p/2539 566       The Rewards Bazaar is supposed to have new point perks released on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9 am and 5pm PST There is no set time for the perks to be released - we have to wait and see when they become available between 9 and 5 There seem to be only a few perks added at a time (each day) Some perks will be listed as "coming soon" and may arrive on a later date The newly added perks will range from 100 points to 50,000 points There are limited quantities of the perks available There may not be any "big" point perks added.     Updated Terms & Conditions: as of August 16, 2016: Spoiler (Highlight to read)  
I bought some items for the first time at Sephora in NYC, I purchased the amount of $141 but in my Beauty Insider account appears 0 points  
I have my Sephora beauty insider card, but none of the purchases I've made show up in my account. Some other purchases show up that are in a store that is in another state. I am thinking the wrong card is connected to my account. How can I fix this?
I'm not sure why but my birthday is listed as January 14 on my account but my real birthday is September 21 1995, how can I change this?
I have a Beauty Insider Card that isn't registered to me. I only found this out because I tried connecting it to my account and it keeps telling me that my card doesn't match what is on record. How do I get it fixed and how do I get my points from the card that I have and used?
Is it impossible to get an invite or what?  I've been trying forever and never got an email or invite. It shouldn't be this hard to get in, I'm a VIB so I've spent a fair bit of money. And NJ isn't Siberia, I don't see what the deal is!!! I really want in on this, I would totally cancel my BB subscription!! Come on Sephora pick me! How long did it take you guys to get an invite? Thanks, XO, Cindi (first time BTer)
Hi i got a  Beauty insider card in store but i dont have an account online how do i register online with this card
I got a card in store that has points but everytime I shop online, i am showna different card number andso my points are divided between those 2 cards. I have called several times, was advised to go in store, and yet the manager would be too rude to help me and tell me to email you.
I'm not sure if it's already been asked, but does the full size voucher that comes with those sample sets have an expiration date? 
Hello,   I am unable to see my points my account. Every time i clicked "my points and status," it says zero. Please help. Thank you. 
Hi, so I forgot to use my beauty insider card, I don't actually have a car card but did have an account so usually I give my email. But I forgot too and I spent on two separate days (in one month) around 130 in total and I was wondering if I could get the points for it?
could I get my birthday gift early
Just Wondering If I Can Redeem 100 Points Something Else That Is NOT On The List? Thanks
Makeup Forever Face & Body is discontinued -  what are the comparable colors in the water blend for #36 Pink & #32 Alabaster Beige?
When I visited the store, the receptionist told me that my beauty insider rewards is 135, but when I check it online, it is only 35. Why?
Does anyone know if the Nars Lip Pencil that is currently a 100 point reward is the same color that was in the Birthday Gift Set a few years back?
This is for all my depotting superstars -- Have you ever depotted an urban decay palette and seen some other manufacturer's label on the box?  My friend just depotted a palette she got as a 500 point reward from Sephora and it looks like it was an upcycled Ipad box which is driving me bananas because I've never heard of them doing this and I always envisioned they meant something else when they said they were made with recycled materials.  
Does anyone know if there is going to be 2x,3x,4x the points this year and if there will be epic rewards? I remember it being around this time last year. 
I had previously created a Sephora account with my email address. When I went to Sephora at JCPenny with my purchase I gave the same email address so I could have a card. Today I entered my account and there were no points. Im confused that I may have created another account and being unable to enter because of my possible previous account.
Hi guys, does anyone remember a sample of Becca correctors early this year or last year around boxing day? I am looking for one that did really well as an under eye corrector but I don't know if it was the eye brightener or the peach color corrector? Also, does anyone know a way to check purchases before this year? I can't seem to go further back to find out. Thank you in advance!