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I'm developing a love for brushes of all kinds.  Here's my collection as it is right now, although I just placed an order for more Hakuhodo brushes.  I bought a few and they are amazing so I had to get more lol.  They are incredibly soft and my makeup glides on like a dream.  They have so many interesting shapes.  I can't wait to get the 103 and 142.  Show your brush collection!  Do you have any tips or tricks on how you store them?
I purchased something from Sephora yesterday, but I have not received any beauty insider points despite giving the cashier my beauty insider card upon purchasing the product. What should I do?
Hi, I've been looking for a highlight that will give me a youthful glow and not make me look old. I'm 45 years old and have light skin. Thank you
I'm curious, do orders automatically say in progress now instead of sent to warehouse? I read the faqs and it does say the orders are now placed, in progress, and shipped. However, I do remember the in progress as the dreaded my orders are about to be cancelled status too. I spoke to a cs rep and she said the system recently changed and on her end it says the info has been sent to the warehouse. Anyone else notice this now?
About a month ago I got a card in the store, and just now signed up for the online account. How do I connect the two?
My purchase history and points are not updating! I have recently purchased a Clinique foundation and it didn't show up on my account. I emailed Sephora and they added the points for me but not the product in my purchase history. Two days later I bought another foundation and it's not showing up on my purchase history or not giving me points? Is there something wrong with my account? HELP 
I'm onlyvseeing 100 point rewards. Are the 500 point rewards no longer available? I've always saved my points to get the 500 point rewards! Get a much better "feel" for a product or line with the bigger reward option!! And I love getting a kit because sometimes it's perfect and fits in your purse and is enough to do a complete look or try a few skin care items together".    Is any one else experiencing this? I'm wondering if the new momthly boxes have replaced them. 
I always see that when they're talking about the Sephora Play box, that you get a "complimentary 1-on-1 session" with someone in store. Has anyone done that? What was it like? 
Hi, how do I link my VIB card and my online account to keep my points together please? Thanks!
So here is the info on the newest box. I have to say this collection looks quite interesting. What do you think? I'm looking forward to trying the Origins mask prep. The Bite color appears to be Kimchi and I never have tried a Tarte lip liner. IMO I think this is a pretty good box - bravo Sephora
Hi! I've been trying to add my beauty insider account to my online account on my sephora app and online as well but I cant seem to figure out how. Would someone be able to help me??
First time place order on line with correct billing address, account.  it always say " We're sorry but we are unable to process your order with the information provided. Please verify your billing information and try again. For assistance please contact Customer Service at 1-877-SEPHORA."    so dispointed 
What is in the 500 point NARS Makeup The Rules Box? This may have been asked previously.  I'm a new VIB and haven't seen it posted.  Sorry if this is a redundant post.
In celebration of their Birthday Week, from May 9 – May 16, 2016 Ebates is going to be offering 15% cashback at over 250 stores. I know we all went kinda crazy with the purchases last year. (especially those that were able to use Sak's coupons too!) Are you planning on buying anything? I think Sephora was one day last year only, not sure what day that will be yet, but my cart is ready LOL   Stores Participating: The full list of stores will be released on the Ebates website on Sunday May 8, 2016 at 9PM Pacific. Here is a preview provided by Ebates. Keep in mind that some stores like eBay may have different payouts for different categories.   15% All Week American Eagle Groupon JCPenney L’Occitane LivingSocial Lord and Taylor Nike Saks Fifth Avenue Travelocity +250 more stores 15% One Day Only Kohl’s – 5/9/2016 Neiman Marcus – 5/9/2016 Priceline – 5/11/2016 Macy’s – 5/10, 5/11 & 5/16/2016 eBay – 5/11-5/14/2016 Barneys NY – 5/15 & 5/16/2016 Bloomingdale’s – 5/9 & 5/10/2016 ULTA Beauty – 5/9 & 5/16/2016
I feel like such a baby for this! But I have been saving my points forever. I buy myself a birthday present from Sephora every year and add the birthday gift from them, samples, all that fun stuff and this year I was pretty excited about the Dior 500 point perk, mostly for the perfume and mascara.    I literally almost cried when I opened the package and they sent the bare minerals kit instead of the dior kit. The bare minerals stuff is something I will never use and I haven't even opened the box yet. I understand that samples sell out. A couple others did as well actually but that's fine... They are just free samples. But the 500 points really bothers me. It should occur to whoever packages our orders that we all save 500 points for something we really want. I would have much rathered they let me keep my points and sent nothing, or at least contacted me and asked what I wanted to do with my 500 points I saved forever.  Spoiler (Highlight to read)      
I went to Sephora last week and got a beauty insider account. I was in a rush so i didn't give them my email. I then went home and "mobilized" my account on the sephora website and made a new account. I wasn't aware that these were two separate accounts until i checked my point balance and realized that my points weren't there. So i emailed you guys asking to link these two accounts together and i still haven't received a response 
I am looking to get an Artis brush. What is better,  number 6 or 7? What is the difference between the two? Thanks
I made a purchase yesterday at Sephora with my Beauty Insider Card. I've yet to see the purchase show up. I already called and got my card account and my online account merged, but all I can is 150 points were added but nothing else. This has happen before in the past, where my purchases don't show up sometimes when I go into a Sephora (online no problems). Is there anyway I can get this resolved without having to returning my product and repurchase it? 
Thank you to my local Sephora for calling me when a small, unexpected shipment of the Too Faced Peach Palette came in!! I got mine today!!! (And it's May 4, 2016)
Hi! So I am pretty sure that I have two beauty insider accounts and I was wondering if there was any way to link the points from both of them together? thanks!
I forgot to ask the sales associate to update it when I checked out and I urgently need it updated so I can use my rewards before my senior prom this Saturday! I just need my card linked with the correct email. Please help. 
My most recent purchase finally qualified me for VIB. So I go in store to get a card it will be linked to my account with all my points right? I don't even have a Beauty Insider card, cause I had signed up online. So I just want to make sure I can get a card in store and it will still have all my info on it. Also when I get my card I can get the VIB welcome kit in store too right?
I've tried in-store and online since December! Not really sure why there hasn't been stock every time I try. It's not a big deal but like don't offer things if you don't plan on giving them out. 
I recently went in to sephora to make a purchase, I already had an account but they weren't able to find it in the system, so they made me a new account, however now my points aren't being reflected on the account that is connected to my email. Please help! 
i am wondering if i should wait to cash in my 500 point perk on the dior or wait, i always feel i miss out on the stuff i reallly WANT (PROMO codes for vib/rouge seem to be almost better , especially the new caudalie one <3 ...i just remember the 500 point perks were much better than they have been lately..
Hi I made two purchases at Sephora in JCP on Monday and the points are showing in my account.  I gave them my beauty Insider info and they verified the number of points I had so I'm not sure why they haven't posted yet.
I'm looking into trying the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation and wanted to know what shade I would be, since it isn't listed in my color IQ. I'm a 1R06 for reference. Thanks!
Hey, to anyone who has used benefits hoola bronzer, would you recommend the liquid or powder? I'd prefer one that gives more of a natural and not caked on look, mostly for contouring. Thanks!
I was upgraded from Beauty Insider to VIB a few months ago. However it is not showing VIB or the points that I have collected on my account.Last purchase shows sometime early last year.