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Beauty Insider
I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.
  My Local Sephora is usually fantastic, never had a complaint about them... until today. I returned 5 products in-store today.. from 4 separate purchases I made during spring fling. 2 unused and unopened... and 3 products I really disliked. So the teller calls over the manager because it is a larger return, which I totally understand.. The manager looks at me and says.. You want to return all of these, you used them all.. and are returning them? Don't you know you can get samples so you don't waste so much product." and gives me an eye roll and a condescending look. So I tell her that 2 are unused and the other 3 products were all skin care and did not work for my skin.. I thought used products that didn't work were able to be returned.. Is this not the case? Or does everyone, get a lecture when they return a product used? Curious if you guys make returns of used products? I personally am really turned off getting samples from jars and such because people are constantly putting their dirty hands in to the product and them I am supposed to put that on my face. Just a gross thought for me. Am I wrong in returning used Skincare?
Hey everyone! I'm a teenage guy and I love skincare. I'm starting to get into very natural looking makeup just to conceal and even out some redness. Im very excited to be part of this forum! I get very passionate about this stuff! I just love it. I want to work in the beauty industry after I graduate! 
How can I find the same color/texture.  I need a color match for Sephora Glamour lip attitude in g18. Can you help me?
If I use my points will be spend total be reduced too? I'm only $50 away from VIB so want to make sure I wouldn't miss out if I opted to claim some points!
  How do you get your birthday gift? My birthday is at the end of the month and i am confused about the process! Please reply ASAP
I got a Beauty insider card this May and recently lost it how may i get a new one? Please Reply ASAP
Okay I have a few questions for anyone who is willing to help I'm watching youtube sephora hauls and people have been talking about "setting your foundation" with a white powder? what is that and what does it really do? also its summer and i feel like when putting on foundation your face starts to sweat with the heat outside especially my nose seems to be oily when such happens, when in general my face is far from oily.What can I do? Do I use a inter moisturizer when its summer and hot out? so my face doesn't seem like its shiny or melting? Also which products for these things are the best  HELPP !
Hi can someone help me deactivate one of my accounts, because i accidentally created two accounts. Please and thanks. 
I went into my Sephora inside JCP today and found this new set. It was 32 dollars and the bag was pretty full of deluxe size items to try.
We had triple points on fragrance in both February and May and double points on skincare in January.  Then, 15% off during Chic Week in April.  Sephora Friends and Family is in October and then slowly VIB/Rouge/BI's are given a 20% discount in November.  I've already used my annual 10% VIB renewal discount.   So, here I sit in the month of July sure there has to be something coming, because that is a big time gap until the next fabulous promotion.  I've been searching and see each August, Sephora has done something fun (2011 VIB weekend was every Rouge's DREAM!).  Last year looks like it was a double point situation to celebrate the new BI program.     Please fill in the blanks, where you see them!  I'm ready to make a bigger purchase, but am holding off for some perks!      
Hello! A couple of days ago it said I needed $300 to be a VIB and I got my points today and spent a little over $300 yet it says I need $277 to be a VIB???? 
Hi i'd like to add points to my account after a purchase, could someone please help me out with that? Thanks!
So my birthday is this month (July 25th) and I was wondering how do i retrieve my birthday gift? Do I have to wait until exactly my birthday to go to stores and collect it? Can I go this week or after my birthday?
Let me first state that I only go tanning before my yearly vacation so I do not get burnt and peel. I do however have a slight base tan from relaxing by the pool.    So I suppose my question is should I go tanning prior to the beach trip so I do not burn ... and turn into a reptile!! Or after I get back to rid myself of tan lines before the wedding ( I'm a bridesmade wearing a strapless dress)      What would you ladies do?!?
From yahoo:    "The set features deluxe size samples of MAKE UP FOR EVER's Smoky Extravagant mascara and Rouge Artist Natural lipstick in N9."     For the men: Sephora is offering its male Beauty Insiders a reason to celebrate with an exclusive gift from JACK BLACK. The deluxe-sized sample of JACK BLACK Performance Remedy™ Turbo Wash™ Energizing Cleanser for Hair & Body contains rosemary, eucalyptus and juniper berry for a refreshing sensory boost any time of day.
I know it's still really early but I have a lot of ppl to get this year. (around 15+)   So I want to start thinking and even buying some stuff now. Any suggestions or ideas?!?!  It can be beauty products or random stuff that you think they'll enjoy!
I gave my email address wrong when I was registering for the beauty insider program, is there any way I can correct it online?
Does anyone know anything about Sephora flash shipping and how I can get it?
My husband always claims he finds me most attractive, sans makeup. Yet when I wear subtle,natural looking make up, out come the compliments! I'm definitely a make up junkie but have no problem going out bare faced. So,this is a two part question: do you feel others (including men) respond to you more positively in your make up? And do you feel comfortable going out in public with a naked face?
I know the VIB/Rouge exclusive items used to be located under a link in the gift section, but it has now disappeared.  Am I missing something?  Where did it go?  No more hide and seek!!!
I hope I'm posting this the correct place and it's okay to post. If not, I apologize in advance.  I know I'm not the only one that's been trying to snag a Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour kit. It's sadly been sold out every time I've tried to get it but my Dear Husband found it today. I know I'm not allowed to say where I found it but a hint is I would look at the most obvious of places and you will find it for the same $40.price tag and for free shipping. If I'm posting this in the wrong place please let me know so I can place it in the correct place. <3 hugs <3 love < confidence <3 to all <3
  I've balked at paying the prices for some beauty products, but a few have lasted me a year. I don't mind paying the price tag knowing I may get a year out of them. Some of my year long products are urban decay setting spray and primer potion, porefessional, mac setting powder (May soon have to toss?)mac select cover concealer.    
(july3rd) hey! So I went to Sephora on Friday (June 27th) and i got upgraded to VIB (YAY!!). When i got back home from my shopping trip (June30)  i went online and it still says im a Beauty Insider and the points i got from my previous visit a month ago and from this past weekend isnt showing on my profile. How do i get my points i earned from my 2 trips to sephora and upgrade my account to VIB?? I tried using one of my coupons but i guess since im still considered a "beauty insider" it wont let me use it. Can someone help me fix this annoying problem?!?!?!? 
I know I have earned Beauty Insider points but online my account says that I have 0 points. How do I get my points to show up online?
I've found that it's online through Canada Beauty Supply but the site seems....a bit off.   ulta won't ship to Canada and I don't think Lorac will either. Anyone know where I can get this? I'm a bit desperate for it lol.
Has anyone heard anything regarding possible July point perks?
The jury's still out on whether or not this Les Merveilleuses Laduree Face & Eye Color... ehm... powder is actually functional. Let's face it, who's actually going to dip a brush into this work of art?!   New Meteorites, I need you in my life now -- new pink packaging and all!   Diorsnow Fresh Cheeks Blush. Word on the street is that it will be a Nordstrom Anniversary exclusive from Dior this year!   Purely out of curiosity, what makes a brush so darn good that one can achieve VIB status by purchasing this alone?!   Share away, BTers!