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I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.
Hi! I have had a beauty insider card for many years, and should most likely be a VIB. I just set up an online account so I can recieve information on promotions, but I don't see how I can link my card and my online account. How do I link the two so I can continue getting points? Thanks, Caly
today my boyfriend bought me a gift from sephora and he was told that I would be able to redeem points from the purchase later on. I am wondering how to add them?
Hi everyone,    Since there are many LE items or discontinued items that we search for, I wanted to know if there is any interest in maintaining a thread to post any unicorns we stumble upon and list where it can be found so others can try to find these items that they are looking for. I thought this might be useful as I found a few items on my trip and also found it extremely helpful when a fellow BT member posted about the availability of Tom Ford's Nude Dip on Selfridges a couple of months ago so that a few of us could finally order this LE item.  I also thought that if there are LE items that people are looking for, they could PM me and I could add it to the main thread so that others would know what others may be looking for. I could update the Found Unicorns on the main post weekly. Looking for your thoughts, suggestions? This would be strictly for limited edition items and discontinued items. Please include location, date found, and price if it is selling for less or more than regular retail price. Thanks in advance!   Wanted Unicorns:   ABH amrezy palette ( minibux, BeautyIsPassion)   Chanel Ombre Contraste Sculpting Veil in Notorious (minibux,KateLovesYSL)   Chantecaille Rose Face Powder (kateye7)   COTY Sephora Marsala eye palette (jcmb) COTY marsala blush palette (MK89)   Dior My Lady Blush in 001 and 006 (jellybean917)   Divergent set (ImHisAngel)   Guerlain Cruel Gardenia (Rhiannon1419)   Laura Mercier Rose Rendezvous (Rhiannon1419)   Lorac mega pro (sdbeautyjunkie)   MAC pressed pigment in Summer Honey (StephaniLynn) MAC True Romantic Blush and MAC Petal Point blush (Javadoo) MAC Proenza Schouler Ocean City Coral blush ( notcreative) MAC Alluring Aquatic Bronzers/blush (MK89) MAC Proenza Schouler Sunset Beach blush (heartsmyface)   Nars Douceur blush: (bea0t, Ivyxox)   Sephora Cinderella mirror (Mk89)   Tom Ford Guilt cream shadow (killahbabe) Tom Ford Emerald Lust (Poisonivy9) Tom Ford Burnished Amber, Violet Dusk Eyeshadow Quads (KateLovesYSL) Tom Ford Lips & Boys in Stavros (minibux) Tom Ford She Wolf (lipstick4soul) Tom Ford Blush in Narcissist (KateLovesYSL)   Urban Decay Honey eyeshadow (MK89, Gwenhwyfar)
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Canadian BTers who get subscription boxes, which are your favourites?   I want to jump on the bandwagon, but money is tight so if I'm going to only pick one, which should it be?   And while we're on the subject, I know Birchbox is now available in Canada... are there any other US ones you wish we could get?
So I just had an instore purchase and the girl ringing up my purchase saw my points and asked if I had heard about this reward. It was a free makeup application, bag of delux samples. and $50 gift card for 1000 points. Now of course this excited me so i went home and looked at the rewards boutique. I couldn't find it. Is this a real thing? did I miss it? or was the girl just playing with me?
hey dolls! I thought it would be fun to share our instagram's for those of who share beauty photo's and makeup pics a lot and who are okay with that, (if you are not or are not comfortable with sharing your username, its totally okay!) I personally love waking up and seeing all my girly friends makeup selfies and OOTD (outfit of the day) and since Ive grown so close with all of you, Id like to see that too. I just thought it was a fun idea and hopefully y'all will get in the jam! here are a few of my favorite instagram beauty pics. if y'all would like to follow me my instagram is @londonlover101_   cant wait to hear and see y'all!     peace and love,skye <3   p.s please comment if you have an instagram or website dedicated to beauty,fashion,food or more, I would love to hear!
My first Sugar Pop look. I really love this palate and the way the colors look on super blendable and easy shadows to work with.   Thought I would share and get some more ideas from you guys!    Ps: please ignore the scary arched eyebrow lol I swear they're even I don't know why I do that in pictures! Habit I'm trying to break! Lol
I recently made a return to my sephora store on Sunday, however, the money hasn't been returned to my account or the points taken from my beauty insider. Does anyone know how long this takes? Thank you. 
If i use my beauty insider points for the free samples of 100 or 500 hundred selections, will i not be qualified for the VIB card before the end of the year? 
We all are pretty disappointed about no good promos lately, how about easter egg hunt promo? I feel it is a good idea, many of us didn't purchase from sephora these days, if such a game is on, I will purchase for sure. What say BTers?
Hello Ladies,   I wanted to ask if you guys got your color iq matched and how does it compare to the real life foundation shades you use. I got matched the other day. The system suggested several foundations. While the color for MUFE was pretty good, but the one for Naked Skin was too dark. Share your experiences.
Hello! I've had my BI card for a awhile now and got some points on it. Problem is, it's not linked to my account on the website! In store, they told me that they couldn't link them together... Can someone help me out? Thank you!
I am interested in purchasing this cream, now with nordies GWP I want to buy, but is it worthy? Is it great than other creams? I am 27 with combination skin
I have BI card with points, but no way to link it to online account.
Until I found Sephora I never really thought about getting samples for products ..  I simply bought the  items that I really believed would work for me and ended up with drawers and drawers of un -useable cosmetics and skin care .  Since I have started shopping at Sephora I almost always try before I buy anything new to me .  A case in point would be Roller Lash , I just used any old mascara, I figured they were mostly the same .  After trying Roller Lash I could not wait to buy a full sized tube. The truth is I never would have ever purchased a Roller Lash if I had not received the deluxe sample at Sephora.      I try to go to many of the smallish events at the local Sephora store and I usually spend about 25-50$ USD  when I do .  I am there to learn about new things and possibly buy more goodies for myself and also receive a sample or two  to make me want to come back and buy more things . I received an email regarding an event today at SiJCP. The email stated to come and try the new KatVonD palette and also receive a free gift.   When I got to the event I am told by the SA that in order to receive the FREE gift I need to buy the palette.   As it turned out the palette was really not a good fit  for me  .     I am not generally one to complain about a free gift , but in this case I felt the email was misleading and it is not the first time this has happened at that certain Sephora.   I often go into sephora to try new make up colors and formulas , and if i like them I will buy them , if I'm not sure I might ask for a sample ,but the truth is I could have gone into that store on a day that was not pouring down rain to see if those colors worked for me .   If they had advertised something else, for example to come and try that palette ALL week ( or whenever ) but if you come in on a certain day AND purchase it then you get whatever it is they are giving away , it would have been more accurate . I am wondering if there is any actual policy about these evnts or not , in this case it feels as though that one particular store just sort of makes things up  as they go along     
I'm sure just as many of you are, I'm grateful and happy to pick a nice promo along with my purchase when there's one I want and I qualify. Since the promos haven't sparked so much enthusiasm, I'm looking forward to what I think is coming up next... That's the pick 5 samples! Last year, sephora had an option to pick 5 luxe samples- a great way to try those luxe products before we buy! I'm hoping this year they will offer something similar.    After the pick 5 samples is Chic Week!!! So here's to good vibes and more shopping!!! There's still plenty of promo codes out there in the meantime and probab a few more to come. But here's to some other ways sephora keeps my skincare/makeup drawers ready for more!
  No Rouge promo: no Becca Lowlight Perfector I wait in anguish         Write your own!
I made a purchase in the store a couple of weeks ago when I set my card up and I just logged on to make another purchase and it says I don't have any points. Can someone please help me?!?
I am 27 with combination skin, oily t- zone and very dry cheeks. My major concerns are uneven skin tone, pigmentation around mouth, dry patches on cheeks and one or two acne marks. Currently my skin care routine is, Morning- algenist serum and moisturizing cream and Josie maran sunscreen.  Night- ole henriksen serum and ole henriksen invigorating gel and some times taste maracuja oil. Weekly once glamglow youthmud, powermud and thirst mud.   I am bored of my serum and cream, I am using them daily from 1 year. Suggest me some good skincare.
I bought some stuff before the day getting beauty insider card. Could i use my receipts to add points?
Alright ladies and gentlemen of BT! The survey is up and running!      Allure's list has got nothing on the collective expertise of this group See Gingaa's original post below to see the thoughts behind this survey. ure-s-Best-of-Beauty-I-disagree-We-need-a-Best-of- ...   We've created a pretty exhaustive list of 150 categories for all of you lovely people to nominate your favorite products! Please note that you  do not have to have a product vote for each category, so don't be too intimidated!     Please send me a PM if you'd like to participate, and I'll send you the link! (It's hosted on SurveyMonkey.) All members are welcome!! The more responses I get, the better I'm not sure when I will close the voting (maybe early December?) but the results will be summarized and shared in a follow up post!      
Sephora is one of my favorite stores to shop at!!!!!  and ive made alot of purchases at sephora and always used my beauty insider card. but my points are never avalible!? is something going on to be causing the issue? please help. thank you
I've been wondering that for a while as I'm waiting for a good 500 point perk to redeem. Does anyone know?
I'm bit bored of my Sigma, real techniques brushes, want to invest in good brushes. Heard lot of good reviews on Tom Ford brushes, but I believe my fellow BTers reviews. So in which tom ford brushes I should invest?
If you type chic week into search this pops up. I'm really hoping the discount is available online as well as it has been in the past. Much of what I want is available online only    
They didnt ask me for a beauty card, i guess they forgot but i made a purchase and need to add points to my account.