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So, I know this sounds crazy, but a few years ago Sephora let people combine their points for the Marc Jacobs NY trip in 2013. Just wondering if anyone knows whether or not they are planning to let us combine points again for August's round of "epic rewards". I have close to 3000, and my friend has upwards of 7000, so the idea of going to Paris or NY together is really exciting. Thanks for any info that you have!!   P.S. I would have posted this in q&a, but for some reason I cannot get to that page. 
Not sure if there's already a thread on this, but - I sadly did not plan for the 'epic rewards' over the last year, and now I'm kicking myself for not hoarding my points. Even if there's almost zero chance of actually snagging the ones I want :-) Anyway, I went back through my email to see when the points events have been over the last couple years so I can do better next time. Did I miss any?   2013: August 12-18 (4x/3x/2x) 2014: January 9-20 (2x, skincare) February 5-14 (3x, fragrance) April 24 - May 11 (3x, fragrance) August 3-10 (4x/3x/2x) 2015: January 8-10 (2x, skincare) February 5-14 (3x, fragrance) April 24-May 10 (3x, fragrance) August 2-9 (4x/3x/2x)
You lovely ladies got me into Ebates.  Today the daily double is Sephora at 8% cash back.  Thought I would help others out with knowing this information  If you are new to Ebates you can use my referral link to get started: in2yrAMCe2A%3D%3D&eeid=26471     Should we use this Ebates daily double or are the quadruple points or another promo one knows about coming up soon?  
seriously Sephora why is it that every time there's a special sale , or launch you guys have some mysterious "Glitch" that's always in the USA customers favour ?? Isn't our cash good enough for you ? I think this is now the  push I need to start spending my hard earned cash at Murale , Shoppers Drug Mart and heck maybe even  go back to MAC . Because at least I don't get treated like a second class customer with them .    
Saving your points for the ultimate splurge? Go all-in for once-in-a-lifetime experiences you’ll have to see to believe. Exclusively available for Beauty Insiders.   Just to name a few… For 1,000 Points, go ink deep with bestselling products from Kat Von D’s edgy collection in a signed, limited-edition case. For 2,000 Points, dare to express yourself with the ultimate collection of Urban Decay Naked products, signed by brand founder Wende Zomnir. For 10,000 Points, embody the feminine vision of Stella McCartney with Stella fragrances plus her Falabella Shaggy Deer Foldover Tote Bag.   The limited-edition packages get better and better, so be sure to check your email or the Beauty Insider Rewards Boutique in the next week to make sure you don’t miss these offers. They won't last long!
I have been unable to leave the house for months as I am a waiting on major hip surgery. Long story. I waiting for more skincare samples to become available but should I be worried about items in my cart selling out? I have Crease Release, Marc Jacobs lipsticks etc.  
Hi! I have had a beauty insider card for many years, and should most likely be a VIB. I just set up an online account so I can recieve information on promotions, but I don't see how I can link my card and my online account. How do I link the two so I can continue getting points? Thanks, Caly
Hiya, I've been seeing loads of personalised beauty and fashion sites recently. I signed up to this one called MyBeautyCompare which looks pretty cool. Have any of you guys used it? Or know of anything similar?    Thanks! uId=1652163 kuId=1652130 kuId=1652320 lette-P300604?skuId=1381235 8?skuId=1346667    
Mine was nt 1 but 3, Christian Louboutin Red Nail polish, Peter thomas Green mask ( i don't remember name), Too faced chocolate palette, they are so buttery and easy to blend.
Does anyone have a reward card they don't mind sparing to me? Please and thank you so much!
I'm pretty close to achieving VIB status but I wondering if it's even worth it for people who don't live in USA or Canada. What do you guys think? 
I have a problem with an order and I won't be specific, but Sephora is fixing it asap.  I am always wary to identify nice things companies do in case others feel slighted or use it against the company to get more (once when I complained about not getting VIB perks I got sent a bunch of deluxe samples). But I had a problem today…and they didn't question it but rather just fixed it.  So this is my thanks.  Anyone else want to share their experiences of nice things Sephora has done for them. And yes, I can be the first to complain!
So jus shopped the VIB sale and I jus noticed as I was looking at my purchases on line and noticed that one of my purchase wasnt in. And now that I think about it I don't remember the sales associate ever asking me for my vib card or email address but she did gave me the 20% off discount is there a way I can still add it to my beauty insider card to get the points???? I have the products and receipt and the debit card I used???? Pls help!! Thanks in advance!
Hi,  anyone know when and what the next 1,000 point gift will be?
Hello, I've been a huge fan of the Dior Eyeshadow 5 Palette in Rosy Tan, but it's been discontinued. Any suggestions for a substitute? I'm looking for something neutral, soft, no glitter. Many thanks!
My boyfriend registered a BI account to buy gift for me. Since I also have a VIB account, there is no need to keep two separate accounts and separate points. Can he transfer his points to my account?   Thanks!
Hi everyone!! I was wondering if anyone out there has an extra VIB friends code they could please share, I am sadly no longer a VIB :'( please help me out, I have a lot of gifts on my wishlist and it would be amazing to have the discount and get my Xmas shopping done!!! Thanks!!! 
I'm very happy for the USA and CA but the international shipping for the rest of the country's is still not possible! Van ANYONE tell me when I can check out with my items???
i spent enough money in stores to get a store card, but when i registered using the same email address it says i have 0 points! how do i fix this?
I did sneak in a skin care order before the site crashed.  But I was near a Sephora this morning and popped in to get a few things marked down.  This is what I got....
Does anyone have a 150 point code they aren't using? Plmk
My concern is that it's not a blue color texture. The color is dull pastel green. Is that normal? I thought the eye cream was supposed to be blue. Can someone please tell me if the product has gone wrong? 
I don't know any posted or not. It is on sale for $36 (originally $52) 5433?skuId=1444546
I don't know if this has already been brought to everyone's attention but Sephora is on the Canadian Ebates site again! Yay!   I know most of us found a way around the initial removal, but it's the sentiment that counts in this!!
So I recently noticed that while I do get pretty much every bit of Rouge promotional email, I seemed to be missing out on some store event emails especially those that are specific to Canadians.   It turns out that the system " thinks I'm Canadian but isn't quite sure" because I was signed up for the program at an American store that used half of that store's information (my fault, I hate giving out all of my information). While my orders have been going to a Canadian address and the system has recognized this and is sending Canadian-style promos (in both English and French) it also has some of this incorrect American Information on file.   So what is the take home? Double check your profile address matches the one listed in Sephora's database (or even listed at all).    I was able to do this in 10 seconds over the phone.   Cheers!