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Any ideas on what it could be? If it's a Bite Beauty product I am going to be sad I will have to wait until next October!
- What is the Beauty Insider Reward Card? The Beauty Insider Reward Card Offer is a holiday promotion offering Beauty Insiders a reward card for $15 off of any merchandise purchase of $50 or more (from 12/3 - 12/14), Very Important Beauty Insiders $20 off of any purchase of $50 or more, and VIB Rouge clients $25 off of any purchase of $50 or more (from 12/3 - 12/15).   - How do I get my offer if I’m a Beauty Insider but haven’t received my 2014 Holiday Reward Card yet? The holiday reward cards will be emailed to all Beauty Insiders, VIBs, and Rouge clients by end of day December 3rd. If you have not received your reward card by December 3rd, please check your email's spam folder to see if it was filtered there. You can also call us at 1-877-737-4672 to verify your account status. Representatives are available to assist you from 6am to 9pm PST Monday-Friday and 8am to 7pm PST Saturday and Sunday.   - How do I enter my reward card at US checkout? - Login in to your account at Once you finish shopping, click on Checkout From the Checkout page, enter your Gift Card number and PIN in the "Use Gift Card, eGift Card or Reward Card" field and click on “Apply” Hit the “Continue" button in the lower right hand corner of the Payment area.You will see the Gift Card amount deducted from your total order on the right hand side of the page.    -  When do the reward cards expire? The BI $15 off reward card is good on all merchandise purchases from December 3 – December 14. The VIB $20 / VIB Rouge $25 reward card is good from December 3 – December 15. VIBs / Rouge get one extra day to shop.   -  Can I use my Beauty Insider Reward Card Offer online and in stores? Yes, the holiday Reward card can be redeemed online or in store.    -  Can you combine my Beauty Insider reward card with my regular Gift Card? No, the cards cannot be merged.    -  Can I use more than one Beauty Insider reward card? No, the cards cannot be combined.    -  Can I split up my Reward Card into two transactions? No, the entire reward card value must be consumed in one transaction.   -  Can I use my Reward Card more than once? No, the holiday promotional reward card is a one-time-use-only reward card valid for one shopping transaction at any U.S. and Canadian Sephora store, online, or Sephora Inside JCP only.   -  Can I combine my Reward Card with another promotional discount? No, the holiday reward card may not be combined with any other promotional discounts.   -  Is there a minimum spend with the Beauty Insider Reward Card Offer? Yes, the reward card can only be redeemed with a merchandise purchase $50 or higher.    -  Will I get Beauty Insider points with items I purchase with my promotional Beauty Insider Reward Card? Yes, Beauty Insider points will be accrued with the merchandise purchase made with the holiday promotional reward card.    - Is the Beauty Insider Reward Card Offer available in Sephora inside JCP enney ? Yes, the Reward card may be redeemed at Sephora Inside JCPenney locations.    -  Will my Beauty Insider Reward Card Offer work in Canada?           Yes! The reward card may be redeemed in Canada, online using the unique promotion code or in stores when you present your email at checkout.   -  How do I enter my reward card at Canadian checkout? Login in to your account at Once you finish shopping, click on Checkout From the Checkout page, enter your unique promotion code number in the Promotion Code area. Click the “Apply” button. You will see the Gift Card amount deducted from your total order on the right hand side of the page.    -  Can I sign up for Beauty Insider now and get a Reward Card? To qualify for the 2014 holiday promotional reward card, you must have been opted-in to our Beauty Insider program by October 1, 2014. Join Beauty Insider>    -   I just became a VIB / VIB Rouge, can I get the $20 / 25 Reward Card instead of the $15 / 20? Yes, please call us at 1-877-737-4672 so a representative can verify your account status. Representatives are available to assist you from 6am to 9pm PST Monday-Friday and 8am to 7pm PST Saturday and Sunday.   - I am already a VIB / VIB Rouge and I received the $15 BI Reward Card, what should I do? Please call us at 1-877-737-4672 so a representative can verify your account status. Representatives are available to assist you from 6am to 9pm PST Monday-Friday and 8am to 7pm PST Saturday and Sunday.      - If I used my card gift and return the product, will I receive a refund for the amount of the Reward Card?  No, you will receive a credit for the amount of the purchase minus the reward card.  
Today I came home and was super excited to have 8 Sephora boxes to open up even though most were gifts for my family and friends. I had purchased a few of  the Ocos Locos 2, Feminine Palettes, Philosophy make up removers , etc from the recent sale   First of all, I noticed that instead of receiving the Sephora gift bag like I requested, all 8 orders were in big gift boxes.   Then, after opening all of my packages, I was missing 10 samples in total. All of the ones that I was supposed to get the Kate Sommerville exfloiant were missing. I know that they are allowed to substitute samples, which they did for some, but I was still missing 10 !   To make matters worse, I was missing 2 of the Clinique Smart serums that I was supposed to get for using the SMART promo code.    I'm not impressed at all with the warehouse! Can someone please tell me what is going on with the warehouses?  
Now that the year is almost over, I thought it would be fun to share which point perk each of us enjoyed the most and why. (e.g. love the product, thought the packaging was cute etc)   Alternatively, which point perk did you redeem that you regret or felt wasn't a worthwhile use of your hard earned points?   Also, what would you love to see as a point perk next year?   My favourite point perk was the Algenist Retinol firming and lifting serum soo much that I redeemed 20 of them for myself and to share with family and friends. Its cleared up acne, lightened up sun spots and I feel that my skin is in an overall better condition since I started using it.   The point perk that I felt was a waste was the recent Canadian only Hourglass mini lipstick. Sure, mini lipsticks are cute and all but this one came with such a small amout of lipstick and was shaped wider but shorter so it felt like there was less product and also the packaging felt cheap (unlike the Guerlain mini lipstick)   For 2015, I hope Sephora will make more point perks that are higher value (like the 1000-10000pt ones) available on a more regular basis (anything is better than something offered once a year that isn't even announced!)  and offer an opportunity to trade points for $ off a purchase. 
what is the difference between being a VIB and a VIP, and how do i get to the VIP status ?
From yahoo:    "The set features deluxe size samples of MAKE UP FOR EVER's Smoky Extravagant mascara and Rouge Artist Natural lipstick in N9."     For the men: Sephora is offering its male Beauty Insiders a reason to celebrate with an exclusive gift from JACK BLACK. The deluxe-sized sample of JACK BLACK Performance Remedy™ Turbo Wash™ Energizing Cleanser for Hair & Body contains rosemary, eucalyptus and juniper berry for a refreshing sensory boost any time of day.
Recently, I have noticed a significant delay in all my orders from Sephora. My most recent order has been " Electronic information submitted by shipper" since Dec.09 and no updates ever since. I'm wondering am I the only one? How long does it take for Canada Post to update your recent Sephora order?Thanks!
I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.
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Which promo codes sucked you in right away this year? Any you regret not getting?   I literally made an order as soon as I saw the RougeSkin promo code for the 3 Algenist products. Too bad it was one time use only.    Also loved these ones: RougeDior --dior mini Montaigne eyeshadow quint (I use this one zoo much!) Lashlove-dior lash primer and mascara (loved the lower minimum spend required for 2 products. And the lash primer is my HG)   I regret not getting the promo that gave the 3 BareMinerals products (lipstick, cheek colour and something else)--I was trying to stay on a no buy!    
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via nouveaucheap - The Wall Street Journal confirmed today that the Pantone Color of the Year for 2015 is 18-1438 Marsala .        
So, I was thinking we should start a list of known store events. This will be a list not just for Rouge events, but for any in store brand events, free gift promos, point promos, discount days, etc. Some events are nation wide and in Canada, some are only in certain markets. The main way I check for events is by using the store finder link and entering different zipcodes around me and by asking about any intel whenever I'm in store. Let's pool our intel! Please post anything you know or heard about below and I'll add it to the list.   UPCOMING EVENTS   NATIONWIDE - US   Dec 6-7 @ SiJCP -  Urban Decay Event, free FULL SIZE (1.18oz) Naked Skin Illuminating Beauty Balm with any UD purchase!       Local Events   Los Angeles, CA   San Fransico, CA       Santa Monica, CA   Events in Canada   Eaton Centre   Yorkdale    Rideau Centre, Ottawa      
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I am crazy about advent calendars! (I have several wooden ones that I fill with my parents' and brother's favorite candies each December.)    So last holiday season, when I learned that there were Beauty calendars, filled with skincare, makeup, body, and fragrance products, I flipped! Last year, there was a memorable Benefit advent calendar. (Let's not even talk about this year's over-priced version.)    This year, there are even more advent calendars being offered, but most of them are exclusive to the U.K. I have seen U.K. bloggers post about Jo Malone, Body Shop, L'Occitane and Yankee Candle advent calendars--just to name a few. (You can google "best beauty advent calendars" to see all the awesome goodness.)   I just bought the QVC version!    I hope that the few advent calendars offered in the U.S. are really popular and are snapped up this year, so that retailers will understand the demand. Then hopefully, we will get more such beauty calendars available for U.S. customers in upcoming years.    Who else is crazy about these?       Jo Malone Advent (2014) L'Occitane Advent (2014) Body Shop Advent (2014) QVC Advent (2014)   Selfridges (UK department store) Advent (2014)
These are new and I ordered the shade "Pink About Me." It's a sheer raspberry jelly-like gloss with a faint sweet smell that feels fantastic on the lips-- lush and soft. The gloss faded after a couple of hours but tints my lips a nice vibrant pink color. It has lovely packaging and the wand is the new kind that dips in the middle, making application fun. I really like these and might check out more colors, especially in the spring. Here are some photos and a swatch! (Forgive the pictures--it's been a loonnggg week!!)    If you get one of these please post your swatch here!!         
hey dolls! I thought it would be fun to share our instagram's for those of who share beauty photo's and makeup pics a lot and who are okay with that, (if you are not or are not comfortable with sharing your username, its totally okay!) I personally love waking up and seeing all my girly friends makeup selfies and OOTD (outfit of the day) and since Ive grown so close with all of you, Id like to see that too. I just thought it was a fun idea and hopefully y'all will get in the jam! here are a few of my favorite instagram beauty pics. if y'all would like to follow me my instagram is @londonlover101_   cant wait to hear and see y'all!     peace and love,skye <3   p.s please comment if you have an instagram or website dedicated to beauty,fashion,food or more, I would love to hear!
Sephora is dedicated to providing an exciting and reliable shopping experience and we sincerely apologize to our loyal clients who were impacted by the website outage that occurred yesterday.   Our website is incredibly robust and designed to withstand a tremendous amount of volume. What caused the disruption yesterday was a high level of bulk buys and automated accounts for reselling purposes from North America and multiple countries outside the US. The technical difficulties that impacted the site are actively being addressed and our desktop US website is now functioning normally. We are actively working to restore our Canadian, mobile website, and international shipping where applicable. There has been no impact on the security and privacy of our clients' data.   The reality is that in taking steps to restore website functionality, some of our loyal North American and international clients got temporarily blocked. We understand how frustrating it is and are deeply sorry for the disruption to your shopping experience.   However, in some instances we have, indeed, de-activated accounts due to reselling -- a pervasive issue throughout the industry and the world. As part of our ongoing commitment to protecting our clients and our brands, we have identified certain entities who take advantage of promotional opportunities to purchase products in large volume on our website and re-sell them through other channels. After careful consideration, we have deactivated these accounts in order to optimize product availability for the majority of our clients, as well as ensure that consumers are not subject to increased prices or products that are not being handled or stored properly.   We have established a VIB hotline to ensure that if we are able to verify that your account was erroneously deactivated, it is reactivated immediately. Please call 877-VIB-ONLY (1-877-842-6659)   If you experience any difficulties placing your order please contact us at 1-877-SEPHORA (1-877-737-4672) or email us at .   Our VIB 20% off promotion runs through Monday, November 10 th  and our VIB and VIB Rouge clients have several days left to take advantage of this exclusive holiday shopping event.   UPDATE: Functionality has been restored to and we can now accept Canadian orders. 
I received the holiday beauty insider $15 reward card but it said balance is $0. I have been trying to use for the past few days unsuccessfully.
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Anyone know for sure what the current Deborah Lippman 100-point perk colour is? It looks like 99 Luftballoons in the pic (below), but the "see full size" link goes to Ruby Red Slippers. (Skipping this if it's 99 LB, as that one is basically Happy Birthday with a red base, but RRS has been a lemming for ages!) Also, the size says .5 oz, which is full size. Dimensions in the pic look f/s; previous 100-point DL was a .25 oz mini, though.   100-points for a full size Lippman polish is a smokin' deal!  
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So I'm about $400 away from re-qualifying for Rouge. I commented earlier this year that my goal was actually not to re-qualify. I'm not sure I will make it, since the promos (they are the ones that get me- always!) are so good these days. Also, of course, the holidays are coming up along with the VIB/Rouge Sale(s). As I am ready to part ways with Rouge, here is the bittersweet rundown:   Loves: I loved the free shipping you offered! I loved the awesome Rouge promos I got and were offered (even the ones that I didn't choose to get)- I loved them all I love access to the Rouge board and getting to see what my fellow Roug-ies have to say!   Not so great: I didn't really get to partake in any events but in the past, VIB events seemed to last the whole day. So you could go in whenever and all SAs would be so great and giving (of samples) during those events. I could have purchased the shipping for a nominal fee of 20-25 dollars and it would have been just as nice. Actually, I don't remember placing any orders less than $35 anyways so it wouldn't have been that bad to meet the $50 minimum offered to everyone. I spend so much money on makeup and have so many dupes to last a few lifetimes over! (Although sometimes I would rather quickly swipe Tarte over my eyelids than UD- lol) Free Rouge Gift- I know Rouges have harped on this quite a bit throughout the year and I see action taken to make us happy, but that elusive gift just never came.   I guess as a consumer I've started looking for the best deals and know that the biggest voice I have is with my wallet. Therefore, it is with both happiness and sadness that I let this status go. Like I said, I'm not sure where I'll end up at the end of the year, but I am OK with it either way.
Alright ladies and gentlemen of BT! The survey is up and running!      Allure's list has got nothing on the collective expertise of this group See Gingaa's original post below to see the thoughts behind this survey. ure-s-Best-of-Beauty-I-disagree-We-need-a-Best-of- ...   We've created a pretty exhaustive list of 150 categories for all of you lovely people to nominate your favorite products! Please note that you  do not have to have a product vote for each category, so don't be too intimidated!     Please send me a PM if you'd like to participate, and I'll send you the link! (It's hosted on SurveyMonkey.) All members are welcome!! The more responses I get, the better I'm not sure when I will close the voting (maybe early December?) but the results will be summarized and shared in a follow up post!      
I would have gotten mine today had UPS not left 2 of my boxes behind at the shipping facility :face palm: Hopefully tomorrow they won't leave without it. I managed to get one of my Sephora packages from black Friday though.   OT: the UPS guy was using a budget truck to make deliveries...interesting, he said the other truck was too full so he had to use it....
I lost my beauty insider card and forgot which email I used. So when I ordered online I began using a new email. Well I remembered which email I used before and I was wondering if I could merge them or move my points from my old account to my new one.
Went to Sephora today and associate and i forgot to give beauty insider info, can i still get points? 
Since sephora is offering the $25 off $50 gift card, I feel obligated to use it (lol). I honestly don't NEED any more makeup, but would like to get myself something. I have so many eye shadows, lippies, highlighters, foundations, etc. I even have bath sets and plenty of skin are items. However, I'm always looking new things to try, what are home cool things I could add to my stash? And yea I'm selfish, I want to use it on myself lol.
Is it wrong that opening a new palette brings me such sheer joy?  Especially considering I already have dozens and dozens of palettes?  Sometimes I worry about myself!   I bought the Stila Artist Essentials Set from Nordstrom Rack a couple weeks ago and just opened it this morning.   I've read some negative reviews about it but I felt it was a lot of decent product for $35.  And when I first flipped it open this morning it was such a fun little thrill.   I guess this is how an addict feels, eh?  
Did anyone ever receive an email from Sephora asking them to take a survey about their loyalty program?  The message I remember receiving said that they would give you 100 points for taking the survey.   I took the survey, but now I don't see the extra 100 points credited to my account and I can't even find the email.  I'm starting to question my recollection of events!  It was so vivid though -- they asked where you shopped at besides Sephora, they mentioned all the major department stores and Ulta, and then they asked what kinds of rewards you'd prefer.   I was adamant about preferring rewards that were "unique experiences" -- their example is an event with Bumble & Bumble where B&B takes the reigns and does an educational presentation.  I feel like Sephora is never going to match (either by choice or ability) the GWPs that you get at other retailers.  Never in our lives our we going to see 'Spend $125 and get $150 in free samples.'  I also don't feel like they'd ever compete with Ulta in terms of being able to redeem points for dollars off of purchases.   Anyway, did anyone else get this email invitation to the survey?  If you did can you let me know when it was sent so I can try to find it?  Thanks!  
Hello,   I made a purchase today and I forgot to use my Beauty insider card.  Could the points be added to my account so that my points are correct?
I'm wondering if this happened to anyone else.. At last night's event the girl at the register next to me was trying to buy multiples of several items. The cashier told her that there was a limit of 3 per item, per customer. The girl's English was almost nonexistent because she just kept giving a blank stare and asking "how much?" so the cashier finally told her that she would just do multiple separate transactions so she could buy all of the items. I don't know what she was buying, and she very well might have been purchasing the same item for her nine sisters back home, but it made me wonder -- why even put these policies in place if no one is sticking to them?   Every time I check the sephorahaul tag on Instagram it's flooded with people selling Sephora and Ulta exclusives overseas through their accounts. I don't begrudge anyone for trying to make a living however they can but it is annoying to see tons of the Too Faced melted lipstick sets for sale on there when they're sold out online and in stores.   I also saw massive amounts of girls writing to Sephora's FB page about their accounts being locked and accused of being resellers -- an inordinate amount, it seems. Just wondering if anyone else has seen any of this stuff going on?