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I can't figure out how to connect my VIB points from my beauty insider card to my online account. Help!
Hi all! I just ran out of my Estee Lauder Serum (Perfectionist) and was looking for a recommendation on a new serum. My skin is combination but gets quite dry at times so I can't use anything that would enhance dryness.My main "concerns" is aging and lines (i'm 31 so they're not terrible but they're there) and making my skin look nice. I turn to you all for reco's because i've done a lot of research and i'm having trouble figuring out what to use. Whenever I think I found a good one, I research the ingredients to find there is not a high enough dose to make it effective (for example - I thought the Dior dreamskin serum would be a great one and liked the way it felt, but when I researched the ingredients, it didnt' get good reviews). So I just want to see what has worked for others. I've used prob 10 different serums over the course of my life. I love Skinceuticals but it's too pricey and not sold from Sephora so looking for something else   I'm also almost out of moisturizer so if you have a reco' of a moisturizer that goes well with the serum, please let me know. I find that most of the research I do on moisturizers before buying them, shows they lose their potency super quickly when they're in a jar format.   Thanks all
Hi everyone,    Since there are many LE items or discontinued items that we search for, I wanted to know if there is any interest in maintaining a thread to post any unicorns we stumble upon and list where it can be found so others can try to find these items that they are looking for. I thought this might be useful as I found a few items on my trip and also found it extremely helpful when a fellow BT member posted about the availability of Tom Ford's Nude Dip on Selfridges a couple of months ago so that a few of us could finally order this LE item.  I also thought that if there are LE items that people are looking for, they could PM me and I could add it to the main thread so that others would know what others may be looking for. I could update the Found Unicorns on the main post weekly. Looking for your thoughts, suggestions? This would be strictly for limited edition items and discontinued items. Please include location, date found, and price if it is selling for less or more than regular retail price. Thanks in advance!   Wanted Unicorns:   ABH amrezy palette ( minibux, BeautyIsPassion) Bite002 lipstick (green chilli, AMHWKI) Chanel Ombre Contraste Sculpting Veil in Notorious (minibux,KateLovesYSL) Chanel Camelia de Plumes (michelleshops) Chantecaille Rose Face Powder (kateye7) Chantecailles Turtles Palette (overlay must still be intact) (Missy772) COTY Sephora Marsala eye palette (jcmb, julietta343) Dior My Lady Blush in 001 and 006 (jellybean917) Dior Amber diamond (aviscardi) Divergent set (ImHisAngel) Estee Lauder Heatwave (aviscardi) Givenchy Confetti Powder (MK89, KateLovesYSL) Guerlain Cruel Gardenia (Rhiannon1419) Guerlain's Rouge G's in Gigolo and/or Bee (MK89) Guerlain Rouge G lipstick in Gems (NarNarNars, goldeneraglamor)   Jo Malone Bitter Orange and Chocolate cologne (LCResz) KVD palettes (NIB) including Gypsy, Mi Vida Loca, Sinner and Truth (AmyC) KVD Spellbinding palette (bea0t) KVD Esperanza palette (jellybean917) Lorac mega pro (sdbeautyjunkie) MAC pressed pigment in Summer Honey (StephaniLynn) MAC True Romantic Blush and MAC Petal Point blush (Javadoo) MAC Alluring Aquatic Bronzers(MK89) MAC Alluring Aquatic Blushes (MK89, annypoo) MAC whisper of guilt (aviscardi) MAC Bao Bao Wan Opal Beauty Powder (ohsotatooed) Paul & Joe's kitty lipsticks (FireSpinner, Lynni98) Sephora Cinderella mirror (Mk89, AmyC, Panda168) Sigma Creme de Couture shadow palette(StephaniLynn) Tarte Aqualillies (plm95, bea0t) Romancing in the Glow palettes (plm95, bea0t, StephaniLynn) Tarte Romancing in the Glow (Zpsid91) Tarte Coral Crush (msjudycyang)   Tom Ford Unabashed palette (jenpred) Tom Ford Guilt cream shadow (killahbabe) Tom Ford Emerald Lust (Poisonivy9) Tom Ford Violet Dusk Eyeshadow Quad (KateLovesYSL) Tom Ford Lips & Boys in Stavros (minibux) Tom Ford She Wolf (lipstick4soul) Urban Decay Honey eyeshadow (Gwenhwyfar) UD Honey eyeliner (Mochapj) Urban Decay Naked Vault (AnneMCC)
hey loves,  whats a really good concealer to cover up blemishes etc. i have 1y10 color IQ . i already use nars, and have oily skin
Hi, I forgot to use my beauty insider card when I made a purchase last week. Is there a way I can add the points online?
Hi ladies! I'm looking for a bold new lip colour for the summer and I also want it to be long lasting and moisturizing. Does anyone have any suggestions or favourites worth trying out?
Anyone want to trade, i have some perfume, would you be interested in any of the following... unopened new bottle of pink sugar oz (41.00), 2 small bottles of polo - #2 (25.00) and # 4 (25.00) unused and unopened. I also have a bottle of shame used 1x- oz (110.00). Looking for makeup or palettes... skin care. Thanks!
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Just a place to talk about these rewards with each other. I know I'm super excited to see what roles out
Hi all! I need a new organizer for my makeup/skin care - i've currently been using an old school caboodle lol and it's time to get something nicer. I love the original beauty box but it's just too pricey for a makeup organizer. Does anyone have a cheaper suggestion that still looks nice? Thanks!!
So, I thought this would be a really useful thread. Only in the past year have I started wearing foundation every day and am looking to expand my collection, but sometimes color matching is really difficult, especially since certain brands are sold in certain stores which are difficult to get to in-person. I thought everyone could list the foundations they have found that match their skintone, which can help others who are in the same shade range as them. Also, if you see someone posts with the similar shades to what you wear, you can suggest more colors that could also work for them!   I have found good matches with: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation - 00 Alabaster Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer - Terre Neuve Givenchy Photo'Perfexion Fluid Foundation - 1 Perfect Ivory MUFE Mat Velvet + No.15 Jane Iredale Amazing Base - Ivory Dr. Jart Premium Beauty Balm Slightly too yellow for me: Jouer Matte Moisture Tint - Porcelain Bourjois Healthy Mix - 51 Tarte 2-in-1 Foundcealer - Fair NARS All Day Luminous - Siberia Slightly too dark for me: NARS Sheer Glow - Mont Blanc Dior Star Fluid Foundation - 001 Ivory
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As some of you know I was able to get the 10K Josie Maran perk. There was no information about where the trip was, when it needed to be redeemed, etc... when the perks went live. It wasn't until AFTER I placed my order that I noticed the trip is for PA. I LIVE in PA! So obviously this is not a perk that is worthwhile to me, let alone worth 10K points. I wanted to be able to just cancel it and get my points back so someone who would truly enjoy the trip would have a chance at it.   Sephora CS messaged me to essentially say: my reward was non-refundable non-returnable according to their terms of service. (Paraphrased since a mod deleted what was actually written) This is absolutely disgusting in my opinion. Sephora gives out points like candy... they've been doing it ALL day! And I can't even offer up my trip to anyone else! Someone who would actually enjoy it! For the record, my order has not shipped or anything like that.    So thanks, Sephora... for really outdoing yourself! Just when I thought your customer service couldn't get any worse. ***Edited to add my response*** **Oh and apparently my message from Sephora CS was edited out by a mod***     So what you're telling me is that because your IT people didn't have any sort of description up when the perks launched (at 4am EST by the way), that we as consumers are supposed to just take responsibility for whatever it will eventually say? I thought being clear and concise was the responsibility of the MERCHANT not the CONSUMER. I'm not sure how that is binding in any way, shape, or form. Traditionally these trips are for places like Paris and LA, there's no way anyone would assume that this year's perk would take place in Pennsylvania. That's ridiculous. Additionally, last year people were refunded for their "mega" points that were unsatisfactory (the purses and the custom Bite lipsticks) so I'm not sure why this doesn't count in the same way. It's beyond outrageous to do this when you could've made this customer happy by simply returning my points and another customer happy by offering this reward again when so many people missed out. All with a few mouse clicks and keystrokes. There were several people on Beauty Talk (you know, the place where your most loyal customers gather) who would've really enjoyed having this trip, so it's honestly awful the way you're handling this situation. Just remember, you're alienating customers who have accumulated 10K+ points. Those points don't come without purchases. It's Sephora who is losing money and garnering bad press because of "customer service" like this.   Melissa
I just became a VIB member, almost on my way to VIB Rouge, I read a lot on the perks, the discounts around April and November? plus a lot were saying around Christmas time they give $20 gift cards or something like that? It didn't even occur to me that I was reading all these people over in the states and that Canada usually gets cheaped out on these kinds of things...i just wanna know if there is any canadian members or even u.s. members who would know if I have anything to actually look forward too?
What are your favorites for travel, purse, your desk at work? I have just started a new job that requires a good bit of travel, so I am always in the market for practical - and fun! - travel and bag accessories. Would love to see what y'all are using!! Do you have particular shapes/sizes that work best for each situation?   Here's what I'm loving right now - although, I think have a makeup bag addiction problem, so it changes! Pictured: - MUFE sample for scale, and then from top: Kate Spade Saturday (RIP!) canvas triangle bag (great for travel with all of my cosmetics, but skincare has to all be in a separate bag), J.Crew Factory stripe/neon bag (for brushes), Falconwright cactus bag (for purse and soooo tiny, so it is really only good for just few things like a lipstick, gloss, compact, and small eyeliner).  
Hi BT! I was wondering what do you all recommend or suggest for someone with a lot of blackheads on their nose. My skin is clear, thankfully, but it's just my bothers me so much! 
I forgot to use my Beauty Insider card when I visited a Sephora store today. I still have my receipt- can the points still be added to my account?
So every Mother's Day is my official time for going through my samples. In fact, my mother's day gift to my mother in law each year is actually a makeup bag stuffed with samples I have accumulated from the previous year's shopping trips. (She loves this by the way.)   Tonight was my night to inventory, giveaway most of my stock, and reorganize the remaining components of my makeup and trial box samples collection. This is when it dawned on me....   I HAVE A MAKEUP SAMPLE PROBLEM!   When you realize that: 1. You can go shopping basically in your makeup closet for any makeup product from the last year from among the samples you have collected. 2. That you have enough perfume and foil samples to last through any sort of natural disaster. 3. You really don't need to go makeup shopping after all (but you still will of course) because you have enough samples to use for your whole beauty regimen....  Maybe you have a problem !!   Yes, my name is Willa and I have a makeup sample hoarding problem. Who is with me???? (I've posted pictures to prove my craziness... I even separate each sample bag according to category and by type. Who does that? Oh yeah, me!)
Hi everyone, my current shopping bag qualifies me for the VIB level but am I supposed to receive the welcome kit in this package, in a later separate package, or can I pick it up in store? Also, what does the welcome kit contain? Super excited about reaching this level! Thanks guys!
I was in the store this past weekend and didn't recieve any type of free samples. I used my beauty insider card and thought I was supposed to recieve a free sample every time I used it. 
Hi guys, do you know if beauty dot com ships to Canada? I've tried entering a postal code instead of a zip in the checkout but no luck.
Hey everyone so as some of you all may know Benefit opened their first boutique in Canada, for all you Toronto ladies its at 2614 Yonge Street. I popped by today as they were handing out yummy cupcakes while giving away deluxe samples to their products and doing FREE service (Yes i had to get my eyebrows done so why not !) the ladies seemed very nice and the boutique was so cute Here are some photos!
I received the NARS velvet matte lip pencil for my birthday reward, but it doesn't say what color the pink is on the box!   I want to purchase a full size, but would like to know which color it was. Thanks! 
Hi Everyone,   We wanted to take a moment to let you know that we are hearing your feedback regarding today’s Extraordinary Rewards experience. If we haven’t been able to respond to you personally yet, please know that we have read your feedback and definitely understand your frustration. The rewards sold out much quicker than we anticipated, so we were unable to send out the planned email or post to our social channels. We’re sorry if you missed out on these exciting rewards. The response has been overwhelming and we are happy to announce that there will be more extraordinary rewards coming this year.   If you have specific questions or need assistance, please PM a moderator for help. We appreciate your understanding and value the helpful feedback you’ve provided here on BeautyTalk.  
Can anyone post links to the most updated promo codes and point perks lists? I can't seem to find them anywhere.  Thanks!
I still have my receipt from my purchase but I never received any beauty insider points. Is there any way I can still receive them?
I, like so many of you here, am completely over Sephora after this "Extraordinary Rewards from 4-4:02am EST" fiasco. I was sleeping, so I could work at the job where I make the money for beauty & skincare. Sooooo, my question is, where should I go now that I am completely done with Sephora?    Ulta's layout & website has always confused me to no end, but apparently their reward system let's you use $ rewards for products? Does that include what Ulta considers "elite" brands (e.g. UD, Tarte, Becca, etc)? Right now where I live, I have no high end department stores around. But in a few months I am moving to LA & will have many more options . Which department stores give the best rewards & have the best customer service experiences at the counters? I have had pretty bad experience with super pushy & judgey Tom Ford & Guerlain reps when I've been at department stores in big cities in the past. Thanks in advance for all recs!
What's this? P379518?skuId=1530070&om_mmc=oth-bt-richlinks-2013 ...
I am starting this thread to bring attention to the exclusion of Canadians from the Mega Rewards promotion. I myself tried to add the KVD 1000 point perk, which in the fine print stated Valid for US and Canadian residents, when I added it to my bag and checked out, it said it was not available for Canadians. This is very unfair treatment of the Canadian customers, who spend as much (or more considering the products are more expensive in Canada), to have these rewards available on the Canadian site and then not allow us to redeem them was wrong. Any other Canadians who experienced this (or supportive Americans), use this thread to bring attention to this issue!
To our beautiful BT mommies: enjoy your day!   For the rest of the BT family: I wish all the mothers in your lives a relaxing and love-filled Mother's Day <3   I know not all of us have our mothers or mother figures still with us, and I am sending extra love your way. Remember, those that we love will always be with us ^_^   Feel free to share with us how you plan on celebrating this day, or what you got for mom!