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I'm sure just as many of you are, I'm grateful and happy to pick a nice promo along with my purchase when there's one I want and I qualify. Since the promos haven't sparked so much enthusiasm, I'm looking forward to what I think is coming up next... That's the pick 5 samples! Last year, sephora had an option to pick 5 luxe samples- a great way to try those luxe products before we buy! I'm hoping this year they will offer something similar.    After the pick 5 samples is Chic Week!!! So here's to good vibes and more shopping!!! There's still plenty of promo codes out there in the meantime and probab a few more to come. But here's to some other ways sephora keeps my skincare/makeup drawers ready for more!
The 100 pt Marc Jacobs highliner in black was listed under the rewards boutique recently, but now it's no longer there. Does anyone have the link for it?
I was wondering if there's any way to link my lost VIB card to my online account? I signed up for my VIB card a very long time ago in stores (I had a VIB sticker on my original Sephora was pretty old) and when I created my online account I never linked my VIB card to my online account. I had over 500 points on my VIB card and I'm really upset, I don't quite remember what e-mail address I used when I did my VIB card, is there anything I can do to get those points back?
UD's Electric palette is not suitable "for immediate use around the eye area" despite being paraben free.  Any good, bold colors out there that aren't pumped full o' crap?
Hi there - does anyone know if there are any % off discounts coming any time soon?  I used my 10% off one and now I have a whole bunch of stuff I want to buy but I was hoping there would be a promo code coming soon or something.
The points on my VIB card don't match the points on my online account. Is there a way that I can combine them?
Today: Sunday Feb 22, Sephora held an exclusive VIB event for 500 points (you had to reserve a spot). The event in Phoenix was held at Mane Attraction Salon (which is licensed to exclusively use and sell B&B products) between two times 10a-12pm & 1pm-3pm. Were there other cities that did this too?   This was different than the in-store Sephora event held in freestanding stores Saturday. There were raffles for botox, Smashbox, Custom Makeovers (Sephora), and B&B products. Mimosa's flowed and there were lots of snacks. Every guest got their hair styled and a product consultation, as well as a quick Smashbox makeover. Then at the end, everybody got a free B&B tote bag with about $100 worth of stuff including a Sephora gift card!   (You can look at the hashtags in the bottom picture for more pictures from the event from other guests. All in all, this is how you do 500 points. :-)      
Last year, we stopped doing the makeup contests. I tried hosting the last one, but there weren't enough entries.    In case you're not familiar, every month there is a theme, and you have to create a look based on that theme. It'll be judged by a variety of factors by an anonymous judge panel on BT and by how much the community likes your look.   Is there enough interest in doing monthly makeup contests if I restart them? We'd need at least 6 entries per month to really make it worthwhile.    There will be a prize at the end of the year
I don't have a card, (I signed up online) so I didn't have a Beauty Insider card at the checkout. I still have the receipt - can I still get my points online?   [Edit] Sorry I think I explained it wrong - I didn't have a card at the store (not online) but I still have the paper receipt.
I was a VIB for a few years.  I did not just happen to spend enough to qualify, I made sure I qualified and maintained my status by purchasing  all my beauty products at Sephora.  Two years ago I changed the email address associated with my account. The next time I made a purchase, I tried to use a promo code that was restricted to VIB's only.  It was rejected and I discovered that my VIB status and points had disappeared.  I called customer service and explained the problem.  I was told that they cold not confirm my previous status and they not could not find information on my previous email address.  The associate stated that the only way I could attain  VIB status would be to spend the required $350.00 again.   I was so disgusted that I stopped making all of my purchases at Sephora and didn't even bother to try to attain VIB status again.  Has anyone else had this problem?   If so, were you able to resolve it?
  I bought an item few days ago, but I didn't bring my BI Card again. Can I get my BI point? ;-(
I recently purchased the Gucci Guilty on Feb. 13 2015, which stated that I would receive 3x the points, and they have not shown up yet; today is Feb, 19 2015. Please advise. 
I made a purchase and only got 20 of the 60 something points
My mom wants to give me her free VIB complimentary makeover, but she won't be with me for when I would like to use it. What do we have to do before I will be able to use it? Can I just bring the card in with me and how long is the free makeover for?   Thank you!
I was in the store this past weekend and didn't recieve any type of free samples. I used my beauty insider card and thought I was supposed to recieve a free sample every time I used it. 
Hi I got my wallet stolen as well as my beauty insiders card. Is there any chance I could get my old card deactivated and transfer my points to the new card somehow?     Thanks so much,  Chau 
Hi. I have a question. I bought an item after make a beautiful insider card, but I couldn't get my point. How can I do?
Hello! I am ordering from Sephora's website for the first time, and I was wondering how I can go about using my Beauty Insider points to purchase some items? It says I need a card number and PIN, but my beauty insider card doesn't have those things stated on the back. Is there any way I can use these points online? Thank you ahead of time! 
I've  never been asked if I a member or anything else when I did a purchase. So I thought that I can do it after at home using the receipt, but I was wrong.   I would like to add my points to my beauty inside profile  , how can I do it  ? is it possible at all ?
Canadian BTers who get subscription boxes, which are your favourites?   I want to jump on the bandwagon, but money is tight so if I'm going to only pick one, which should it be?   And while we're on the subject, I know Birchbox is now available in Canada... are there any other US ones you wish we could get?
I have a vib card and I want to see how many points I have. Also to get the points for when I shop online.
My old skin care routine was not helping me with any of my skin problems. I think I am combination skin. My skin is normally dry in certain spots, but a few spots tend to be a bit oilier. I also have quite a bit of redness. My skin is also sensitive. Since my old skincare routine was not helping I decided to go into Sephora to change it up.   When I did end up going I purchased the following:   GlamGlow- Thirstycleanse Daily Treatment Cleanser Lancôme- Eau Fraiche Douceur Sephora- express cleansing and exfoliating wipes Sephora- instant moisturizer First Aid- ultra repair cream   For the first night I used Lancôme, Glamglow, and first aid ultra repair cream (in that order). I then used lancome and the Sephora moisturizer in the morning, everything seemed to be fine so far.   The second night I did the same routine as the night before, but also used an exfoliating wipe, the next morning I did the same as the morning before, but noticed a bit of a burning sensation but thought nothing of it. Then the next night did the same routine as the first night still feeling the burning sensation, but still thought nothing of it.  I then woke up the next morning using the same morning routine and realized there were dry patches in places that I don't normally have dry patches, and my face was burning again. I put on makeup, and my skin burned for the rest of the day.   Thinking that it could possibly be the Lancôme product I did not use it at night or in the morning, the burning has gone away, but my skin is still really dry and is quite noticeable with make up and the dryness has spread to larger areas of my face. BTW I am still using the Glamglow product and the First aid ultra repair cream.   Sorry for the long explanation, but I am hoping with details someone will be able to help me out.   Now, my question is how can I tell which product caused this irritation to occur now that it will take a bit for my skin to heal itself? Does anyone has similar skin (or have had similar problems with any of these products) that could make recommendations for which products I should be using instead of the ones I have listed above.   Any advice will be great, thanks!          
I'm planning on starting a beauty tutorial youtube channel. I know that there are a million of them out there already, so I would love to have all of your opinions and input on what you would like to learn/see!! Please list ANYTHING you would like to learn and what you think YouTube is lacking when it comes to beauty/skincare tutorials!!
They didnt ask me for a beauty card, i guess they forgot but i made a purchase and need to add points to my account.
Looking for med coverage foundation for dry skin that is long wearing and looks natural. Any recommendations?! 
Can someone please help me connect my Beauty Insider card to my acount? Thank you